This will be THE major issue at the next election

Greens, Labor sink Peter Dutton’s citizenship crackdown:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s overhaul of Australian citizenship laws have suffered a major setback with his reforms unable to pass the parliament ahead of a Senate imposed deadline — an outcome hailed as a “major victory” by Labor and the Greens.

The proposed shake-up would have increased the permanent residency requirement for citizenship from one to four years and imposed a tougher English language requirement on aspiring Australians.

The changes — which would also have required applicants to demonstrate they had integrated into Australian society — were due to take effect from the date of their announcement by Mr Dutton on April 20.

Mr Dutton said the government remained “committed to strengthening citizenship”, and flagged that negotiations would continue with crossbench Senators, although no-timeline has been set on the passage of any revamped package.

“It’s a shame that Bill Shorten is so weak that he has to capitulate to the hard left of the Labor Party against the national interest,” Mr Dutton said.

And from the comments. The top 20 and not one supporting Labor and the Greens:

According to Green Senator Nick McKim “Peter Dutton tried to tear down multicultural Australia and remake it in his own hateful image.” Why is improving the quality of immigrants by showing they are willing and able to integrate “hateful”? Interesting that the Green’s loyalty is to foreigners over Australian interests. If the Greens had their way, by about Easter we would be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands from the worst societies in the world and Greens would celebrate this apocalypse and victim factory as “compassionate”. Deranged.

Yes I can see why Labor and the Greens would not like the proposed citizenship test. You might actually need some intelligence and education to pass it.

Labor and The Greens working for Get Up!/ George Soros. Dumped files show influence of George Soros on Western politics

“Hailed as a “major victory” by Labor and the Greens.” The message here? Labor and the Greens get into power again its open borders and more boats. Its like ground hog day.

More damage done to this country by the left-leaning unrepresentative swill.

Just shows that if Labor get back into power it will be refugee-a-rama. Non stop boats from all directions.

When I applied for citizenship it was dependent on four or five years permanent residence. I believe that persisted throughout the Howard years. Presumably the one year requirement was another “progressive” move by the comrades.

There’s something strange and quite disturbing about Labor and The Greens show more allegiance to foreigners than they do Aussies. It’s an absolute disgrace.

FFS! Whose side are labor and greens on? Ours or some militant islamists?

The ALP/Greens veto of Dutton’s law changes is outrageous and my real thoughts to this bastardry would be unprintable. Beyond contempt.

Australian citizenship is a privilege, not a right. 1 year of residence is not enough to earn this!!

May as well call an election and get it over with. Labor and the Greens are already using the Senate to control the country.

The dreaded dysfunctional Senate strikes again. Making it very hard for the Government to Govern. Time to dispose of the Senate once and for all.

& the One Nation vote just jumped another couple of percentage points!

Labor and the greens will open borders and destroy this country. A big loss for Australia

What is so very wrong with what Dutton is proposing. I support him 100%. There are those in the Senate without a brain cell between them, and they usually vote as a bloc, so I guess we get just what we vote for.

Labor and the Greens consider Australian citizenship cheap.

People smugglers in Java will be checking that their boats are fueled up. (Seaworthiness not a consideration.)

This Bill Shorten is really a piece of work. The average Aussie supports Dutton on this as we have had enough of mass immigration and poor quality immigration. Bill you have it wrong big time!!!!

Labor and the Greens celebrate the continuing abuse of Australia. They will do absolutely anything to try and get the ethnic vote

We know all about the Greens but it’s now abundantly clear Labor doesn’t care about this country. It’s all about power at any cost. We have an energy crisis that will only get worse and it’s a threat to the health, wellbeing and lives of millions of Australians but Labor would rather play cheap politics than work towards a long term solution. Massive growing debt – don’t look to Labor to help resolve it. Now Dutton tries to sharpen up citizenship laws and Labor says no to that too. They are despicable.

Might also mention that Dutton has the right idea on climate change as well.

They would sell them the uranium used to blow their cities to pieces

I’ve already discussed PDT’s approach to dealing with Obama’s Iranian sellout and now’s the time to look at Germany’s: Germany: Merkel Gov, Media Slam Trump on Iran Nuke Deal. If it’s anyone who understands the meaning of Munich, they are the ones. And in this are they looking for some means to defuse a dangerous international situation in which nuclear weapons end up in the hands of madmen? Don’t be silly.

Not just former US President Obama, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, too, regards the nuclear deal with Iran as her greatest diplomatic accomplishment. The prominent German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung summed up the central role played by the Merkel government, writing, “Among all the parties working to bring about a negotiated deal, Germans enjoyed [Iranian regime’s] special trust.”

Corporate Germany loved the deal too. The Bavaria Chamber of Commerce, the leading trade body in the country, told its clients ahead of the deal that the “German media landscape across the board agrees that lucrative deals worth billions are waiting to be made in Iran. As soon as the sanction are lifted, the run on the markets begins.”

The hopes were well-founded. German exports to Iran soared, raking in billions of euros in revenue for the fat cats supporting major political parties.

Watching President Trump chip away that political legacy and threaten those corporate profits by decertifying the Iran Nuclear Deal in his Friday speech provoked angry reactions from the German government and corporate media.

We have reached a new level of short-term idiocy with this one – better even than being the last capitalist who sells the rope used to hang him.

Trump gets HW out of the headlines (except for here)


All that at Drudge. BTW who’s that Obama chap? And then there’s this too:


Meanwhile, the Weinstein saga continues to flatten the moral high ground that these scum have been pretending to hold.

‘Despicable’ Harvey Weinstein blasted during Hollywood ‘Power of Women’ lunch…
30: All the accusers…
Company to Shut Down?
OLIVER STONE: Man Shouldn’t Be Condemned By Vigilante System…
Lisa Bloom Fought To Keep AMAZON Expose Hidden…

And eventually we will start looking again at what really happened Las Vegas, as in: Las Vegas police shift timeline again in concert massacre and Heros and Zeros: Vegas.

And for a bit more of the same on Vegas, Ann Coulter can entertain you with Las Vegas Massacre—The Story Is Coming Apart. That’s what makes the world so fantastic, everything is possible, even the impossible.

Master and apprentice

The point really is that on the left these things don’t matter at all, and they are normally only brought to light because they really do matter to conservatives. The instant and ongoing forgiveness for Bill Clinton for his sexual predation, which was fully underscored by his wife’s accommodation to everything he did, underscores just how indifferent the left is to any of the standard and genuine problems that exist in relation to women’s issues. The absolute indifference to women’s oppression in different cultures, even when they are found in immigrant communities in the West, is the clearest evidence that the issues are only issues because they can be used to harvest votes. It is only on the conservative side that these issues are taken seriously and are not just a means to political power.

The video above is from Gateway Pundit: Harvey Weinstein to Bill Clinton: “As I said, I Always Learn Amazing Things from You”.

Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein told serial sexual predator Bill Clinton in 2012,

“As I said, I always learn amazing things from you.”

They were actually talking about oppressed women in India.

Wow! You just can’t make this up!

The only thing you need to wonder about the fact that this saga has gone MSM is where the even worse story is that this is the cover up for.

“Oh, that is brilliant!”

From Tim Blair who titled his post This Doesn’t Happen. I’m merely posting it as a public service message since this is the sort of thing that must come to a stop immediately.

And it is an absolute protocol in Australia, which I have never seen violated, that in getting in and out of a lift, it is women and children first.

I wonder whether this is related to Tim’s other story about Julie Bishop.

Ms Bishop told the Women’s Weekly event in Sydney that when other women joined cabinet, they made “a little deal”.

“It didn’t matter what the other woman said, the rest of us would say, ‘oh, that is brilliant!'” she said.

Which I am sure it always was.

The right not to be murdered by religious fanatics

Although forty-plus years an Australian, Canadian born and North American to the last so spent the first part of my life next to the US. And while one of those extremely nice Canadians, I have an enormous admiration for the US and its way of life. Been there often and always feel I am perfectly at home, no matter where I am. Once on the left – I actually attended the very first gay marriage in San Francisco sometime in 1972 – now on the other side but that is merely because the left has gone insane. I’m not sure that I have changed my political views on most things since JFK. I’m not even sure I was ever actually against the Vietnam War; I even remember mentioning to a draft dodger friend that if I had been an American I would have gone off and been drafted. And I remember the conversation so well because it astonished me when I realised that I had said just what I believed. But I was a Canadian so who really knows?

On guns, let me merely direct you to Kurt Slichter who says more or less what I think myself: Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights. His opening, which leaves nothing to misunderstand:

I don’t agree with liberals often, because I’m not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, “We must have a conversation about guns!” I still couldn’t agree more. And, since all we’ve heard is you leftists shrieking at us all week, I’ll start it off.

You don’t ever get to disarm us. Not ever.

And here is the thing. I have been to the US often, from when I was under ten and then again in July, and even spent much of the time in Las Vegas. It has never crossed my mind on any trip to the US that I was ever in the slightest danger of being shot. Didn’t like being in New York in the pre-Giuliani years, but that aside I have been in approximately 40 of the 50 states with never a thought on my mind about the American constitutional right to bear arms. It’s how they do things, and it is how the US is. And it is part of what has made the US the astonishingly great country that it is. Different from every other country on earth.

But this I do think about, and in the US more than anywhere, and that is the trouble and hassle it takes to get on an airplane. And why all this trouble and hassle? Because there are people in the world who would, for their own insane political ends, blow up any planes they could. I wish someone would do something about that, but even if they can’t, I wish they would put up in large print on every airport metal detector across the world, signs that explain just why it is being done. Never mind the American constitutional right to bear arms. How about the human right not to be blown up by religious fanatics?

Some thoughts on Las Vegas

Watching the dismal story coming out of Las Vegas does bring many thoughts to mind, not least because we had just been there in July. In no particular order:

Whether or not they are responsible, ISIS is happy to say it was their doing. Ethical rules of war are not exactly their longest suit. They are just murderous swine whose only war aims, if we could can use the term, are essentially unknown. Psychopathic killers with no discernible outcome in mind other than to become modern versions of Tamerlaine and create their own piles of skulls.

The first item of news we heard about the killer is that he was someone who had lost a tonne of money at the casinos and had perhaps gone round the bend. But we have now heard he had just sent $100,000 to the Philippines the day before. Not exactly bankrupt, was he? Where did the money come from? There is a story there but will we ever find out?

Most importantly, was he really a one-man show, able to get such a complex logistical process exactly right on his very first attempt with no outside help? It’s possible, but so are alternative versions of how it happened.

He cannot have been a registered Republican because if he were we would have known already, and then some. We shall see whether this can be attached to the right, and then we will never hear the end of it, or attached to the left – like the shooting of Steve Scalise (who?) – and it will disappear into the mists of time like everything else of its kind.

Donald Trump’s response was on a human level, describing these killings as evil. Hillary, along with the left in general, responded on a political level – not willing to let any crisis go to waste – immediately associating these deaths with the need for gun control.

Tribalism is the darkest most unrelenting province of the left. On the right we actually like the idea of an open society where anyone can come live among us by following the rules: tolerance, hard work, self-direction, independence. The left are filled with envy and hatreds that only every so often come to the surface in a way that normal people on this side of the fence can recognise for themselves. The left’s chosen enemy is the Judeo-Christian culture of the West. We are barely able to understand how truly foreign their views are because we don’t think that way at all.