Hannah Arendt was a moral disgrace

This is a review of a new film on Hannah Arendt characterisation of the Holocaust written by Alan Dershowitz: New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil” I think his argument is weak but at least it is not a sell-out as so many discussions of Arendt seem to be. This is from the review:

Deliberately distorting the history of the Holocaust — whether by denial, minimization, unfair comparisons or false characterizations of the perpetrators — is a moral and literary sin. Arendt is a sinner who placed her ideological agenda, to promote a view of evil as mundane, above the truth. To be sure, there are untruths as well in Operation Finale, but they are different in kind rather than degree. Some of the drama and chase scenes are contrived, but what else can be expected of Hollywood? What is important is that Eichmann is presented in his multifaceted complexity, in the manner in which Shakespeare presented Iago, Lady Macbeth and many of his other villains — not as banal but as brilliantly evil.

“Brilliantly evil” is just stupid. Eichmann was the essence of evil; in what way could any of it be described as “brilliant”. He was a mass murderer who knew what he was doing. He never thought for a moment to defend what he had done when his life was at stake in that courtroom in Jerusalem. He was not a careerist. He did not do what he did because his name was drawn out by lot. There is nothing in his life that would make one believe that he ended up with the job he had by a series of random accidents. His mission in life was to kill as many Jews as possible. There may be others who think that is a worthy aim in life, but they are just as evil as Eichmann. That Arendt helped let him off the moral hook is a disgrace and indefensible.

Here then is Steve Sailer looking at the same film, where he discusses Eichmann.

In any case, Eichmann’s ample personal guilt is clear, despite his being only the administrative equivalent of a lieutenant colonel. While bureaucrats in several of Germany’s allies slow-walked Berlin’s ghastly initiative for as long as they could, Eichmann worked tirelessly to speed the process.

And in relation to Hannah Arendt, he writes:

Arendt, who doesn’t appear in this movie, was a Germanophile snob. Her ex-boyfriend, philosopher Martin Heidegger, might have been a Nazi for a while, but to Arendt at least he was an extremely cultured German Nazi. Arendt wrote to Karl Jaspers about Israel:

My first impression: On top, the judges, the best of German Jewry. Below them, the prosecuting attorneys, Galicians, but still Europeans. Everything is organized by a police force that gives me the creeps, speaks only Hebrew, and looks Arabic. Some downright brutal types among them. They would obey any order. And outside the doors, the Oriental mob, as if one were in Istanbul or some other half-Asiatic country. In addition, and very visible in Jerusalem, the peies (sidelocks) and caftan Jews, who make life impossible for all reasonable people here.

It’s only a teaching moment if it’s also a learning moment

The left are liars, swindlers and conmen (and conwomen too). Their dishonesty is astonishing since there is no evidence they ever believe anything they say, but act solely with the aim of achieving political power by any means necessary. I do not doubt that many of those who vote for parties of the left and support their philosophical wish for “fairness” and “justice” do so with sincerity. But those who lead these movements are not hypocritical. They understand perfectly well what they are up to.

How are people in general to be cured of their support for the left? No doubt a sizeable proportion are filled with envy and hatred at those who have achieved fame and fortune that they have not been able to achieve themselves. Envy is a terrible driver, but it drives many. There is also a large mass of supporters on the left who believe they will get something for nothing, and end up with more than they otherwise would have. There is another group, which may overlap with these, who are content to do worse themselves as long as those who have succeeded in life are brought down a peg or two, and the more pegs they are brought down, the better they feel. Socialism is the generic name for their beliefs, but the reality is that these are the most anti-social people to be found anywhere.

Is there even the slightest doubt that every politician on the left understood perfectly well that the woman who attempted to subvert the confirmation of Brent Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a liar? They have attempted to pervert the political process by a pretence of standing up for some wronged woman from a vague accusation by an far-left loon that would never have led to conviction in a court of law since there was no evidence whatsoever – absolutely none at all – that what she had said was even remotely true. It was a scam that could never have occurred had the positions been reversed since no party of the right would ever attempt anything as remotely deceitful as this. They would not do it because they could not do it, since their hearts would never be in it.

On the left, the outcome is the only thing. Lying, cheating, theft and the politics of personal destruction are what they know and practise. There cannot be any doubt that this is the essence of what has taken place over the past week. The question is whether the Republicans will make the disgust felt by those who support them count. My fear is that far too many who run and are elected as Republicans are no different from the left, both in what they want and how they would be willing to achieve what they desire. The difference, and it is a powerful difference, is that those who elect Republicans believe in justice and a system based on fairness to all. No one on the left would entertain for a second any moral thoughts that interfered with the aims they have in mind. The right, however, does.

One can only hope that this is a teaching moment on the politics of our time. The certainty is that PDT understands all of this. The question is whether he will be able to explain this to others, or even whether he will be allowed to explain this to others. If you wish to preserve our cultural values and our way of life, these are lessons that are going to have to be learned, even if it means those who support the parties of the right have to accept that a large proportion of their fellow citizens are black-hearted scum.

BDS explained by one of its most virulent carriers

For no reason I can recall, I receive emails from a Rabbi Bruce Warshal which I sometimes read but usually delete. Today I read his words and will always from now on delete. Such people are political morons. Makes one understand how the Holocaust could have happened if the Jews in Germany during the 1930s were such fools as this. His political and historical understanding is so shallow that it completely foxes my ability to believe that he has been around for the past seventy years or so and is still more naive than a three year old.

For years the Israeli government declared that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) was inconsequential. It was, they said, the domain of anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and Arab extremists.

About five years ago the Israeli government realized that BDS was an effective tool against its Palestinian policies concerning the Palestinians and this past year began a ferocious counter-attack. The Knesset passed legislation barring entry to foreigners who call for a boycott of Israel, or the settlements or any Israeli institution.

A large percentage of Israelis as well as diaspora Jewish leaders support a boycott of the settlements, including myself. I was in Israel two years ago, but I hesitate to return if I face the prospect of being turned away or interrogated at Ben Gurion airport. It has gotten to the point that recently the prominent American-Jewish columnist Peter Beinart was almost refused entry.

The Israeli government wants to paint anyone who supports BDS as anti-Israel. At this point, I do support the boycott of the settlements, but not the full BDS movement. If Israel continues down the path toward a Greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, which means that it would become an apartheid state ruling over five million Palestinians, I believe that most diaspora Jews would be BDS supporters.

Some Jews support BDS as a tactic to avoid that outcome. Both the Israeli government and the American Jewish establishment brand them as either self-hating Jews or radical outliers. I disagree. Boycotts, divestments and sanctions played a crucial part in changing South Africa. They believe BDS can do so regarding Israel as well. I feel that a full-blown boycott-divestment-sanctions movement is premature but is certainly not a cardinal sin deserving cherem (expulsion) from our community.

A prime example: Rebecca Vilkomerson is the Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, the most vocal American Jewish organization in support of BDS. Her response to the Israeli law: “My grandparents are buried in Israel, my husband and kids are citizens, and I lived there for three years, but this bill would bar me from visiting because of my work in support of Palestinian rights. I’m very proud to support the BDS movement, and hope that the response to this ban will hasten the day when anyone can travel there freely.” It’s hard for me to demonize her for her opinions or actions, even though I disagree with them.

Last summer a rabbi with Jewish Voice for Peace along with four other peace activists, including representatives of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and American Muslims for Palestine, were denied the right to board a Lufthansa flight out of Washington, D.C. to Tel Aviv because their names were on a blacklist provided to the airline by the Israeli government.
Another person, by luck, avoided the Washington blacklist by departing from New York City because as Haaretz reported, “she had to drop her kid at Jewish summer camp” and could not make the Washington departure. Here we have a committed Jewish woman raising her child in a Jewish culture. Yet, the Israeli propaganda machine would want us to believe that she is a self-hating Jew worthy of being denied entry to “the Jewish homeland.”

Peace Now said the ban is “neither Jewish nor democratic.” The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said “the law violates basic democratic rules in that it sets a political position as a reason to prevent foreigners from entering Israel and occupied territories… Freedom of speech is not only about the right to speak, but also the right to be exposed to opinions, even opinions that outrage or anger the majority in Israel.”

That last sentence equally applies to the American Jewish establishment. The Jewish Federation in South Palm Beach County (of which I was the founding Executive Director) will not even allow J Street (a middle-of-the-road, liberal Jewish lobby whose masthead reads “Pro Israel, Pro Peace”) to sit on its Community Relations Board, since it is not kosher enough in its politics. Obviously, my Federation has its own blacklists.

I lived through the McCarthy era. I hate blacklists, whether by Israel or the American Jewish establishment. I prefer to accept the right of all committed Jews to speak out or to act on their opinions, and to accept them as a legitimate part of our community.

My goodness, he survived the McCarthy era! What a hero! Remind me where the memorial for those brave martyrs to McCarthyism can be found so that I can visit and pay my respects.

Recollections of youth while examining a judge

This is the Instapundit post which already has more than 1300 comments. If the right is going to fold every time some woman makes an accusation from decades before, they are not only sensationally vulnerable but fantastically stupid. Not one Democrat believes any of it, but they know some Republicans will or will at least pretend to.

ANITA HILL, REDUX: Kavanaugh Accuser Breaks Anonymity, Is Liberal Professor.

UPDATE: “Here’s what we know”: Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley reacts to new Kavanaugh allegation report. (Bumped).

MORE: Sen. Jeff Flake wants to postpone vote on Brett Kavanaugh; Update: Statement from Sen. Collins.

Plus: Thread: “IF you wanted to detonate an 11th-hr, unfalsifiable smear & strategically leak it for max impact, this is how you’d do it.”


Anti-Semitism is now an integral feature of the left

Sometimes it is merely called anti-Zionism but there ought to be no mistaking what is taking place for what it is. First this from Caroline Glick.

As for the Palestinians’ supporters on US campuses, the Palestinian exception enabled them to wage a war against American Jews on campuses the likes of which the US has arguably never seen.

Over the years, as antisemitic assaults on Jewish students expanded under the headline of pro-Palestinian activism, Jewish students and groups repeatedly sought redress and corrective action from university authorities. In the many cases where those authorities refused to intervene to protect Jewish students, the students and Jewish advocacy groups turned to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for protection, but to little or no avail.

In one notable instance, in 2011 the Zionist Organization of America filed a complaint against Rutgers University for failing to protect the civil rights of Jewish students, and the Department of Education rejected their complaint by arguing that it couldn’t prove the assault in question was antisemitic.

That year, a student group named BAKA, (Belief Awareness Kindness Action) organized a campus event that was to be “free and open to the public.” It was titled, “Never Again for Anyone.”

The title of the event made clear that its intent was to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. That is, it was on its face designed to be an antisemitic event.

As the ZOA noted in a statement this week, “When the event organizers saw how many ‘Zionists’ (aka Jews) showed up at the event, they… selectively enforced an admission fee against students who were, or were perceived to be Jewish. Jewish students reported this outrageous and painful and hurtful antisemitic discrimination to the University, which failed to address it.”

Just one instance, you say. Well how about this: Democrats Need Anti-Semites to Win. You should read it all, but here’s a bit that gives you an idea of the whole.

Anti-Semitism does have a home in one of our major parties — the Democratic Party. Obama was the first major Democrat to openly express love and understanding of a blatant anti-Semite, his beloved mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Democratic voters showed they could care less. They desperately wanted Obama to win, to be good, to be great, so they pretended twenty years with an anti-Semitic mentor didn’t matter. It was a pivotal moment for the party. Let us hope, not for American history.

Flash forward, and the Democrats choose a Farrakhan man, Keith Ellison, as number 2 to lead the DNC.  Feminists marched on Washington under the leadership of notorious anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory. Obama did his work well. He is dedicating his very large fortune to training a million more like-minded community organizers.

Obama liked to boast that he had no need for white middle America voters — minority demographics would soon ensure Democrats a permanent one-party state. I recall this when I learn that kindergarten through college, anti-Semitic incidents are off the historical charts, and have been doubling yearly the last few years. Kindergarteners are obviously bringing this from home.

Rebellion comes with consequences

How a Social Justice Mob Fired a Tenured Professor is a common enough story that is almost no longer visible in the rush of other almost identical processes in campuses around the world. If you actually believe the world is run on ethics rather than my-gang-is-bigger-than-your-gang, you think you can be protected by the hypocritical nonsense they spout. But the reality is that the only rules are the rules of the ruling class and they are the ones who are happy to live in a world of masters and servants. You can enroll in the Master Class but they will discard you at a moment’s notice if you rock their boat. So what happened to tenured Professor Mehta. He took them at their word and so they turfed him out.

He described multiculturalism as a “scam.” Multiculturalism might be described as the official state religion of Canada, and Canadian universities as its schools of theology…. He is accused as well of “denying the wage gap between men and women and dismissing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a vehicle for ‘endless apologies and compensation.’” The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a body created in 2008 by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to make things right with the native peoples of the country.

Nor was he some peripheral journeyman without a record of academic achievement.

Mehta taught at Acadia for fifteen years; his teaching included large-enrollment introductory courses; he won teaching awards twice; served on numerous committees; remained professionally active in his discipline at the national level, and served local community groups. He was by traditional standards, an exemplary professor.

All was well until:

Mehta’s troubles began, he says, between 2015 and 2017, when he came under the influence of fellow psychologist Jordan Peterson and started to take notice of “protests and cancellations of talks at universities.” In early 2017, his concerns came to a head when he wrote to the search committee that was engaged in looking for Acadia’s next president. He voiced his worry that then-candidate Dr. Ricketts had little to say about “critical thinking or listening to a diverse range of perspectives” and that Ricketts “planned to commit Acadia to social justice.”

Did he seriously think an incoming President would welcome an opportunity to debate his most cherished beliefs? He might have thought tenure would protect him and it should have, but one should never be astonished when it does not. The author of this report believes this is something new. It is the very opposite of new. It is the way of the world and will always be thus.

Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon

Here are a couple of cartoons both from yesterday that might be compared and then contrasted with Mark Knight’s own worldwide depiction. Both are utterly political, both exaggerate features and no one has said a word about either. And the subject of both, I need hardly point out, are Black-Americans. The first is of Cory Booker based on his absurdities during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

The second is of Maxine Walters, who has led the charge for PDT’s impeachment and has gone so far as to advocate violence against Republicans.

What Mark Knight may have done was not just make fun of Serena, but of Serena’s fan base. Serena used whatever gamesmanship [gameswomanship?] to win a match and pulled in the crowd behind her as part of the process. The cartoon offended not because of any racial element but because it pointed out just what fools all of those fans who sided with her really are. The left will politicise everything.

The past is a foreign country-they really did do things differently there

That’s Number 1 but it should not stop you from looking at all the others: 10 Technological Marvels from the 20th Century that Today’s Kids Don’t Know What to Do With. I wonder what they’d make of a washboard. In thirty years’ time what will kids then make of the internet? No doubt gadgets are better now than they were and will keep on getting better as well if we can prevent ourselves from Venezueling our economies.