War of words, so far

On one side: Iran warns of ‘all-out war’ if US retaliates in wake of Saudi oil facility bombings.

And then the other: Trump warns Iran of ‘severe’ defeat if military conflict broke out.

This is the real thing. The Americans, or at least the American President does not want war. But if the Iranians, along with the Deep State, insist, they will have one. And if they do, I expect it to be over in a week with a lot of damage but not very many civilian casualties. But I’d still rather not have a war. Two Clauswitz quotes come to mind:

“Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat the enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war. Pleasant as it sounds, it is a fallacy that must be exposed: War is such a dangerous business that mistakes that come from kindness are the very worst.”

“Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and end by producing a kind of friction. This tremendous friction is everywhere in contact with chance, and brings about effects that cannot be measured, just because they are largely due to chance. Moreover, every war is rich in unique episodes.”

The only way the Democrats can win the next election is if the US enters a war which then goes badly. That is why the Deep State has brought us to this point.

“Friends, mates and allies”

Scott Morrison arrives around 23 minutes in. Advance Australia Fair at around 27 minutes, with a 21(?)-gun salute. The Star Spangled Banner at around 29:00. Inspection of the Guard and then meeting the crowd, which PDT does appear to enjoy. Bugle, fife and drum band next in colonial uniforms. PDT begins speech at 38:30. The warmest speech you may ever hear a foreign leader give about Australia and our relationship. It’s the real thing.

Scott Morrison follows from around 45:00 in. Also the real thing. “Friends, mates and allies” was said by the President but it could have been said by either.

To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war

To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war. - Winston Churchill

The only person in the Trump White House I trust on policy is Donald Trump himself. Not that I think he gets it right all the time, but that I think his instincts are right almost all the time, and he really wants the same outcomes that I do. Meanwhile, we find Bolton unloads on Trump’s foreign policy behind closed doors. I understand – but who can know from here – that Bolton had actually been leaking to the media his disagreements with the President. Out he had to go for that reason alone. But the linked article tells you just how intemperate Bolton is.

John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s fired national security adviser, harshly criticized Trump’s foreign policy on Wednesday at a private lunch, saying that inviting the Taliban to Camp David sent a “terrible signal” and that it was “disrespectful” to the victims of 9/11 because the Taliban had harbored al Qaeda.

Bolton also said that any negotiations with North Korea and Iran were “doomed to failure,” according to two attendees….

Bolton also said more than once that Trump’s failure to respond to the Iranian attack on an American drone earlier this summer set the stage for the Islamic Republic’s aggression in recent months.

PDT had a few words of his own.

“Well, I was critical of John Bolton for getting us involved with a lot of other people in the Middle East,” he told reporters during a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border south of San Diego. “We’ve spent $7.5 trillion in the Middle East and you ought to ask a lot of people about that.“

“John was not able to work with anybody, and a lot of people disagreed with his ideas,” Trump added. “A lot of people were very critical that I brought him on in the first place because of the fact that he was so in favor of going into the Middle East, and he got stuck in quicksand and we became policemen for the Middle East. It’s ridiculous.“

So we have this.

During the Q&A session, Dershowitz told the crowd that it was “a national disaster” that Bolton had been booted from the White House, to what the attendee described as “thunderous applause.”

I’m with Churchill on this. To talk is not to surrender. To go to war over someone shooting down a drone is insane. As for “national disasters”, let’s see who’s president after January 2021.

Iran blows up Saudi oil wells

Saudi Arabia Has ‘No Excuse for Its Military Failures’…
Oil spikes most in history…
OPEC, Russia Hold Off Pumping More…
Trump says USA does not need Middle East oil, but cargoes keep coming…

Is this really a one-day wonder? The story has virtually disappeared from the news. Maybe it’s just a ripple but maybe it’s not. We might soon find out how much we like things without cheap energy.

Of course, there is always this: Iran Dismisses US Claim It Was Behind Saudi Oil Strikes, Says Ready for War. Which might be looked at in the context of this: Pentagon chief blames Iran for ‘unprecedented attack’ on Saudi oil facilities as military considers options.

That’s what blogs are now for, to post the minor stories of the day while the media goes on about idiotic and obviously false claims of sexual harassment by Supreme Court justices by women who cannot even remember any such event.

A world less divided by religious intolerance

Pakistan Flirts with a Strong Israel:

According to an op-ed in Haaretz this week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his military supporters are allowing a highly-censored media unprecedented freedom to discuss the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with Israel.

This may go well beyond my enemy’s enemy and into the territory of mutual respect and accommodation in a less religiously divided world – that is, a world less divided by religious belief. The Enlightenment may yet become universal. These are only the first seeds, but this is how the world must go if we are all to live in peace and in prosperity.

Fake news, the lamestream media and Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump


…the Economy, where there is NO Recession, much to the regret of the LameStream Media! They are working overtime to help the Democrats win in 2020, but that will NEVER HAPPEN, Americans are too smart!

Arab-Israeli peace is possible

Bad though this is, it is part of the way forward: Why Arabs Hate Palestinians. Read all of it but this is the part that matters.

Many people in the Arab countries are now saying that it is high time for the Palestinians to start looking after their own interests and thinking of a better future for their children…. The Arabs seem to be saying to the Palestinians: “We want to march forward; you can continue to march backward for as long as you wish.”

“We should not be ashamed to establish relations with Israel.” — Ahmad al-Jaralah, a leading Kuwaiti newspaper editor, arabi21.com, July 1, 2019.

The shame is not establishing relations. Why be an enemy with people who would like nothing better than to be your friend?

Brexit and love of country vs love of personal wealth


From Quadrant Online: Feckless ‘conservatism’. From an unexpected source, the real feel for the Brexit catastrophe. Traitors everywhere in our their midst.

The UK’s Country Squire magazine (‘making country life better since 1902′) is not the first and most obvious publication in which one might expect to gain an understanding of the Brexit mess and why, three years after the electorate voted 52/48 to quit Europe, the voters’ will remains frustrated. Yet there it is in a recent edition, one of the most acute analyses of the two major parties’ drift from both base and principle, and a polarised electorate’s disgust with each and both. Author David Eyles puts it this way:

The Fabians believe in gradual change by attrition rather than open revolution. As a result of this thinking, one Labour policy was to get 50% of school leavers to attend a university. As a result, all tertiary education centres such as teacher training colleges, polytechnics and technical colleges converted to call themselves ‘universities’ more or less overnight. On paper, it gave third or fourth rate tertiary education institutions the same status as Oxford, Cambridge, the ‘Red Brick’ universities, the great northern universities and the London Colleges. A generation has now passed through this system, taught mostly by Left-leaning Postmodernist professors and lecturers. This has created an entire structure of Leftist, so-called ‘progressives’ who now dominate the Civil Service, Local Government and most of the large charities, think tanks and, importantly, the media…..

…. By contrast, the Conservatives do not really have any core philosophies except for some rather vague ones … Indeed many actions of this and the last Conservative government suggest that they are still following the path set out for them by Tony Blair. Former soldiers are still being questioned over actions for which they were acquitted many years ago. Children are increasingly being taught about sex and LGBT issues at very young ages – there is a sense that not only is their innocence being lost far too early, but that this is sowing the seeds of confusion for their adult lives. The police are questioning, cautioning and prosecuting people for “hate crimes”. Free speech is being shut down. The Conservative journey to the Left is a long one. In political distance, it is longer than the similar one undertaken by the Labour Party.

As Eyles observes, illustrating his point with the chart reproduced above,

The Conservative Party have failed the country on three counts. The first is their failure to recognise and stop what Postmodernism and the mass move to the Left amongst our establishments have achieved. The second is their own movement to the Left because they have tried to pursue the Leftist Establishment. In so doing, unforgivably, they have abandoned their core voters. The third is their failure to achieve Brexit.

Whatever else you might read about Brexit, Eyles’ insights should not be overlooked.

China has been waging war on the US for decades

This is from Bazza McKenzie, discussing PDT’s policy on China. He is replying to John Hinderaker at Powerline.

John apparently does not realize China has been waging war on the US for decades, with the intention of displacing the US as the world’s dominant nation, and doing it with the aid of a congress of traitors and Wall Street. PDJT is fighting back on behalf of the US and succeeding.

PDJT does not want or expect a deal. Any honest deal (end their mercantilist trade policy, state owned industry, IP theft and forcible IP transfer, opioid shipments to US), enforceable against China, would implode their economy. Thus they will not do it voluntarily.

PDJT is gradually imposing it on them anyway, but he is doing it at a pace which allows US supply chains to adjust without massive disruption to the US economy. Thus he goes through the motions of seeking a deal and imposing tariffs gradually but continuously. It has taken the Chinese some time to realize what he is doing because they are so used to dealing with traitorous,, self-serving politicians happy to sell out their countrymen.

At the same time PDJT is educating the public to the threat posed by China. He has already achieved strong public recognition of that and by 2020 the recognition will be stronger and China’s commiecrat candidate will be pilloried in public by PDJT for working on behalf of the enemy.

The number of people I hear mention tariffs as a major count against Trump is stunning. Managing the economy is only one part of a President’s job. Foreign policy and national defence is another, and a much much bigger part as well.


Dateless in New York

A fascinating tale: A Deplorable Looks for a Date. And as a “deplorable”, he does seem to have a redeeming feature or two:

Thomas D. Klingenstein is a principal in the investment firm of Cohen, Klingenstein, LLC and the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute.

Harrowing, a horror story actually, beyond imagination. This, however, is incredible.

Some conservatives would claim that my being turned down because of my politics is an example of the closed-mindedness of liberals. Perhaps. Though it may just be that conservatives like me, surrounded as we are by liberals, would end up dateless if we limited ourselves to conservatives. As an example of the liberal-conservative imbalance in New York City, in my election district on the Upper West side of Manhattan, out of 12,000 people, a whopping four voted for Trump. Two of these four, a married couple, I am friends with. The odds that the fourth is Miss Right are not in my favor.

I thought Trump’s election was itself the Art of the Impossible. Sleepless in Seattle presented a romantic challenge, but finding love and contentment for a conservative in New York seems to be beyond the widest realm of possibility. And just in case you don’t remember the movie plot:

After the death of his wife, Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) moves to Seattle with his son, Jonah (Ross Mallinger). When Jonah calls in to a talk-radio program to find a new wife for his father, Sam grudgingly gets on the line to discuss his feelings. Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a reporter in Baltimore, hears Sam speak and falls for him, even though she is engaged. Unsure where it will lead, she writes Sam a letter asking him to meet her at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

My only advice to Sam if he’s meeting a reporter in New York, don’t wear your MAGA hat whatever you do.