“They are suppressing the truth about everything”

From the comments thread at Post Covid vaccine deaths from Flying Duck (@ 8:39 pm), about which DOT has added her own comment:


And so it has been done. This is what Dr Flying Duck wrote as a comment.

They are suppressing the truth about everything. As a doctor, let me list some examples:

– about who is truly vulnerable (only the elderly co-morbid – we are NOT ‘all in this together’)

– about cheap, existing, effective, prevention and treatment strategies (Vitamin D, Ivermectin)

– about the ineffectiveness of masks and lockdowns (find Ted Noels youtube vid blowing vape smoke through masks) – the chicanery of using positive PCRs in well people to define ‘cases’ (and, more lately, the use of higher cycle thresholds in unvax vs vax, which is guaranteed to overestimate true positives in the unvaxed, and underestimate it in the vaxd.)

– about the TRUE places and means of transmission (indoors in still air – think of it like cigarette smoke, you get a big dose inside a poorly ventilated pub, you get bugger all outside in the beer garden) – about the normal tendency for severity of illness to DECLINE with each new strain because the most successful virus is the one that is most infectious but least serious – all they are telling us is how much more infective each one is – at the end of the day, I don’t care if I am instantly ‘infected’ with a variant which doesn’t cause any illness. BTW , I’m calling bullshit on the ‘new Delta is sooo infectious you can catch it just walking past someone in the street’ – this is an flat out lie – you need to inhale a certain ‘quantum’ of viral particles to get infected – that is why you need prolonged close contact in still air – if you could really get it in passing, it would have ripped throughout the country in days.

– about the real infectivity of asymptomatic ‘cases’ (respiratory viruses make people symptomatically sick because they have to to maximise spread–if they didn’t, evolution would eliminate symptomatology because sick people are easy to spot and avoid)

– their prior knowledge of the risks of mRNA vax (worse illness if you contract the live virus after immunisation due to ADE, the risk of ‘nonsterilising immunity’ producing more severe mutant strains), and the increasing evidence of new side effects due to the unexpected toxicity of the vaccine produced spike proteins themselves (myocarditis, vasculitis, accumulation in endometrium and ovary).

– the POOR risk/reward ratio of vaccination (the young get little benefit and maximum risk)

– The poor risk/reward ratio of the economic lockdown measures (the main ‘beneficiaries’, if any, are old people who will soon be dead and not stuck with the bill – the main people getting the bill are the young, who will be paying off their long departed grandparents death bills for decades) etc etc etc

It’s almost like they are are up to something, not just ‘keeping us all safe’.

The video is from a hearing in the US Senate, which is really also a terrifying story. From Sen. Ron Johnson Hearing: Mother with Disabled Daughter Breaks Down Crying While Sharing How COVID Vaccine Shattered Her Daughter’s Life.

Post Covid vaccine deaths

In the 30 years since the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was launched in 1990, small numbers of people have died in the US each year after receiving a variety of vaccines. The number of post-vaccine deaths in 2021 are unprecedented, and we’re only halfway through the year. Source HERE.

From Donna Lafromboise, where she discusses the work of Dr Francis Christian, who has raised concerns about Covid vaccines, and about whom she writes:

Christian draws attention to the abnormally large number of adverse reactions, including deaths, associated with COVID vaccines that have been reported in the US. He talks about “serious medical problems” experienced by young people in many countries, including heart inflammation.

You would think these kinds of figures would be on the front page of every paper, rather than an issue that would silently get this doctor fired. This is the sub-text of the story at the link:

Saskatchewan surgeon insists on informed consent prior to children receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Health authority fires him before an investigation has even begun.

Something is afoot, but what it is we will only know in the great by and bye, and then only if it all falls into place, which is what we must hope will never happen.

You might supplement the above bit of information with this: Follow the science: ‘Deadly’ Delta variant registers a 99.9+% recovery rate. And once you have gone to the link and looked at the stats you will understand why they then write this:

In plain english, this means that based on CDC and WHO guidelines, the Delta variant’s death rate is actually significantly lower than the 0.1% number that appears in the U.K. government docs.

Would you really take the advice of some government health official who has absolutely no skin in the game and no matter what may happen, will eventually retire on a full pension?

One man’s joke is another man’s thought crime

Dealing with people of the left as I am sometimes compelled to do, the most astonishing characteristic is how humourless they invariably are. And they believe the most astonishingly absurd things, like global warming or that the American election last year was honest. It’s a large part of why satire is now having such a hard time in the world, since for almost everyone on the left, it is difficult to separate satirical exaggeration from the actual facts one is supposed to believe. As for the video above:

Seth Dillon is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, where they write satire for a living. You’d think that would be easy in today’s absurd world, but in reality, it’s just the opposite. Seth explains why this endangers the very concept of free speech and the open exchange of ideas.

“Free speech”! “The open exchange of ideas”! Would be nice. Just think of this: Millennials Are Boycotting Seinfeld over Its ‘Offensive Humor’. Which then led me to this: The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy. Which then led to this:

Purely North American as is the entire list of 100 jokes. All funny, but no Monty Python or Graham Kennedy.

Types of Covid vaccine

What are the main differences between vaccines? This is from The three vaccines authorized by the FDA but actually discusses five.


This is a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine, which uses a relatively new technology. Unlike vaccines that put a weakened or inactivated disease germ into the body, the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine delivers a tiny piece of genetic code from the SARS CoV-2 virus to host cells in the body, essentially giving those cells instructions, or blueprints, for making copies of spike proteins (the spikes you see sticking out of the coronavirus in pictures online and on TV). The spikes do the work of penetrating and infecting host cells. These proteins stimulate an immune response, producing antibodies and developing memory cells that will recognize and respond if the body is infected with the actual virus.


Similar to the Pfizer vaccine, this is an mRNA vaccine that sends the body’s cells instructions for making a spike protein that will train the immune system to recognize it. The immune system will then attack the spike protein the next time it sees one (attached to a real SARS CoV-2 virus).

Johnson & Johnson

This is a carrier vaccine, which uses a different approach than the mRNA vaccines to instruct human cells to make the SARS CoV-2 spike protein. Scientists engineer a “harmless” [their word, my quotes] adenovirus (a common virus that, when not inactivated, can cause colds, bronchitis, and other illnesses) as a shell to carry genetic code on the spike proteins to the cells (similar to a Trojan Horse). The shell and the code can’t make you sick, but once the code is inside the cells, the cells produce a spike protein to train the body’s immune system, which creates antibodies and memory cells to protect against an actual SARS-CoV-2 infection.


Similar to the Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, this is a carrier vaccine, made from a modified version of a harmless adenovirus. The final product contains the spike protein found in SARS-CoV-2. When that protein reaches the body’s cells, the immune system mounts a defense, creating antibodies and memory cells to protect against an actual SARS-Cov2 infection.


Unlike the mRNA and vector vaccines, this is a protein adjuvant (an adjuvant is an ingredient used to strengthen the immune response). While other vaccines trick the body’s cells into creating parts of the virus that can trigger the immune system, the Novavax vaccine takes a different approach. It contains the spike protein of the coronavirus itself, but formulated as a nanoparticle, which cannot cause disease. When the vaccine is injected, this stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies and T-cell immune responses.

More at the link.

Covid, the media and the survival instinct

Who knows what is really going on, but how can anyone ignore this, from: European Vax Update: Side Effects and Refuseniks?

Finally, an adverse effects data system in Germany has been overwhelmed by citizens’ reports sent in via a downloaded app:

Already 500,000 reports of side effects of the corona vaccination to the Paul Ehrlich Institute

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) has developed an app to record the side effects of corona vaccinations. By the end of May, half a million people who had been vaccinated had already downloaded the app and provided information on side effects. Mind you, this is only a part of those actually affected, because not everyone who got the corona vaccination also got the referenced app afterwards. Around 4,000 reports of serious reactions were made in May alone. Deaths are not included, because a dead person no longer downloads an app.

The amount of data is so huge that the PEI cannot even keep up with processing the reports. “A disaster” is how Professor Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the drug commission of the German medical profession, describes the situation.

Meanwhile, a typical report from the mainstream press, this time The Financial Times: West risks retreating into Covid limbo as vaccination rates taper where they report:

One clear pattern from the first 18 months of coronavirus is that each apparent certainty is overtaken by events. The latest is that the west — chiefly, the US and western Europe — is moving to post-pandemic normality. That is far from assured. As vaccination rates taper off, the goal of reaching herd immunity is bumping up against the cultural resisters. Two steps forward are followed by one back. The concern is that new mutations will outpace the west’s ability to inoculate its laggards.

“Laggards” is it. Maybe just common sense and an instinct for survival, which in part includes ignoring the media and the medical profession.

Why isn’t “Adam” a traditional Hebrew name?

Why isn’t “Adam” a traditional Hebrew name?

  1. Originally, there was a Jewish tradition not to name children after Non-Jews in the Bible. So that eliminated names like Eve, Seth, and Noah. But this custom has long since been abandoned.
  2. Adam is even more complicated, because it can be argued that it wasn’t even a proper name in the Bible! It was just a common word that means “human being” or in older translations, “man”. The creation story of the Bible just refers to “the man” and never gives him a name. It was actually in the era of Christianity that it turned into a name by translators selectively* not translating it.

Covid and the forces of spontaneous disorder

Skill testing question: where is this from and where is he talking about?

This select group of political leaders and medical experts have upended economies, as well as the lives of billions of ordinary people, by implementing extremely coercive and restrictive lockdowns and physical distancing measures for the stated purpose of bringing the pandemic under control and preventing future outbreaks. Specific measures have included curfews; police patrols on the streets; the compulsory closure of businesses deemed nonessential, as well as workplaces, schools, and institutions of higher education; the banning of social gatherings; the cancelation of sporting and cultural events; the suspension of religious services; and restrictions on personal movement and interactions at the local, national, and international levels. In many parts of the world, people have been subjected to mandatory stay-at-home orders, requiring them to spend most of the day confined and isolated in their homes. Lockdown measures have also been used to prohibit people from engaging in public protests and freely expressing their opinions, as failure to comply with limits on social gatherings has led to people being arrested, detained, and fined. It has also not been uncommon to see excessive police force being used to enforce lockdowns and curfews, and to disperse protests against unreasonable restrictions. Some governments have also set up detention centers for international travelers entering into their countries, where they are forced to quarantine at their own expense while they wait for the results of their covid-19 tests.

It’s not about anywhere in particular but about everywhere in the West at the present time. We are all in the same boat at the same time no matter where you go. As for the post, it’s from Mises.org and it refers to “governments around the world since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic”. And what of it?

Hayek and Popper incessantly warned about the form of central planning that we are currently being subjected to, which has been used by numerous dictators and tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. They specifically argued that it would not only lead societies down “the road to serfdom,” but also cause irreversible, large-scale social and economic damage. In fact, since the lockdowns began, general freedom (e.g., freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and intellectual freedom), negative freedom (i.e., freedom from coercion), positive freedom (i.e., freedom of self-development), subjective freedom (i.e., freedom to act based on one’s own will and views), objective freedom (i.e., freedom of “being with other”), and economic freedom (e.g., freedom to earn one’s living, to produce, to buy, to sell, etc.) have been all violated to some extent. Furthermore, hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs or endured income reductions, many small and medium-sized companies have gone bankrupt, unemployment rates have increased across major economies, and most countries have gone into recession….

Hayek warned that the coercive measures employed by social engineers could “destroy those spontaneous forces which have made advance” and progress possible across history, and inevitably result in “a stagnation of thought and a decline of reason.” He wanted people to understand that while “it may not be difficult to destroy the spontaneous formations which are the indispensable bases of a free civilization, it may be beyond our power deliberately to reconstruct such a civilization once these foundations are destroyed.”

Most people have hardly even noticed, and if they have, do not even seem to care. But once these freedoms are gone, how do we get them back?

The Keynesian blight continues reaching even new lows of idiocy

How is this for being completely out to lunch: The bicycle is the slow death of the planet?

General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said:

“A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: he does not buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. He does not pay for insurance policies. He does not buy fuel, does not pay for the necessary maintenance and repairs. He does not use paid parking. He does not cause serious accidents. He does not require multi-lane highways. He does not get fat.

Healthy people are neither needed nor useful for the economy. They don’t buy medicine. They do not go to hospitals or doctors. Nothing is added to the country’s GDP (gross domestic product).

On the contrary, every new McDonald’s restaurant creates at least 30 jobs: 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 dietary experts and nutritionists, and obviously, people who work at the restaurant itself.”

Their only unit of account is job numbers, not wealth creation. It never occurs to any of them that the resources not used one way will end up being used somewhere else, and often in a more productive – that is, growth-inducing – way.