No wonder Tony lost his job

No wonder Tony Abbott lost his job. No one can any longer follow straightforward common sense.

There will always be some Liberals who want the party to go further on climate change or be more compassionate on boatpeople. There will always be others to question turning the economy upside down when it won’t make any difference to emissions, and to caution against anything that might embolden the people-smugglers. It’s not a question of decency versus hardness of heart but of what really is the most ­humane thing to do. The leader’s job is to get the balance right.

There are people who actually believe that global warming is the greatest moral challenge of our time, and other who think it’s not. There are people who actually believe that open borders are morally just, and others who do not. And both sides are found in the Liberal Party.

I am with Tony on both of these. I am disgusted by the deceitfulness of the global warmists, and cannot believe the shallow arguments associated with bringing in boatloads of migrants. You can think of this as ideological if you like, but it just seems obvious, with plenty of evidence of a downside to both – see the fall – kinda – of Mrs Merkel and the turmoil in German society that has come from her pursuit of both green energy and open borders.

All of this, to me, are conclusions from an overwhelming pile of evidence. Same goes for free markets capitalism.

Tony Abbott is our Donald Trump. But he was a Prime Minister not a President isolated from a need for cabinet solidarity. He was brought low by one of the most deceitful and duplicitous politicians in Australian history – fully supported by our ABC. But if you think things are bad now, wait till after Labor takes over.

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