Government as welfare

Government used to be about laying down the rules for a civil society. We found the rules for getting on with each other. In the West we made it so the rules covered how we produce and sold things to each other. But they were the rules which we amended from time to time.

We didn’t prescribe what each was owed by each other. That is now changed. We now have governments which decide what each must give to others to be “fair”. And since wealth is what we create better than anyone else, what we must give to each other.

The wealthy have ordained what the middle class must give to those with less, but while leaving the wealthy more or less alone.

Paul Pelosi and Brittany Higgins in the news

These are my two favourite stories of the moment mostly because you cannot get a story written that presents the “truth’, only what the left wants you to believe. Every story is told from the political perspective of the writer and the publication in which it appears. For example:

“After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” the NBC “Today Show” report explains. Instead, Mr. Pelosi “began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.”

Maybe. Same with Brittany. I know what I prefer to believe but you don’t find it it the news but you can find it in places.

Do the Americans want a nuclear war with Russia?

I find this quite spooky and pointing towards the present reality: Biden Administration Doing Its Best to Start World War III, from Gateway Pundit.

The Biden Administration is doing all it can to start a war with Russia.  

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Biden Administration has done all it can to get involved….

The other big question that has yet to be answered is why does the US want to get involved in a war with Russia in the first place?  This is not to ignore the horror of war in Ukraine and Russia’s actions in it. 

But Americans are not so eager to get involved in another war after what Biden did in giving Afghanistan over to the Taliban along with billions of US equipment, airfields, etc.

Biden and his cronies are nuts

I truly do believe that the left has gone mad since there is nothing sane left for them to do, not that they ever did anything positive which was for the conservative side get things done. But I thought of it when I read this:

Biden speaks casually of Armageddon.  Armageddon because of a localized conflict.  Let that sink in.  A war where no vital American interest is at risk.  A war that’s limited to Ukraine and poses no threat to the homeland.  A war, though, that the ruling class and military-industrial complex conflates with U.S. security. 

Half the American electorate is nuts, but it is those in power. It’s Dr Strangelove come to life. Are they really contemplating nuclear weapons?

Nordstream pipeline

I thought it was obvious that the Russians did not blow up their own pipeline but The Australian takes it as read that they did. So absurd but there are all too many willing to believe this complete nonsense.

Start with this – – then with this:

This is heading to WWIII and it will be the restraint of the Russians if it is not to get worse.

Anthony Fauci public servant

From a comment at Instapundit:

Fauci paid for gain of function research that created the CCP Wuhan Flu – then lied about it. Gain of function means it MORE easily infects humans and once there it is MORE lethal. Scientists say they do this for SCIENCE. Trying to make better VACCINES. Right.

1918 Spanish Flu – Does anyone here know that has been re-created in labs. 100 guesses who paid it for to recreate it from corpses found in Europe. That’s right – Anthony Fauci…

By the way – remember the Black Death from the 14th century. Has that been recreated? You guessed it:…

“To better understand how the plague worked, researchers could try to resurrect the Black Death pathogen by modifying the genomes of contemporary Y. pestis strains. Although this might sound alarming, research on Y. pestis is already carefully controlled, and even an accidental infection with such a strain could be easily treated with modern antibiotics.”

“Although this sounds alarming, blah, blah, blah it’s “carefully controlled.” You just pop a pill. Right.And anotjer

And another.

The damage done cannot possibly be repaired. We will never be able to get back to where we were. Forget the crimes against humanity, the larger crime, if there is one, is the destroyed trust. And not the trust in institutions, rather the destruction of trust within families and friend groups

One doesn’t need to dig far. Check out the Pfizer clinical trial adverse events, and especially on children. Check out the woefully incomplete Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System. Check out the ever-increasing excess mortality figures (among those UNDER 60).

We can figure out the why later. We can seek justice later. We need to immediately ensure those jabs get pulled from the market now and those who are still enabling and encouraging the use of the jabs fully learn why that is not a good idea.