The economic consequences of Covid

Voters on the left are only slightly more stupid than the people they vote for. Ten months of lockdown and look what happens:

World witnessing greatest rise in inequality on record… Billionaires thriving as poor suffer…

Sharpest Rise in Poverty Rate in More Than 50 Years…

If you stop production [ie enforce lockdowns on our economies] you stop consumption, and that is the order in which things happen. And this is just the start of it.

If there were a military coup in the United States it would look just like this

I saw this and found it funny. I asked myself, what if it’s true? How would you know? “I believe the military is in control”, “Joe Biden is a fake president”.

The one thing I am more sure of than anything else. Joe Biden is not running his administration, and if Kamala Harris took over, she wouldn’t be either.

And then there was this: A Report from a guardsman in Washington on Capitol Hill. There you find this, and while you read the story, ask yourself what are these people doing in Washington right now?

My guard unit was called up last [week] to help secure the Capitol and has been providing security since [January 16]. In 48 hours of on-duty security I have not seen a single protester — only one drunk guy who cussed my 2nd platoon (which raised morale for a good two hours – soldiers like and respect fluent profanity).

Last night I saw probably 2000 riot-prepared soldiers unload from buses and enter the perimeter. This level of military involvement surpasses overreaction, skips past overkill, and pegs “insane.” Whoever ordered this response is completely out of touch with reality.

Twenty thousand is a difficult number to explain. It’s especially strange how it’s a much larger number, relatively, than in 7 A.D. when Varian lost about that many in the Teutoburg forest. But 20,000 troops is three times as many as I deployed to Kuwait with in 2019 for a rotation there, and that seemed huge.

The cost of having these troops in the District of Columbia for one week, including all the movement, food, hotel rooms, and medical probably runs over $100 million. It is just another data point that indicates the people running the country are not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

And now (I wrote my first draft several days ago) there is word that “some National Guard units” will remain in DC through MARCH to “guard the senate.” To guard the Senate? For THREE MONTHS?

And then there was this: Health Sec Says It’s a ‘Long, Long, Long’ Way off from End of Lockdown. Covid is all but gone, but not the lockdown! The story is about Britain, but could just as well have been about the US.

And then to add to the picture there was this to ponder: Your Government is Afraid of You.

The Swamp is terrified of Trump – still. That explains their fixation on eradicating him and his movement. “Trumpism” was not extinguished when Joe Biden raised his right hand to become the 46th president.

Fear grips The Swamp. Here is some evidence: the military occupation of Washington, DC; claims of “insurrection”; Speaker Pelosi’s interference with the military command structure; more baseless claims of dark Russian conspiracies; serious discussion of reeducation camps for Trump supporters; marginalizing and criminalizing all things “Trump” – those are all expressions of fear.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and President Biden keep using the word “insurrectionists” to describe the rowdy Trumpsters who raided the Capitol building unlawfully two weeks ago. That is deliberate. It makes all the respectable, career politicians, government drones and DC political operatives appear to be “victims” – draped in the flag and bravely defending the Constitution. It also criminalizes all of their opposition. Not just the protestors who raided the Capitol, but all Trump supporters – across the USA – and those opposed to The Swamp mentality to which we have now returned.

There were more troops in Washington, DC guarding the inauguration of Joe Biden than are in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. 25,000 National Guardsmen from 13 states, plus more than 2,000 Active Duty military from the Metro DC region. There was also the full panoply of federal and D.C. law enforcement. From Metropolitan Police to the Postal Service. Remember: No one was allowed to go to the Inauguration. The National Mall was closed. Blocks and blocks of downtown DC were shutdown with jersey barriers, 12-foot metal fencing and armed checkpoints. You are supposed to believe this is a “normal” security precaution. You are not supposed to question if the reaction is excessive, heavy-handed or unprecedented.

And if someone was actually trying to launch a military takeover of the American government how would it be different? I would like to put some kind of lighthearted tail to this story – ha, ha, everything will be better come the morning – but somehow I don’t find any of this all that funny. It may just be optics plus my imagination, but how will I know and when will I actually know it?

The left are not hypocrites, they are Marxist loons with an agenda


Someone gets it. A comment from here.

I read the same thing, day after day, from “conservatives” thinking they have discovered something novel … “Democrat hypocrisy!”

Meanwhile, the Marxists continue their march, crushing our liberty, not giving a damn about our cries of “Hypocrisy!”

Imagine complaining to some Chinese official about “Hypocrisy!” He would look at you, smile, and then send you off to the gulag for being an enemy of the state. THAT is how we need to see our Marxist Democrats…as ruthless totalitarians. Because that is EXACTLY what they are.

Our side’s mortal weakness is the inability to truly see what the enemy is all about. We believe they are just like us, and want what we want … liberty and a good life. NO. They don’t. They want you under their boot, and a great life. Freedom for them, not you. THAT is what our side does NOT understand.

And because we don’t understand what the Marxists totalitarians are about, we cede ground to them, we cave to them, giving up more and more of our country and freedoms, thinking THIS TIME these barbarians will leave us alone to be free.


Their goal is ABSOLUTE POWER over you, from what you think, what you read, what you eat, what you drive, where you live, to even how you die. Again, think China, here.

Folks … our side is decades behind the Marxists, as these barbarians own and control almost every single institution in our country. Especially, and most sadly, our schools.

And until we FIRST learn to see these monsters for who they are … we cannot FIGHT these monsters. They are liars and deceivers of the first order, as decades of their behavior have shown us.

Again … their goal is absolute power, which means America, and the very idea of America, must be eliminated. Erased. Which is why Biden, on his very first day, cancelled the 1776 Commission, which was a direct refutation of the putrid evil 1619 project being taught nationwide in our schools.

It’s about America but it refers to all of us on the right across the Western world.

WITH THIS JUST TO HAND: Democrats’ first bill: H.R. 1. I sort of thought this must be just a joke, a kind of totalitarian wish-list, but it seems to really be an actual proposed piece of legislation. Here it is again. And if you don’t think it’s real, you can look at this: H.R. 1, the For the People Act.

Nationwide mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters,DC Statehood roadwork, it’s all in here.

All those people who didn’t like that PDT ate with his elbows on the table and drank Diet Coke with his Big Mac, hope you are happier now. But maybe it really is just a joke.


There are no “professional ethics” on the left

STALINIST PSYCHIATRY FROM YALE’S DR. BANDY X. LEE: The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists.

I remember when it was considered a breach of professional ethics to diagnose the mental health of people you hadn’t personally evaluated. Another casualty of Trump-hatred, which has exposed our professional classes as ethical frauds more or less across the board.

That’s from Instapundit. There are no ethics nor is there any theory in the therapeutic state. It is just a form of social control in the hands of people who invented lobotomies and electric shock treatments. A few quotes from the comments.

The key characteristic of leftists is projection. Everything in the article about the narcissism, propensity to violence and cultist behavior applies far more to leftists than anyone who has been supporting Trump.

“Why does Trump gravitate towards violence and hatred”. I cannot believe how little self-awareness these people have. It’s remarkable.

Isn’t it also a breach of ethics to reveal the diagnosis of a patient you have examined? As in:



Let me also add this.

James Lindsay on “Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism.” Exit quote: “Pseudo-realities are, simply put, false constructions of reality. It is hopefully obvious that among the features of pseudo-realities is that they must present a plausible but deliberately wrong understanding of reality. They are cult ‘realities’ in the sense that they are the way that members of cults experience and interpret the world—both social and material—around them. We should immediately recognize that these deliberately incorrect interpretations of reality serve two related functions. First, they are meant to mold the world to accommodate small proportions of people who suffer pathological limitations on their abilities to cope with reality as it is. Second, they are designed to replace all other analyses and motivations with power, which these essentially or functionally psychopathic individuals will contort and deform to their permanent advantage so long as their pseudo-real regime can last.”

Psychology and psychiatry are beyond a parody and only survive because no one actually knows the kinds of things these people believe and the notions they apply. 

It’s just the start with worse to come

Without Trump to Blame, Virus Turns the Corner.

A year ago, it was the greatest threat to humankind since the Black Death. Now it’s on the verge of becoming just another seasonal virus.

Which it is. Plus these.

Back to the endless wars: US military convoy enters northeast Syria

Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

‘Moscow Joe’ Already Trying to Appease Russia

Tucker Carlson: Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border and shows who he really is

3 Unions That Endorsed Biden Seem Like They’re Already Regretting It

Critics Say ‘Biden Erased Women’ With Transgender Order

Plus this summing up.

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know thenAmerican Thinker, by Andrew W. Coy Original Article I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years. In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry. Here are some important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now. There actually is a deep state and they really do not honor the election results nor the will of the people. There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law. The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the “unwashed masses.” 

And finally, just as a reminder that America’s democracy is a complete sham.


Trump’s Exit Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s Entrance Approval Rating Breitbart Politics, by John Nolte Original Article Rasmussen Reports, one of only about three reputable pollsters out there, found that His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s first ever job approval rating as president is a pathetic 48 percent. Get this… President Trump’s exit approval rating was 51 percent. HAHAHAHAHA!! It gets even better… When President Trump took office in 2017, his first job approval rating in this same poll was 56 percent, which is eight points higher than His Fraudulency’s 48 percent. Hell, even Barry Obama entered office with a 67 percent approval rating back in ’09. The more you look at these numbers, the worse they are for Biden. When President Trump entered office, his disapproval rating was 44 percent.

This is an experiment run on a daily basis across the world


Quite a few years ago, I had the pleasure of watching the Dutch version of Survivor (Expeditie Robinson) with my feminist roommate. That particular season would have two islands, one populated by men and one populated by women. My roommate had been promoting that particular series to me and the other students in the house for weeks because it would show us, according to her, what a society run by women – free from the evils of patriarchy – would be like.

Here is what happened: initially both groups were dropped on their respective islands, given some supplies to get started and left to fend for themselves. In both groups there was some initial squabbling as people tried to figure out a local hierarchy. The men pretty much did whatever they felt was necessary – there was no leader giving orders. Men who felt like hunting, foraging or fishing did so. Another guy decided he was fed up with sitting on sand and started making benches. Others built a hut that gradually grew and evolved. Another guy cooked every night. Within days a neat little civilization was thriving, each day being slightly more prosperous than the previous one….

The women settled into a routine as well. The hung up a clothesline to dry their towels, then proceeded to sunbathe and squabble. Because unlike men, women were unable to do anything without consensus of the whole group. And because it was a group of at least a dozen women, consensus was never reached. During the next few episodes, the women ate all their initial supplies, got drenched by tropical storms several times, were eaten alive by sand fleas and were generally miserable. The men on the other hand, were quite content. There were disagreements of course, but they were generally resolved.

Eventually, the people running the program decided something had to change. In order to help the women out, three men would be selected to go to their island. In return, three women would take their place at the men’s island….

The three men ended up working like dogs, using all the skills developed by trial and error in their first few weeks – building a hut, fish, trying to get the women to forage. The women continued to bitch and sunbathe. The three women who were sent to the men’s island were delighted – food, shelter and plenty of male attention was freely available. They too continued to sunbathe.

We’ll just have to get used to the lies and the idiocy

Biden signs federal mask mandate, repeals
Muslim Ban, and rejoins Paris Climate Agreement
Independent (UK), by Griffin Connolly Original ArticleJoe Biden has signed his first slate of executive actions as president, erasing core aspects of Donald Trump’s legacy on the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, climate change, and more with the simple stroke of a pen. Following an afternoon of ceremonies that included a virtual parade through Washington, DC, and the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the new administration immediately got to work around 5:15pm on the East Coast, rolling out 15 executive orders and two other action items. “There’s no time to start like today,” the president said from the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk.` 

Biden Signs Executive Orders Ending Trump’s
Travel Ban, Stopping Border Wall Construction
National Review, by Brittany Bernstein Original ArticlePresident Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a series of executive orders on immigration, moving to preserve and fortify the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, to end the so-called “Muslim ban,” and to stop construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Biden’s executive orders are in line with campaign promises that he would overturn a number of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies on day one and come as part of a slate of 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations the Democrat will issue on his first day. While the Supreme Court stopped Trump from terminating DACA, Biden’s executive order directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to “take all appropriate actions`

White guy fires Black man on first
day in office:’ Biden sacks Surgeon
General Adams
BizPac Review, by Tom Tillison Original Article“White guy fires Black man on first day in office.”This would be the headline if the corrupt media establishment covered Joe Biden the same way they covered President Donald Trump for four-plus years. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams took to social media early Wednesday, ahead of Biden’s inauguration, to say that the incoming administration asked him to resign — Biden will reportedly name an acting surgeon general within hours. “I’ve been asked by the Biden team to step down as Surgeon General. Its been the honor of my life to serve this Nation, and I will do all I can to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve and`

Liberal Media Immediately Backhands
Melania; Says Jill Biden Will “Bring
Fashion Back” To The White House
Trending Politics, by Clayton Keirns Original ArticleThe mainstream media believes that swapping out a 50-year old super model with a 69-year old lady is going to “bring fashion back” to the White House.Yes, really. Refinery29 published an article titled “Dr. Biden is bringing American fashion back into the White House starting with this subtle sparkly coat” Look below: (Tweet) As you can imagine, they immediately got BLASTED all over Twitter.“Our corporate media are so sick and sad and hateful that they will assert that the DEPARTURE of an actual fashion supermodel from the White House means the ARRIVAL, with the totally normally attired Jill Biden, of ***fashion*** to the White House,” said Mollie Hemingway.

Chris Wallace on Biden’s Speech: ‘ThisWas the Best Inaugural Address I Ever Heard’Yahoo News, by Justin Baragona Original ArticleThe first impression of President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech that Fox News viewers received on Wednesday was from anchor Chris Wallace, who uniformly praised it as “the best inaugural address” he has ever heard. Following Biden’s powerful address in which he declared “democracy has prevailed” and called upon Americans to “end this uncivil war,” the 73-year-old Wallace turned to his Fox colleagues and likened it to all the other presidential speeches he’s witnessed over the years, including that of President John F. Kennedy in 1961.

A Dangerous WorldAmerican Thinker, by Huck Davenport Original ArticleWhile the incoming kakistocracy is ridding the country of a treacherous evil — registered Republicans — the world’s real villains are patiently waiting for President “Insurrection” to leave Dodge. Lost in their hatred induced psychosis is that the bad actors of the world have been largely kept at bay by a shrewd champion of peace through strength. We’ve seen ISIS dismantled, Iran crippled by sanctions, North Korea’s belligerence subdued, and the impossible, peace spreading throughout the Middle East. The Democrats’ all-consuming pathological myopia has caused them to lose touch with that global reality, no doubt assured their resplendence will usher in a new woke utopia.

PDT farewell address

From the New York Post: Farewell address of President Donald Trump.

President Trump released a 19-minute farewell message to the nation via video on Tuesday afternoon celebrating his administration’s achievements and vowing that the populist movement he started is “only just beginning.” The taped remarks, delivered on Trump’s last full day as president ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration at noon Wednesday, celebrate American achievement and strength. They also wish Biden luck. “My fellow Americans, four years ago we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make America great again for all Americans,” Trump began. “As I conclude my term as the 45th president of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together,” he continued, thanking his supporters for electing him in 2016, describing it as “an honor beyond description.” The commander-in-chief highlighted some of his biggest achievements, including the Abraham Accords peace deals in the Middle East and his economic legacy. “We restored American strength at home — and American leadership abroad. We built the greatest economy in the history of the world,” he said. “We revitalized our alliances and rallied the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before.” “I am especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars,” Trump said. Trump also wished the incoming Biden administration success and called on Americans to unify around their shared values. “This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We extend our best wishes and we also want them to have luck,” he said.

We will not see his like again. Socialists and grifters from here on in. Might just add this in from here.

We didn’t start out caring for him in the beginning but after four years of watching this man get pummeled day after day and never give up fighting for all Americans and America, we now consider him perhaps the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.