Actually only 68%

Although perhaps not the mayor of London. As noted about the pic:

Pretty much every American news outlet is gleeful about the “giant Trump baby balloon,” as it is conventionally described, that supposedly is dominating the London landscape while Trump is in England. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave activists permission to fly the blimp (as it is also referred to), which apparently was needed because it is so “giant.”

Via SDA for the poll and Powerline for the picture and the accompanying text.

In Trump territory for a change

Not New York but Las Vegas, and not in enemy territory but at Freedomfest. For a change everyone I speak to is a supporter of PDT. Everyone naturally has something or other to grizzle about, but I am completely onside in everything he has done so far and has attempted to do. I am in particular at one with Michael Anton, formerly known as Publius Decius Mus, America Is Not the Common Property of All Mankind – nor, for that matter, is Australia – on the single most important issue facing the West:

The populace is roused. For the first time in a generation, it actually has political leaders trying to act in their interest. That is intolerable to the open borders crowd, which is reacting with fury and hysteria.

And not just there. The economy is booming, unemployment is falling, the political culture is shifting, the Supreme Court may become benign for at least a generation, the left, along with a fair chunk of the Republican Party, is being exposed as politically insane, global warming climate change is losing its grip on policy, and America’s allies are slowly, very very slowly, coming round to seeing where their interests are. From today’s news:

As popular as Obama in middle of first term…

But particularly liked the story about the anti-Trump demo in Brussels that expected thousands and ended up with a handful.

Still the media, academia and the corporate world have not signed on, and with politics as perception who knows how things will go from here since there is always something about to go wrong. And that PDT is only equal to Zero at this stage is either fake news or a continuous worry.


My thoughts exactly specified here. It may not be politic to say it, or at least that’s how it used to be, but it is surely right if we are to preserve what we can while we are still able to.

It’s not just London Bridge that’s falling down

Been in London for the past four days on an unplanned diversion but did manage to be here for the World Cup quarter final. But when I went to join the celebration, from Charing Cross, through Trafalgar Square, up through Piccadilly, along Regent Street and onto Oxford Circus, although there were many a flag to be seen, only a very very small number were the flag of St George. But did see the above sign a few times, and if you can’t take the word of the Lord Mayor of London for it well who then can you trust?

But this was the real story of the weekend and it ran almost as hot in the press as the story about fishing those kids out of caves in Thailand.

BO GOES Boris Johnson finally surfaces to leave official residence for final time after quitting as Foreign Secretary with damning letter saying ‘Brexit dream is dying’

The Prime Minister moved to replace him with Jeremy Hunt but she could now face a leadership challenge from Leave-backing MPs furious at the soft Brexit plan agreed by the Cabinet at Chequers

Theresa May is no Iron Lady. But what really got me was that when I first lived here in the 1970s, even then the UK was at the centre of things. Now, it seems, nothing that happens here matters very much. Wherever the action is, it is no longer in London. Perhaps Theresa is right to just throw in her lot with Merkel and be done with it. But for myself, I hope we get the hardest of Brexits.

The motivation behind the unsuccessful attempted invasion of Israel

From a comment at Powerline for a post on Why she hates Israel.

The terribly stupid and unsuccessful Gaza invasion of Israel by Hamas is not a “protest,” let alone a “peaceful protest.” It was not even a riot; it was a terribly stupid and unsuccessful attempted invasion of Israel by Hamas. Here below is Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Al-Zahar proudly admitting that the Hamas protests in Gaza are not “peaceful”: “when we talk about ‘peaceful resistance’ we are deceiving the public.” Here below also is a video of a captured Gazan who also revealed the “protest” tactics of Hamas which true created, organized, directed, orchestrated and choreographed the “protests.” Here below also are numerous videos of Hamas and Gazans admitting the truth of the Gaza “protests” of Hamas:…/178/nid/34009/Default.aspx…/hamas-says-most-slain-gaza……/VIDEO-Captured-terrorist-exposes……/

What is the intent of the alleged “peaceful” Hamas protests? Their intent is the longstanding intent of Hamas. Here is Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh stating: “we must behead ALL Jews, and to crush INFANT skulls all day. To be heroic is to target the babies of the Jews. . . a greater friend to us Palestinians is Hitler.”


Here is Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar encouraging the “peaceful” protesters what to do at the protests: “TEAR OUT THEIR (JEWS’) HEARTS FROM THEIR BODIES.”

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh states in this video, lest anyone deny that Hamas organizes, directs, orchestrates and choreographs the alleged protests and deny the true intent of the Gazan protests: “Hamas is the canon, and we are the ammunition.”

Here is the Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al declaring the murder of Americans: “Oh Americans, ALLAH WILL PUNISH YOU. The time has come for ALLAH TO DECLARE WAR ON YOU. . . DEATH TO AMERICA.” Gazans want to murder Americans as well as all Jews. The video also goes on to show Hamas leader Fathi Hammad stating: “killing a single Jew is the same as killing 30 million Jews.” See:

The desire of the people of Gaza to murder Jews is not limited to Hamas. It also includes the Muslim Clerics of Gaza. In the above video, one Muslim Cleric states: “The annihilation of Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine.”

Because of its murderous Anti-Semitism, YouTube was forced to remove this Hamas-Gaza cleric video to his supportive Gazan audience in which he encourages the Gazan Protests: “the best way to describe the record of the Prophet’s treatment of the Jews is one of violence and force toward the Jews. . . I call upon every Muslim: Do not stand idly by and let those Jews spread corruption upon the land. [You must] carry out glorious deeds against them. One of the greatest duties, and one of the best forms of worship in our day, is to fight those Jews.”…/youtube-censors-memri-removes…

This Hamas-Gaza cleric states to his supportive Gazan audience the true intent of the protests: “we must return to [our land] – above ground, underground, by means of demonstrations, bombs, weapons, explosives, explosive belts.”…/hamas-cleric-abu-funun-we-must…

This Hamas-Gaza cleric states to his supportive Gazan audience the true intent of the protests: “the Great Return March. . . is a form of Jihad. It does not eliminate the need for Jihad by the sword, by missiles, and by rockets. They go hand in hand.”…/gaza-friday-sermon-abu-jleidan…



Western civilisation and Donald Trump

The ad is PDT’s last before the election in 2016 which was brought to mind by this picked up at Andrew Bolt: SPECCIE OUT NOW. TRUMP THE SAVIOUR.

Mark Latham says Donald Trump is now the hope of Western civilisation:

Trump believes in the supremacy of the individual, in judging people on merit, by their work ethic and creativity, rather than race, gender and sexuality. These are the essential elements of civilisational leadership. Trump stands for the freedom of the citizen in the nation state. That is, the right to free speech, to meritocracy, to national pride and a freestanding national culture. The key political divide is no longer between Left and Right; it’s between civilisational and non-civilisational leaders. Trump is on the right side of history, with domestic ascendancy seemingly assured. He now needs to turn his mind to an even greater challenge, promulgating a Trump doctrine: a new brand of American global leadership based on the defence of Western civilisation.

Every generation must defend itself and its past. That means you, because there is no one else to do it.

The Australian Deep State

An article in the AFR today, with Gareth Evans, the day-before-yesterday’s man and then some, writing on How we should manage Donald Trump’s meltdown world. But what he most clearly gets across is what a breath of fresh air PDT is and why you cannot trust the ALP. This is how he starts:

The assumptions that have sustained and underpinned Australian security and economic policy for decades are in meltdown.

Oh dear, please tell us more.

The post-Second World War global order – an open, rules-based system underpinned by a robust network of security alliances, and by effective multilateral institutions in which rules could be agreed and norms reinforced – is the only one we have known in our modern history. Its maintenance has depended more than anything else on American belief in the liberal norms laid out in the San Francisco peace treaty and the Bretton Woods organisations.

You mean the peace treaty that ended World War II in 1945? You mean the Bretton Woods agreement that was signed in 1944? Breaking down are they? How about a bit of clarity over just which issues are so important and at risk. It’s about Donald Trump, of course. And what is he doing now, you might ask?

He is walking away from painfully negotiated international agreements – above all the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accords – in a way that has left America’s word in doubt and its soft power in tatters.

Doesn’t seem such a worry to me, but let’s continue. What about Korea, for example; that went from flaming volcano to the most quiescent period in our relations with the communist north in seventy years?

Even when this President does the right thing – as with the circuit breaking Singapore summit with Kim Jong-Un – it is manifestly with such superficial understanding of the issues, indifference to process, and fragility of temperament that it is hard for anyone to be confident that the ultimate outcome, which will necessarily involve protracted multilateral diplomacy will be triumph or disaster.

Yes, all his predecessors built such a solid foundation before PDT got there which gave no one any confidence in at all, but which apparently, in Gareth’s view, the current President has now put that nuclear house of cards in tremendous jeopardy. Could be, but this is mere assertion from someone who thinks process is what matters and not results.

And with that same President involved in a global power display of American might in every part of the globe, from the China Sea to the Middle East, Evans is worried that “the US will return to the kind of isolationism that prevailed earlier this century”, that is the isolationism of the 1920s and 30s, in the period right after World War I when America was involved to the hilt.

And what is his sage advice: to restructure our foreign policy so that it is, “as he has argued for some time”:

“Less America. More Asia. More Self Reliance.”

Moronus maximus duplicitus!!! What a sell-out to our enemies. And he finishes by telling us that there is about to be a meeting at the university that has self-declared itself unwilling to defend Western Civilisation, that there will be an “ANU Leadership Forum” involving the AFR, Business Council, academics and the public service – that is, a meeting of socialists and their crony-capitalist beneficiaries – to discuss our foreign policy future.

Or in other words, it is a meeting of the Australian Deep State, who should not be trusted by so much as an inch. You should, of course, be wary of the Libs, but you should be far far more wary of the ALP. It makes me sick to read such idiocies and fills me with fear as well.

Canadians do not like PDT’s America First policies

Not much of a surprise really, since they prefer Canada First policies, though why they elected Justin Trudeau if that was in their minds is beyond me. Via my refugee ex-mate from communist Hungary, who is now more socialist than the communist leaders when the soviets ran the place: Canadians overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump, poll says. Not quite, since the article is about trade alone, but why expect a journalist to get things right?

Four out of five Canadians disapprove of U.S. President Donald Trump in the wake of an escalating trade war with Canada, a new poll has found.

The Campaign Research survey also found 72 per cent believe Trump’s protectionist policies have “harmed” the Canadian economy, while only three per cent said they have “helped.”

It may come as a surprise that it is not the role of the United States government to put the interests of non-Americans ahead of the interests of Americans. Although when you watch the Democrats dealing with their border wars to the south, you have to wonder if the media and the Dems even know what American’s own interests are.

Something interesting happened in Canada!

The vid above is about policing in the most woke (= idiotic) city on earth in the most woke (= insane) province in Canada’s fair domain. The rest is about energy policies which provides a lesson to us all.

Ontario was once the wealthiest province in Canada, but is in the process of proving that while there may be much ruin in a great nation, eventually you really can ruin the place if you work at it long enough and hard enough. Here is a cautionary tale proving there are some people for whom no level of ruin is ever enough: $312 Billion: Green Energy Makes Ontario the Most Debt-Ridden Province on Earth. Not long, worth your time, in my view, but here is something to get you started.

A major issue has been crippling energy and environmental policies. It began when, in 1992, then-premier Bob Rae appointed businessman and former UN Under-Secretary-General Maurice Strong to be chairman of Ontario Hydro. At the time, Ontario was a prosperous, economically sound province. Strong changed that when he applied the energy and environmental policies he proposed for the entire world. In 1992, he introduced them through his creation of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the conference he chaired in Rio de Janeiro.

At the conference, Strong introduced his creation of Agenda 21, a global energy and environment policy of world-shattering implications, and got it ratified. It was at the same conference that world leaders signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The UNFCCC set the ground rules for the UN’s climate science body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In Article 1 of the UNFCCC treaty, it specified:

“Climate change” means a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over considerable time periods.

It is a definition that predetermines the outcome of the IPCC’s work. You cannot isolate human causes of climate change without knowledge and understanding of natural changes and mechanisms. The fact that we cannot forecast the weather beyond 72 hours demonstrates how little we understand about natural climate change and its causes. Accurate forecasts require accurate science, and yet the science is still highly immature.

To further his anti-development agenda, Strong needed “science” to isolate and prove that increasing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial activity, a natural outcome of increasing production, would cause runaway global warming. Once the science was determined, the bureaucracies of national weather offices such as Environment Canada (EC) could push policies to cripple energy production, industry, and development. It is not coincidental that Gordon McBean, later assistant deputy minister of EC, chaired the founding meeting of the IPCC in 1985. Other countries and regions were slow to adopt these principles, but in Ontario, Strong was able to use his position at Ontario Hydro to implement with impunity the crippling policies he orchestrated in Rio.

You’ll never guess what happened next.


Public choice theory and the American president

These are from the comments on an Instapundit post on public choice. Brings to mind the ridiculous notion that PDT may be the first politician in who knows how long to have nothing personal to gain from holding office nor does he owe anyone anything for getting him there. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Anyway, from the comments.

Public choice theory explains how government bureaucrats are captured by their constituent private sector companies the bureaucrats are supposedly regulating.

Leftists think that regulatory capture results in the regulators not regulating enough.

People such as you and I might have understood from even a young age about regulatory capture, but most academics didn’t, and in fact, many still don’t. How do we know that they don’t? Because goddamn academics are always proposing Yet Another Bureaucracy to regulate this, that or some other thing, and they’re invariably surprised (genuinely – ie, we’re talking the true nature of the Intellectual Yet Idiot class here) when they get results nothing like what they thought would happen, and often the exact opposite of what they thought would happen. eg, Obamacare and insurance rates. eg2: Obamacare and hospital wait times. eg3: Investment banks and the SEC. I could go on, and I’m sure you could name fifty examples yourself. The origin of Public Choice Theory came out of the time in the UK when the unions, the bureaucracy and academia were pushing the UK off a cliff into a permanent swamp of self-serving stupidity. Thatcher came along and reversed a great deal of that, and PCT played a part in that – Thatcher didn’t just make war on the unions, she also went after the bureaucracy and the academic/bureaucracy axis of government.

Without belaboring the issue with economic cant, it comes down to this. Bureaucrats and bureaucracies never will allow politicians to reduce the scope, size and cost of government, because the bureaucracy is enriching themselves (on a personal basis) by preventing actual cuts in budgets and staffs. The way that bureaucracies prevent cuts is to make lots of busywork, which masks their do-nothing results, but they use their constituent private sector companies and business sectors to help support their own existence. The nut of PCT is this: Bureaucracies are staffed with people who have discovered that by pulling the correct levers in regulations, obscure policy proposals and arcane budgetary rules, that they can become quite well off without having to do anything that resembles actual work as we in the private sector recognize it. The question you should always ask whenever you see a bureaucrat or his organization make a rule change or an enforcement action is “cui bono?” and you should look first and most directly at the bureaucrats advocating the rule change or enforcement action. For example: The SEC doesn’t rock the boat too hard on rule enforcement, because most of the people employed by the SEC are looking for future jobs with the investment banks they’re pretending to regulate.

The reason why government gets bigger is that it is in the personal, direct, financial interests of bureaucrats at an individual level to make it bigger. In other words, the bureaucracy wills it to happen – at every choice, in every action they take.

Israel and the Palestinians next?

Who knows what lies ahead, but some things that seemed impossible not that long ago no longer seem that way at all. This is the opening to: The “Trump Doctrine” for the Middle East.

  • Trump has shown the strength of the United States and restored its credibility in a region where strength and force determine credibility.
  • Trump more broadly laid the foundation for a new alliance of the United States with the Sunni Arab world, but he put two conditions on it: a cessation of all Sunni Arab support for Islamic terrorism and an openness to the prospect of a regional peace that included Israel.
  • Secretary of State Pompeo spoke of the “Palestinians”, not of the Palestinian Authority, as in Iran, possibly to emphasize the distinction between the people and their leadership, and that the leadership in both situations, may no longer be part of the solution. Hamas, for the US, is clearly not part of any solution.
  • Netanyahu rightly said that Palestinian leaders, whoever they may be, do not want peace with Israel, but “peace without Israel”. What instead could take place would be peace without the Palestinian leaders. What could also take place would be peace without the Iranian mullahs.

What possibilities there are! 2024 might be a world unimagined in 2016. The Great Man theory of history remains the only one that works for me, although the temper of the times does count for quite a lot. Stay tuned.