Obama led a gangster government but no one really cares

Which led to this.

We are in fact just so used to the criminality of the left and of the Obama administration that none of this outrages any of us any longer, perhaps a bit but not really. We are used to the left acting illegally followed by the protection and lying obfuscation of the media that it is partly just how we think things are and cannot be changed, and partly because a kind of numb despair has soaked into all of our responses.

I find this in particular fascinating in how clearly things are put: Nevertheless, Sidney Powell Persisted. That so few know who Sidney Powell is and what she did is the problem in a nutshell.

She was demeaned and ridiculed as a “#MAGA lawyer” by the smart set at Politico.

She was second-guessed as a “screw-up” by legal blogs.

She was written off for “crackpot conspiracy theories” by former intelligence officials doing their best to protect their friends in the permanent bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, Sidney Powell persisted.

In an honest universe, Ms. Powell, the courageous attorney who engineered a miraculous defense of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn that led to the Justice Department withdrawing criminal charges against President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, would be hailed as a political and cultural hero. This solitary woman just faced down the epitome of the “old boys network” and emerged victorious.

Is there any better symbol of the patriarchy than Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team, which was populated by a bunch of “old white guys” on a five to one ratio to the three women selected for the task of investigating President Trump?

As Gen. Flynn was facing sentencing for his guilty plea that was forced upon him by the strong-arm tactics of Mueller and the disgraced FBI officials on the 7th floor of the J. Edgar Hoover building, Judge Emmit Sullivan accused the 33-year veteran of the United States Army of “selling out your country.” Sullivan indicated that he was not inclined to let Flynn off without serving time, as his lawyers had promised.

Flynn began to rethink the effectiveness of his multi-million-dollar defense, whose firm included former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. Enter Sidney Powell, who took the reins of the case in June 2019.

As Flynn’s new counsel, Powell inherited a client who had pled guilty to Mueller’s prosecutors, articulated that guilty plea in open court, and was merely awaiting the inevitable sentencing that could lead to a humiliating jail sentence.

Powell examined the case and advised on a radical Hail Mary defense: Withdraw your plea and fight these corrupt bastards. Flynn, drawing on his military career and training, trusted in Powell’s leadership and charged up that hill.

There’s much more at the link. Do you think any of this matters? Are you interested enough to continue even if only to find out the kind of world in which you live?

And there is now this as well: Curiously Odd Decision by Judge Sullivan to Hire Beth Wilkinson. Who are these people, and what’s it got to do with the rest of this, you might ask?

Gen. Flynn’s counsel files a Petition for Writ of Mandamus with the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, asking the Court to “Mandate” that Judge Sullivan dismiss the case based on controlling Circuit precedent, an exercise that almost never produces a Writ such as that sought by the Defendant.

Giving a “one-finger salute” to the filing of the Petition, Judge Sullivan enters an Order setting a briefing schedule for the filing of opposition and reply briefs on the issues before the Court as set forth in the DOJ motion to dismiss, setting a hearing date nearly two months away.

The next morning the Circuit Court of Appeals ORDERS the district judge to personally respond to the Petition for Writ of Mandamus and address the issue of whether he has any discretion on the question of granting the motion to dismiss the case — giving him only 10 days to do so, which includes a federal three-day holiday weekend.

Judge Flynn doubles down by hiring private legal counsel to assist him in responding to the Circuit Court’s order.

Wow. Why they don’t clap this “judge” in jail I cannot answer, but the judge has no fear of defying the law as he so clearly has now done.

The left is depraved and sickening to its very core

There is no higher level of disgust I can conjure that might arise from something else. If this is how the left sees the world, their personal misery and self-hatred are so all-consuming of their inner being that they are oblivious to everything that surrounds them. It’s from The Guardian.

For the full sense of how out of their tree these people are, you should go to this link and read through the entire cartoon, if you can stomach it. They are filled with hate and venom. This is entirely beyond ignorance since it takes very little to understand the rudiments of how an entrepreneurially-driven economy works. You eat because someone runs a farm, other people transport farm produce to where it can be sold by retailers, with plenty of other steps along the way. And why do individuals run farms, transport companies, retail outlets? Because that is how they earn their living. Yet there are people all over Australia, all over the Western world, who are so filled with such forms of madness that they do not care if the entire structure of the world crashes down upon our heads, which includes themselves, because they want vengeance on a world that is not how they would have liked it to be.

And following the cartoon there is this:

News is under threat …

… just when we need it the most. Millions of readers around the world are flocking to the Guardian in search of honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting that can help them understand the biggest challenge we have faced in our lifetime. But at this crucial moment, news organisations are facing an unprecedented existential challenge. As businesses everywhere feel the pinch, the advertising revenue that has long helped sustain our journalism continues to plummet. We need your help to fill the gap.

You’ve read 37 articles in the last six months. We believe every one of us deserves equal access to quality news and measured explanation. So, unlike many others, we made a different choice: to keep Guardian journalism open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. This would not be possible without financial contributions from our readers, who now support our work from 180 countries around the world.

Aside from the heading about news being under threat, about which I could not agree more, the lack of self-awareness in their insane attack on business owners who depend on revenues exceeding costs if they are to continue, adds to the general repulsiveness of the people who can write such things. They see themselves as a business in need of revenue to cover their costs in producing screeds such as this to attack profit-earning businesses, such as themselves. It is a form of mental illness. I wonder if they despise their readers as much as I do.

But why should we steer the economy away from carbon?

From The Economist just now. We live in the midst of such idiocy in almost every direction that it will be a miracle if we get through this without a major collapse, going well beyond a mere depression. You really have much to fear when it’s Daniel Andrews leading the way. Plus this:

Our cover this week calls for a global effort to tackle climate change. Covid-19 creates a unique chance to steer the economy away from carbon at a much lower financial, social and political cost than before. Rock-bottom energy prices make it easier to cut subsidies for fossil fuels and to introduce a tax on carbon. The revenues from that tax can help repair battered government finances. The businesses at the heart of the fossil-fuel economy—oil and gas firms, steel producers, carmakers—are already going through the agony of shrinking their long-term capacity and employment. Getting economies back on their feet calls for investment in climate-friendly infrastructure that boosts growth and creates new jobs. Low interest rates make the bill smaller than ever. The world should seize the moment.

Troy has been weighed and found wanting

These in order from top to bottom are the first thirty comments under the heading Most Liked for Branston’s self declared Non-Rant on Donald Trump. The video is from April 2016. Reading deranged kinds of comments such as Bramston’s four years later reminds me just how much danger we remain in even now. Just think, people like him would vote for a corrupt, senile far-left Democrat rather than Donald Trump. Seriously, there is nothing at all one can learn from these people except how mad the world really is. For some hope for the future, you should read these comments. Not one among the first thirty was left out, but I did leave out the friends of Troy who commented on these comments.

Troy, perhaps you could spend a little more of your rant on the endless persecution Trump has suffered right from initial campaigns to spy on his campaign by the Obama administration which used the entire force and might of the presidency, FBI, CIA, media and the Washington swamp to destroy him and get their darling, Hillary, her rightful place. I bet you’re disappointed General Flynn’s charges have been dropped and that devastating charges will follow for many in the highest levels of Obama’s swamp. Give us an article on Flynn please. What he’s suffered would have destroyed lesser men. He’s entitled to his exentricities after that. He’s exactly what his nation needs, not in any cookie cutter mould but a disrupter who has saved the US from Hillary and the swamp. I’m with him, not you.

I’m sorry, it’s Trumps departure from managerialist sensibility and decorum, so valued by journalists and others in the political class, that has made him so successful as a President. From his entry in public life it’s clear he enjoys a fight at the negotiating table, see ‘Art of the Deal’. He’s put that to work for the American people by re-negotiating dud trade agreements, kickstarting the economy, enforcing immigration laws, bringing the ‘endless wars’ to an end and standing up to China. His whole Presidency can be characterised as an attempt to win a better deal for the American middle-class. Before COVID, not only was the economy booming but middle class wages were rising, something no President since Nixon had achieved. Give me a fighter like Trump over an empty suit beholden to his/her donors any day.

The test, Troy, as to whether anyone is “unfit for purpose” is the ballot box, not the soap box.

“This is not an anti-Trump rant.” AND “Trump is an utterly grotesque figure: a bully, a narcissist, a serial liar and a fool who is devoid of empathy. He is reckless and dangerous. “Not a rant? Quite. I am reminded of the stoning scene from Life of Brian: Are there any women here? ‘No, no no no…” declare a dozen shrill voices…

I think this piece might be described, validly, as a “red meat” article. Fine with me. Look, Trump is exactly the rough, tough, man of much cunning and no couth that is required now as US president. That’s the times. And leaders must be equipped to deal with what the times present. Big unravellings coming in the next several years, all over the world. China, Russia, The Middle-East, the EU -all teetering on their various precipices. No time for lovey-dovey vegans at the top of the USA.

Excuse me. This is nothing but rant. One thing all of these presidents never had to deal with is a hostile 24 hour MSM and corruptible social media. Other than Fox, Obama had a very easy ride and did little with it. People seem to forget that every Republican President from Nixon to Bush has been derided and dismissed as mad, unworthy, stupid. You might have forgotten how the lovies and press dismissed Reagan as a dangerous war mongering dopey failed actor. Now he’s considered one of the best presidents no Democrat would dare to criticise. See how history gives another perspective. I’m not excusing Trump’s flaws and excesses but he’s had some successes too and any reasonable piece would acknowledge them and not exaggerate what has already been wilfully exaggerated. Please stop misrepresenting the disinfectant thing. He clearly meant something like disinfectant. He’s inarticulate and has no filter. That’s why ordinary folk trust what he says rather than being talked at with “sincere” long winded, patronising platitudes where you know you’re being scammed just in a more eloquent way.

Of course it is an anti Trump rant. The venom in the words of this article shocks me. Perhaps the writer could tell us what he would have done if he were president in handling the circumstances where he thinks Trump has failed. That would be enlightening.

Yes he is all of those things Troy. But we have seen the worst version of Trump because of the ultratoxic environment the Democrats and leftist media created. He fought fire with fire. They have lied, distorted and exaggerated any semblance of truth. The Mueller probe, the deranged biased media ridicule, deep state resistance and the constant leaks have been more than any President has endured before. It started before he even came to office. We have therefore seen a constantly wounded bull of a President, floundering gracelessly in a swamp of hatred, lashing out and without the clear air to establish any dignity in office. So if you rewrite this piece, perhaps include those aspects to qualify some of the critique. You have missed an entire dimension of the story by omitting them. They helped create Bad Donald but he really got that economy hopping like few before him and he cut through in many areas of the culture wars and international affairs where few could have. At the end of the day I will be cheering for him because he stood up to the bullies, liars, virtue signalling elites and arrogant swamp dwellers who think they control our world. Look up the word “folk hero” and report back with an edited piece.

Indeed he is egotistical and he says some inappropriate things, but what you have observed is the deep state pushing back. No other president has suffered the treasonist behaviour of the press, the security agencies or the public service. The extreme hypocrisy of the Democrats, the press and social elite far exceeds anything that Trump may have done. He is not a Politician and that is a good thing, because the previous President was a show pony, Bush was forgettable, Clinton got caught out, Kennedy was a Philanderer that dragged the US into the Vietnam war, Nixon was discredited and Carter was unremarkable. The Democrats are determined to divide and conquer the nation and that is causing the nation to disintegrate. Conceivably, Trump may end up being the greatest President of all, when history recalls.

Amazing how articles like this ignore Trump being the first in shutting down travel from China, and had to stare down the media, WHO, the Democrats that accused him of being xenophobic, overreacting and a racists. Trump lead the world, but it does no matter what he does never Trumpers will never accept it.

Troy, deaths per million is the only comparison that has meaning. Look at Britain now for evidence of how not to handle this pandemic. Still with open borders and only just with some semblance of quarantine coming in. Disastrous. Donald Trump may be an unattractive individual but he has achieved much of what he promised to do against irrational opposition. How could Hilary Clinton have been any better with her baggage?

That all maybe true – but it also mirrors the failure of those desperate to replace him. Lots of complaining but no alternative.

Seriously. haven’t we had enough of these rants?

Hilarious! Troy chides Trump for lacking self reflection, then goes on to state that ‘this is not an anti Trump rant’! What is it then – comedic satire with writer as subject?

Troy you should start off your articles with in my opinion, in my opinion he is a great leader and has done more for the average American than most open both eyes and you will see so much more.

Troy, compared with Obama and his cohort of rusted on luvvies this president has been a success

Troy. What has been a disgusting fact is that the Democrats have never accepted the legitimacy of President Trumps election. Trump was elected by the American people as their President for 4 years. The DNC never accepted that fact and from election night have conspired to overturn the legitimate decision by “We the People” I like that Trump has put America first, has actively made the international financial passengers of American largess finally pay their way. Similarly the financial gluttony of the unelected “world” bodies such as UN WHO and endless other QANGOs and NFP professional parasites have been called out. I especially like the way Trump has ceased the mindless situation where in the past the MSN tail was permitted to wag the elected dog. The fact that the established aloof political machine of the privileged class has been brought to task is simply huge dollops of icing on the Trump cake. “We the People” will decide again in November who will be President for the next 4 years. Like many I will be surprised if Joe Biden is the next President. Troy. Your contempt for the America Constitution and American Voters is appalling for someone who espouses to be a knowledgeable student of American History. Like many I look forward to many more Swamps being drained by My President.

Mr Bramston falls for the lethal trap of expecting President Donald Trump to be somebody he’s not, somebody he will never be. Donald Trump is not a politician per se, he’s never gone through the traditional political pathways. That said, he’s remained the person he’s always been, manic, no off switch, no filter, thought bubbled, narcissistic, full on, in your face… we have a good grasp he’s not your regular President in outward behaviour, But is he really different from Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull? Both display all the traits but place the political facade for the people when in office. President Trump has never behaved with that false facade of “better” behaviour. He never will Is that a good thing or not? Regardless of the answer Donald Trump will remain Donald Trump. Whilst he has been uneven during this difficult time, overall America is a different country to Australia. Lots of movement, obsessive about their civil rights, lots of airports and ports. The Governors play a key role and whilst New York has suffered badly their Governor has been praised for his performance. Seems he has because he’s a Democrat and not a Republican like Donald Trump. And there’s the rub. If Donald Trump was a Democrat and President notwithstanding all his behaviours the media would lap him up and say he’s a wonderful breath of fresh air. He is open in his thought bubbles, making everyone think outside the circle The media would say sure he could be a less abrasive type but overall he just gets things done. And they’d laud him for playing with those nasty Republicans’ heads. Unfortunately the chronic partisanship has been a virus in politics. President is far from perfect, he is at times a badly behaved individual, but not every single thing he does is wrong. Far from it But the media have cried wolf so often that today’s complaints of President Trump are largely ignored by those less interested in partisanship.

I can suggest another book for you, Troy. “The worst president in history”. It looks at the legacy of Barack Obama. Not such a saint when you read past the democratic mist.

Trump’s actions in the USA are difficult to uncover as 99% of the media machine spend 100% of their time focusing on any misstep and if there are none they invent them by cherry picking and reporting only what they want the people to hear, the real story is that President Trump has done an incredible job and is positioning America to be great again.

The real disappointment in US politics over the past few years has not been Trump, but the poor behaviour of the Democrats. Instead of an article about that, we get another anti-Trump diatribe supported by a basic claim of extensive study of presidents past. The revelations about the bad treatment of Michael Flynn are just the latest item. The attempt to scotch Kavanaugh, the appalling process of impeachment, the generally dishonest tactics of his opponents are there for even a casual observer to see and write about.

Troy, I very much enjoy your articles. Can you do a similar one on Xi Jinping and his handling of COVID-19?

To compare like nations, one could note that USA Covid-19 deaths per capita are less than Netherlands, Sweden, France, UK, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, but more than Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Cannot one recall the US media criticizing Trump for his early and correct calls to embargo international arrivals; cannot one recall the Democrats accusing Trump of xenophobia, echoed by their US media allies. And on it goes, a boring, unfortunately now familiar refrain – the Democrats and their media alliance – endlessly critical of Trump. Disappointing, though, to see the refrain repeated near verbatim here by Mr Bramston, though.

Troy raised the “derangement syndrome” in his article. The “derangement syndrome” certainly exists, and it lies with Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, their Congressional supporters, and the Democrats generally given their penchant for nation destroying programs such as the Ocasio-Cortez’s “green new deal”. Trump is the best American President since Eisenhower, and Obama one of the worst.

Troy, talk about throwing the toys out of the cot, how about these facts.
-3.6M people arrived in the US between December and February most of them from China, Spain, Italy and Great Britain.
-Trump was call a racist for closing the borders to China.
-The New York governor opened retirement homes to house Covid-19 patients.
-Trump delivered stronger borders, lower taxes, an end to political correctness, non interventionlist foreign policy and less business regulations.
-He also pulled out of Paris climate agreement, stopped the ban on coal mining and forced china into accepting UN sanctions on North Korea.
How many of your lot have achieved so much in under 4 years, maybe take your mate Rudd’s advice and take a Bex and lie down. Oh and by the way when your mate became PM in 2007 we had $20B in the bank.

Disastrous presidency? On what basis? Undoing all the Obama era mistakes? Not having a crease in his trousers? Has he ever said corpsman incorrectly? Please explain. Whenever I ask Trump haters to spell out what he has done wrong they fall back on the personal attributes such as you have done which is to attack the man and not the ball. It shows a complete lack of intellectual vigour.

Time to fess up. Obama was hopeless. Trump has been trying to clean up his mess. The behaviour of the Democrats is front and centre…a swamp

Firstly, I am not a Trump supporter. However the distortion of facts in this article demands a response.
1. To dismiss per capita death comparisons with the UK, Italy, Spain and France is ludicrous. How can you compare the situation of a country with 350 million people with Australia or Denmark.
2. Trump announced a ban on non-American travellers from China around the same time as Morrison. Both were met by claims of racism. In fact Trump extended the ban to Europeans well before Morrison.
3. Containing the virus largely depends on population densities. It is no surprise that New York and LA have the highest number of cases in the States. Yet NY has a pop density 4 times greater than Tokyo and Manhattan 10 times greater.
4. While the media in Australia has largely been supportive of the plan put forward by Morrison, Trump has had to fight against a media which will distort his words at every opportunity.
5. the USA has never been, and never will be, a country of high welfare dependence, Democrat or Republican, rightly or wrongly. Therefore the vast majority of people depend on work to survive, no handouts apart from a $1200 cheque. Trump’s call to return to work puts food on the table of millions of Americans who are doing it much tougher than Australians.

This is not an anti Trump rant ? you’re jocking me right ! Trump has faired as well as any leader , America is a different constituted country than the rest of the world , their Governor have constitutional power and like the Premier’s of Australia in the recent bushfires were found wanting!

Can Troy name one occasion – just one – where Trump did not follow the advice of his medical experts?
Can he name one state – just one – that did not get the ventilators and other medical supplies they needed?
Can he name one senior Democrat – just one – that supported Trump when he halted flights from China in late January?
Can he provide any facts at all that support this article that are not based on things Trump said rather than what Trump actually did?
Nope. He can’t.

A Trojan Horse’s Ass

As I understand the concept behind the editorial page policy of The Australian, they provide something for everyone, articles for people with sense, and then utter nonsense for those on the left. Which brings me to Troy Bramston’s column today: A LIAR, A FAILURE, A FOOL UNFIT FOR PURPOSE, the headline found in the paper but not online, proving beyond all need for further evidence that journalists may well be the people least fit to comment upon the news. In case you could not tell, his article is about Donald Trump.

My interest is always in reading critiques of beliefs that I hold myself, to see if my beliefs can stand up to what others have to say. Sadly, this was as empty as the worst of the worst anti-Trump rants you may ever read. And just to prove he wasn’t just ranting, he told us so himself, proving just how lacking in self-awareness he is:

This is not an anti-Trump rant.

What I have always sought but never found anywhere is a list of policy mistakes Donald Trump has made. Start with some kind of outcome that we might agree on as desirable, outline the policy adopted by the President, explain why it is wrong, and then outline what ought to be done instead. Alas, you will live a long time before coming across any such thing. Instead, all you will get are intemperate rants by ignorant fools who cannot marshal an argument.

He begins with telling us how he has since childhood had an “obsession” with the American presidency and America’s presidents. Not proof of much other than that you might know their names, and could place Franklin Pierce in an ordered list. You can also see the kinds of people he must hang out with, all just like him:

Today, like most people, I look on with complete horror at ­Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency, which has diminished the office and damaged the reputation of the US. Trump is an utterly grotesque figure: a bully, a narcissist, a serial liar and a fool who is devoid of empathy. He is reckless and dangerous. He is completely out of his depth in the White House.

Trump has shattered the norms of presidential behaviour. There is not an ounce of dignity or grace within him. He shows no ­respect to almost everyone, including current and former staff, cabinet members, congressional Republicans and Democrats, governors, presidential predecessors and ­voters. There is no self-reflection or contrition, and he takes no responsibility for any of his actions or the lack of them.

Wow. That’s the usual inane list we get with people who have no clue whatsoever although somewhat more intemperate than the average. But aside from his rant on Donald Trump’s approach to dealing with the Chinese flu, there are zero specifics. Here is something that is utterly false as he starts rumbling through his charge sheet:

The full extent of Trump’s catastrophic presidency is evident in his response to the coronavirus pandemic. It is surely one of the greatest and gravest presidential failures. Trump ignored warnings about COVID-19, downplayed its impact and delayed acting. His belated response has been flawed. He blamed others. He misled people about the virus’s impact, and about testing and treatment. None of this can be disputed. Yet he calls the US response “a great success story”. He is not the trusted and reassuring leader needed in a crisis.

And then to show how out of it Trump is on dealing with the Chinese flu, he then says this:

After Trump suggested injecting disinfectant or exposing the body to ultraviolet light as cures for coronavirus, and repeatedly promoted hydroxychloroquine as a “game changer” when the Food and Drug Administration warned it could be dangerous, how can anyone defend him? It is beyond reason for anyone to endorse this mad behaviour.

There are two possibilities here in judging the provenance of the article. (A) He knows better but counts on his readers to be unaware that what he has written has already been shown a thousand times over to be untrue. Or (B) He is absolutely stone cold ignorant of the fact that the President never said any such thing. Whichever it is, it would make him unfit to be expressing his opinions in a respectable journal.

And so to his finale.

In Kate Anderson Brower’s forthcoming book, Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump (HarperCollins), Trump shows no empathy for those who served before him. He claims he has been “treated worse” than Lincoln, who had ­brutal press coverage and was assassinated. The book shows Trump is not only ignorant and ­incompetent but also plagued by a toxic mix of insecurity, vanity and braggartism.

Trump’s admirers make excuses for his disastrous presidency. They are the same people who admire Eisenhower and Reagan or John Howard and Scott Morrison. Trump’s critics, they say, have “Trump derangement syndrome”. But it is demented to suggest these presidents and prime ministers resemble Trump’s leadership approach. Morrison’s response to COVID-19 was timely and informed by expert advice. He has been cautious, reassuring and consistent in his communication.

The US has often been blessed with leadership that has inspired people around the world. No other country has assembled a greater array of political leaders over 2½ centuries. None of them was perfect. But the greatness in America can be seen in presidents such as George Washington, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. They had integrity, authority and credibility. They knew how to lead and the rest of the world looked to the US. But not any more.

And what you see above are mostly his words since for anyone with common sense and an understanding of the world in which we live, just quoting back his own words with all his tears and the stamping of his fee, is all one needs to discredit his empty and shallow ranting. I will finish with the first of the comments on his article listed as “Most liked”.

Troy, perhaps you could spend a little more of your rant on the endless persecution Trump has suffered right from initial campaigns to spy on his campaign by the Obama administration which used the entire force and might of the presidency, FBI, CIA, media and the Washington swamp to destroy him and get their darling, Hillary, her rightful place. I bet you’re disappointed General Flynn’s charges have been dropped and that devastating charges will follow for many in the highest levels of Obama’s swamp. Give us an article on Flynn please. What he’s suffered would have destroyed lesser men. He’s entitled to his eccentricities after that. He’s exactly what his nation needs, not in any cookie cutter mould but a disrupter who has saved the US from Hillary and the swamp. I’m with him, not you.

The Face that Launched a Thousand Laughs

From The DesMoines Register – How this ‘crying liberal’ Iowan became a worldwide meme for those gloating over Trump’s win. Turns out she now lives in Sydney. Here’s the story.

I’ve seen the face of the loser.

I’ve seen the face of dejected Hillary Clinton supporters everywhere.

I’ve seen the look of utter horror at the prospect of living at least four years under the presidency of Donald Trump.

That face has a name: Janna DeVylder.

Yes, DeVylder, 42, who grew up in Council Bluffs and now lives and works on the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia, has become the international symbol of the inconsolable popular-vote winners of our presidential election. (Online she was zinged as the “poster child for the mentally insane Hillary snowflakes.”)

In other words, she has spent the last two months as one of the world’s most popular political memes.

She’s the face of blue-Democrat America that saw what seemed like a sure claim to the White House slip away in the deep-red rural counties and the Electoral College.

DeVylder has lived a surreal, virtual double life as her meme of infinite varieties has spread far and wide across the internet.

I tried to get Reuters, the photo’s owner, to let us publish the photo in print, to no avail. But just Google “crying liberals” and you’ll see it. DeVylder’s face pops up probably as the very first image: She’s wearing cobalt blue eyeglasses, pearl earrings and a matching necklace and a homemade Hillary pin. She even purchased a secondhand gray pinstripe pantsuit just for the occasion. Oh, and you can’t miss her festive red, white and blue top hat.

But the first thing you notice is her convulsed posture and anguished expression. Her shoulders droop forward, while her head is flung back. Her eyes are scrunched shut. Her mouth hangs open in a frown, and you can’t help but imagine hearing her pitiful moan.

The photo was snapped on Nov., 8, Election Day (although because of the time difference technically it already was the next day in Australia). DeVylder, as if you couldn’t tell from her getup, had voted absentee for Clinton. She holds dual citizenship.

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She and some friends attended an election viewing party at the University of Sydney. DeVylder was so excited that she took the day off work — made easier by the fact that she’s her own boss. She and her husband run their own design firm with a third business partner.

DeVylder expected a low-key event. What she got was a teeming throng of hundreds of American expats and curious Aussies packed into a room with a giant video screen, CNN sponsorship and Trump supporters chanting, “Lock her up!” So she did the only sensible thing: She grabbed the free plastic hat offered at the door and dove headlong into the fray.

DeVylder’s pantsuit and general look made her a magnet for multiple TV and radio interviews. But initially she didn’t notice all the photographers who had staked out the crowd, including Jason Reed of Reuters.

His was the perceptive eye that captured DeVylder’s reaction — not to the final result but merely to Trump’s win of an early state. And like a dutiful news photographer, he quickly filed it for his editors.

Not more than 90 minutes later, as DeVylder still sat in the very same seat in Sydney, she received a message from her friend Matt back in Davenport, Ia.: I think I just saw your face come up on Yahoo News, he told her.

In a relative eye blink she had been zapped around the globe. And little did she know that that was only the beginning.

To be fair, Reed’s original caption was rather innocuous, and didn’t include DeVylder’s name: “Supporters of U.S Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton react as a state is called in favour of her opponent, Republican candidate Donald Trump, during a watch party for the U.S. Presidential election, at the University of Sydney in Australia, November 9, 2016.”

Reed himself has shot photos in Iowa, but never has he had a photo reach so far, so fast.

“I was surprised to see the amount of interest in this image considering the sheer number of similar pictures being taken across the United States on that day,” he wrote to me in an email.

When the photo seeped into social media and the political blogosphere, it took on a life of its own. It seemed to reduce Trump’s surprise victory to a single frame and face perfect for attracting schadenfreude.

Her “conservative friends in the Midwest,” DeVylder said, “who visit different websites than I do, kept seeing it come up.”

Some of the captions and headlines paired with DeVylder’s face:

“When everyone gets a trophy … you don’t know how to lose.”

“Best pics of distraught Hillary voters from last night as they sob and lay in fetal positions. Run to your safe spaces!!! Trump is president!”

“Classes canceled to allow college students to ‘cope’ with shock of Trump’s win” (DeVylder, a mom to two sons and two stepdaughters, is happy to pass for an undergrad.)

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham tweeted DeVylder’s photo with the quip, “To think we had 18 year olds taking Omaha Beach, at Battle of Chosin, Ardennes ….”

DeVylder, who was lured to Australia by a job and made a life there, may even end up on T-shirts and coffee mugs in Texas.

This is made all the funnier because she wasn’t crying in the photo. As she put it, she was just “a bit expressive.”

But that doesn’t matter because the image managed to unwittingly capture DeVylder’s general feelings about the election. And she likes it. She told Reed as much via email.

DeVylder probably was one of the perfect people to fall victim to this meme: She’s a practical, thoughtful and somewhat bemused Iowan with a psychology degree from the University of Iowa who finds all this utterly fascinating.

Not only has she taken it in stride, she has blogged about it.

She considers it a teachable moment.

“You realize how easy it is to take your eye off the ball,” she said of how complacent she had gotten about her politics, “and you expect that other people are doing things that will keep the status quo that you appreciate, and that the progressive cause is a cause that will just keep going.”

In retrospect DeVylder said that she attended the party feeling a little cocky, expecting to toast a win.

“Even when you think things are good from your point of view that doesn’t mean you can stop working at it,” she said. “That’s a life lesson, right?”

Instead of getting mad, she retaliated by posting her own versions of her meme:

“I’m not crying because we lost. I’m not crying because there’s no trophy. I’m crying because we are losing our collective humanity.”

“Crying, for the lessons of history have yet to be learned.”

“Realizing that this election has brought out the worst in us.”

“The moment she realized we don’t even try to understand each other anymore.”

Just when DeVylder thought her face had been plastered in every corner of the web, it erupted again when Sean Hannity shared it on Facebook at the end of the year, with the timely message: “The Electoral College electing Trump is unfair … says the party that used ‘super delegates’ to elect Hillary.”

Here again, DeVylder tends to get analytical, not defensive. Her meme life has left her feeling that conservatives and liberals alike can be hypocrites. Everybody has confirmation bias. We all love to feel smug in victory.

“We fight in some instances for inclusion and open arms,” she said of her half of the political spectrum, “and yet we draw lines when it comes to people who may be conservative.”

But even for the nicest of Iowans, at some point introspection becomes annoyance. DeVylder would like to think that her digital doppelganger has expired, but she expects to endure at least one more round.

“I’m anticipating that it will be used again for the inauguration,” she sighed. “You just know it will.”

That’s a safe bet for Jan. 20. At the very least, DeVylder seems to have rekindled her political fire. In blogging about the incident, she publicly committed herself to a laundry list of next steps, including:

  • “I will not find joy and boast in other people’s sorrows.”
  • “I will model for my children the way I would hope they would conduct themselves.”
  • “I will not fight hate with hate.”
  • “I will work to ensure more young people engage and vote.”
  • And she ended with a question: “What will you do?”

Who said no good could come from a mean-spirited meme?

I hope we can continue to gloat come November. Otherwise they will have to exchange my face for hers.

Has it ever been drawn to your attention how repulsive the people at our ABC are?

Such happiness! Such joy! From our ABC: Historic unemployment rate upends Trump’s reelection bid.

The record unemployment rate reported on Friday captured the pain of a nation where tens of millions of jobs suddenly vanished, devastating the economy and forcing President Donald Trump to overcome historic headwinds to win a second term.

Just a few short months ago, Trump planned to campaign for reelection on the back of a robust economy. That’s a distant memory after more than 20 million jobs were lost in April, leading to an unemployment rate of 14.7%, the highest since the Great Depression.

There’s no parallel in U.S. history for the suddenness or severity of the economic collapse, which is ravaging some states that are crucial to Trump’s victory. The president is now tasked with convincing voters that the catastrophic jobs losses were the result of the pandemic — not his management of the public health crisis. He also argues that he deserves another chance to rebuild what the virus destroyed.

Does anyone really think the Wuhan virus didn’t start in Wuhan?

AND THIS: Mike Pompeo contradicts US spy agency, says ‘enormous evidence’ coronavirus originated in Chinese lab. Also in The Oz.

Since it’s from the Secretary of State, the underlying inference is that it wasn’t necessarily just an accident.

“China behaved like authoritarian regimes do. It attempted to conceal and hide and confuse. It employed the World Health Organisation as a tool to do the same … the Australians agree with that. You hear the Europeans beginning to say the same thing. I think the whole world is united in understanding that China brought this virus to the world,’ Mr Pompeo said….

Mr Pompeo did not say whether he believed the virus was leaked from the lab accidentally or intentionally.

____________ Original Post Below

That one’s from China laughing at us. They have more than a billion people living worse than all but the most downtrodden in our societies. But the Government of China is a menace because they can pay anyone off since they have oodles of money and we have plenty in our societies that will sell us out. Open any paper or turn on the news and they are everywhere, although some may even do it for free. A million or two is quite a large amount in anyone’s life. To the Chinese government, a million or two is petty cash.

Let’s look at the other side, starting with this: Greek ‘Borat’ Returns To Explain Phase 2 Of China’s World Domination Plot. Language alert. NSFW.

More seriously, this is Sen Marco Rubio from a year ago.

Plague or no plague, China is a totalitarian state that can be counted upon to lie to the full extent we see that same kind of lying by the American media.

Media = Liars. The only issue is the American election in November. Daniel Andrews and the rest of the usual gang of idiots are just playing along.

AND THEN THERE’S THE AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION: What to make of this: Coronavirus NSW: Dossier lays out case against China bat virus program from The Daily Telegraph:

It can also be revealed the Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists who belong to a laboratory which went on to genetically modify deadly coronaviruses that could be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure, and is now the subject of a probe into the origins of COVID-19….

Key figures of the Wuhan Institute of Virology team, who feature in the government dossier, were either trained or employed in the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory where they conducted foundational research on deadly pathogens in live bats, including SARS, as part of an ongoing partnership between the CSIRO and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This partnership continues to this day, according to the website of the Wuhan ­Institute of Virology, despite concerns the research is too risky.

Much more on Australia at the link. There’s an agenda here, which is the only thing I would be willing to say with certainty. Whose it is and what it is only time might tell.

The media can get away with it because their audiences are desperate to believe what they are told

Let’s start here: Trump’s idea for “disinfecting” people to fight disease is already being done. Whether it is or it isn’t, he was only discussing some of the present possibilities.

If you spent any time on the internet on Thursday and Friday, or read a hard copy of a newspaper, you would undoubtedly have read stories or social media posts saying that President Trump told Americans to inject themselves with bleach or Lysol to cure coronavirus. Of course, that’s not true. The media were either stupid or malicious when they misreported Trump’s words. What Trump said was straightforward and thoughtful:

“And then I saw the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way we could do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning,” the president said during his White House press briefing. “As you see it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”

Even after all this time, the President thinks he is talking to serious adults who are with him in trying to find a solution to what is a problem. The media simply understand how dumb and desperate the members of the left are, who want only to hear bad things about the president: An aggrieved Trump blames press for furor over disinfectant comments. The assumption at CNN is that anyone who watches the network is a proven idiot whose will to believe their lies will easily overpower any limited desire they have to know what really happened.

(CNN)After shocking the nation last week with his toxic suggestion that the coronavirus might be treated with an injection of disinfectant, President Donald Trump avoided the briefing room Saturday and retreated into the recesses of the White House, emerging on Twitter only to air his grievances about his press coverage.

This is the reality in politics today, and not just American politics. All propaganda and no truth if the truth will help the President. Tell me what I want to hear and nothing else. It’s a disease of the mind and a destroyer of the civil order of the West. It’s party discipline on the left just like in the old days. CNN along with the rest of the media provide the party line and that is of itself all the truth one needs.

But then there was also this: No, you aren’t meant to take Trump’s medical insights literally or seriously. It says it’s The Spectator USA, which does not sound at all like its Australian version.

Every time you think Donald Trump has lost his talent for making people’s heads explode, he somehow excels himself. His latest? Telling Americans that injecting disinfectant and shining UV light could cure COVID-19 patients. You’ll have seen the clip already, everybody has, but it is worth watching again.

Your civilisation and way of life depend on these people not getting their hands on the reins of power. Having only a single House of Congress has already been disastrous for good government. Imagine electing Joe Biden, who might really truly actually win.

FROM THE FISH FACE FILES: Via my addled former friend in California who has now sent me 3755 anti-Trump emails since November 2016 this being the latest: Trump’s Disinfectant Remark Raises a Question About the ‘Very Stable Genius’. It’s in The New York Times.

Mr. Trump’s performance that evening, when he suggested that injections of disinfectants into the human body could help combat the coronavirus, did not sound like the work of a doctor, a genius, or a person with a good you-know-what.

Even by the turbulent standards of this president, his musings on virus remedies have landed with uncommon force, drawing widespread condemnation as dangerous to the health of Americans and inspiring a near-universal alarm that many of his past remarks — whether offensive or fear-mongering or simply untrue — did not.

How fantastically ignorant these people must be. It must take superhuman powers to remain so wilfully stupid.