China’s emissions have just gone past the emissions from the whole of the developed world!

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From China’s emissions now exceed all the developed world’s combined published at Bloomberg. And because it is Bloomberg they try to make excuses for China:

The massive scale of China’s emissions highlights the importance of President Xi Jinping’s drive to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and reach net-zero by 2060. China accounted for 27 per cent of global emissions. The U.S., the second biggest emitter, contributed 11 per cent while India for the first time surpassed the European Union with about 6.6 per cent of the global total.

Still, China also has the world’s largest population, so its per capita emissions remain far less than those of the U.S. And on a historical basis, OECD members are still the world’s biggest warming culprits, having pumped four times more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than China since 1750.

The Chinese government intends to reach net-zero emissions 39 years from now. Our media are such ignorant clowns, but at least they did tell us where Chinese emissions have now gone. The OECD, it might be noted, includes Australia who is not anywhere near the main contributor to the total.

Might just mention here the Candu Reactor which is used by Ontario Hydro to produce nuclear energy and has been doing so since the 1960s, when I used to work for them (maybe it was in 1970). It’s amazing what a superstitious lot the left really are in in opposing nuclear energy.

And they are aiming for “net-zero” emissions which is not the same as zero emissions:

Getting to net zero means we can still produce some emissions, as long as they are offset by processes that reduce greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere.

Gullible does not even come close to describing what utter clowns we are dealing with. Fantasy from end to end.

Where’s America headed?

Two items just picked up from and both are part of the picture of an America in free fall into some kind of totalitarian adventure that will cause no end of harm before we are done. The first deals with the covid hysteria that is leading us into at the very least a passport-requirement future which is an essential element of The Great Reset. The second is an assessment of where current trends will leave us if nothing is done to put things right. Where America goes we all go.

Where that is no one knows.

(1) What’s Behind Vaccine Hysteria?

American Thinker, by Sally Zelikovsky Original Article 

If you are reluctant to get the COVID vaccine and beginning to feel overrun by forces pressuring you to get vaccinated, you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy. There’s a reason you feel the way you do. You are being manipulated. We are being bombarded with commercials pushing us to be socially responsible. Medical professionals, celebrities, and folks in our communities admonish us not to shirk our civic duty. Suddenly, the vaccine is the only way to normalcy. Friends and family openly brag about their vaccinations and gasp in astonishment when they find out you haven’t decided or, worse, that you will not get it.` 

(2) The Left-Wing Putsch

American Thinker, by Jack Wisdom Original Article 

We are in a dire and extreme condition as a country, where one of our two major parties is moving toward a total power-grab and a re-directing of our entire system of government. The left is positioning itself and has made significant headway already to control all branches of government in perpetuity. The days of “thinking through” differences are over as far as the Dems are concerned. (snip) What we now see is not just a 50-50 split between two parties (which have an underlying consensus about the socio-political unity and purpose of our country), but a 50-50 split between Americans and an anti-American, despotic mentality.

Belt up and hit the road

From The Age: ‘Cold War mindset’: Beijing suspends key government dialogue with Australia. Fascinating really since I still don’t know what the Chinese Government is aiming to punish us for.

China has taken the first formal step towards severing government ties with Australia after more than a year of incremental trade strikes, veiled threats from the Chinese embassy and escalating attacks by Chinese state media. Beijing sent a message to Australia on Thursday that all dialogue at the political level will be cut off for years after the superpower’s top economic planner suspended the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue.

Actually, I do know what has gotten under their skin.

The decision to indefinitely suspend what was once a key communication channel came two weeks after China’s Foreign Ministry said it would “respond firmly and forcefully” if the Morrison government did not reverse its decision to cancel Victoria’s Belt and Road agreement.

Here I thought this B&R was a form of kind-hearted assistance program. Seems there may have been something in it for the Chinese Government that we are not being made truly aware of. Even Joe Biden is wary and that is really saying something.

The Australia-China dispute comes as the G7 group of nations meeting in London called on China to respect fundamental freedoms. Beijing has been accused by the Biden administration and some members of the European Union of human rights abuses, economic coercion and military threats against Taiwan.

How do you translate “Beware of Greeks, even bearing gifts” into Chinese?

BTW the Knight cartoon is from The Herald Sun.

Donald Trump’s new media platform

This is Donald Trump’s media platform:

The story is told here.

He has a video on the platform that leads the rest titled, “In a Time of Silence”. What could he mean by that? This is what he means by that: Twitter locks President Trump’s account, deletes tweets about Capitol rioters. There’s plenty more of that kind of suppression around.

The left believes in nothing but their own power for their own purposes.

Lomborg 1 Peterson 0

Peterson is well out of his depth dealing with climate change, just as he is in discussing politics generally, philosophy and economics. Lomborg is usually too much of a global warming person for me, but here he is confronted by someone who really knows just about nothing other than what you find in the mainstream media so comes out sounding sensible. Peterson really should keep out of these kinds of arguments.

Politics of the absolutely lowest common denominator

First this: Americans Waking Up to Fact That Kamala Harris Is an Idiot. The astonishing part is how many still don’t know and will never know.

I am also on some mailing list from the Democrats in Florida. This is the latest note to me. Politics for idiots, that is for sure.

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Thank you!

The American left is beyond parody

So beyond parody is the American left that it is astonishing to follow what is going on in the US. I have just had this sent to me: The GOP Is a Grave Threat to American Democracy. It begins:

The hope of many conservative critics of Donald Trump was that soon after his defeat, and especially in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection, the Republican Party would snap back into its former shape. The Trump presidency would end up being no more than an ugly parenthesis. The GOP would distance itself from Trump and Trumpism, and become a normal party once again. But that dream soon died. The Trump presidency might have been the first act in a longer and even darker political drama, in which the Republican Party is becoming more radicalized. How long this will last is an open question; whether it is happening is not. The radicalization manifests in myriad ways, most notably in Trump’s enduring popularity among Republicans. Trump’s loyalists have launched ferocious attacks against Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him for his role in the insurrection, even as national Republicans eagerly position themselves as his heir. Right-wing media display growing fanaticism, while public-opinion polls show GOP voters embracing Trump’s lie that the election was stolen from him. The Republican Party’s illiberalism, its barely disguised nativism, and its white identity politics are resonating with extremist groups. Slate’s Will Saletan, in an article cataloging recent developments, summarized things this way: “The Republican base is thoroughly infected with sympathies for the insurrection.”

From The Atlantic even which was once a sane publication. Meanwhile, there is a link to another of its articles.

Your guide to life on a warming planet

Discover Atlantic Planet, a new section devoted to climate change and the ways it will reshape our world

These people are re-shaping the world all right. It is hard to believe how lacking in self-awareness most of these people are.