You will know him by his enemies-Jordan Peterson edition

Jordan Peterson is one of the most relentless and effective enemies of the left. Yet he is frequently criticised by those who are supposedly on his own side. If you are in any doubt about which side he is on, here is the Canadian State Media going after him, which is identical to our ABC in being an exactly perfect measure of who is a genuine enemy of the left.

*Premiering on CBC Docs POV Fri. Nov. 2 at 9pm EST then streaming in Canada at*

SHUT HIM DOWN: The Rise of Jordan Peterson has been in the making for the last two years. The feature doc is a behind-the-scenes look at Professor Jordan Peterson as he navigates the biggest controversy of his career. This is the official trailer which illustrates the explosion of polarized opinions that surround his meteoric rise to global fame.

Polarised as in they are a bunch of Marxist frauds and he is opposed to their lies and deceit. The BBC thought they had shot him to pieces and are still amazed how his influence has grown.

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