Seven days in November

Possibly the most astonishing aspect of the blatant efforts to steal the Senate and Congressional elections in the United States is how little commotion it has caused. Votes are being manufactured almost at will, and the only reason the result in Florida is unlikely to be overturned is that the lead for the Republican candidate is so large. Otherwise, the will of the people, etc, be damned. A few of the stories but none from the MSM. What you are seeing is a prelude to the 2020 presidential election. And while this focuses on Florida, you may be sure this occurred in every state and in elections for both the Senate and the House.

Rubio: No Evidence Of Election Fraud? Look What We Just Learned Democrats Did In Florida

Two Florida Counties Accused of Cheating on Recount

Federal Prosecutors Called in After FL Democrats Caught Altering Election Documents


The Democrats’ Chaos Strategy Almost Worked In Florida

And while all of this is going on right before your eyes, this is the news that everyone fixates on.


Anti-Semitism the new black

Both from Instapundit.

ROGER KIMBALL: In Democratic circles, anti-Semitism is becoming normal. “As people scramble to explain the sudden resurgence of socialism not only on America’s college campuses but also in the corridors of political power, it is worth noting the concomitant resurgence of anti-Semitism in those redoubts. The coincidence is not, as the Marxists like to say, an accident. The truth is that unfettered socialism, though based primarily on a demand for the abolition of private property, always comes riding on a current of anti-Semitism.”



AS GLENN NOTES BELOW, the guy shouting “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump” during intermission at a production of Fiddler on the Roof, which was reported nationwide as yet another symptom of anti-Semitism run amok thanks to Trump, tuned out to be a drunk guy who hates Trump and was therefore comparing him to Hitler. This is exactly what I expected. If you are actually a Hitler fan, would you (a) buy a ticket to Fiddler on the Roof; (b) sit quietly through the first act; and (c) make your pro-Hitler remark during intermission, rather than disrupting the show? Besides, there are way more Americans who think Trump is like Hitler in a negative way than in a positive way.  The question is, why couldn’t the New York Time, Washington Post, etc., (a) figure out that this was unlikely to be an actual pro-Nazi guy; or (b) at least consider the possibility that the guy might actually be anti-Trump and anti-Nazi, and not rush to breathlessly report nonsense?


This is from David Solway: Why I Am No Longer a Canadian Writer. And Canadian though I be by citizenship, a Canadian writer I am not, since were I still in the Old Dominion, these would have been the social mores that would have been applied to me.

Generally speaking, then, our writers no longer challenge the fashions and superstitions of the day, they defer to them. Our writing culture has for the most part continued its descent into the politically correct dementia of our historical moment, the latest instance being the pronominal madness that has swept through the universities and entered the larger society. We now live in a world of zhis, zhers, zims and eims. It is no surprise that the current office administrator of the Writers’ Union, Valerie Laws, signs off a communiqué with the parenthetical tag “(she/her/herself).” Such silliness has become pro forma, and I fear not even the polemical power of a Jordan Peterson can resist it. The problem is not only legally compelled speech, as Peterson says, but socially compelled compliance.

But I am an Australian writer (and citizen), and while it is still not perfect here – you will find yourself potentially unwelcome in some venues – we are nowhere near what we find there. Bindi Cole’s apology to Andrew Bolt may be one of the best examples of why we may be the last place of sanity remaining in the West. It won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can.

Et too, Michelle

From Instapudit.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Men afraid to mentor young female lawyers, solicitor chief claims. “Senior male partners at law firms are refusing to mentor younger women because of fears that unjustified allegations will be made against them, the head of the profession claims. There has been an unanticipated and unwanted backlash caused by the #MeToo movement, Christina Blacklaws, president of the Law Society, argued last week. Ms Blacklaws told a conference on gender diversity that senior men were reluctant to engage in formal mentoring schemes with younger female colleagues for fear they might leave themselves open to allegations of inappropriate behaviour.”

Unanticipated and unwanted.

Which somehow goes along with this: MICHELLE GUTHRIE’S #MeToo MOMENT:

Late during last night’s ABC investigation into itself, sacked managing director Michelle Guthrie levelled an astonishing charge against former ABC chairman Justin Milne:

Michelle Guthrie believes she was sacked as managing director of the ABC in part because she had accused then-Chairman Justin Milne of inappropriately touching her, a claim he denies.

An explosive investigation by the Four Corners program into the chaos that gripped the public broadcaster in September has delved into a host of damning claims, from government interference to management incompetence.

That’s some show they’re running over there. And on our taxes.

But it was an allegation by Ms Gurthrie that she was “inappropriately touched” by Mr Milne at the end of a dinner function in November 2017 that packed the most punch.

“Inappropriate touching is the best description of it,” Ms Guthrie told the program. “It was … I felt icky. You know, it was inappropriate. It was unprofessional and inappropriate.”

British soldiers eventually responded with gunfire, killing two youths

From The Jerusalem Post: NEWLY-DISCOVERED 1945 LETTER REVEALS HOW TEL AVIV SURVIVED A BRITISH SIEGE. A bit of forgotten history, but the underlying anger remains almost as deep today as it must have been then. Not entirely a representative para, but it is the one that I felt the strongest emotion when reading.

We know that your aeroplanes and tanks can turn Tel-Aviv, within a few hours, again into the sandy desert which it was before we began to build it thirty years ago. We know that you can turn the whole of Jewish Palestine, our towns and settlements our schools and colleges, into dust. Might is on your side, but yours is no longer a good cause. You are fighting for the Arab Pashas who want to see Palestine reduced again to the condition of desolation and stagnation in which our pioneers found it fifty years ago. You are fighting for the oil magnates who, for the sake of their profits are ready to sacrifice to the Pashas and Effendis all that we have built up in this country with our sweat and tears. What do they care for progress and development? They want you to finish the job that Hitler and Himmler began – to crush the Jews. This prosperous young city which gave refuge to many thousands who would otherwise have died in the Nazi gas chambers – is it to be smashed up by your bombs and tanks? Our agricultural settlements about which so much has been spoken and written and where so many of your comrades found rest and recreation in the darkest hours of the war are they to be turned again into swamps and stony deserts as in the good old days of Arab misrule?

The return of the samizdat

The modern form of the gulag in the West is ostracism and exclusion. In extreme cases, such as with Tommy Robinson, they might even put you in jail. But with virtually all those who earn their living by writing or within academic institutions working for the government, you pay attention to what it is forbidden to say and conform without deviation to the ruling far-left ideology or you are out. You have to be relatively old by now even to have heard of the term “samizdat” but it was the means for what was a genuine resistance in the Soviet Union and the captive states of Eastern Europe pre-1989 to communicate with each other. Manuscripts were hand-typed by individuals who passed various subversive documents amongst themselves since actually having these works published was literally impossible. Today we can publish, but the consequences to one’s career can be devastating.

Oddly, and I am certain that this is pure coincidence, two prominent bloggers have used samizdat in titles of their posts just this week. First, at Powerline, Steve Hayward wrote on: IT HAS COME TO THIS: ACADEMIC SAMIZDAT. It begins:

We have come to the point where even liberal academics in good standing will feel the wrath of leftist orthodoxy if they depart from the party line. So what to do? Imitate the late Soviet Union, and start a samizdat literature.

And then this from The Other McCain: Reading Samizdat. Here he quoted from a book that is in many ways toxic but in which the following passage may be found that could not be written by anyone who wished to stay within the ruling class ideology of our current elites.

With the passing of the Melting Pot fantasy has come the anti-fantasy — the American Mosaic. The intellectual mise-en-scène has suddenly been rearranged to accommodate a new sociological fad, the pluralistic society, in which all races and nationality groups live harmoniously side by side, all maintaining and strengthening their racial and cultural identity, each making its own contribution in its own way to the total picture of American life.

Like the promoters of the Melting Pot, the salesmen of pluralism have misread history, which teaches that pluralistic societies are static and caste-ridden and a standing invitation to disorder and disaster. Historically disoriented, the voices of pluralism are also dramatically contradictory. They are opposed to racism in theory, but support minority racism in practice. They uphold group identity, but demand integration. They approve of racial quotas, but are against racial discrimination.

Basically, these are thoughts you cannot say in public if you value your career.

A dangerous sense of victimhood

The US has a history of black slavery so are trying to think through even now their relationship with black Americans. We have no such history and any black crime beyond the norm is the result of a misplaced kindness in an effort to help those who are escaping from a war zone. But there is no reason to wreck our community to help someone else who seem incapable of being helped. From Andrew Bolt.

The Age
The Age


The Age  makes a fool of the new Race Discrimination Commissioner with its story placement.

Chin Tan creates a straw man to silence discussion on ethnic crime:

It is not helpful, and is in fact highly misleading and counter-productive, to frame Melbourne’s problems with crime as a problem with African Australian communities.

In fact, nobody I know has ever said all Melbourne’s crime problems are due to African Australians.

What some have said, however, is the truth: that Sudanese and Somalis have a very high rate of offending, which raises the question: why bring in so many as refugees when some Australians then pay such a high price?

Indeed, right next to the Age‘s report of Tan recklessly feeding the dangerous sense of victimhood of some African communities are two more reports involving African Australians.

One is a tribute to a restaurateur killed by a Somali-born terrorist (a fact that the report omits, no doubt to the satisfaction of Tan).

The second report:

A 19-year-old has been beaten over the head with a metal pole during a violent armed robbery in south-west Melbourne.

Four people wearing masks forced their way into a fast food restaurant on Fitzgerald Road in Laverton around 3.20am on Tuesday…

The offenders were described as being of African appearance.

Here are some other recent crimes which Chin Tan would not doubt prefer not be mentioned at all.


Two men have been bashed and robbed by a group of three attackers at night near Dandenong Market.

A 29-year-old victim was “seriously assaulted” during the robbery on Clow Street about 11.30pm on Saturday 27 October, Greater Dandenong CIU police say.

His passport and phone were stolen from his pockets…

The three male robbers were described as of African appearance.


Two teenage boys have been patted down and robbed by a carload of males while walking on Jesson Crescent, Dandenong.

Four males got out of a silver Toyota Corolla after it pulled up alongside the 15-year-old boys about 9pm on Thursday 1 November.

They demanded property, patted down the boys and then stole their personal items.

The two victims were assaulted on the footpath and against the fence of a Ross Street property. They were not injured.

The robbers were described as African appearance.

Pakenham, last week:

A MAN has been stomped and strangled during a vicious daylight attack in Pakenham yesterday.

Witnesses looked on in horror as a group of about eight people, described as African in appearance, bashed the man and stole his phone on James St shortly before 7pm.

Local mum Leisel was driving to the shops when she saw the group “stomping and strangling” a man sprawled on the ground…

“It was total chaos — one or two strangling, three or four kicking into him; a few bashing and hurting him.”

Leisel said the group of thugs took off with the man’s phone when they saw witnesses calling the police.

Consider, just 0.14 per cent of Victorians were born in Sudan:

The 2017 annual survey of young people involved with Youth Justice indicated that 19 per cent of young people detained on remand or under sentence were from an African background. Of these, the majority were from South Sudan, followed by a small number from Ethiopia and Somalia respectively

The centenary of the end of the war to end all wars

Today has been the hundredth anniversary of the moment the Great War – now known merely as World War I – came to an end on November 11, 1918. And what I find depressing is how little regard there is for the lives and sacrifices made that century ago. It was probably ever thus. We fight our own battles in our own time. What our descendants will make of what we do a century from now is unknown, but almost certainly they will give us hardly a moment’s thought.

But that is no reason for us not to try to shape the future. There are many a pathway before us whose fulfilment I would not wish to bestow on anyone. Everywhere that totalitarian ideologies of every sort have taken hold they have left a bitter residue of poverty, misery and tyranny. That Australia remains one of the freest most prosperous and open societies the world has ever seen is the result of the countless men and women of the past who have left us the country in which we live, and the ethic of tolerance, independence and self-reliance upon which our social order depends. They have thrown the torch to us. To preserve what we have is part of the debt we owe to those who have come before.

The Broward effect