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Cartoon: Johannes Leak

From Christian Porter: Scandal may yet rebound against Morrison:

Labor will not back off, nor will friends of Porter’s accuser, which means neither will journalists. It means it will remain a serious problem for the government when parliament resumes, and it means Porter’s political career is destined to end. That is the reality Porter now faces and that Morrison has to deal with.

Barely a day has passed since Brittany Higgins’s rape allegations against a Liberal staff member were made public three weeks ago without her story, or other allegations of abuse, dominating the news cycles.

A government that prides itself on its control has been thrown off course. At some point the damage will be reflected in the polls. If Coalition MPs are not troubled by the principles involved, and many of them are, that will make more of them even more apprehensive.

One of the ongoing problems for Morrison with these scandals that have engulfed his government, that have the potential to bring them all down — scandals have been known to do that — is that his explanations for his ignorance about them stretch credulity, not just with the media but among those familiar with the way government works, including the people who sit behind him.

No doubt speaking for The Australian itself. Gutter journalism at its worst.

Lunatics and barbarians

The Great Woke Replacement Continues Apace by Peter Smith. Here is the core point.

Conservatives struggle to grasp the latest inanity being foisted on (western) mankind. The mistake made is to treat each instance as being isolated. They all emerge from the same hellhole….

Whether it is confounding science by dressing up hypotheses as facts, or sowing confusion among children by teaching them that they might be in the wrong bodies; or ruining women’s sports by forcing them to compete against biological males; or preaching divisive ‘critical race theory’; cancelling people whose views are out of sync with goodthink; mindlessly tearing down statues;  risibly ‘taking the knee’; or, idiotically, renaming mothers as gestational parents and breastfeeding as ‘chest feeding’. No rational sense can be made of any it in isolation. Try to and risk your mental health.

And on the topic of messing with rational minds? How about locking people away for months on end, double-masking them, and destroying livelihoods in order to ward off a virus which has no serious effects on well over ninety-nine percent of those who catch it. Consult Worldometer. As at February 27: 21,915,328 active cases; serious or critical cases 91,057, or just 0.4%. Confected Covid alarmism trumps even its climate counterpart.

We have made the mad agenda of the left mainstream and as a result Western Civilisation will sink into oblivion as a result. The only civilisation that has ever fought against racism along with having created as astonishing level of personal prosperity across the world, will disappear.

In  my view, the problem is that there is nothing more for the left to achieve. It’s all there. Destruction for the pure pleasure of barbarism is all that remains which for the left seems quite enough.

Background detail for the film The Last Vermeer

Some useful background to the film, The Last Vermeer. Fascinating film and lots of spoilers for the film below so if you are going to see it, read the rest of it later.

Van Meegeren became a national hero after World War II when it was revealed that he had sold a forged painting to ReichsmarschallHermann Göring during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands

Details from Wikipedia: Han van Meegeren

“During World War II, Göring traded 137 paintings for one of Van Meegeren’s false Vermeers, and it became one of his most prized possessions. Following the war, Van Meegeren was arrested, as officials believed that he had sold Dutch cultural property to the Nazis. Facing a possible death penalty, Van Meegeren confessed to the less serious charge of forgery. He was convicted on falsification and fraud charges on 12 November 1947, after a brief but highly publicised trial, and was sentenced to one year in prison] He did not serve out his sentence, however; he died 30 December 1947 in the Valerius Clinic in Amsterdam, after two heart attacks. It is estimated that Van Meegeren duped buyers out of the equivalent of more than US$30 million in 1967’s money, including the government of the Netherlands.”

And to the point.

“The trial of Han van Meegeren began on 29 October 1947 in Room 4 of the Regional Court in Amsterdam.[43] The collaboration charges had been dropped, since the expert panel had found that the supposed Vermeer sold to Hermann Göring had been a forgery and was, therefore, not the cultural property of the Netherlands. Public prosecutor H. A. Wassenbergh brought charges of forgery and fraud and demanded a sentence of two years in prison.[5]Evidence against Han van Meegeren: a collection of pigments.

“The court commissioned an international group of experts to address the authenticity of Van Meegeren’s paintings. The commission included curators, professors, and doctors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and England, and was led by the director of the chemical laboratory at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of BelgiumPaul B. Coremans. The commission examined the eight Vermeer and Frans Hals paintings which Van Meegeren had identified as forgeries. With the help of the commission, Dr Coremans was able to determine the chemical composition of van Meegeren’s paints.

“He found that Van Meegeren had prepared the paints by using the phenolformaldehyde resins Bakelite and Albertol as paint hardeners. A bottle with exactly that ingredient had been found in Van Meegeren’s studio. This chemical component was introduced and manufactured in the 20th century, proving that the alleged works by Vermeer and Frans Hals examined by the commission were in fact fabricated by Van Meegeren.

“The commission’s other findings suggested that the dust in the craquelure was too homogeneous to be of natural origin. The matter found in the craquelure appeared to come from India ink, which had accumulated even in areas that natural dirt or dust would never have reached. The paint had become so hard that alcohol, strong acids, and bases did not attack the surface, a clear indication that the surface had not been formed in a natural manner. The craquelure on the surface did not always match that in the ground layer, which would certainly have been the case with a natural craquelure. Thus, the test results obtained by the commission appeared to confirm that the works were forgeries created by Van Meegeren, but their authenticity continued to be debated by some of the experts until 1967 and 1977, when new investigative techniques were used to analyze the paintings (see below).

“On 12 November 1947, the Fourth Chamber of the Amsterdam Regional Court found Han van Meegeren guilty of forgery and fraud, and sentenced him to a minimal one year in prison.”

As for the book and its inscription:

“Van Meegeren played different roles, some of which were shrouded in fraudulent intentions, as he sought to fulfill his goal of besting his critics. His father was said to have once told him, “You are a cheat and always will be.”[65] He sent a signed copy of his own art book to Adolf Hitler, which turned up in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin complete with an inscription (in German): “To my beloved Führer in grateful tribute, from H. van Meegeren, Laren, North Holland, 1942”. He only admitted the signature was his own, although the entire inscription was by the same hand.[4][20] (The book by Jonathan Lopez confirmed the accuracy of Jan Spierdijk’s article in De Waarheid in which Spierdijk reported details about Van Meegeren’s book Tekeningen being found in Hitler’s library.

The film unfortunately follows Kates’s Rule of Movies: the final five or six minutes of a film reverses the sentiment of where the film had been heading, normally to bring on a happy ending where none seemed likely, but in this case, to turn a rogue into a Nazi for no reason whatsoever. Van Meegeren may have been a forger and a criminal as the film portrays him, but there is no evidence that he was a Nazi even if he did try to stay onside with people who would kill him in a second if they knew what he was up to. The film blighted itself unnecessarily. Why turn him into a suspected Nazi sympathiser if an inscription in a book is the only evidence they can find? It sours what should be a fun movie for no point I can think of.

Premier heal thyself

Living in Danandrewstan as I do, daily doses of insanity are just part of the picture. My specialty is economics, with the form of madness I find myself most astonished by being the ability of political leaders to commit to expenditures beyond any possible hope of finding the funding to finance what they decide to do. If you want to see political insanity, try this on for size: ‘We are failing’: Premier vows to put mental health at centre of biggest social reform in generation.

Royal commission chair Penny Armytage said the mental health system had “catastrophically failed to live up to expectations”.

The commission’s 3195-page final report, which was tabled in parliament on Tuesday, found the mental health system was overwhelmed and could not keep up with the number of people who sought treatment….

Premier Daniel Andrews has committed to implementing all 65 recommendations made in the report, which he said would “serve as our blueprint for the biggest social reform in a generation”.

“Biggest” as in the most expensive. There are more than 3000 pages in the Report and there are 65 recommendations (with each of the “recommendations” merely a heading beyond which there are many other more detailed recommendations listed). But Dan has immediately committed himself (that phrase again) to the lot, which with absolute certainty he has only the foggiest notion of what is being said, what the nature of the problems are, or how much it might cost to implement any of it.

Andrews has been a catastrophe for the state and for Australia. When he became Premier, Melbourne had been for many years the World’s Most Liveable City. It’s now the dregs and he is pulling it lower and lower with each passing day.

I wish I knew what the right word is for someone who has lost their grip on reality, but whatever the word is, it applies absolutely to Daniel Andrews.

Ayers Rock was the original name for Uluru

YEAH. I KNOW AUSTRALIANS:  Hilarious lies Aussies tell foreigners. 6

What I tell them back home is that the biggest mistake Canada made – other than electing Trudeau father and son – was not becoming a test playing nation in cricket. It’s not a lie, but I have yet to say it to anyone who sees the point or comes even remotely close to believing it. This is the one I liked and there are others at the link.

Uluru is an optical illusion"I convinced my ex-girlfriend from Scotland that Uluru was just a tiny rock that we took pictures of up close." - Posted by Jonatron92

Uluru is an optical illusion

“I convinced my ex-girlfriend from Scotland that Uluru was just a tiny rock that we took pictures of up close.”

Of course, you more or less have to be an Australian even to know that Uluru exists. The post is taken in its entirety from Instapundit.

Sexual morality is more than just about consent

I really feel sorry for young girls today having been so badly educated on boy/girl relations. First let me provide this for context and then come back to what I wish to say: ‘Need to reflect on this’: Victorian schools respond to movement calling for better consent education.

Several Victorian schools have issued messages to parents in response to a deluge of sexual assault claims made by young women across the country who voiced their stories as part of a movement demanding better education around consent.

Private schools Xavier College and Geelong Grammar School wrote to their school communities this week after a petition started by Sydney woman Chanel Contos called for sexual consent to be taught in schools from a young age.

It saw hundreds of young women come forward with disturbing allegations of sexual assault and rape from their time as students or soon after, with many describing being forced to perform sex acts or being assaulted while intoxicated or passed out.

However, before reading another word, you should look at the 79 pages of these disturbing allegations. We are dealing with what is potentially a lost generation, and of both young girls and young boys. These are basically high school girls and the best they can think to ask for is that “sexual consent to be taught in schools from a young age”.

I have no idea what the answer here is, but I imagine there are quite a large number of young women who buy into sexual relations at far too young an age and with no idea what their destination is. I know I am old (really ancient) but no one went out with someone else unless they were perhaps thinking this might be the preliminaries of love, children and a marriage unto death. And this from the age of around 13 or 14. No one was messing around, and if you were, both as a male or female, your dating life was almost certain to be brought to an end. Reputation was all.

Consent in my day came with a set of commitments that no one would dare breach. I imagine happiness and fulfilment even today come with similar sets of commitments.

But we live in a post-Monica-Lewinski world, pornography is everywhere and available across the net, and we have, right now, the example of the American Vice-President having slept her way to the top. Beyond even that, there is now birth-control and failing that, abortion almost on demand.

At the moment, the supposed issue is in relation to camper/staff relations among the backroom people in Parliament House. Everything about the way the story has unfolded looks as if it is intended to influence how people vote. The two issues need to be separated, but that is very unlikely to happen when our news media make these stories the feature political issues of the day.

The people who run these stories are evil people whose political morals make me sick. They do it to get more people to vote for Labor and fewer to vote for the Coalition. How to get boys and girls to show greater respect and, dare I say it, more modesty and common sense in their first approaches to dealing with each other sexually, must be the aim. How to get there is completely beyond me, other than to keep these issues away from politics.

What it is like to be clinically mad


Supposedly one person in a hundred is schizophrenic and if their experience is anything like that of Kate Richards as described in her incredible Madness: A Memoire it is amazing that so many people are able to make it through the day. There are also many different forms of madness so a fairly high proportion of people we meet all the time must be mad in one way or another. She herself says that she first entered into madness at around 15-16 but did not know she was in any way unusual until she was in her twenties.

Aside from her own personal experience, which is quite astonishing, is the array of medical and therapeutic facilities that are available in Australia to assist people such as her. I cannot recommend the book more. If these issues interest you, this is a book really worth your time.

Interesting in particular for me are her descriptions of the various psychiatrists she had to deal with who she found aloof and distant. And to tell the truth, it is the kind of work that you would need nerves of steel to undertake. You cannot reason anyone out of their psychoses nor can you be sure they will take their meds.

Here is an an excerpt from her book which gives you some sense of what this kind of madness is like and the kinds of frustrations that must come from trying to help such people. Aaron is her psychiatrist.

In the evening I visit my doctor, Aaron. ‘How are you?’ he asks, as usual. I stand in front of him with my hands on my hips, sticking my pelvis out and then I start giggling and I can’t stop, I keep giggling and now tears are seeping out from the sides of my eyes and smudging the mascara I put on this morning for the first time in years. I’m rocking back and forth on my feet, laughing and crying in equal measure. Aaron doesn’t say anything; he reaches over to the phone on his desk and rings the Mental Health Team at the local hospital.

‘Are you taking your medication?’ he asks, mid-conversation.

‘Of course,’ I say. I have no idea where the bottle of tablets is – somewhere in my bedroom, probably under the bed where the cats sometimes pee.

He hangs up the phone. ‘Are you sleeping?’

‘Thorough waste of time.’ I sit down. ‘I do miss dreaming though. You know Freud thought that dream-life was just as important as waking-life for the illumination of the psyche. I think I agree with him, well I do at this particular moment, God, your taste in art is awful, Aaron.’

‘Kate,’ says Aaron. ‘I would like you to take one of these – now.’ He pulls a blister pack of tablets out of his top desk drawer. His desk is old, made of some wood with lines and whorls and stained dark chestnut.

‘What’s this?’ I ask.

‘It’s an anti-psychotic. Also good for hypomania.’ He stands and says, ‘Just stay there a minute.’ I sway from side to side on the chair. Aaron gives me a glass of water and a round, white tablet.

‘How much?’ I ask.

‘200 milligrams,’ he says.

I stare at it. The tablet is changing shape in my palm. It’s circular, then oval, then it expels a part of itself and becomes two tablets.

I stare at Aaron. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m trying to stabilise your mood.’

He waits, leaning on his desk with his arms crossed. The creases in his shirt catch the light and shine. I smile.

‘Take the medication, please.’

The tablet is furry round the edges where it has mixed with my sweat. I put it in my mouth and take a swig of water and swallow down its bitterness.


‘Thank you,’ he says. ‘The Mental Health Team are going to visit you later tonight.’

‘Excellent,’ I say and stand up and bow so that my forearms touch the ground. ‘It has been a pleasure doing business with you, Sir.’

Aaron almost smiles.

Madness is like being captured by terrorists, only worse. And the patient is often their own worst enemy.


The calculus of sexual consent

Brittany Higgins and David Sharaz have both left their jobs in the fall out from the alleged rape.

The photo is from this: Brittany Higgins’ partner David Sharaz speaks out. Everyone is oh so brave, and undoubtedly votes Labor.

Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins’ partner has resigned from his job over fears that the Morrison Government will punish the company he works for by scrapping government contacts.

Former press gallery journalist David Sharaz, who worked for Sky News and SBS before joining a media monitoring company this year, said he accepted he could no longer remain in the role.

Mr Sharaz said his bosses had been supportive and given him time off last week to support Ms Higgins but he accepted that his job, which involves seeking government contracts, was no longer tenable.

In exclusive claims to last Monday, Ms Higgins alleges she was raped by a colleague in a minister’s Parliament House office in March 2019.

Ms Higgins claims she was forced to choose between her job and seeking justice.

Mr Sharaz said his decision to resign had “no regrets” for standing by Ms Higgins and supporting her fight for justice.

Let me pair that up with this: ‘Need to reflect on this’: Victorian schools respond to movement calling for better consent education. This, mind you, is about high school girls. What a difference from when I was in high school! Now they teach them how to be selective in who you bonk.

Several Victorian schools have issued messages to parents in response to a deluge of sexual assault claims made by young women across the country who voiced their stories as part of a movement demanding better education around consent.

Private schools Xavier College and Geelong Grammar School wrote to their school communities this week after a petition started by Sydney woman Chanel Contos [see photo below] called for sexual consent to be taught in schools from a young age.

It saw hundreds of young women come forward with disturbing allegations of sexual assault and rape from their time as students or soon after, with many describing being forced to perform sex acts or being assaulted while intoxicated or passed out.

There is certainly a need for something to be taught but I’m not sure I can say exactly what it is. The disturbing allegations link runs to 70 pages and is astonishing in its detail and more disturbing than you can imagine. 

Chanel Contos, whose online petition calling on people to come forward with allegations of sexual assault is forcing schools to change.

Chanel Contos, whose online petition calling on people to come forward with allegations of sexual assault is forcing schools to change.

There are no anti-Covid vaccines

The article is titled, COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Tested on 6-Year-Olds in which there is a great deal to think about including this:

As detailed in “COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines,” these inoculations are more accurately described as gene therapies, and by referring to them as “vaccines,” the U.S. government is likely in violation of the 2011 U.S. Code Title 15, Section 1125, which regulates deceptive practices such as false descriptions in medical claims.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a vaccine is “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Immunity, in turn, is defined as “Protection from an infectious disease,” meaning that “If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.” Neither Moderna nor Phizer claim this to be the case for their COVID-19 “vaccines.” In fact, in their clinical trials, they specify that they do not even test for immunity.

COVID-19 “vaccines” do not impart immunity or inhibit transmissibility of the disease. In other words, they are not designed to keep you from getting sick with SARS-CoV-2; they only are supposed to lessen your infection symptoms if or when you get infected. As such, these products do not meet the medical definition of a vaccine.”

Unlike real vaccines, which use an antigen of the disease you’re trying to prevent, the COVID-19 injections contain synthetic RNA fragments encapsulated in a nanolipid carrier compound, the sole purpose of which is to lessen clinical symptoms associated with the S-1 spike protein, not the actual virus.