It’s just the start with worse to come

Without Trump to Blame, Virus Turns the Corner.

A year ago, it was the greatest threat to humankind since the Black Death. Now it’s on the verge of becoming just another seasonal virus.

Which it is. Plus these.

Back to the endless wars: US military convoy enters northeast Syria

Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

‘Moscow Joe’ Already Trying to Appease Russia

Tucker Carlson: Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border and shows who he really is

3 Unions That Endorsed Biden Seem Like They’re Already Regretting It

Critics Say ‘Biden Erased Women’ With Transgender Order

Plus this summing up.

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know thenAmerican Thinker, by Andrew W. Coy Original Article I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years. In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry. Here are some important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now. There actually is a deep state and they really do not honor the election results nor the will of the people. There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law. The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the “unwashed masses.” 

And finally, just as a reminder that America’s democracy is a complete sham.


Trump’s Exit Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s Entrance Approval Rating Breitbart Politics, by John Nolte Original Article Rasmussen Reports, one of only about three reputable pollsters out there, found that His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s first ever job approval rating as president is a pathetic 48 percent. Get this… President Trump’s exit approval rating was 51 percent. HAHAHAHAHA!! It gets even better… When President Trump took office in 2017, his first job approval rating in this same poll was 56 percent, which is eight points higher than His Fraudulency’s 48 percent. Hell, even Barry Obama entered office with a 67 percent approval rating back in ’09. The more you look at these numbers, the worse they are for Biden. When President Trump entered office, his disapproval rating was 44 percent.

This is an experiment run on a daily basis across the world


Quite a few years ago, I had the pleasure of watching the Dutch version of Survivor (Expeditie Robinson) with my feminist roommate. That particular season would have two islands, one populated by men and one populated by women. My roommate had been promoting that particular series to me and the other students in the house for weeks because it would show us, according to her, what a society run by women – free from the evils of patriarchy – would be like.

Here is what happened: initially both groups were dropped on their respective islands, given some supplies to get started and left to fend for themselves. In both groups there was some initial squabbling as people tried to figure out a local hierarchy. The men pretty much did whatever they felt was necessary – there was no leader giving orders. Men who felt like hunting, foraging or fishing did so. Another guy decided he was fed up with sitting on sand and started making benches. Others built a hut that gradually grew and evolved. Another guy cooked every night. Within days a neat little civilization was thriving, each day being slightly more prosperous than the previous one….

The women settled into a routine as well. The hung up a clothesline to dry their towels, then proceeded to sunbathe and squabble. Because unlike men, women were unable to do anything without consensus of the whole group. And because it was a group of at least a dozen women, consensus was never reached. During the next few episodes, the women ate all their initial supplies, got drenched by tropical storms several times, were eaten alive by sand fleas and were generally miserable. The men on the other hand, were quite content. There were disagreements of course, but they were generally resolved.

Eventually, the people running the program decided something had to change. In order to help the women out, three men would be selected to go to their island. In return, three women would take their place at the men’s island….

The three men ended up working like dogs, using all the skills developed by trial and error in their first few weeks – building a hut, fish, trying to get the women to forage. The women continued to bitch and sunbathe. The three women who were sent to the men’s island were delighted – food, shelter and plenty of male attention was freely available. They too continued to sunbathe.

We’ll just have to get used to the lies and the idiocy

Biden signs federal mask mandate, repeals
Muslim Ban, and rejoins Paris Climate Agreement
Independent (UK), by Griffin Connolly Original ArticleJoe Biden has signed his first slate of executive actions as president, erasing core aspects of Donald Trump’s legacy on the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, climate change, and more with the simple stroke of a pen. Following an afternoon of ceremonies that included a virtual parade through Washington, DC, and the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the new administration immediately got to work around 5:15pm on the East Coast, rolling out 15 executive orders and two other action items. “There’s no time to start like today,” the president said from the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk.` 

Biden Signs Executive Orders Ending Trump’s
Travel Ban, Stopping Border Wall Construction
National Review, by Brittany Bernstein Original ArticlePresident Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a series of executive orders on immigration, moving to preserve and fortify the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, to end the so-called “Muslim ban,” and to stop construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Biden’s executive orders are in line with campaign promises that he would overturn a number of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies on day one and come as part of a slate of 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations the Democrat will issue on his first day. While the Supreme Court stopped Trump from terminating DACA, Biden’s executive order directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to “take all appropriate actions`

White guy fires Black man on first
day in office:’ Biden sacks Surgeon
General Adams
BizPac Review, by Tom Tillison Original Article“White guy fires Black man on first day in office.”This would be the headline if the corrupt media establishment covered Joe Biden the same way they covered President Donald Trump for four-plus years. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams took to social media early Wednesday, ahead of Biden’s inauguration, to say that the incoming administration asked him to resign — Biden will reportedly name an acting surgeon general within hours. “I’ve been asked by the Biden team to step down as Surgeon General. Its been the honor of my life to serve this Nation, and I will do all I can to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve and`

Liberal Media Immediately Backhands
Melania; Says Jill Biden Will “Bring
Fashion Back” To The White House
Trending Politics, by Clayton Keirns Original ArticleThe mainstream media believes that swapping out a 50-year old super model with a 69-year old lady is going to “bring fashion back” to the White House.Yes, really. Refinery29 published an article titled “Dr. Biden is bringing American fashion back into the White House starting with this subtle sparkly coat” Look below: (Tweet) As you can imagine, they immediately got BLASTED all over Twitter.“Our corporate media are so sick and sad and hateful that they will assert that the DEPARTURE of an actual fashion supermodel from the White House means the ARRIVAL, with the totally normally attired Jill Biden, of ***fashion*** to the White House,” said Mollie Hemingway.

Chris Wallace on Biden’s Speech: ‘ThisWas the Best Inaugural Address I Ever Heard’Yahoo News, by Justin Baragona Original ArticleThe first impression of President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech that Fox News viewers received on Wednesday was from anchor Chris Wallace, who uniformly praised it as “the best inaugural address” he has ever heard. Following Biden’s powerful address in which he declared “democracy has prevailed” and called upon Americans to “end this uncivil war,” the 73-year-old Wallace turned to his Fox colleagues and likened it to all the other presidential speeches he’s witnessed over the years, including that of President John F. Kennedy in 1961.

A Dangerous WorldAmerican Thinker, by Huck Davenport Original ArticleWhile the incoming kakistocracy is ridding the country of a treacherous evil — registered Republicans — the world’s real villains are patiently waiting for President “Insurrection” to leave Dodge. Lost in their hatred induced psychosis is that the bad actors of the world have been largely kept at bay by a shrewd champion of peace through strength. We’ve seen ISIS dismantled, Iran crippled by sanctions, North Korea’s belligerence subdued, and the impossible, peace spreading throughout the Middle East. The Democrats’ all-consuming pathological myopia has caused them to lose touch with that global reality, no doubt assured their resplendence will usher in a new woke utopia.

PDT farewell address

From the New York Post: Farewell address of President Donald Trump.

President Trump released a 19-minute farewell message to the nation via video on Tuesday afternoon celebrating his administration’s achievements and vowing that the populist movement he started is “only just beginning.” The taped remarks, delivered on Trump’s last full day as president ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration at noon Wednesday, celebrate American achievement and strength. They also wish Biden luck. “My fellow Americans, four years ago we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make America great again for all Americans,” Trump began. “As I conclude my term as the 45th president of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together,” he continued, thanking his supporters for electing him in 2016, describing it as “an honor beyond description.” The commander-in-chief highlighted some of his biggest achievements, including the Abraham Accords peace deals in the Middle East and his economic legacy. “We restored American strength at home — and American leadership abroad. We built the greatest economy in the history of the world,” he said. “We revitalized our alliances and rallied the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before.” “I am especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars,” Trump said. Trump also wished the incoming Biden administration success and called on Americans to unify around their shared values. “This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We extend our best wishes and we also want them to have luck,” he said.

We will not see his like again. Socialists and grifters from here on in. Might just add this in from here.

We didn’t start out caring for him in the beginning but after four years of watching this man get pummeled day after day and never give up fighting for all Americans and America, we now consider him perhaps the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

What’s united about the United States?

What a mess! The only part that unites the Democrats is that the president is no longer Donald Trump. Let them enjoy it while they can since from here on it things will only get worse. All from just now.


Don’t Call Biden’s Plan ‘Stimulus’ — It’s Just Another Keynesian Fantasy Issues & Insights, by The Editorial Board Original Article Joe Biden’s promised stimulus is meant to boost an economy devastated by the Democrats’ national shutdown by handing out more checks and imposing a $15 national minimum wage. Sorry, it won’t work. “We must act now, and we must act decisively,” Biden said. Sounds good, but do we really? What he and Congress have proposed is an incoherent mess that will do the precise opposite of what he says it will. Even worse, it’s premised on the long-discredited idea that the government can stimulate the economy by spending more. From false premises come bad policies that will hurt many low-income

Is it really “long-discredited”? I thought it was mainstream macro. Maybe this time it will be discredited, but hope springs eternal in the socialist breast.

_______________The rest were all here before

The painful symbolism of the 26,000 National Guard Troops in D.C. American Thinker, by Andrea Widburg Original Article  Those of you who are reading this post are the type of people who pay attention to things. That’s why you already know that 26,000 National Guard troops drawn from all over America and from Puerto Rico, have assembled in Washington, D.C., in advance of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. (That’s about three divisions worth of troops.) But have you given serious thought to what the troops’ presence means? (snip) I’m inclined to agree with Tucker Carlson’s brilliant Monday night opening monologue regarding the deeper meaning behind a massive D.C. lockdown

Joe Biden: Amnesty for Everyone Who Was Here on January 1 Breitbart Economy, by Neil Munro Original Article President-elect Joe Biden’s amnesty plan will reportedly provide the glittering prize of U.S. citizenship to everyone who can show they were in the United States illegally on January 1, if Congress passes the wage-cutting, nation-changing legislation amid a deep economic recession.“To qualify, immigrants must have been in the United States as of Jan. 1, a move meant to blunt any rush to the border,” according to a description provided “by transition officials” to the Washington Post.But the “rush to the border” is likely because migrants and the coyotes’ smuggling industry can backdate documents

Activists: Biden’s Embrace of Transgender Athletes a Blow to Women’s Rights Breitbart Sports, by Penny Starr Original Article President-Elect Joe Biden’s promise to embrace transgender ideology will likely include supporting biological men who say their gender identity is female to compete in sports against biological women. Attorneys representing transgender athletes and women athletes expect Biden’s Department of Education to reverse course in two lawsuits in Idaho and Connecticut that the Trump administration had backed to protect women’s rights. (Snip) Transgender athletes are getting an ally in the White House next week as they seek to participate as their identified gender in high school and college sports — although state legislatures, Congress and the courts are all expected to have their say this year, too.

Trump’s 1776 Commission slams schools for trying to paint the US as an ‘evil country’ with ‘distorted histories’ on slavery, defends the Founding Fathers and urges teachers to reject ‘activist propaganda’ in MLK Day report Daily Mail (UK), by Luke Kenton & Lauren Fruen * Original Article The Trump administration’s 1776 Commission has slammed what it calls ‘re-education attempts’ that re-frame the United States as ‘an evil country’ in a scathing report released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The 45-page document blasts ‘destructive scholarship’ that the commission says misrepresents the history of slavery and racial discrimination in the nation’s schools and colleges. It also likened American liberals to the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini, who the commission said ‘sought to centralize power under the management of so-called experts.’ ‘States and school districts should reject any curriculum that promotes one-sided partisan opinions,

Incoming White House Climate Team Blames Systemic Racism’ for Climate Change Washington Free Beacon, by Collin Anderson Original Article A pair of top incoming White House environmental aides has blamed “systemic racism” as a driver of climate change in an attempt to justify a government-led economic overhaul.President-elect Joe Biden named progressive policy adviser Maggie Thomas as Office of Domestic Climate Policy chief of staff and climate advocate Cecilia Martinez as “senior director for environmental justice” on Thursday. Both Thomas and Martinez have cited racial inequality as perpetuating climate change, arguing that the Biden administration’s environmental policy must be centered on “racial and economic justice.”

NY Times Says We Need A Return To Trump’s Booming Economy But CNN Admits Biden Has No ‘Magic Wand’ Hot Air, by John Sexton Original Article According to the NY Times, Biden’s incoming economic team has one goal: Get back to the booming pre-Covid economy of the Trump administration: As President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. prepares to take office this week, his administration and the Federal Reserve are pointed toward a singular economic goal: Get the job market back to where it was before the pandemic hit. The humming labor backdrop that existed 11 months ago — with 3.5 percent unemployment, stable or rising work force participation and steadily climbing wages — turned out to be a recipe for lifting all boats, creating economic opportunities for long-disenfranchised groups and lowering poverty rates.

Cheer today gone tomorrow

Maine Coon - Cat Lovers Show Melbourne

Newsitem: On 13 January 2021, the chair and CEO of Saputo Inc. announced that “Coon” cheese was to be rebranded as “Cheer” cheese, the new name scheduled to be launched in July 2021. This is what I wrote when they first had this thought: Cultural inappropriation. Utter vandals. They have absolutely ruined their brand for no reason.


Must say, when I arrived here from Canada back in 1975 I was quite astonished then to find Coon Cheese on sale. A North American impossibility both then and now but an absolutely nothing-at-all here in Australia. It is just the name of a cheese, named after the man who invented the blend, and a cheese that I happen to like very much. Different words in different cultures. You just get used to boots and bonnets. It’s the Australian way, which means it is our way. I could add that the main clothing brand in Canada is Roots, which definitely would not work out in Australia.

Let me go even further. When our latest pussycat joined our household – eight years ago – turned out she is a “Maine Coon” which is a breed of cat whose name no one seems to bat an eye at, neither here nor in North America. She is, after all, a Maine coon. Let me continue with three letters to the editor at The Oz the other day.

I fail to understand why Dr Stephen Hagan would spend so much time and effort on an issue such as Coon cheese (“Era ends as Coon cheese name cut”, 25-26/7). As a person who has worked in outback NSW and Queensland as well as living and working out of Port Augusta in South Australia and travelling to site work in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, I have seen the plight of remote Aborigines first hand. There will be no Aborigines in Port Augusta doing high-fives or cartwheels over the renaming of Coon cheese.

Hagan spent the first seven years of his life in a camp outside Cunnamulla in southwest Queensland before moving to a new house in town. Being a high achiever, he attended boarding school in Brisbane and, among other things, went on to become one of Australia’s first indigenous diplomats. He then became a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland — good on him, a great career. It would seem, though, that Hagan’s circle of fellow activists and like-minded colleagues are not in sync with the real needs of Aboriginal people in the areas I have mentioned.

Shane Porter, Elanora, Qld

Ignoring the merits of the decision by a Canadian company to change the name of a well-known Australian product, it is worth noting Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan’s ironic call not to let “conservative social commentators dictate their narrative on what is right and wrong”. Arguably, this name change is an example of another, and ascendant, brand of activists dictating their narrative on what is right and wrong.

David Finch, Forestville, SA

According to the genealogy website Ancestry, there are several origins of the name “Coon”. Anglicised Gaelic — “O’Cuana; Anglicised German – “Kuhn”; Anglicised Dutch — “Coen” or “Koen”. A whole lot of people to chase down because of perceived racist names. Then, of course, we have the 35 people listed in the Australian White Pages with the name “Coon”, plus their families.

Racism is a sad blight on civilisation and should not be accepted in any form. Sadly, I think pursuing dreamed up racism is counterproductive and aligned with the conjured up targeting of statues and monuments because someone thinks that these commemorate things that today we regret.

Peter Strauss, Mt Eliza, Vic

It is why I think Australia is the last sane place left in the Western world. As a dinky-di Aussie-Canadian, let me just suggest the name should be left as it was.

Promoting “hatred, division and madness”

Went looking for the source of CurrencyLad’s story on Craig Kelly and found this. There really are some fruit loops out there.

Malcolm Turnbull slams Murdoch media for sowing ‘hatred, division and madness’

Malcolm Turnbull has blamed Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and other media outlets for promoting “the hatred, division and madness” that prompted the US Capitol attack last week.

In an opinion piece in Crikey, the former Australian prime minister has called for Murdoch’s media empire to “be brought to account”, and asked businesses to reconsider advertising with the company’s outlets.

Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A, 9 November 2020.
 Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A, 9 November 2020. Photograph: ABC TV

Turnbull wrote:

Until a few weeks ago Fox News’ relationship with Trump was like that of a state-owned broadcaster in a dictatorship: flattering the great leader, supporting his friends, denouncing his allies, covering up his failures.

Fox News has promoted and exacerbated America’s deep social and racial divisions, supporting Trump’s exploitation of them at every turn.

And when the election result was clear, Fox was once again in the forefront supporting Trump in his claims of election fraud, undermining Americans’ faith in their electoral system.

Murdoch did not directly dispatch the mob as Trump did, but his media, more than any other, amplified the narratives of hatred, division and denial that made the mob possible.

I have been with Trump and Murdoch and the power relationship was all too obvious. Trump was deferential, almost obsequious, to Murdoch. In fact when Trump and I first met he wanted Murdoch to join our bilateral discussion. I told him I wouldn’t do that – something Murdoch did not appreciate no doubt.

Freedom of speech must never mean freedom from responsibility.

I had been told he still shows up on the ABC and this is definite proof. He apparently once led the Liberal Party of Australia.

Harming people in the name of helping them is one of mankind’s favourite pastimes

I love this.

President-Elect Joe Biden delivered his first major national address since the Electoral Count was certified Thursday night; calling on “everyone at the top” to pay “their fair share” so we can rebuild and rescue the American economy. “What I just described does not come cheaply… We simply can’t not afford to not do what I’m proposing,” said Biden. “Even Wall Street firms have reinforced the logic. We must invest now, boldly, and smartly,” said Biden. “Asking everyone to pay their fair share at the top so we can make permanent investments to rescue and rebuild America is the right thing for our economy,” he added.”>thisthis:

President-Elect Joe Biden delivered his first major national address since the Electoral Count was certified Thursday night; calling on “everyone at the top” to pay “their fair share” so we can rebuild and rescue the American economy. “What I just described does not come cheaply… We simply can’t not afford to not do what I’m proposing,” said Biden. “Even Wall Street firms have reinforced the logic. We must invest now, boldly, and smartly,” said Biden. “Asking everyone to pay their fair share at the top so we can make permanent investments to rescue and rebuild America is the right thing for our economy,” he added.

A Keynesian solution to a bloated government. Pure genius.

And don’t worry, Mitch, it won’t last, but in the meantime: Poll: 91% of GOP voters still with Trump … McConnell worried?. The Republicrats will fix it, but until then:

A poll taken after the Capitol Hill rioting that Democrats blame on President Donald Trump reveals that more than nine out of 10 of his supporters would still vote for him – results that could spell disaster for Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who have supported efforts to impeach the president.

The favorable Trump numbers relayed in a Washington Examiner report revealed the findings of pollster Frank Luntz – numbers that reportedly should have many Republicans who sided with the Democrats very concerned.

“Despite their criticism of his conduct since November 3rd and last week, 91% of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if another presidential election were held today,” Luntz tweeted Monday.

Will also add this: POLL: Few blame Trump for Capitol riots. But all the media, all of the leaders of the Senate and House on both sides, and the President-elect and the V-P elect do, so what does a poll result have to do with anything. The left never debate among themselves, they just listen for instructions and then immediately sign on. Whatever the mantra of the moment, that is what they will say.

Even I occasionally disagreed with PDT but then no one is perfect, least of all me

Since it seems everyone wishes to abandon Donald Trump, why should I not point out that I had once criticised him myself: Now to some basics. This was published on April 11, 2017.

I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt over what he was up to in Syria, but if he actually intends to put America on a path to war over the use of chemical weapons in Syria then he had better go to Congress before he takes another step. 

My point was that making an issue of the means by which Assad murdered his citizens was a pretty low-grade issue, more sentimentality than hard-bitten policy. Yet the reality is that there must be an emotional element in every political decision. In fact, I think of Trump being often driven by sentiment, which is often what got him into trouble with others, but almost every element of that personal sentiment worked for me, such as the decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Sadly, having had one or two reservations about the occasional policy here and there will now be replaced by following the decisions made a president for whom there will be one or two moments of agreement with the rest a wasteland of political horrors.

You can’t agree with anyone all the time. And with Biden-Harris, I won’t disagree all the time. But unless there is some kind of miracle in the offing, the years ahead look like they are going to be awful.