Listen Scott: Make Tony Deputy Leader of the Libs

I was going to put this up when I saw the front page story in The Oz on the weekend: Tony Abbott calls for Liberal voter unity. I didn’t then, but today there was this which pushed me a little closer: Newspoll: Scott Morrison takes significant personal hit in wake of Wentworth by-election. But then there was this, picked up at QoL:

Scott: you have to show you really care about the Liberal base, and even more, that you really care about this country. And this is how you do it. You make Tony Abbott the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party so that we can see that the views of us over here are taken into account. Even better, you will be able to bring the party together. Better still, you will be able to fashion a policy platform that will get you over the line, you know: lower real cost of energy, an improving economy and stopping the boats.

Why this is not obvious to you is beyond reason.

And just this now up at The Oz: Nauru a ‘very pleasant island’: Abbott urges PM to hold firm on asylum seekers. Sounds like a winning policy to me.

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