Patents show SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade virus

How insane is this: Patents Prove SARS-CoV-2 Is a Manufactured Virus.

  • Hundreds of patents show SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade virus that has been tinkered with for decades. Much of the research was funded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and may have been an outgrowth of attempts to develop an HIV vaccine
  • In 1999, Fauci funded research at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to create “an infectious replication-defective coronavirus” specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. This appears to be the virus that became known as SARS-CoV
  • U.S. Patent 7279327 shows we knew the ACE receptor, the ACE2 binding domain, the S-1 spike protein, and other elements of SARS-CoV-2 were engineered and could be synthetically modified using gene sequencing technologies
  • The CDC holds patents to a SARS coronavirus that is 89% to 99% identical to the sequence identified as SARS-CoV-2, as well as the PCR test to diagnose it
  • 120 patents detail supposed “unique” features of SARS-CoV-2: the polybasic cleavage site, the spike protein and the ACE2 binding, proving it’s not a novel virus at all.

Plus this which is found at the very start of the link.

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We do not quite yet live in an Orwellian world, but these people are doing all they can to ensure we get there.

Are you more likely to die from the “vaccine” or from Covid?

Before there was a vaccine, the question did not exist. Now that there are “vaccines”, the question has become a genuine one. Our governments and the media are conspiring to get everyone vaccinated but what the hurry is, no one has explained, since it is clear as daylight that even the vaccinated get the Covid in very large numbers. So let us look at this, which is recent: Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies? The author is executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS. She writes:

In this age of supposed scientific medicine and a pandemic, we are relying on death certificates for statistics on the cause of death, even though they are known to be extremely unreliable. Thousands of healthy people are dying unexpectedly, but our public health agencies are assuring us that their deaths were not caused by the COVID jab. The toll of post-vaccine deaths has reached nearly 7,000, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). It’s the best system we’ve got, even though it misses 90% or more of the actual events. But I have seen a report of just one autopsy. This patient had had one dose of the Pfizer shot and died four weeks later. Although there were no characteristic features of COVID-19, almost all tissues tested positive on PCR for SARS-CoV-2.

This is how her article ends.

If a person dies after a COVID jab, I would like to know whether there are spike proteins in the tissues and blood vessels, and whether there was an immunological reaction that was damaging those tissues. If a mother loses a baby, I would like to see a thorough examination of the placenta. Was the baby’s oxygen and nutrition cut off because of damaged blood vessels? I find it shocking that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Joint Commission that accredits hospitals are not demanding autopsies or testing of vaccine samples. It is not possible to declare a product safe and effective without obtaining direct evidence from potential victims. The manufacturers are protected against product liability, thanks to Congress. But where is the accountability of the government agencies charged with protecting us, or of the private entities coercing employees or students to take an experimental, potentially dangerous, or even lethal product?

Seriously frightening, and she is far from being the only one raises such questions.

And in light of the above, you might also find this of interest. Found at Dr. Fuellmich: There is No Corona Pandemic, It’s a Fraudulent ‘PCR Test Pandemic’. You will have to go to the link to view the interview, but there are many questions he raises that definitely need answers.

So this is where we are. We, firstly, have no means of certifying whether anyone actually has Covid, and then, secondly, we may eventually find that the vaccines we are taking do far more damage than any good they might conceivably have done.

DETAIL ON VACCINATIONS AND COVID SUSCEPTIBILITY: ‘Zero Covid’ Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across the Board.

Zero Covid, the idea that heavy-handed government edicts and population controls can permanently eliminate a coronavirus from a country, is now failing spectacularly everywhere it is being tried. You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero Covid nations are seeing explosions in Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero Covid have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor.

If you go to the link up first is Australia, although that might just be alphabetical. There are also these data, which have been sent to me, from Israel.

Taken from here which finishes with this:

The solution is the same as that found for HIV — a cocktail of antivirals, each contributing its own mode of action, possibly supported by vaccination. It will be like serving in the tropics and taking your antimalarial with you. The antivirals like ivermectin don’t need to recognize anything on the virus to work, as vaccines do. So the virus can’t mutate around them easily, especially when they are used in combination.

Why don’t out Chief Medical Officers know this?

The malignant American media

I just had call to bring up the Quadrant article I had written on Sarah Palin in 2010 – Making Them Listen – and was astonished to find what I had been writing about the American media as far back as then. They were clearly just practising for Donald Trump.

The American Media

There is a malignancy in the American media. It has been captured by Left-liberal opinion to such a phenomenal extent that for those who do not share their perspectives, news shows on the traditional networks have become almost impossible to watch and newspapers an ordeal to read. As with the old Soviet press, one must unscramble and decode what is written to work out what may, or may not, have taken place. Sins of omission abound.

There is still, for all that, an expectation that the media will be objective. None of us come without our biases, but there was nevertheless an imperative at one time to try to present the news straight without embedding analysis and personal opinion within the story. Or maybe that is how it looked to me and it is my own opinions that have changed over the years. It is perhaps I who have drifted away from mainstream newspaper opinion while the media is as biased as it ever was.

But still, has there ever been a case quite the same as Sarah Palin’s? And what makes the case all that much more instructive is that her arrival almost exactly parallels the arrival at centre stage of Barack Obama. Whatever one might say about the fitness of Sarah Palin for the Vice-Presidency might just as easily be said about Obama, who was running to be the actual President. Indeed, on almost any of the criteria that one might choose on an objective basis—executive experience, decisiveness, known track record of sound decision making—Sarah Palin comes out ahead. You might like Obama’s aim to “spread the wealth around” or to end the war in Iraq, but there was nothing from his history that would have provided solid evidence that he would be capable of delivering on what he promised.

Politics, like any contact sport, is a much more difficult practice than you might think from watching the pros. The ones who get to the top and stay there have been tested to their utter limits in a proving ground that few can survive. Obama somehow got to the very top without really having had to fight such battles along the way. In large measure he can thank the American media for that. Whatever form of testing examination they might have given to Obama during his run for the President just never happened. He remains a mystery man to this day. Just try to find out his university results. It’s easy to get Sarah Palin’s, impossible to find Obama’s. Why that is I do not know.

Anyway, whatever lack of scrutiny there was of Obama, the media certainly made up for with Sarah Palin. For most of those the media wish to destroy, there is plenty of time. But with the American election imminent—the time between the nomination and the election being less than three months—the need for a proper and thorough character assassination became more urgent. It began on day one, never eased off until after the election was over, and has not ended to this day. The focus on the former vice-presidential candidate and former Governor of Alaska, who is now a private citizen, has been unrelenting.

This business with Sarah Palin having written a few notes on the palm of her hand before speaking to a major gathering—the equivalent to what someone with pockets in his clothes might do on the back of an envelope—is quite instructive. The media in the USA clearly have no shame, nor an apparent sense of irony. Not to have roasted Obama for his addiction to the teleprompter shows a leniency that would never have been extended to anyone on the other side—imagine if George W. Bush never spoke without having nameless others beaming thoughts into his head. It really does speak of someone not in command of his facts or his thoughts and who needs others to feed him directives to keep on track.

Meanwhile Sarah Palin writes a few notes on her hand and the media treats her as if she were a brainless nong, apparently demonstrating an incompetence well beneath that of Obama and his teleprompter. Does the media not think anyone will notice? Do they not even notice it themselves? It is easy to understand Sarah Palin’s take on the media: “What a bunch of buffoons”. How extraordinary it is to observe all this from the outside as the rest of us do, but how much more extraordinary it must be to be the one in the middle of such maddening criticism that never seems to come to an end.

It’s only gotten worse, and is impossible to see how it might ever get better.

Lawsuit alleges massive government cover-up of injection-related U.S. deaths


Attorney Thomas Renz filed a lawsuit in federal court in Alabama on July 19 that alleges a massive government cover-up of injection-related U.S. deaths that number “at least 45,000.”

The suit, filed on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, is based on a sworn statement by a government insider under federal whistleblower protection.

Speaking at the Re-awaken Tour event held July 17-18 in Anaheim, California, Renz made the bombshell announcement he says is based on a whistleblower with access to government computers and can prove that “at least 45,000” Americans have already been killed by the three COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use by the FDA.

Watch video below of Renz’s 11-minute speech at the Re-awaken Tour Conference:

Lawyer files lawsuit against US government for 45,000 vaccine deaths. (

These numbers are very close to what Dr. Peter McCullough reported in a video posted June 20 by, Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.

“This is brand new announcement. I’m filing papers in federal court today,” Renz said at the Re-awaken conference.

The final words of the article. Feels true enough but whether this can be proven, I am pleased to see someone is taking this issue on.

The lawsuit alleges that there is no legitimate national emergency that would qualify the injections for the Emergency Use Authorization that was granted last December by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

And even if there was an emergency, the suit claims the injectable treatments offered by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson do not treat or prevent SARS-COV-2, also known as COVID-19.

The idea that a government is not on your side but on their own side is something that needs to be relearned. 

July 24 is World Ivermectin Day

July 24 is World Ivermectin Day. There is more than this at the link but this really is the core of it.

More recently, research has identified Ivermectin’s impressive anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is important, because a serious case of COVID-19 has at least two phases: viral and inflammatory.

But research papers are only a tool. Although they help us identify useful medical treatments, that isn’t sufficient. A few years ago I wrote a report arguing that roughly half of published scientific research is probably wrong. The core idea behind the ‘reproducibility crisis’ is that results that look good on paper don’t necessarily pan out. The findings of nine out of 10 landmark cancer research papers couldn’t be reproduced when a second group of scientists attempted to do so. Of 53 research papers, only 6 passed this test (11%).

Treatments must not only appear promising on paper, they need to work when administered to real patients in the real world. Doctors from around the world report that Ivermectin works against COVID-19. They know it has the power to bring some seriously ill patients back from the brink, after all else has failed.

Many physicians now believe our overall COVID response has focused on the wrong thing. When Ivermectin is prescribed immediately after a test comes back positive, they say, almost no one requires hospitalization. When it’s given to family members of infected people, additional illness is prevented. But rather than treating people early so they never become seriously ill, our focus has been on managing hospital resources such as ICU beds and ventilators.

There are no end of persons in positions of political authority who have seen Covid as a means to a very shady end. And it’s more than  just the billions that are being made by pharmaceutical conglomerates, although there is that too. Donald Trump threatened to upend their power, and there are no stops these people were unwilling to pull to get him out, even if it has crashed our economies and terrified half the population.

No longer a free country

He’s a Scotsman along the lines of Adam Smith.

Neil Oliver: “So here we are again, on the threshold of another day called Freedom…I don’t know about you, but I’m more inclined to call it Groundhog Day.”

Plus this: The Panic Pandemic: Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus.

Instead of keeping calm and carrying on, the American elite flouted the norms of governance, journalism, academic freedom—and, worst of all, science. They misled the public about the origins of the virus and the true risk that it posed. Ignoring their own carefully prepared plans for a pandemic, they claimed unprecedented powers to impose untested strategies, with terrible collateral damage. As evidence of their mistakes mounted, they stifled debate by vilifying dissenters, censoring criticism, and suppressing scientific research. If, as seems increasingly plausible, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 leaked out of a laboratory in Wuhan, it is the costliest blunder ever committed by scientists. Whatever the pandemic’s origin, the response to it is the worst mistake in the history of the public-health profession. We still have no convincing evidence that the lockdowns saved lives, but lots of evidence that they have already cost lives and will prove deadlier in the long run than the virus itself.

And if you think you are hearing everything on all sides of this covid issue, try this on for size:

Stefan Baral, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins with 350 publications to his name, submitted a critique of lockdowns to more than ten journals and finally gave up—the “first time in my career that I could not get a piece placed anywhere,” he said. Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist at Harvard, had a similar experience with his article, early in the pandemic, arguing that resources should be focused on protecting the elderly. “Just as in war,” Kulldorff wrote, “we must exploit the characteristics of the enemy in order to defeat it with the minimum number of casualties. Since Covid-19 operates in a highly age specific manner, mandated counter measures must also be age specific. If not, lives will be unnecessarily lost.” It was a tragically accurate prophecy from one of the leading experts on infectious disease, but Kulldorff couldn’t find a scientific journal or media outlet to accept the article, so he ended up posting it on his own LinkedIn page. “There’s always a certain amount of herd thinking in science,” Kulldorff says, “but I’ve never seen it reach this level. Most of the epidemiologists and other scientists I’ve spoken to in private are against lockdowns, but they’re afraid to speak up.”

We are living in a totalitarian state, partly be choice and partly through enforced ignorance.

Covid provocateurs

Such buffoons, my country: Australian Border Force investigates Katie Hopkins quarantine breach as controversial Brit dropped from Big Brother.

British provocateur Katie Hopkins has been dropped from Australia’s upcoming ‘Big Brother VIP’ and is being investigated by the Australian Border Force after she claimed to have purposefully broken strict quarantine rules.

Hopkins caused a storm of controversy on Saturday after she announced that she had landed in Sydney and was now in mandatory quarantine, despite the fact that tens of thousands of Australians are still stranded abroad and unable to return home due to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s strict Covid-19 pandemic entry caps.

Hopkins’ arrival caused further anger when she claimed in an Instagram video to have intentionally broken strict quarantine requirements by opening her hotel room door naked without a face mask when hotel employees bring her food, in an effort to “frighten the s*** out of them.”

The British television personality soon faced calls for her deportation from Australian citizens and politicians alike and now appears to be in hot water with authorities over the incident.

Of course we have provocateurs of our own, the blesséd Nick Cater: Boris Johnson leads the way on Covid rules – are we game to follow?

The expert class turned out in force last week with pessimistic predictions about the nightmare soon to be visited upon British hospitals and mortuaries because of the Prime Minister’s latest folly.

A letter signed by 100 medical experts in The Lancet accused Boris Johnson’s government of “embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment” by ending social distancing rules. Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organisation’s Health Emergencies Program, said the rush to reopen the economy amounted to “moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”.

Johnson’s courage in defying the experts is a virtue that should be emulated by political leaders closer to home. In Britain, Johnson revives the Dunkirk spirit, fighting Covid-19 on the beaches, landing grounds, fields and in the streets. In Australia, premiers call on their subjugated citizens to fight the virus from their couches.

Experts in the Chinese Flu have been discredited across the world, replaced by the likes of Nick and Katie Hopkins.

Covid-19 fraud class action begins

Found at Reiner Fuellmich Explains The Class Action Law Suit Filed On June 21st 2021. Published July 1, 2021.

It may be long but it is the best analysis so far available and is interesting all the way through.

Further details on the class action available here: Dr Reiner Fuellmich begins Legal Litigation on the Covid-19 Fraud – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity.

According to American-German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, all cases of fraud in German companies are meagre in comparison to the level and depth of damage that has been caused and continues to be caused to humanity by the Covid-19 regulations and this orchestrated crisis. A German Corona Investigative Committee has been working tirelessly since July 10, 2020 to answer some important questions, this Committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists’ and experts’ testimony to find answers to questions about the corona crisis, which more and more people worldwide are asking.

Go to the link, which is a very long article, and read it all. Terrifying from end to end. But this might be the most incredible bit. But first this:

What is a COVID-19 PCR test?

A PCR test for COVID-19 is a test used to diagnosis people who are currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, which is the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The PCR test is the “gold standard” test for diagnosing COVID-19 because it’s the most accurate and reliable test.

Then read this from the above linked article.

And this is the most important part of our fact-finding: the PCR test is being used on the basis of false statements, NOT based on scientific facts with respect to infections. In the meantime, we have learned that these PCR tests, contrary to the assertions of Messrs. Drosten, Wieler and the WHO, do NOT give any indication of an infection with any virus, let alone an infection with SARS-COV-2. Not only are PCR tests expressly not approved for diagnostic purposes, as is correctly noted on leaflets coming with these tests, and as the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who died in 2019, has repeatedly emphasized. Instead, they’re simply incapable of diagnosing any disease.’

”That is: contrary to the assertions of Drosten, Wieler and the WHO, which they have been making since the proclamation of the pandemic, a positive PCR-test result does not mean that an infection is present. If someone tests positive, it does NOT mean that they’re infected with anything, let alone with the contagious SARS-COV-2 virus. Even the United States CDC, even this institution agrees with this, and I quote directly from page 38 of one of its publications on the coronavirus and the PCR tests, dated July 13, 2020.

“Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it! “

Which provides this outline at the Youtube link:

Highlighting the principle of using a prophylactic vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Likely to create more more viral variants in the process.


0:00 – Intro

7:36 – Lockdowns

8:51 – Gaining immunity from exposure & immunological escape

11:17 – COVID vaccine 18:30 – COVID antibodies

19:55 – NK Cells

25:00 – Antigen-specific antibodies outcompete natural antibodies

28:51 – Highly-infectious strain

31:01 – Vaccine resistance in COVID pandemic

31:51 – More on immunological escape

32:59 – Geert Vanden Bossche’s thoughts on COVID vaccination

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, is an internationally recognised vaccine developer having worked as the head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Centre for Infection Research. Coordinated Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation’s Ebola Vaccine Program and contributed to the implementation of an integrated vaccine work plan in collaboration with Global Health Partners (WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, UNICEF), regulators (FDA) and vaccine manufacturers to enable timely deployment or stockpiling of Ebola vaccine candidates. Sharing his perspective on mass vaccination in COVID-19.

My thanks to Gold v Fiat for sending this along.