The most perfect example of fake news in history

They just lie. Cannot trust a thing they say. And this was “the weather channel”. It is almost a Monty Python level of satire except it was a straight report. Full story here.


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This censorship must end

Received a note from a friend, but not a Facebook friend but a real friend since I am not on Facebook. He wrote, in part:

If you are my friend on Facebook, you won’t be seeing me for a month. I have been sin binned – again.

My reply:

Didn’t know you had been “sin binned” at all not to mention that this is well past the first time. Quite a mark of honour in its own way, although part of an extremely dangerous trend. The leaders of industries in the old days ran railroads and steel mills so their personal opinions about anything mattered not at all. Now these morons are at the centre of the information economy and their prejudices and ignorance affects everything. We are definitely in need of some means to fix this up.

Having seen the chap who runs twitter before Congress the other day and then the video of Google’s post-election mass meeting, and knowing what I know about Zuckerberg, it is depressing to see how utterly out of their depth they are on any political or philosophical issue. They really are ignorant to a fantastic extent. They have immense power over the messages that are able to reach us all, and act as gatekeepers to prevent the ones they don’t like from being received.

This should not be tolerated. If anyone any longer really does care about free speech, the ability of “social media” to censor what we say to each other should be stopped dead in its tracks. Google, Twitter, Facebook and others of their kind are supposedly designed to provide a platform for each of us to talk to each other or to learn from each other. The right to stop us from communicating among ourselves is intolerable and must end.

THE CREEPY LINE: It is all coming out as a movie. A big issue with growing momentum.

More at The Creepy Line | Film News. You can also google it here.

There’s also a resistance at Google

Everything below is from Powerline: an extraordinary scandal. Someone has leaked this and it is a lot more damning than anything ever said about PDT. But do remember this, as a commenter at Instapundit has said: “This is what every Government Dept looks like, what every University looks like, what every news room looks like, what every faculty lounge at your kids grade school looks like, etc. This is the result of 5 decades of the Progressive snake slithering into our culture.” And if you watch the video, you will have to get at least as far as the group hug and then go to the one hour point and listen to the last two questions from the horde. What a pathetic lot they are.


Someone leaked to Breitbart an hour-long video of an “all hands” Google meeting that was held just after the 2016 election. The video features Google’s co-founder, Sergei Brin, its CEO, Sundar Pichai, and numerous other high-ranking “Googlers” speaking in turn about the election’s tragic outcome. It is stunning.

All of the speakers express grief over Donald Trump’s election. All of the speakers assume that every Google employee is a Democrat and is stunned and horrified that Hillary Clinton–the worst and most corrupt presidential candidate in modern history–lost. There is much discussion about what Google can do to reverse the benighted world-wide tide exemplified by Brexit and Trump’s election. The insane doctrine of “white privilege” rears its head.

You really have to see it to believe it. Having suffered through the hour-long cri de cœur–OK, to be fair, there is a huge element of schadenfreude, too, and you will relish much of it–you probably will have several reactions: 1) These people may have certain valuable technical skills, but they aren’t very bright and are unusually lacking in self-awareness. 2) It is remarkable that they can achieve such an extraordinary monoculture in an organization with thousands of employees. It must require vigorous enforcement of right-think. 3) It is easy to see how these uniformly left-wing robots/people seamlessly transitioned into Resisting the duly elected Trump administration.

Here is the video, then a final comment:

The question is what to do about the left-wing tech monopolies of Silicon Valley. Start conservative companies and platforms to compete with them? Break them up under the Sherman Act? Turn them into regulated public utilities, with public employee-level salaries and no stock options? Those are all possibilities. After watching the video, you no doubt will be ready to take action.

Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon

Here are a couple of cartoons both from yesterday that might be compared and then contrasted with Mark Knight’s own worldwide depiction. Both are utterly political, both exaggerate features and no one has said a word about either. And the subject of both, I need hardly point out, are Black-Americans. The first is of Cory Booker based on his absurdities during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

The second is of Maxine Walters, who has led the charge for PDT’s impeachment and has gone so far as to advocate violence against Republicans.

What Mark Knight may have done was not just make fun of Serena, but of Serena’s fan base. Serena used whatever gamesmanship [gameswomanship?] to win a match and pulled in the crowd behind her as part of the process. The cartoon offended not because of any racial element but because it pointed out just what fools all of those fans who sided with her really are. The left will politicise everything.

Frank H. Buckley and the Republican Workers’ Party

About Canada and NAFTA but lessons for Australia as well.

About Canada: Justin Trudeau “is the world’s laughing stock”. “It should be embarrassing for Canadians.”

CF Mexico: “quietly got the deal” on NAFTA.

His new book: The Republican Workers Party.

The Republican Workers Party is the future of American presidential politics, says F.H. Buckley. It’s a socially conservative but economically middle-of-the-road party, offering a way back to the land of opportunity where our children will have it better than we did. That is the American Dream, and Donald Trump’s promise to restore it is what brought him to the White House.

As a Trump speechwriter and key transition advisor, Buckley has an inside view on what “Make America Great Again” really means–how it represents a program to restore the American Dream as well as a defense of nationalism rooted in a sense of fraternity with all fellow Americans.

The call to greatness was a repudiation of the cruel hypocrisy of America’s New Class, the dominant 10 percent who deploy the language of egalitarianism while jealously guarding their own privileges. The New Class talks like Jacobins but behaves like Bourbons. Its members claim to support equality and social mobility, but resist the very policies that promote mobility and equality: a choice of good schools for everyone’s children, not just the well-to-do; a sensible immigration policy that doesn’t benefit elites at the expense of average Americans; and regulatory reform to trim back the impediments that frustrate competitive enterprise. It isn’t complicated. What’s been lacking is political will.

This book pulls no punches in describing how liberals and conservatives had become indifferent to those left behind. On the left, identity politics offered an excuse to hate an ideological enemy. On the right, a tired conservatism defined itself through policies that callously ignored the welfare of the bottom 90 percent. Trump told us that both Left and Right had betrayed the American people, and his Republican Workers Party promises to renew the American Dream. Buckley shows how it will do so.

Free speech consists only of what I think is reasonable to say

This is via AP and found in Campus Review: A third of online election news in Sweden ‘junk’: English study. No idea how well those people at Oxford speak Swedish, but this is a very strange story. How would they really know if the information provided was actually “mis-leading” and even more difficult to know, whether these non-factually accurate and biased reports were “deliberate” attempts to mislead? The one certainty, however, is the wish to prevent specific news stories from being read.

One in three news articles shared online about the upcoming Swedish election come from websites publishing deliberately misleading information, most with a right-wing focus on immigration and Islam, Oxford University researchers say.

Their study, published on Thursday, points to widespread online disinformation in the final stages of a tightly contested campaign that could mark a lurch to the right in one of Europe’s most prominent liberal democracies.

The authors, from the Oxford Internet Institute, labelled certain websites junk news, based on a range of detailed criteria. Reuters found the three most popular sites they identified have employed former members of the Sweden Democrats party; one has a former MP listed among its staff.

It was not clear whether the sharing of junk news had affected voting intentions in Sweden, but the study helps show the impact platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have on elections, and how domestic or foreign groups can use them to exacerbate sensitive social and political issues.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, whose centre-left Social Democrats have dominated politics since 1914 but are now unlikely to secure a ruling majority, told Reuters the spread of false or distorted information online risked shaking “the foundations of democracy” if left unchecked.

The Institute, a department of Oxford University, analysed 275,000 tweets about the Swedish election from a 10-day period in August. It counted articles shared from websites it identified as junk news sources, defined as outlets that “deliberately publish misleading, deceptive or incorrect information purporting to be real news”.

“Roughly speaking, for every two professional content articles shared, one junk news article was shared. Junk news therefore constituted a significant part of the conversation around the Swedish general election,” it said.

A Twitter spokesman declined to comment on the results of the study.

Facebook, where interactions between users are harder to track, said it was working with Swedish officials to help voters spot disinformation. It has also partnered with Viralgranskaren – an arm of Sweden’s Metro newspaper – to identify, demote and counterbalance junk news on its site.

Joakim Wallerstein, head of communications for the Sweden Democrats, said he had no knowledge of or interest in the party sympathies of media outlets. Asked to comment on his party’s relationship with the sites identified by the study, he said he had been interviewed by one of them once.

“I think it is strange that a foreign institute is trying to label various news outlets in Sweden as junk news and release such a report in connection to an election,” he said.

Swedish security officials say there is currently no evidence of a coordinated online attempt by foreign powers to sway the September 9 vote, despite repeated government warnings about the threat.

What could “foreign powers” do that they were not doing themselves. The deep state exists everywhere.

This is why Trump won

The AFR have republished the anonymous “Senior White House Official” oped from the New York Times.

This paragraph stood out for me.

This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.

Yes. Indeed. That is why the electorate voted for person whose motto was “drain the swamp”.

SK ADD-ON: I didn’t want to start a second thread on this same topic, but I was going to link to the NYT article in the AFR, but also mention the AFR’s editorial titled, “ScoMo must have a crack at real economic reform”. So let me just note that there is a “resistance” here in Australia as well, some of it in the public service, if you will pardon the expression, and some even within the Liberals’ own party room. The words “economic reform” are a platitude; even the folks in Venezuela began with the promise of “economic reform”. The “resistance” in PDT’s administration are holdovers from Obama, who never once had the economy reach even three percent growth. So let me just add this from Breitbart.

For the first time since those passenger planes hit the World Trade Center 17 long years ago, Trump has at long last returned America to peace and prosperity… Something so rare, no one under the age of 30 even remembers what it’s like.

Well, let me tell you, I remember peace and prosperity, I recognize it when I see it, I see it now, and it is glorious and long overdue and hard-earned, and the guy who deserves the most credit for delivering it — all I can say is God bless his style, and goddamn the hysterics trying to gaslight me into caring about anything other than the substance his style delivers.

I have the same attitude to Scott Morrison. He seems to have the right instincts and would like to do the kinds of things I want done here. But there is resistance at every turn. For all that, he likes coal-driven energy, wants to limit the power of unions, seeks to balance the budget and add momentum to private sector activity by cutting regulations and other artificial impedements. You wouldn’t get any of that from our erstwhile PM and you certainly won’t get it if Labor wins the next election.