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The top two stories at at the moment. Not likely to be on the ABC in the morning, but just thought you might be interested.

Peace is breaking out.
Media won´t cover it, by Don Surber    Original Article
Kim Jong Un was in Beijing this week as U.S. trade officials met with their Red Chinese counterparts. Behind the talk of tariffs and trade deficits, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula loomed. A war that began 68 years ago nears its end. The American press is ignoring it, instead nattering on about nonsense. The big headline in the Washington Post today was, “Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration.” So what? President Trump does not report to them — they report to President Trump. Basic civics are beyond the

Border Wall Construction Continues…

Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance    Original Article
With massive amounts of misinformation surrounding the southern border and the need for a border security wall, the following video has been produced. Pushing back against intentional media disinformation is something critical to supporting President Trump. Feel free to share this video with family or friends on various social media platforms: (Video: Build the Wall: Construction Progress)

Poll position

Rush Limbaugh discussed the dog that didn’t bark in the night: Rush Limbaugh notices something glaringly missing from border wall discussion.

He specifically noted that no meaningful polls were published after President Donald Trump delivered an Oval Office address Tuesday in which he explained the ongoing battles to the public and implored Democrat to end them by agreeing to secure the southern U.S. border.

“There has been no polling data that we could find anywhere following Trump’s speech,” Limbaugh said Friday. “There weren’t any Frank Luntz focus groups with any undecideds out there.”

“They didn’t gather any Trump voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and ask them if they’re still behind Trump. The media didn’t do any of the stuff they usually do. We have no idea what the valued and very wise independents thought of Trump’s speech.”

But polling has been done and the data are as you would expect: Polling Data Shows Nearly 80% Of Americans Consider Illegal Immigration A Serious Problem/Crisis

As it says at the link:

It’s the data most responsible for the sudden shift in Democrats’ tone this week as more and more in Congress give the media hints that they are willing to allocate funding for at least some of the border protection measures being pushed by President Trump. You see, it’s not that these Democrats in Congress think it’s the right thing to do but rather that the vast majority of Americans (nearly 80%) think it’s the right thing to do and so the hands of Democrats are now being forced to do something or face a serious political backlash heading into 2020.

And you know what? You’d get the same results in Australia if we did the same polling here.

Presidential advice on how to get things done

WITH MORE JOURNALISTIC FAILINGS HERE: CNN’s Jim Acosta mocked for accidentally proving that border walls work.

More at the link, including lots of piling onto Unlucky Jim, the very model of a modern media analyst. He is utterly representative of the class of leftist fools the rest of society must continually contend with.

Up against the wall

There really should be no issue about border protection. You either have a nation state or you don’t. Even without denying welfare to non-citizens, a nation is not a nation unless it controls its borders. That the Democrats, and the left generally, sees advantage in bringing in new welfare-dependent hordes to maintain their share of the vote is the only reason this is ongoing. Increasing the numbers of those who vote for a living is the sole reason the left supports open borders. Madness everywhere – Germany, France, Sweden, the UK – but those at the top on the left will take their graft and be gone behind their walls and gated communities by the time the full costs are being paid, just not paid by them.

If you would like to understand the view from the right, there is no one who may have put it better than John Hinderaker at Powerline: Trump Kills It. Here’s the final para:

Our country is being invaded, as President Trump and most Americans understand. It is far past time to defend ourselves. President Trump wins this one, hands down.

The local press is all left and far left, alas including The Oz. It has columnists on both sides, but the editorial line on things like this might as well be Fairfax. Start with its Froeign Affairs editor: Sense and nonsense in Trump’s Mexican stand-off.

Donald Trump gave a frankly weird speech, his first prime-time television address to the nation as President, about illegal immigration and the need for a wall along the US’s southern border with Mexico.

And then this from its Washington Correspondent: Donald Trump address: Heavy-handed tactic to fix his own crisis. The Turnbull Daily Non-News. From his story begins:

Donald Trump has a right to try to exert greater control over the US border with Mexico but his claims today of a national security and humanitarian crisis are overblown.

For an accurate assessment, this from Slate, as standard left as you can find.

And for more memes, you can go here: MID-WEEK IN PICTURES: IT’S THE CHUCK & NANCY SHOW!. This is the best addition to the ones already posted.

How to find balance in an unbalanced world

In part their value is in having things explained from a conservative perspective and partly it is to correct the lies that are never ending in the traditional media, and given how frequent and relentless they are, seem to be deliberate. This is therefore a useful guide to where to look among American websites to balance the phenomenal media distortions: Top 50 Conservative Websites for 2018. In Oz, there are only Catallaxy and Quadrant Online unattached to media organisations.

On the American list, the top spot goes to Drudge, but in the comments at Instapudit many do notice that Drudge has moved to the dark side. A sample:

I dispute that Drudge Report is any longer a “conservative” website…if it ever was. It was always more populist/libertarian/anti-establishment than it was “conservative”. But more than that, the Drudge flavor from even a few years has clearly been subverted. Whether Drudge has changed, or, as rumor has it, he has semi-retired and essentially sold his name to another management team is unclear. What is clear is that Drudge has moved leftward. There is an arguably anti-Trump tone, sly though it may be, to the headlines and the stories linked. This is doubly surprising because Drudge in 2015 was a Trump early adopter, strongly behind his anti-Washington campaign. Something is going on, and I suspect it is the slow, leftward move of the site, incrementally, which readers, like the frog in the slowly warned pot of water, will not notice until too late. Today there seems to be less support of Trump, with more attention paid to anti-Trump articles. There is considerably less vitriol against Democrat positions in general, although the antipathy to Hillary still seems strong. This rating as a “conservative” site strikes me as a kneejerk reaction, made out of habit, without real thought and attention to what is happening there today.

The quality certainly deteriorated in the last few years, and it wasn’t updated very often, but it was still worth a daily visit. However, Drudge seemed to take a severe leftward tilt right around the time of the midterms this year. In a couple of months, he went from a daily read, to a click occasionally, to an un-bookmark for me.

Also left off the list was Ace of Spades which is the site I send people to if they want to read a hardline conservative blog. And while it is not quite a blog in the same sense as the others, there is great value in going to Steyn Online.

But with the media as consistently far left as it is, there are not many places you can go to set the record straight.

They lie and then they lie about lying about their lying

From Powerline: HELPING THE AP GET IT STRAIGHT. It’s not the worst case of lying but it’s pretty awful all the same.

The parties of the left are now the parties of the wealthy

The ideological differences across the world were never better displayed than here: Financial Times Person of the Year: George Soros. And just to make sure it’s not a backhanded award because of his creepy and harmful influence, here are the FT’s own words:

The Financial Times’s choice of Person of the Year is usually a reflection of their achievements. In the case of Mr Soros this year, his selection is also about the values he represents.

He is the standard bearer of liberal democracy and open society. These are the ideas which triumphed in the cold war. Today, they are under siege from all sides, from Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Donald Trump’s America.

And if you have any doubts about which side of the fence the FT is on, then go through this at CNN: George Soros: Billionaire philanthropist the far right loves to hate.

Hatred never enters into it but fear does. The parties of the left are now the parties of the wealthy and super-wealthy. They have the money, the media and the Marxism, a formidable combination, but for the moment at least they do not have the momentum. For a different perspective from the FT, there is this: Soros an enemy of democracy. From which:

His ideological zeal to push for an open society that seeks to undermine national sovereignty and run roughshod over the will of the citizens knows no boundaries.

And he’s hardly the only one of his kind. The pages of the Financial Times are filled with them.

He may have half the country with him but it’s the wrong half

Quite a day for news. First the economy.



The aim is to sabotage the American economy. No one in the deep state, whether they are in the “public service” or George Soros, will be affected. I think higher rates are a positive over the longer term, but everything is now aimed at the next election in 2020. Instability is the aim, so we shall see.

Then there’s this.

Judge blocks asylum crackdown…
Chinese nationals smuggled across U.S. border in ultralight plane…
GALLUP: Government, immigration top problems…

The Republicans in Congress could have built the wall and at more or less negligible cost. Will not do it. Border protection is the last thing on their minds.

And if you want more transformative news on the day, not even mentioned at Drudge. From The BBC.

Syria conflict: US officials withdraw troops after IS ‘defeat’

US troops in Syria on 4 November 2018
Image captionAround 2,000 US troops are believed to be stationed in Syria

The Trump administration says US troops are being withdrawn from Syria, after the president said the Islamic State (IS) group had been “defeated”.

I can only hope this is an accurate reflection of circumstances on the ground. The limited coverage in the American media might even mean this is a positive story that could even reflect well on the President.