Covidiocy may be about to end

Are we beginning to see the beginning of the end of Covidiocy? First this: England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions. Undoubtedly pushed along by the fact that no one in authority takes Covid seriously, only the media and the population. That is why all over the political class there are so few who wear masks in public unless they are being knowingly photographed. So in the UK:

Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.

And now this as well: Europe considers new COVID-19 strategy: Accepting the virus.

With one of Europe’s highest vaccination rates and most pandemic-battered economies, the [Spanish] government is laying the groundwork to treat the next infection surge not as an emergency but an illness that is here to stay. Similar steps are under consideration in neighboring Portugal and in Britain.

A few examples.

PICTURED: Maskless AOC raises a cocktail at dinner in Miami Beach | Daily  Mail Online
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews fined $400 for mask breaches after he  admitted it was an 'oversight' | 7NEWS

Do you think that if they thought there was any serious danger they would behave like this?

Political extremism

She really is a fool of the highest order. Then there’s this: Andrews accuses PM of ‘pandering to extremists’.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of “pandering to extremists?? in the wake of a large protest in Melbourne.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Melbourne’s CBD in opposition to the state government’s pandemic laws and COVID-19 vaccination policies.

The peaceful protest capped off a week of demonstrations at State Parliament where there were some ugly scenes including the parading of gallows.

Asked about the threats during the week, Mr Morrison said such behaviour had no place in public protest but could understand why some Victorians were frustrated with the state government.

Mr Andrews on Sunday said those comments were offensive to the 5 million Victorians who had received their vaccinations.

What is really a major worry is that our political leaders are such fools, with Andrews and Lambie so brain dead to the issues that matter. How about we factor things like this into the equation: UK STUDY — Vaccinated Adults under 60 are dying at 2X Times the rate of the Unvaccinated….

Lots more data just like that everywhere, but seldom where Dan Andrews or Jacqui Lambie can see it apparently.

Plus this from Small Dead Animals.

Cardiology Advisor- ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

The risk of developing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) significantly increased in patients after receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, according to a report presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2021, held from November 13 to 15, 2021.

The PULS Cardiac Test measures multiple protein biomarkers, including hepatocyte growth factor [HGF], soluble Fas, and IL-16, and uses the results to calculate a 5-year risk score for new ACS. The PULS score increases with above-normal elevation. Allparticipants received this test every 3-6 months for 8 years.

That sounds like one heck of a good base line to start from.

As a result, the 5-year ACS PULS risk score increased from 11% to 25%. By the time the report was published, changes had persisted for 2.5 months or more after the second vaccine dose.

The study author concluded that “mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Emphasis mine


Some more on ACS or “acute coronary syndrome” .

My old Alma Mater in the news

It’s actually The University of Western Ontario, or at least it was.

This is the caption that comes with the tweet: “The Canadian government has gone full authoritarian with a federal vaccine mandate and Western University is goose-stepping right along!”

Some people will do anything to get out of class.

Opportunity Cost

I received a letter from an old friend who asked:

I have a friend who is a writer and artist. One of his current projects is a novel. At one point he needs to explain opportunity cost. It recalled for me that you wrote a book for kids explaining the fundamental principles of economics.

Would be willing to share the text with us?

This was my reply.

I would of course be willing to share my text with you. The title is Economics for Infants. However, not sure you find opportunity cost discussed, at least not explicitly. However, there is always this you can look at (it can be ordered by the library and the paperback is pretty cheap):  

Free Market Economics, Third Edition. An Introduction for the General Reader The Elgar webpage is  here. And I do notice that Opportunity Cost is discussed on four separate occasions within the book, once even using a diagram. Highly recommended, if I do say so myself. In fact, I do say so myself. 

I just put up a blog post referring to the book, which I will copy below. Here is what I said: 

From The switch to green energy can be the biggest bonanza in history.

“Australia is the best placed nation on earth to be the global winner in the net-zero world, with 672,000 jobs created and $2.1 trillion in economic activity generated by 2050.

“Jobs can be created by getting rid of technology. Economic activity can be driven forward by useless and non-productive forms of “investment”.

“But living standards can only rise if the value of output is greater than the value of the inputs used up. If you think massively increasing the cost of inputs through alternative forms of energy will increase value added, and therefore living standards, you are an economic incompetent. Value added is the core concept surrounding opportunity cost, which also necessitates understanding the economic meaning of cost within economics.

“In my economics text, Free Market Economics, the single most important chapter is the third, on Value Added. No other modern textbook that I know of actually discusses value added beyond a para or two, but without value added at the core of one’s grasp of economics, you will never understand a thing that matters.”

Which reminds me of this, which I may or may not ever have sent to you before: I, Mechanical Pencil: Why a socialist economy can never work. There you find this, which is near enough the core concept of opportunity cost as it is practised in the market: 

What prices must do is reflect how much something costs. And what information about costs does is help entrepreneurs work out which is the least costly way to produce whatever it is they produce. It is important to find the least costly way to produce because the fewer resources used up in making each particular good or service, the more resources are left over to produce something else. Keeping production costs down is essential to maintaining and building our prosperity. This is why prices matter so much. If prices are properly set in the market, the revenue received by each entrepreneur will cover all the costs of production. If every producer sets their own prices, then the prices charged for every input will provide the essential guidance to entrepreneurs on how to keep production costs down.” 

Whether any of this ends up in the book I may never know.

My IEA article on Covid in Australia

The Institute of Economic Affairs in London [the IEA] has published an article of mine on Dealing with Covid-19 in Australia. Most of it will be old news for us in Australia but I end with two paras on what needs to be done now:

Covid is disappearing as a lethal problem and is rapidly fading back into the pack as a serious disease affecting any but a relatively small handful of the population. In fact, most of those who are positively tested, are simply asked to go home and quarantine for two weeks.

What must now occur is that the Covid dogs are called off, genuinely serious cases should be dealt with in hospital as would occur if it were a bad case of the flu. Other than that, we should go back to business as usual, at least as was usual prior to March 2020. There should be no vaccine passports. No mask mandates. Our borders should be open to travel, especially our state borders, whose closure has been particularly absurd. Individuals should be permitted to do what they feel is best for themselves, as we all get on with our lives.

Unless the plan is to lock us down forever until Covid disappears, there is no alternative but to open our borders and our economies while doing what we can to care for those whom the virus infects.

How not to convince people who worry about these experimental vaxxines


Aside from all of the normal reasons not to get the vax is that your life remains exactly the same either way. That will undoubtedly change if the likes of authoritarian fools like Dan Andrews have their way, but so far, not much matters since no one can go interstate, or overseas or even into a cafe. But in the midst of all this I received this letter:

Trust you guys are well. Here is an article you may want to discuss on your blog .

I keep thinking how frustrating and exhausting it must be for you .

And this was the article he sent: Early detection, treatment behind lower rate of mortality from rare AstraZeneca-related clots which is from our ABC. And let me tell you, having come from The ABC its credibility could not be lower. Can someone who thinks they know me really not see that anything from The ABC (or The Age, or even The Australian) will never shift my opinion on anything I care about by even a micro-inch?

And since no one is dying FROM Covid with or without the vax – although there are some undoubtedly dying WITH Covid – there seems little reason to take on the additional risks being vaxxed would bring. Why I should be any more exhausted or frustrated than anyone else, I also cannot fathom.

However, there is this that has popped up this morning in one of the all-in-for-the-vax media companies, this time The Herald Sun in Melbourne: Covid vaccine: How to respond to family members and friends who are anti-vaxxers. My first choice would be a polite form of GFYS, but no one ever raises it with me personally since I tend to follow this issue as closely as anyone, and receive a mass of material every day from people who are similarly concerned about both freedom and the health consequences of taking the vax. But if you would like to see the depths to which these people go, this is from the article. This is how one might respond to someone who says: “It’s been rushed through, it’s not safe”. I take it she means all of the vaxxines when she writes “it”. Her answer:

This is a clear piece of misinformation. Nothing about the vaccine compliance has been rushed.

Ms Hooker explains: “All that has been changed and sped up is red tape and bureaucratic processes. Normally it would take months and months to get human research ethics approvals just because committees don’t meet that often. In this case the committees would meet the next day.

It’s also because of open sharing of information globally because everyone is working towards the same goal. Scientists don’t need to keep their results to themselves to publish under their own name.”

And this is from “a medical ethics expert”. The reality is that these were of course rushed, at Warp speed as was said. And this has nothing to do with paperwork, but checking on their safety through clinical trials. Beyond that, no one, but no one has any idea of the effects of any of the vaxxes two-three-five years from now. What is known is that each of the vaxxes has been trialled in the past with very negative results. 

Might also send you over to Small Dead Animals where they have some quite compelling videos of Australian protests which unfortunately I cannot work out how to put up front. But go to the link: You Can Feel Australia Getting Healthier. Australia really does seem to have a particularly stupid set of leaders at the moment. 

Virtually everyone at these protests has been vaccinated in the past. But this time, there is so obvious a liars’ agenda in play that if you are not hesitant it may be you who are the idiot.



Ivermectin pro and con

With the emphasis on the the word con in all its various meanings: New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19. Dated September 10, 2021.

Today, the TGA, acting on the advice of the Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling, has placed new restrictions on the prescribing of oral ivermectin. General practitioners are now only able to prescribe ivermectin for TGA-approved conditions (indications) – scabies and certain parasitic infections. Certain specialists including infectious disease physicians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists (liver disease specialists) will be permitted to prescribe ivermectin for other unapproved indications if they believe it is appropriate for a particular patient.

There is then this one might consider: From Glasgow protesters gather for ‘right to try’ different treatments.

Tonya Adams says she was treated by Dr. Turner using ivermectin and claims the treatment saved her life.

“I almost didn’t make it. He prescribed me the ivermectin–without the regimen he gave me I wouldn’t be here today,” said Adams.

Bureaucrats are people with no skin in any game they oversee. That has got to change.

Is China really threatening to attack Australia with nuclear weapons?

What is one to make of this? Furious China issues bone-chilling warning subs deal could ‘make Australia a potential target for a NUCLEAR strike’.

Chinese state media has warned Australia will become a ‘potential target for a nuclear strike’ after it acquires nuclear-powered submarines.

As part of a new three-way alliance with the UK and US, Australia will be given the technology to build at least eight nuclear-powered – but not nuclear armed – submarines as the West counters China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the ‘AUKUS’ alliance ‘seriously damages regional peace and stability, intensifies the arms race, and undermines the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.’

There is also this to bear in mind.

China is believed to have between 250 and 350 nuclear weapons, compared to American’s arsenal of 5,800 and Russia’s total of 6,375.

In July satellite photos emerged which appeared to show China building a huge missile silo base in the desert town of Hami, northern Xinjiang province.

Researchers believe the site could expand to 110 silos, which can be filled an intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

Nuclear-POWERED submarines are not a nuclear threat to anyone. They are entirely defensive and can never be anything else. But threatening to aim nuclear weapons at Australia is not the actions of a peaceful neighbour under any circumstances whatsoever.