Conquest’s Second Law of Politics and the Heterodox Academy

That’s not necessarily true, Lindsay? And what’s not necessarily true? “That all perspectives in a university are valid.”

But let me work back from where I was to how I found this video. It was in an article on Jordan Peterson fires new salvo against Wilfrid Laurier in already fiery academic freedom battle. The core of the story was:

The fervent debate over academic freedom involving Jordan Peterson is rekindled for a new school year with Peterson saying in court documents that Wilfrid Laurier University’s contention he benefited from the controversy is like saying “those who survived the Holocaust should be grateful to their oppressors for teaching them survival skills.”

Peterson filed fresh legal documents Tuesday, including another lawsuit against the Ontario university — his second in three months — claiming Laurier further defamed him in its public defence against his June claim.

Not hard to believe he was defamed, but let me note where I found this article. It was from The New York Times: Attack of the Right-Wing Snowflakes subtitled, “Angry men go to court to silence their critics”.

The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, sometimes seen as a free speech warrior, has twice sued Ontario’s Wilfrid Laurier University for defamation, part of a controversy that arose after a teaching assistant there was chastised for showing a video of Peterson in class. He has also threatened to sue Kate Manne, a writer and assistant professor at Cornell, for calling his work misogynist. The failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sued four women who accused him of sexual abuse.

Defamation is an illegal form of speech. You cannot say anything you like about anyone else. And it is wondrous that Roy Moore ends up, not just in the same story but in the same para, as if these accusations were not highly defamatory if they were untrue. But where did I find this NYT article? It came from The Heterodox Weekly Bulletin where that same quote is found as the lead-in. Heterodox Academy was, I thought, to defend free thought and free speech against those who would shut it down if they could, such as organisations like the NYT. It is Jordan Peterson whose views need protecting, not the NYT nor Wilfred Laurier University. All of which reminded me of Conquest’s Second Law of Politics:

Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

Quoting a New York Times article contra Jordan Peterson makes me think the Heterodox Academy is well on its way.

Whatever you do, do not become a Trojan horse

Janet Albrechtsen describes a meeting at the University of Sydney about a series of academics ganging up on Western Civilisation. Of course, depressing, but this did make me smile. It is a quote from someone opposed to the introduction of this course in Western Civ:

“We have a moral obligation not to allow ourselves to become Trojan horses for political agendas of any kind, least of all supremacist ones,” she said. The Ramsay proposal is “part of the worldwide rise of aggressive racial and cultural supremacism”.

Just what kind of horse is a Trojan horse, and what exactly are we being warned not to become? If you don’t do Western Civ, you will never know! Laughably ironic in their ignorance, but a tragedy to find into whose hands the university system has fallen.

No wonder Tony lost his job

No wonder Tony Abbott lost his job. No one can any longer follow straightforward common sense.

There will always be some Liberals who want the party to go further on climate change or be more compassionate on boatpeople. There will always be others to question turning the economy upside down when it won’t make any difference to emissions, and to caution against anything that might embolden the people-smugglers. It’s not a question of decency versus hardness of heart but of what really is the most ­humane thing to do. The leader’s job is to get the balance right.

There are people who actually believe that global warming is the greatest moral challenge of our time, and other who think it’s not. There are people who actually believe that open borders are morally just, and others who do not. And both sides are found in the Liberal Party.

I am with Tony on both of these. I am disgusted by the deceitfulness of the global warmists, and cannot believe the shallow arguments associated with bringing in boatloads of migrants. You can think of this as ideological if you like, but it just seems obvious, with plenty of evidence of a downside to both – see the fall – kinda – of Mrs Merkel and the turmoil in German society that has come from her pursuit of both green energy and open borders.

All of this, to me, are conclusions from an overwhelming pile of evidence. Same goes for free markets capitalism.

Tony Abbott is our Donald Trump. But he was a Prime Minister not a President isolated from a need for cabinet solidarity. He was brought low by one of the most deceitful and duplicitous politicians in Australian history – fully supported by our ABC. But if you think things are bad now, wait till after Labor takes over.

Playing politics with tragedy

From David Harsanyi: The Left’s Response To The Mass Shooting Of Jews Is An Act Of Bad Faith. His sub-title is, “How are Americans ever going to ‘come together’ if the first thing a political party sees when it sees dead Americans is a partisan cudgel?” It is for this very reason that I did not blog on this myself. There ought to be no politics in this, not for Trump or against him, nor in relation to any other political aspect. Anti-semitism is an old and deadly story for Jews and no family is without a story to tell, though thankfully in my own lifetime there has been virtually none in the places I have lived. Even the story of the Holocaust has been universalised, about the all forms of prejudice even though it was specifically directed against Jews, with anti-semitism still very much alive and in evidence everywhere. And there is no doubt that Trump’s philo-semitism, while welcomed by me is not welcomed by all. An interesting article, reprinted in full.

It was ironic to see many of the same liberals, who recently fought to prop up the world’s most powerful Jew-hating terror state, lecturing us on the importance of combating anti-Semitism. But there they were yesterday.

The same Voxers who had long rationalized, romanticized, and excused the Jew-killing terror organization of the Middle East were now blaming the existence of the evil, anti-Semitic Pittsburgh shooter on Republicans. The same Pod bros whose echo chamber deployed anti-Semitic dual-loyalty tropes to smear critics of the Iran deal were now incredibly concerned about the Jewish community.

There were many others, and that was bad enough. But others decided to dip into a little victim blaming, as well. Hadn’t American Jews been little too Jew-centric and pro-Israelfor their own good?

Franklin Foer of The Atlantic demanded that Jews finally dispense with their faith, adopt his, and start expelling co-religionists for their political opinions. (If you want to read about the left’s co-opting of American Judaism, I recommend Jonathan Neumann’s excellent book, “To Heal The World?”) Wire creator David Simon went bold, embracing a transparent anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, accusing the Israeli government of intervening in the American democracy.

For those who confuse progressivism with Judaism — which is to say many — it might be difficult to understand that undermining the Democratic Party isn’t an act of anti-Semitism. The Trump administration, in fact, has been the most pro-Jewish in memory.

Every Jew who’s ever prayed understands the importance of Jerusalem in our faith, culture, and history. It was President Trump, not any of the other presidents who promised the same, who recognized Jerusalem as the undisputed Jewish capital, putting an end to the fiction that it’s a shared city.

It was Trump who withdrew from the Iran deal and once again isolated the single most dangerous threat to Jewish lives in the world, the Holocaust-denying theocrats of the Islamic Republic.

It was Trump who cut more than $200 million in aid to a Palestinian government that was not only inciting terrorists (including the murder of a Jewish-American citizen named Ari Fuld; but since he never wrote for The Washington Post, you might not have heard of him) but also rewarded the killers’ families.

It was his administration that kicked the Palestine Liberation Organization, the most successful Jewish-civilian murdering organization of the past 60 years, out of DC. It was the Trump administration that cut funding to the anti-Semitic U.N. Relief and Works Agency. It was also the Trump administration that turned around the unique Obama-era legacy of standing against Israel at the United Nations. And it is his administration that cracked down on anti-Semitism on college campuses and that deported one of the last real-life Nazis.

At the same time, the liberal activist resistance wing is being led by a couple of Louis Farrakhan fangirls, and most Jewish Democrats are scared to death to say a single word in protest. But that’s another story.

Anti-Semitic shootings aren’t new, and anti-Jewish hate crimes have long dominated religious bias in this country. This ancient hatred comes from both fringes and runs through presidents of both parties and occurs in nations across the world. Yet what was the most vital lesson partisans could derive from the massacre of elderly Jews attending a bris in Pittsburgh? Stop saying mean things about billionaire progressive sugar daddy George Soros.

As a Hungarian Jew who is a descendant of Holocaust survivors and victims, I am wholly comfortable attacking Soros, who is both a hard-left activist and a funder of the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. Now, there are surely anti-Semites out there peddling conspiracy theories about Soros, just as there are people peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Sheldon Adelson and other wealthy Jews who involve themselves in politics. It’s often overdone, and often by Republicans.

But if you’re not upset about the vile accusations that are incessantly thrown at someone like Benjamin Netanyahu, while you think calling out Soros is de facto anti-Semitism, your main concern is liberalism, not the Jewish people.

If you think Trump should bring down the temperature, you have a point. If you think Trump should turn down the temperature but you fail to mention that a progressive yelling about “health care” tried to assassinate the entire GOP leadership on a baseball field, you don’t really care about the temperature.

If you fail to mention that Democrats have been accusing Republicans of wanting to the kill the poor and young, of trying to destroy the planet, of being “terrorists” after every school shooting, you don’t care about the temperature.  If you rationalize mob behavior every time you don’t get your way in the electoral process, you don’t care about the temperature. And if your first instinct is to play politics with tragedy for partisan gain, you are part of the problem.

Listen Scott: Make Tony Deputy Leader of the Libs

I was going to put this up when I saw the front page story in The Oz on the weekend: Tony Abbott calls for Liberal voter unity. I didn’t then, but today there was this which pushed me a little closer: Newspoll: Scott Morrison takes significant personal hit in wake of Wentworth by-election. But then there was this, picked up at QoL:

Scott: you have to show you really care about the Liberal base, and even more, that you really care about this country. And this is how you do it. You make Tony Abbott the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party so that we can see that the views of us over here are taken into account. Even better, you will be able to bring the party together. Better still, you will be able to fashion a policy platform that will get you over the line, you know: lower real cost of energy, an improving economy and stopping the boats.

Why this is not obvious to you is beyond reason.

And just this now up at The Oz: Nauru a ‘very pleasant island’: Abbott urges PM to hold firm on asylum seekers. Sounds like a winning policy to me.

You will know him by his enemies-Jordan Peterson edition

Jordan Peterson is one of the most relentless and effective enemies of the left. Yet he is frequently criticised by those who are supposedly on his own side. If you are in any doubt about which side he is on, here is the Canadian State Media going after him, which is identical to our ABC in being an exactly perfect measure of who is a genuine enemy of the left.

*Premiering on CBC Docs POV Fri. Nov. 2 at 9pm EST then streaming in Canada at*

SHUT HIM DOWN: The Rise of Jordan Peterson has been in the making for the last two years. The feature doc is a behind-the-scenes look at Professor Jordan Peterson as he navigates the biggest controversy of his career. This is the official trailer which illustrates the explosion of polarized opinions that surround his meteoric rise to global fame.

Polarised as in they are a bunch of Marxist frauds and he is opposed to their lies and deceit. The BBC thought they had shot him to pieces and are still amazed how his influence has grown.

Fake or not the bomb damage has been extensive

That headline is the entire point, and found at Drudge as well. The message: violence on the right is just as bad – worse – than violence on the left. The bomber is actually just a lone nutter, everyone’s favourite version even on the right. Such people are bound to show up in a free society from time to time but have nothing to do with the values of the people on our side.

Very comforting, I suppose, in its own way. But that is not how I see this at all. In my view, he was almost certainly the frontman in a very elaborate and cleverly constructed anti-Trump deep state operation. But the question I was asked was whether the bomber would really be willing to spend the next twenty years in some maximum security prison. And while there are many who would, I am not sure the way this is shaping up now that the smoke is beginning to clear.

This is how the bomber gets off with a ridiculously light sentence: Report: Bodybuilder Cesar Sayoc Admits the “Pipe Bombs” Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone – And He Didn’t Want to Hurt Anyone. In fact, that is so obviously true, that the defence almost writes itself. As Steve Hayward at Powerline observed:

The bombs-that-weren’t-bombs (apparently—reports still conflict about this) were so obviously amateurish that it is hard to rule out the possibility that it is the product of a prankster who just wanted to see how crazy he could make everybody.

That was exactly the point. Everything about the operation made it look like amateur hour and unserious. A harmless kook. Slap-on-the-wrist territory so far as personal punishment goes, but with the media in the meantime going full bore about violence from the right, sentiment is shifted by the busload. You may be sure that this will nevertheless be an event we are reminded about years into the future, along the lines of Columbine. The phrase I now hear all the time is that this was the MAGA bomber. It is now part of the left’s arsenal of lies.

Clever beyond imagination. A deep state enterprise all round since the only value of the story is to stop Republican momentum as much as possible before November 6. By the time we end up with a trial of the bomber, even if he goes away for a couple of years, since he wasn’t really trying to hurt anyone, the election will be long past and he will get his reward.

Suspicion about who was actually behind the planting of the bomb among Trump and his associates must be at least as high as mine, but down this particular path they cannot go, not even to suggest any investigation might be of some interest. This is what the President said, but he can say nothing else.

Call for unity with those who are immune to any attempt to be reconciled with the President will work on his own side of the fence but cut zero ice on the left. Meanwhile, equivalence between violence on the left and right has now become established.

And then there was this: CESAR SAYOC: ‘MAGA BOMBER’ FACEBOOK BETRAYS DEMOCRAT TRUMP INFILTRATOR, ANTI-GOP POSTS. I hate the “MAGA Bomber” reference, but that aside:

Elsewhere on the internet, just seconds after Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s apprehension, his public listing identified him as a Democrat.  (Below) Moments later, the listing was updated by someone, changing his listing from Democrat, to “Republican.” While it’s been noted that MyLife is a publicly edited page, I captured his Democrat party affiliation within seconds of the announcement of his apprehension and then watched in amazement as his party affiliation changed from Democrat to Republican before my very eyes, capturing screenshots as quickly as I could to document the changes.  (Photos)

You know why it was done. The real question was who.

Après Donald le déluge




(From Central Casting)


I can see many advantages to the Democrats from the fake bomb business. It changes the subject from how well PDT and the American economy is doing as the US heads into the last week before its mid-term elections. They get to pretend they are victims, which is an important leftist meme. The party of Antifa gets to harangue on the importance of civility in politics. All of the media can go off on another set of rants about Republicans. Best of all, no Democrat was ever in the slightest danger of harm since none of the ones on the target list open their own mail.

And no matter how I look at it, I cannot see this as anything other than a very sophisticated Democrat operation. All these bombs and not an arrest in sight. The kind of deep knowledge one would need to pull off even one of these without detection is quite intense, never mind eight or nine, with the numbers still rising. And if they do pin it on someone eventually, I suspect it will be along the lines of the chap Hilary stitched up for the murders in Benghazi because of some video he had produced. Not only liars to the core, but presenting their lies to some of the most willingly gullible who have ever lived. Just the kinds of people who will take global warming and Keynesian economics as valid reflections of reality.

In my view, but who knows, we are never going to know who really sent these fake bombs to this almost perfectly concocted target list. And I can only say there must be some really irritated lefties who feel genuinely affronted by not having been included in the A list of targets. Meanwhile, GOP candidate received letter threatening his 7 children.

That one looks a lot more genuine than the rest. And for the record, I am also as cynical about the fall in share markets around the world. How hard would it be for George Soros and his mates to sell off a parcel of shares all by themselves just to depress the market for a week or two even while the Fed starts to raise rates?

Meanwhile, there are all those people who are voting for a living, and they enter the US by the caravan full: Half America Gets More In Welfare Than Pays In Taxes…

Donald Trump has been a respite from this relentless effort to undermine the values and integrity of the West and our way of life. Enjoy it while you can for après Donald le déluge.

PROVIDING BALANCE: There is, of course, the possibility that whomever has been sending these phoney bombs through the mail is actually a Republican. How can this be denied, since we have zero idea of who has done it or why. To provide us with the additional certainty such moments require is what CNN is for: Debunking the despicable ‘false flag’ theory on the mail bombs. Summarising:

Campaign politics tends to be a lowest-common-denominator business. If something works — no matter how loathsome or even untrue — then it gets used. The end always justifies the means — and the end is always and only winning.

And yet, even by that incredibly low bar, what some right-wing pundits have done in the wake of 10 mail pipe bombs being sent to prominent prominent Trump critics, Democratic politicians, party donors and CNN’s New York office is astonishing. In short: They have suggested — with zero evidence — that is all one big hoax designed to help Democrats in the 2018 midterms, a classic “false flag” operation….

This is both hugely cynical and incredibly logistically difficult. The cynical part is self-explanatory. But consider what Limbaugh and his ilk are suggesting — from a purely logistical perspective. Here’s what would have had to happen for the events of Wednesday to be a false flag:

1. Someone or someones who wanted to help Democrats — and the media, I guess, somehow? — would send a series of pipe bombs to prominent Democrats around the country.

2. Then Democrats or the media or, again, someone, would have to have coordinated with the state and local police — not to mention federal authorities — so that law enforcement said that these were functional bombs (even though, again, according to this theory, they weren’t).

Which, um, is not what happened. As any reasonable person — regardless of your political affiliation — can recognize that that sort of broad conspiracy not only stretches the bounds of the possible but snaps them in two.

It is all so obvious, I am amazed such clarity has only occurred within the Democrat media and to no one else.

Fake news about fake bombs

I realise that if you are on the left, every bad thing that happens is Donald Trump’s fault irrespective of whether there is any evidence pointing towards anything at all. This is from the now #NeverTrump Drudge:

Pipe bombs target Dems, CNN as political tensions mount...
Packed with shards of glass...
Featured parody ISIS flag...
Trump says he's 'trying to be nice'...
Calls on media to end hostility...
Rally chants 'lock her up' after bomb threats made to Hillary...
NYC 'Shelter In Place' Text Alert Causes Panic... 
SOROS: The Hate That Is Consuming Us... 

Specially liked the bit from George Soros. The left has the most shrivelled sense of irony in the history of the world, although here I think Soros is laughing at his own side for being the way they are. He could not possibly be that stupid himself. And this is the alternative perspective from Ace of Spades: AP: CNN Pipe “Bomb” and Powder Within It Were Perfectly Harmless.

Will the always-in-error-but-never-in-doubt Not-Binary Ben care to revise and correct his prior remarks about people being “deranged”?

The pipe bomb and white powder that forced an evacuation at CNN headquarters in New York City Wednesday morning were harmless, a law enforcement source told the Associated Press.The purported explosive device was similar in construction to those sent Wednesday to former President Barack Obama, former attorney general Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D., Fla.), and Representative Maxine Waters of California. A package containing white powder was delivered later in the day.

The NYPD said the explosive devices were live during a Wednesday afternoon press conference but subsequent reporting suggests they were not functional.

All of the devices carried a parody ISIS flag featuring comedian Larry the Cable Guy�s signature slogan, “git ‘er done,” NBC News reported late Wednesday.

And one more bit to break the tie from John Hinderaker at Powerline: ABOUT THOSE “APPARENT EXPLOSIVE DEVICES”:

As everyone now knows, someone sent or delivered packages containing explosive devices of some kind to a number of prominent Democrats, ranging from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Eric Holder and George Soros. Not much is known at this point about the devices, their origin, or the degree of threat they represented. Most importantly, we have no idea who sent them.

I assume the perpetrator will most likely be caught, although perhaps not until after the election. Until then, speculation will run rampant. But speculation, absent facts, is pointless. There is nothing intelligent one can say about this episode beyond condemning pipe bombs.

That hasn’t stopped some from behaving irresponsibly. Most notably, CNN’s President Jeff Zucker blamed President Trump:

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that,” Zucker’s statement reads.

This is ridiculous. In the first place, we don’t know whether the devices were sent by a crazed right-winger, a Democrat trying to neutralize the GOP’s devastating #JobsNotMobs theme, or a nut of some other variety. The salient point is that President Trump has never done anything to suggest that bombing CNN’s headquarters (or anything else) would be appropriate.

This distinguishes him from President Obama, who said–in a moment of hyperbole, one charitably assumes–that Democrats should bring guns to fights with Republicans, and Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, who have explicitly advocated mob action against Republicans. (“Collateral damage,” right, Nancy?) CNN apparently hasn’t gotten over the fact that if it lies about the president, the president has a right to respond. No wonder CNN now has fewer viewers than Nickelodeon.

Coincidentally, I suppose, the New York Times is now printing fantasies about the Secret Service collaborating with Russian agents to murder President Trump. Spoiler alert: they don’t decapitate him and carry around his head as if they were “comedians.”

So I look forward to the lectures on civility to which we will subjected for the next 13 days. Once the election is over, the Democrats will be back to severed heads. For now, they are trying to deflect #JobsNotMobs.

Why this would change a single vote in either direction is beyond me, but the Democrats must know their constituency, idiots without judgement about policy and with no comprehension how what happens in the present will affect what will happen in the not so distant future.


Satire at its sharpest

The satire is so sharp you have to keep looking at the drawings to appreciate how exactly everything is said but how terrible the picture is. From 31 Brutally Honest Illustrations By Gerhard Haderer Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society. This was my favourite:

And this came next.

But go through the lot since they are amazing.