Tweet not so softly and carry a big stick

President Trump late Sunday tweeted out to Iranian President Rouhani to never threaten the U.S. again or face historic consequences.

The tweet came on the heels of Rouhani’s warning to Trump that hostile policies could lead to the “mother of all wars” with Iran.

Trump called for Rouhani to stop the rhetoric or “suffer the consequences the like of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. Be cautious!”

Rouhani earlier warned Trump to stop “playing with the lion’s tail” and threatening Iran, “or else you will regret it.”

Trump earlier this year pulled the U.S. out of the international deal meant to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon and ordered increased American sanctions.

TO WHICH MAY BE ADDED THIS: The address by the American Secretary of State was delivered at the Reagan Library just to underscore the message:

From the speech:

You know, despite the regime’s clear record of aggression, America and other countries have spent years straining to identify a political moderate. It’s like an Iranian unicorn. (Laughter.) The regime’s revolutionary goals and willingness to commit violent acts haven’t produced anyone to lead Iran that can be remotely called a moderate or a statesman.

Some believe that President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif fit that bill. The truth is they are merely polished front men for the ayatollahs’ international con artistry. Their nuclear deal didn’t make them moderates; it made them wolves in sheep’s clothing. Governments around the world worry that confronting the Islamic Republic harms the cause of moderates, but these so-called moderates within the regime are still violent Islamic revolutionaries with an anti-America, anti-West agenda. You only have to take their own words for it.

Via Scott Johnson at Powerline.

A frightening example of how useless economic theory has become

Steve Hayward at Powerline discusses just how useless modern economic theory is in trying to make sense of a modern economy. He does so in the context of the newest rising star in the Democrat firmament, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Let me first go to the statement she made that has everyone laughing at her, but I have yet to see anyone explain exactly why she is so out to lunch, which she is: unemployment, she said, is low because most people are working two jobs! But more to the point was this, which is spot on, but doesn’t go anywhere near far enough:

Economics, even on the undergraduate level, has been slowly becoming more mathematically intense in recent years, at the expense of any consideration of economic history or old-fashioned political economy. You will learn good skills from today’s math-heavy economics instruction, but at the loss of direct connection to actual economic issues in the real world. You learn how to make a lot of sophisticated regression models, and how to tease out data sets, but you don’t learn much on how an economy actually works, especially how markets work. The partial exception to this will be the leftist faculty concerned with inequality, labor, and the environment. Hence students will only hear of economic perspectives on current issues from one direction.

The result is that someone who has graduated fourth in her class at Boston University in Economics and Foreign Relations knows next to nothing on how an economy works (and equally has no clue about foreign relations as well). Yet she remains the rising star on the left who are overwhelmingly just as ignorant as she is.

Some comments on Trump v Putin

At Powerline, as soon as I see a column by Paul Mirengoff I head straight to the comments since nothing he says makes any sense. These are comments from a post today on TRUMP’S INCREDIBLE TAKE ON PUTIN’S “INCREDIBLE OFFER”. These make sense to me:

President Trump merely told the obvious truth. Putin is more credible then our ‘intelligence’ agencies who have a long history of lying about the few things they aren’t wrong about. ‘Wrong about’ would include the fall of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall, Iran, the Philipines, Hati, Cuba, Cambodia, Rwanda, 911, the rise of Islamic jihad, etc. ‘Lied about’ would include, the Bay of Pigs, assassination attempts on Castro (and others), Tonkin Gulf hoax and what they did before and after in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, spying on Americans, collecting metadata on Americans and most recently borrowing one of their ‘assets’ to the FBI to spy on Trump. If there is one agency that has proved over time to be incompetent, corrupt and dishonest, it is the CIA. I’d take Putins word over a CIA director any day of the week.

Ive always been a bit befuddled by US foreign policy. Usually, we punch the little guys hard (not that I necessarily have a problem with that) and impose only sanctions, of varying degrees, on the big boys. China is an example – we do plenty of business with a country that is not our ally. We enrich them immensely. They have stolen intellectual property, among other things, and life goes on. Has this conduct changed China’s fundamentals? So now we have Trump engaging in ‘unorthodox’ diplomacy and one might think he’s giving away the store. Only problem with that analysis is that his actions towards Russia are much different from Obama’s actions – who apparently practiced orthodox diplomacy, which emboldened Putin. What am I missing?

Disclosure- I am a Russophile. I like Tolstoy and Rimsky-Korsakoff. I am friends with many former Soviet Jews. And unlike a certain dufus, I thank the people who ate the Nazis for lunch. That being said, I agree with Trump. The US had a chance to develop the former USSR into an ally and friend. It didnt help when Clinto meddled in the 1996 election( although he did the same to Israel). When the Soviet Union broke up the US promised not to expand NATO but W did. I didnt see the MSM freaking out when Obama and Soros were meddling in the Russian 2012 election. In 2014 the US spearheaded the Ukraine rebellion -operation Ajax redux- thank you Victoria Nudelman. The Ukraine has been felt as part of Russian sphere of influence and Obama sent agents to overthrow the legal government there. I have yet to see you mention these facts. Or do you feel that when the US does it , its is kosher? I doubt the Diem family would agree.

I’m pro-American, but the US intelligence community has long been pro Democrat rather than pro American. It is a gigantic, scantily accountable bureaucracy that aligns with big government Progressives. As you’d expect from process-driven government agencies, the IC has failed to protect America from multiple avoidable terrorist atrocities, from multiple avoidable cyber breaches (they didn’t even interdict Hillary Klutz, let alone the Chinese) and has shown itself willing to corrupt the 2016 election and attempt a soft coup against the winner. Putin on the other hand is not opposed to America, he is in favor of Russia and grabs what he can get away with on the edge of his own territory not thousands of miles away across the ocean. Trump is essentially right about US/Russia relations.

In my opinion, the most important factor in all of this “rolling over” by American presidents is our media’s constant emphasis on the virtues of “diplomacy”, over everything else, by the American news media. Confrontation is always portrayed as negative. So American presidents have become essentially skittish, constantly looking over their shoulders at the American press and wanting to be in their good graces, portrayed positively. This takes all of their focus off of “what’s betst for America” in the short, medium and long term and all on what will make them get positive reviews. Sometimes what’s good for America in the long term may look bad for America in the short term (or as portrayed by our media). Perfect example is Rekjavik Iceland with Reagan and Gorbachev. Reagan left without a deal and that was portrayed as disastrous by our media – as it turned out he was refusing to accept Gorby’s gambit, and in the long run he got a deal. Unfortunately, what this means is that, today, our media basically drive our policy. Sad, and scary.

As Rush constantly and correctly points out, conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. It seems to me Putin is the one getting rolled. He’s being stymied everywhere and was the one pushing for the summit. So he scores points with the anti-Trump media and NeverTrumpers. Let’s see how the ME (Syria/Iran) shakes out, where Russia is taking a beating, and how they react to DPRK sanctions.

I’m of the opinion our Intelligence agencies are hip-deep in domestic politics. That some at the top of several agencies were and have collaborated with the Democrats during and after the Presidential elections. To suggest their efforts are devoted to protecting us from the Russians ignores the facts. We need protection from them. If Trump’s actions suggests he doesn’t trust or believe them, he is not wrong. I neither trust nor believe them either.

Why shouldn’t Trump take Putin offer? Mueller just got his ass handed to him on his first set of fake indictments of a Russian company. McFaul is a Jackass, the Browder the same. you can’t keep picking a fight with the Russians with no real evidence then hide behind daddy Trump and yell Treason if he won’t protect you. Trying to cause a World War for What? But hurt Dems and Neocons? We already kicked the crap out whole unit of Russians in Syria, Trump already made his point.

Once again the hysterical side gets all the oxygen. Words and posturing are much different than concrete action. I see nothing to show that we have given any ground to Russia. So calm down! No one has given Putin anything. You might consider that Trump is deliberately poking those that have the most to fear from what ever Putin knows . Clearly that’s not Trump. So I wonder who it might be?

Nitpicking. Trump is freewhelling and off script. Overall, Trump is Putin’s worse nightmare. Clinton would have been Putin’s dream come true. Trump would be the last person Putin wants in office. A weak Clinton was the obvious first choice. Trump has:

Deepened economic sanctions on Russian Oligarchs
Kicked many Russia Diplomats out of the US
Pounded Russia assets in Syria
Strengthened Eastern European Missile Defense
Spoken out very strongly against Russian annexation of Crimea
Armed Anti-Russian Ukrainian military to the tune of 1B$
Cajoled NATO to increase spending by 45 Billion dollars- most of which will be used to defend E Europe against Russian aggression
Criticized Germany for reliance on Russian gas
Added major muscle to the US Military
Pulled the plug on the Iranian Nuclear deal, damaging Russian interests
Guaranteed total US energy independence
Started a Space Force as protection against Russian and Chinese possible agression
Then Putin, in an act of deference to Pres Trump, offers some public dirt on Clinton: 400 million of illicit Russian money went to the CF.

Putin is obviously in Trump’s pocket, not the other way around, foolish writers notwithstanding.

The purity wing of the political right

Here’s how it is. The only president on our side of the fence is Donald Trump, just as the only Prime Minister on the Liberal side is Malcolm Turnbull. All present alternatives from other political parties are worse, much worse.

With Donald Trump, thus far he has not tried to do anything I disagree with. He gets it on open borders, public spending, climate change, the Middle East, China, our Nato allies, Brexit and just about everything else. I am not even in the slightest concerned with his personal style, and I love his twitter feed which is a wonderful addition to public discourse. The only reservation I have had was that he was concerned about rising interest rates, but this is a technical thing, and about which in my own view higher rates will stimulate growth since it will reduce the proportion of our savings going towards unproductive projects. On this I am not going to make a fuss, and about everything else I am with him 100%. On tariffs, I am generally in favour of free trade, but only among nations in which cheating on their obligations is not the rule but the exception. I am also pleased to see trade issues being used to achieve foreign policy outcomes, such as the pressure being put on North Korea and its allies to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

About Malcolm I have had my doubts in the past but he is the PM and he leads a party who are generally speaking on my side of things, far more than the people anywhere else. I wish him success, and in that I wish even more success to those members of the party holding their cattle prods to induce the PM to do the right thing. His instincts are generally terrible, but he seems pretty sound on stopping the boats, and seems to be getting the message about population growth. He even seems to be seeing the light about coal-driven power stations. I want him to win the next election, and my preference is not marginal but overwhelming. Lots of things I don’t like about Lib-Nat policies at the moment, but while selling the pass in some areas they are still well in front so far as my own agendas are concerned. I just wish they would become more of a entrepreneurial party – cut down their own spending and reduce business regs much much more than they have, but you can’t always get everything you want.

At Freedomfest I met up with many many people with whom I could agree on things almost totally across the board, a very rare experience but an immense pleasure. But the minute I walked out of the conference venue, there I was in the middle of Las Vegas among people for whom none of that would be true. Not that they wouldn’t necessarily agree with me if they thought about things. But that they never think about these things so don’t agree with my views mostly because CNN got to them first and with better production values.

I am not and never have been a member of the purity wing of the right side of the political divide. I worked in policy far too long to even begin to hope to see things done as I would wish most of the time. Democrats and socialists are a lost cause, same again with the #NeverTrump wing of the so-called right. They are political fools and a danger to us all. On our side there are many points of view, even people who think climate change is a genuine issue that needs urgent attention.

But I do have to say that if you do not see the virtues in the miraculous election of Donald Trump as president, you are a political fool of the highest order. Your opinions are dead to me since as far as I am concerned, you are as big a political dimwit as I can possibly imagine.

The new socialism just like the old socialism

Just think of this in the Age of Venezuela: AP: ‘Democratic Socialism is Surging’. It was surging before and will continue to surge after since socialists are by definition ignorant to an amazing extent about both history and how an economy works. Here’s some of what it says:

As Donald Trump’s presidency stretches into its second year, democratic socialism has become a significant force in Democratic politics. Its rise comes as Democrats debate whether moving too far left will turn off voters….

The most ambitious Democrats in Washington have been reluctant to embrace the label, even as they embrace the policies defining modern-day democratic socialism: Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, free college tuition and the abolition of the federal department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE….

Sanders’ plan to provide free government-sponsored health care for all Americans had no co-sponsors in 2013. Today, more than one-third of Senate Democrats and two-thirds of House Democrats have signed onto the proposal, which by one estimate could cost taxpayers as much as $32 trillion.

The co-sponsors include 2020 presidential prospects such as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Spokesmen confirmed that none of the senators consider themselves democratic socialists, but made no effort to distance from the movement’s priorities.

Most support the push to abolish ICE, which enforces immigration laws.

Complete morons by political operatives who are as shallow as shallow can be about anything actually related to the operation of an economy, never mind the essentials of a free society. And then there’s this:

There is little distinction made between the terms “democratic socialism” and “socialism” in the group’s literature. While DSA-backed candidates promote a “big-tent” philosophy, the DSA constitution describes their members as socialists who “reject an economic order based on private profit” and “share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality and non-oppressive relationships.”

Members during public meetings often refer to each other “comrades,” wear clothing featuring socialist symbols like the rose and promote authors such as Karl Marx.

Mainstream nutters getting more mainstream all the time, but as dangerous as it is possible to be.

Trump’s Russian Revolution

Some further reflection on PDT’s dealing with Putin in Helsinki. The truly repulsive bit of the media flak were that nothing positive about the president would ever have been said by the clowns in the media no matter what had happened, not to mention that the last people in the world you would take instruction from on foreign relations, or on anything else for that matter, are journalists. All from Lucianne today.

Trump in Helsinki (II): A Long View
Chronicles Magazine, by Srdja Trifkovic    Original Article
Posted By: trapper– 7/20/2018 1:36:31 PM     Post Reply
Five days after the Helsinki summit I am inclined to believe that President Donald Trump either knows exactly what he is doing—that there is uncanny finesse and foresight behind his bluster—or else that he is guided by an almost unfailing intuition, with similar results. Trump’s refusal to parrot the Intel-deepstaters’ “Russiagate” narrative at last Monday’s press conference is a case in point. [snip] No evidence of any kind exists to prove Russian meddling in 2016, or thereafter. It never will be found, because Podesta’s and DNC mails were leaked, not hacked.
Whisper it but despite his terrible week, Trump
may be absolutely RIGHT to pursue this new
bromance with Putin
Daily Mail (UK), by Piers Morgan    Original Article
Posted By: ladydawgfan– 7/20/2018 3:04:46 PM     Post Reply
President Trump’s had a very bad week. By appearing to side with Russia over his own intelligence agencies on the question of election interference, he made himself look unpatriotic, anti-American and as weak as a ‘wet noodle’ to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trump’s subsequent attempt to wriggle off his self-imposed hook by claiming he meant to say ‘wouldn’t’ not ‘would’ was laugh-out-loud ridiculous. But at least he seemed to realise the offence his original comments had caused. Yesterday, Trump reverted to type and doubled down on the furore by inviting Russian president Vladimir Putin to the White House in a few
Republican Voters Buoy
Trump on Russia/Putin
Real Clear Politics, by Caitlin Huey-Burns    Original Article
Posted By: Toledo– 7/20/2018 11:38:31 AM     Post Reply
As President Trump continues to stumble past his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week, Republican voters are handing him a lifeline. Though many GOP lawmakers have been critical of the president´s statements in Helsinki, party voters are registering their support for Trump´s handling of Putin. According to a CBS News poll released Thursday, 68 percent of Republicans approved of the president´s performance, even as 55 percent of voters overall, including 53 percent of independents, disapproved. And a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday found that 71 percent of Republicans approved of Trump´s handling of Russia even as more
Who Is Betraying America?
Real Clear Politics, by Caroline Glick    Original Article
Posted By: garnet– 7/20/2018 11:25:23 AM     Post Reply
Did US President Donald Trump commit treason in Helsinki when he met Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin? Should he be impeached? That is what his opponents claim. Former president Barack Obama’s CIA director John Brennan accused Trump of treason outright. Brennan tweeted, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki [with Putin] rises to and exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.” Fellow senior Obama administration officials, including former FBI director James Comey, former defense secretary Ashton Carter, and former deputy attorney general Sally Yates parroted Brennan’s accusation. Almost the entire US media joined them in condemning
Trump Keeps on Ticking
American Spectator, by George Parry    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect– 7/21/2018 5:27:02 AM     Post Reply
Pearl Harbor. Kristallnacht. Treason. High crimes and misdemeanors. These are some of the hyperventilating left’s overheated and ludicrous characterizations of President Trump’s remarks at his Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin. Listening to the Democrats and their wholly owned media subsidiary, you would have thought that Trump had (a) smilingly handed Putin a large red “reset” button or (b) had been caught on a hot mic during a global nuclear security summit murmuring to Putin’s representative that, after the midterm elections, he would have more flexibility in his dealings with Russia or (c) had signed off on a deal to give
Trump invites Putin to DC
and trolls the Trump-haters
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner– 7/20/2018 11:08:47 PM     Post Reply
President Trump appears to be playing out a geopolitical agenda with Russia´s Vladimir Putin and keeping his cards so close to his chest that even his director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, is in the dark. When the White House revealed yesterday that Putin has been invited by national security adviser John Bolton to the White House for talks, Coats was publicly humiliated at the Aspen Security Conference, where he learned about the invitation onstage, “where he had been telling the audience that the U.S. is ´under attack´ by Russian cyberforces,” according to Dave Boyer and Seth McLaughlin of the

Southern comfort

And there was Stefan Molyneaux as well. I of course only went along in support of my fellow Canadians, but a fun night was had by all, at least for those inside and among those who were not carted out. You can read about the events of the night here and if you are thinking about going along yourself, you can still book tickets for Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland here.

As for the various disturbances, they were fun moments, but only because they were so efficiently handled by the organisers. You really do put your life on the line to stand up among a conservative audience. And the necessary arrangements to protect those of us going along, nothing went wrong but it is frightening that, as usual, our left is in copycat mode of what is done in the US. Free speech is the last thing on the minds of the protesters who live in the only societies where protests are allowed while trying to change things so that no protest will ever again be permitted.

And whatever may be the issue over the costs, the police did an excellent job outside the venue to clear a path for us who were interested in hearing what others had to say.

And here is Stefan Molyneux’s Melbourne presentation:

Southern hospitality

Brought this over from Catallaxy.

Victorian Police have just announced that they will charge Canadian speaker Lauren Southern a staggering $68,000 after violent thugs threatened to protest her talk in Melbourne.

That’s right: A law-abiding speaker giving a legal speech is being charged because of threats by rabid far-left activists.

Protecting people from violence literally is the core duty of the police (and one VicPolice seem to be failing at consistently). To charge the law-abiding because of the threats made against them makes a complete mockery of our legal system.

These protests are organised by the “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” (CARF) – an organisation started by members of the radical Socialist Alternative, which previously had members arrested for violently attacking attendees at a speech last year  and has already created a “Solidarity And Defence Fund” to defend members arrested for violence.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Lauren or disagree with her. This goes to the very heart of freedom of speech in Australia. If the police can force someone to pay $68,000 or else be silent, then freedom of speech in Australia is dead.

Make no mistake: The Victorian Police literally want to charge someone $68,000 to exercise the right to freedom of speech because of threats made AGAINST them. If anyone should pay the bill, it should be the protestors who are the once threatening violence.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights state “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

This is the behaviour of tin-pot dictatorships, not a free society like Australia.


She only said it was “OK” not that it was better

From the CIS in Sydney which underscores how useless these people are in trying to preserve our culture and way of life.


It is fair to say that in these politically correct times there is a lack of political leadership around many contentious social issues that many politicians and community leaders hesitate to speak out about.
It is also a truism that politics abhors a vacuum. However, we should be careful not to fill the vacuum with another vacuum.
This thought is prompted by the controversy generated by the visit to Australia by the 23-year-old Canadian alt-right activist Lauren Southern.
Southern — who had already tried to drum up publicity over her initially rejected visa application — pulled another stunt upon arrival in Brisbane by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘It’s Okay to be White.’
This was followed by Southern — who speaks fluent soundbite — telling the media how pleased she was to be in country committed to “Western culture — something that may not be here for much longer if left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism.”
If Southern’s heart is in the right place, her arguments certainly aren’t. For many of the things she is saying on western culture and multiculturalism, claims to stand for, and literally wears on her ‘T’, are mutually exclusive.
Yes, ‘hard’ multiculturalism poses a danger to Western culture when migrants from countries with conflicting cultural values migrate and are not encouraged to integrate with the norms and values of their new country.
But, no: the answer to multiculturalism is not to practice a different form of identity politics — a new form of tribalism — by being proud of ‘whiteness’.
What is actually worth defending about Western culture (and is the antidote to identity politics and multiculturalism) is the fundamental principle of respect for the individual — regardless of superficial differences such as those that are literally skin-deep.
If Southern really wants to defend Western culture and all it should truly stand for, she should buy a new T-shirt.
This one should be emblazoned with that famous quote by one of the greatest proponents of the respect for the individual, Dr Martin Luther King: “judge not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The Deep State and Donald Trump

Back in Oz and the first thing I see at the airport is that ludicrous front page on The Australian: Putin backlash hits Trump after Helsinki summit supplemented by its fool editor-at-large Paul Kelly with his Friends betrayed, foes rewarded: Trump’s Russia reset, not to mention the foreign editor with his ridiculous Trump’s duty to call out Putin for crimes.

As it happens, I spent the journey home reading my signed copy of The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know which essentially highlights everything you knew but through the sheer massing of the facts and the detail really does bring the dangers presented by our “elites” to a level of clarity that is quite quite astonishing. If you are anti-Trump then you are trying to contrive a Venezuelan future for us as well. You are either ignorant, stupid or malevolent, but there is no justification for running an anti-Trump screed when the American President is all that stands between us and a socialist future of wealthy elites who use politically correct thoughts to identify their ideological enemies, who are, in general, you and me. Then there is Tucker Carlson who discusses these things as well.

John Brennan is mentioned everywhere by everyone. Well how about knowing this when you hear his name, and he is merely representative and in no way an outlier: John Brennan Entered CIA in 1980 Though Voted Communist in 1976:

Barack Obama’s CIA chief, John Brennan, told the Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, on 15 September 2016, in Washington DC, that when he had applied in 1980 to join the CIA, he admitted to them that in the 1976 Presidential election, when Jimmy Carter was running against Gerald Ford, Brennan had voted instead for the candidate of the US Communist Party, Gus Hall, and that he was then greatly relieved to find that this information didn’t cause rejection of his CIA-application.

These people are our enemies, and to see them quoted in the mainstream is not just a disgrace but something you really need to fear.

AND IN ADDITION: From P in the comments with gratitude: Everyone Is Smart Except Trump. Here are the first and last paras but you really should read it all.

It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J. Trump. That’s why they all are billionaires and all got elected President. Only Trump does not know what he is doing. Only Trump does not know how to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. Anderson Cooper knows how to stand up to Putin. The whole crowd at MSNBC does. All the journalists do. . . .

What has Anderson Cooper achieved during that period? Jim Acosta or the editorial staffs of the New York Times and Washington Post? They have not even found the courage and strength to stand up to the coworkers and celebrities within their orbits who abuse sexually or psychologically or emotionally. They have no accomplishments to compare to his. Just their effete opinions, all echoing each other, all echoing, echoing, echoing. They gave us eight years of Nobel Peace Laureate Obama negotiating with the ISIS JV team, calming the rise of the oceans, and healing the planet.

We will take Trump negotiating with Putin any day.