Fake or not the bomb damage has been extensive

That headline is the entire point, and found at Drudge as well. The message: violence on the right is just as bad – worse – than violence on the left. The bomber is actually just a lone nutter, everyone’s favourite version even on the right. Such people are bound to show up in a free society from time to time but have nothing to do with the values of the people on our side.

Very comforting, I suppose, in its own way. But that is not how I see this at all. In my view, he was almost certainly the frontman in a very elaborate and cleverly constructed anti-Trump deep state operation. But the question I was asked was whether the bomber would really be willing to spend the next twenty years in some maximum security prison. And while there are many who would, I am not sure the way this is shaping up now that the smoke is beginning to clear.

This is how the bomber gets off with a ridiculously light sentence: Report: Bodybuilder Cesar Sayoc Admits the “Pipe Bombs” Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone – And He Didn’t Want to Hurt Anyone. In fact, that is so obviously true, that the defence almost writes itself. As Steve Hayward at Powerline observed:

The bombs-that-weren’t-bombs (apparently—reports still conflict about this) were so obviously amateurish that it is hard to rule out the possibility that it is the product of a prankster who just wanted to see how crazy he could make everybody.

That was exactly the point. Everything about the operation made it look like amateur hour and unserious. A harmless kook. Slap-on-the-wrist territory so far as personal punishment goes, but with the media in the meantime going full bore about violence from the right, sentiment is shifted by the busload. You may be sure that this will nevertheless be an event we are reminded about years into the future, along the lines of Columbine. The phrase I now hear all the time is that this was the MAGA bomber. It is now part of the left’s arsenal of lies.

Clever beyond imagination. A deep state enterprise all round since the only value of the story is to stop Republican momentum as much as possible before November 6. By the time we end up with a trial of the bomber, even if he goes away for a couple of years, since he wasn’t really trying to hurt anyone, the election will be long past and he will get his reward.

Suspicion about who was actually behind the planting of the bomb among Trump and his associates must be at least as high as mine, but down this particular path they cannot go, not even to suggest any investigation might be of some interest. This is what the President said, but he can say nothing else.

Call for unity with those who are immune to any attempt to be reconciled with the President will work on his own side of the fence but cut zero ice on the left. Meanwhile, equivalence between violence on the left and right has now become established.

And then there was this: CESAR SAYOC: ‘MAGA BOMBER’ FACEBOOK BETRAYS DEMOCRAT TRUMP INFILTRATOR, ANTI-GOP POSTS. I hate the “MAGA Bomber” reference, but that aside:

Elsewhere on the internet, just seconds after Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s apprehension, his public listing identified him as a Democrat.  (Below) Moments later, the listing was updated by someone, changing his listing from Democrat, to “Republican.” While it’s been noted that MyLife is a publicly edited page, I captured his Democrat party affiliation within seconds of the announcement of his apprehension and then watched in amazement as his party affiliation changed from Democrat to Republican before my very eyes, capturing screenshots as quickly as I could to document the changes.  (Photos)

You know why it was done. The real question was who.