The lamps are not just going out all over Europe. They are going out, all over the world

Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research by Dr Malcolm Kendrick is an astonishing read. You would think that medical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing would have at least some integrity, but not so if you read the article, which has 771 comments so there are a lot of people who take him seriously. What’s his point?

Do I really believe that we are heading for some form of totalitarian state, where dissent against the medical ‘experts’ will be punishable by imprisonment? Well, yes, I do. We are already in a situation where doctors who fail to follow the dreaded ‘guidelines’ can be sued, or dragged in front the General Medical Council, and struck of. Thus losing their job and income…

The title is a reprint of Dr Kendrick’s own last line. I would say everything is happening “right before our eyes” except that nothing at all is visible to those who are not involved.

Craig Kelly discusses the case for Ivermectin

Of all things, I found the video of Craig Kelly discussing Ivermectin in Parliament on Small Dead Animals, which is a Canadian blog site. As much chance of seeing any of this on our local media as seeing Katie Hopkins. This is not only a matter of life and death, but a matter of our personal freedoms which are being robbed from us. I have tried to start the vid at the same point found at SDA at the 9:00 minute mark, but all twelve minutes of the presentation deal with Ivermectin. You will have to move the dial to the nine minute point to see what they are showing at SDA which is quite a story.

AND I’LL JUST ADD THIS: This is a discussion of the trials they did on Ivermectin in Argentina.

Based in the southern end of Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina, Eurnekian Public Hospital recently sponsored a clinical trial targeting COVID-19 called the IVERCAR study. The sponsor was joined by other local hospitals acting as trial site organizations. With study results in, the Argentinian group has discovered that while in the control group, 58% of the participants were infected with COVID-19 during the trial, but the intervention arm (carrageenan plus ivermectin) revealed that the compound’s virucidal effects can actually protect patients against SARS-CoV-2 and serve as a sort of prophylaxis. These study results follow up on other positive results out of another randomized controlled study out of Egypt published by TrialSite last week.

July 24 is World Ivermectin Day

July 24 is World Ivermectin Day. There is more than this at the link but this really is the core of it.

More recently, research has identified Ivermectin’s impressive anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is important, because a serious case of COVID-19 has at least two phases: viral and inflammatory.

But research papers are only a tool. Although they help us identify useful medical treatments, that isn’t sufficient. A few years ago I wrote a report arguing that roughly half of published scientific research is probably wrong. The core idea behind the ‘reproducibility crisis’ is that results that look good on paper don’t necessarily pan out. The findings of nine out of 10 landmark cancer research papers couldn’t be reproduced when a second group of scientists attempted to do so. Of 53 research papers, only 6 passed this test (11%).

Treatments must not only appear promising on paper, they need to work when administered to real patients in the real world. Doctors from around the world report that Ivermectin works against COVID-19. They know it has the power to bring some seriously ill patients back from the brink, after all else has failed.

Many physicians now believe our overall COVID response has focused on the wrong thing. When Ivermectin is prescribed immediately after a test comes back positive, they say, almost no one requires hospitalization. When it’s given to family members of infected people, additional illness is prevented. But rather than treating people early so they never become seriously ill, our focus has been on managing hospital resources such as ICU beds and ventilators.

There are no end of persons in positions of political authority who have seen Covid as a means to a very shady end. And it’s more than  just the billions that are being made by pharmaceutical conglomerates, although there is that too. Donald Trump threatened to upend their power, and there are no stops these people were unwilling to pull to get him out, even if it has crashed our economies and terrified half the population.

Lord George Gordon: the most unexpected story I may have ever read


Gordon while head of the Protestant Association.


Lord George Gordon after his conversion to Judaism.

Lord George Gordon from Wikipedia which the text below is taken from.

In 1787, at the age of 36, Lord George Gordon converted to Judaism in Birmingham,[dubious – discuss] and underwent brit milah (ritual circumcision; circumcision was rare in the England of his day) at the synagogue in Severn Street now next door to Singers Hill Synagogue. He took the name of Yisrael bar Avraham Gordon (“Israel son of Abraham” Gordon—since Judaism regards a convert as the spiritual “son” of the Biblical Abraham). Gordon thus became what Judaism regards as, and Jews call, a Ger Tsedek—a righteous convert.

Not much is known about his life as a Jew in Birmingham, but the Bristol Journal of 15 December 1787 reported that Gordon had been living in Birmingham since August 1786:

Unknown to every class of man but those of the Jewish religion, among whom he has passed his time in the greatest cordiality and friendship… he appears with a beard of extraordinary length, and the usual raiment of a Jew… his observance of the culinary (kashrut) laws preparation is remarkable.

He lived with a Jewish woman in the Froggery, a marshy area now under New Street station.

He was surrounded by a number of Jews, who affirmed that his Lordship was Moses risen from the dead in order to instruct them and enlighten the whole world… It appears that (he) has officiated as a chief of the Levitical Order…

While in prison, Gordon lived the life of an Orthodox Jew, and he adjusted his prison life to his circumstances. He put on his tzitzit and tefillin daily. He fasted when the halakha (Jewish law) prescribed it, and likewise celebrated the Jewish holidays. He was supplied kosher meat and wine, and Shabbat challos by prison authorities. The prison authorities permitted him to have a minyan on the Jewish Sabbath and to affix a mezuza on the door of his cell. The Ten Commandments were also hung on his wall for Shabbat to transform the room into a synagogue.The Birmingham Moses (1787), a satirical print by William Dent

Gordon associated only with pious Jews; in his passionate enthusiasm for his new faith, he refused to deal with any Jew who compromised the Torah‘s commandments. Although any non-Jew who desired to visit Gordon in prison (and there were many) was welcome, he requested that the prison guards admit Jews only if they had beards and wore head coverings.

He would often, in keeping with Jewish chesed (laws of mercy and charity), go into other parts of the prison to comfort prisoners by speaking with them and playing the violin. In keeping with tzedaka (charity) laws, he gave what little money he could to those in need.

Charles Dickens, in his novel Barnaby Rudge, which centres around the Gordon Riots, describes Gordon as a true tzadik (pious man) among the prisoners:

The prisoners bemoaned his loss, and missed him; for though his means were not large his charity was great, and in bestowing alms among them he considered the necessities of all alike, and knew no distinction of sect or creed …

On 28 January 1793, Lord George Gordon’s sentence expired and he had to appear to give claim to his future good behaviour. When appearing in court he was ordered to remove his hat, which he was using as a kippah, but he refused to do so. The hat was then taken from him by force, but he covered his head with a night cap and bound it with a handkerchief. He defended his behaviour by saying “in support of the propriety of the creature having his head covered in reverence to the Creator.” Before the court, he read a written statement in which he claimed that “he had been imprisoned for five years among murderers, thieves, etc., and that all the consolation he had arose from his trust in God.”

Covid provocateurs

Such buffoons, my country: Australian Border Force investigates Katie Hopkins quarantine breach as controversial Brit dropped from Big Brother.

British provocateur Katie Hopkins has been dropped from Australia’s upcoming ‘Big Brother VIP’ and is being investigated by the Australian Border Force after she claimed to have purposefully broken strict quarantine rules.

Hopkins caused a storm of controversy on Saturday after she announced that she had landed in Sydney and was now in mandatory quarantine, despite the fact that tens of thousands of Australians are still stranded abroad and unable to return home due to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s strict Covid-19 pandemic entry caps.

Hopkins’ arrival caused further anger when she claimed in an Instagram video to have intentionally broken strict quarantine requirements by opening her hotel room door naked without a face mask when hotel employees bring her food, in an effort to “frighten the s*** out of them.”

The British television personality soon faced calls for her deportation from Australian citizens and politicians alike and now appears to be in hot water with authorities over the incident.

Of course we have provocateurs of our own, the blesséd Nick Cater: Boris Johnson leads the way on Covid rules – are we game to follow?

The expert class turned out in force last week with pessimistic predictions about the nightmare soon to be visited upon British hospitals and mortuaries because of the Prime Minister’s latest folly.

A letter signed by 100 medical experts in The Lancet accused Boris Johnson’s government of “embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment” by ending social distancing rules. Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organisation’s Health Emergencies Program, said the rush to reopen the economy amounted to “moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”.

Johnson’s courage in defying the experts is a virtue that should be emulated by political leaders closer to home. In Britain, Johnson revives the Dunkirk spirit, fighting Covid-19 on the beaches, landing grounds, fields and in the streets. In Australia, premiers call on their subjugated citizens to fight the virus from their couches.

Experts in the Chinese Flu have been discredited across the world, replaced by the likes of Nick and Katie Hopkins.

The most successful scientific model ever

This text accompanies the video.

The Standard Model of particle physics is the most successful scientific theory of all time. It describes how everything in the universe is made of 12 different types of matter particles, interacting with three forces, all bound together by a rather special particle called the Higgs boson. It’s the pinnacle of 400 years of science and gives the correct answer to hundreds of thousands of experiments. In this explainer, Cambridge University physicist David Tong recreates the model, piece by piece, to provide some intuition for how the fundamental building blocks of our universe fit together. At the end of the video, he also points out what’s missing from the model and what work is left to do in order to complete the Theory of Everything.

And then when you have looked at that, you can look at this.

By which time you will find you actually know nothing at all about anything that makes up the universe in which we live, at least nothing that makes any practical difference in what you do.

“The worst is yet to come”

From Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage. Would be better if there were official statistics to verify what is happening. In the meantime there is this.

In this explosive interview of Dr. Charles Hoffe on the Laura Lynn show, Dr. Hoffe explains how he has tested his patients who have received the COVID-19 shots and that 62% of them show blood clotting and permanent damage as a result. “The worst is yet to come” for these patients, he claims.