So what caused the heat wave 80 years ago?

Roads melted across Australia as temperatures soared into the 100s for the fifth consecutive day amid a record-breaking heatwave that has broken records

From The Daily Mail: more pseudo-evidence of global warming. Here’s the start but read the whole thing. You would not want to live in Australia after what it says.

Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its ‘most significant’ heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F

  • Australia is baking amid record-breaking heatwave with temperatures soaring as high as 120F in some towns
  • Town of Noona, in New South Wales, saw an overnight minimum temperature of 96.6F – an Australian record 
  • Central Sydney saw fifth consecutive day above 86F for first time in eight years, while Canberra also baked 
  • Roads melted and animals dropped dead as fire crews fought more than 60 blazes across New South Wales 

Environmental Venezuelanisation of the economies of the West

This is Steve Hayward at Powerline discussing THE GREEN NEW DEAL. He thinks it’s funny, and I suppose in its own way it is, but I find it both tragic and frightening. How does this ever end other than going through the Venezuelanisation of our economies first?

Environmentalists are making clear what they don’t want, and it turns out to be just about anything that might actually work as scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From Grist:

Congress is currently preoccupied with a fight over Trump’s plan for a $5.7 billion border wall, but hundreds of environmental organizations are laser-focused on defining the Green New Deal. And they think it’s time Capitol Hill got on board with their plan.

On Thursday, 600-plus groups including, Greenpeace, and the Sunrise Movement sent members of the U.S. House a letter with a list of carbon-cutting steps. . .

Wait—stop the tape! Did you say “600-plus [environmental] groups”? (Actually the letter lists 626 in all.) I didn’t even know there were that many environmental groups. Isn’t that a hugely wasteful and duplicative use of scarce resources? (Swap out “recycled” for “duplicative” and problem solved—ed.)

But that’s not the most amazing part. This is, from the actual letter itself:

We will vigorously oppose any legislation that: (1) rolls back existing environmental, health, and other protections, (2) protects fossil fuel and other dirty energy polluters from liability, or (3) promotes corporate schemes that place profits over community burdens and benefits, including market-based mechanisms and technology options such as carbon and emissions trading and offsets, carbon capture and storage, nuclear power, waste-to-energy and biomass energy.

As Roger Pielke Jr. comments, this is like wanting action on disease but opposing vaccines.

In fact, this and other features of the letter went too far for the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, which did not sign it.  So make that 628 environmental groups, if you’re keeping count.

By the way, if you want to get a good laugh, read the whole letter. It’s bonkers. And savor the complete list of the 626 environmental groups at the end. They’d fit in well at the Mos Eisley cantina.

Sanctimonious, gullible, ignorant, vicious and cruel

Suppose there are two ways to generate electricity, one cheap and the other expensive. Which is better? All other things being equal, you go for the cheaper.

But suppose things are not equal. Suppose if you choose the cheaper form of energy, that in fifty years there might be a rise in atmospheric temperatures that might lead to a rise in sea levels that might cause harm in some kind of way. Being the socially conscious nitwits so many amongst us apparently are, we decide to do what’s right for those folk who will inherit the planet after most of us have departed.

But the other question is, what price do we pay in the present for opting for the more expensive electricity? The answer is that we end up with a lower standard of living. Everything costs more, prices are higher, we cannot buy as much and our incomes are less than they would otherwise have been. There are also brownouts and blackouts as energy supply becomes less secure while the price of energy rises ensuring that we buy less than we might otherwise have done. But we are acting with a noble purpose. We make ourselves less well off to perhaps help out those who will be living on the planet earth around the year 2070. In the meantime we in the present struggle to pay for what we buy, and the poor in particular have a much harder time making ends meet. Rather than finding their incomes rising by 3-4% a year, they fall in real terms by around 1-2% a year relative to the levels that might otherwise have been reached.

And that is in our currently developed economies. Over there in the less prosperous parts of the planet, incomes remain static if they do not actually fall. And if they rise, they might go from $2 a day to $3 a day, a 50% increase but trivial relative to the living standards of the first world. So for you sanctimonious fools, this is what you are doing. This is what you deprive others of.

And that is only one small part of the story. Greens are not just gullible fools and deeply ignorant but viciously cruel as well.

The only hope for young socialists is that they will grow out of it, dimwits that they are

Such a sanctimonious fool. If she were really willing to be unpopular she would oppose the stupidities she is mouthing in relation to the facts she is so ignorant about. Disgusting and beyond idiotic. Knows nothing about anything she needs to know. A 15-year nitwit who knows only how to get approval from the semi-adults she is surrounded by at every turn. Could she even repeat a single argument actually made by those who disagree with her, not the empty phrases she mouths that will turn her life upside down if they actually become policy. Repulsive in every way one can think. Our crisis is the crisis of socialism and ignorance.

Posted with approval by Nicholas Gruen with the following comment:

Cross posted at Equality by Lot.

Democracy For Young People is, in my opinion a very compelling analysis of the ills of our democracy. It’s a very simple idea – which is that electoral democracy massively underrepresents three classes of people whose influence on democracy the great anti-democrats of the ancient world (i.e. all the thinkers whose work has come down to us in any substantial form) were most hostile to. The young, the poorly educated and the poor.

I thought the ‘solutions’ section would end up at selection by lot, but it moved right along from that to lowering the voting age (dramatically!). But then the conclusion on what to do was an afterthought, and not really the focus of the podcast. The analysis was compelling. It’s good points are that the ideas are very simple, clearly important. They’re also clearly right to some extent, though of course there could be very wide reasonable disagreement on that extent.

So I recommend it.

I recommend it too, in the sense of know thine enemy.

A Christmas coral

Peter Ridd writing in The Oz today: Coral can take the heat, unlike experts crying wolf. But before we go on, we should note how he is described in the paper:

Peter Ridd was, until fired this year, a physicist at James Cook University’s marine geophysical laboratory.

With this caution noted, and bearing in mind that in regard to climate change, the science is settled and the last word has been written, we find this:

The science institutions deny there is a problem and fail to correct erroneous work. When Piers Larcombe and I submitted an article to a scientific journal suggesting we needed a little additional checking of Great Barrier Reef science, the response from many very eminent scientists was that there was no need. Everything was fine. I am not sure if this is blind optimism or wilful negligence, but why would anybody object to a little more checking? It would cost only a few million dollars — just a tiny fraction of what governments will be spending on the reef.

I know what he means. Keynesians have around 90-plus percent of the macroeconomic positions in the world and have been systematically dragging our economies down with their wilfully wasteful public spending. But that’s the way it has always been. I have just been reading about William Harvey who discovered the circulation of blood which contradicted the view that has been held for around 1500 years whose opinion on these matters was set in the second century AD. Before Harvey, there had actually been people burned at the stake for holding a different opinion, so Peter is coming off relatively lightly in our more enlightened times.

Baby, it’s Hot Outside

Of all things, just been sitting in my favourite cafe and what do they play but the world’s most notorious Christmas song, Baby it’s Cold Outside. But let’s face it, that might work in America but it just won’t do for us here in Australia. I have therefore adjusted the words to suit. And if climate change becomes a reality, perhaps this is what they’ll have to sing everywhere.

Baby it’s Hot Outside

I really can’t stay (Baby it’s hot outside)
I gotta go away (Baby it’s hot outside)
This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d dropped in)
You do inspire (I’ll hold your hands they’re just like fire)
My mother will start to worry (Beautiful what’s your hurry?)
My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the air conditioner roar)
So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful please don’t hurry)
Well maybe just a half a drink more (I’ll put some music on while I pour)
The neighbors might think (Baby it’s bad out there)
Say what’s in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there)
I wish I knew how (Your eyes are like starlight now)
To break this spell (I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell) (Why thank you)
I ought to say no, no, no sir (Mind if move in closer?)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (What’s the sense of hurtin’ my pride?)
I really can’t stay (Baby don’t hold out)
Baby it’s hot outside

Ah, you’re very pushy you know?
I like to think of it as opportunistic
I simply must go (Baby it’s hot outside)
The answer is no (But baby it’s hot outside)
The welcome has been (How lucky that you dropped in)
So nice and cool (why don’t you try the pool)
My sister will be suspicious (Gosh your lips look delicious!)
My brother will be there at the door (Waves upon a tropical shore)
My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious (Gosh your lips are delicious!)
Well maybe just a cigarette more (Never such a heat wave before) (And I don’t even smoke)

I’ve got to get home (Baby it’s 40 degrees out there!)
You’ve really been grand, (I feel when I touch your hand)
But don’t you see? (How can you do this thing to me?)
There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my life long sorrow!)
At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught heat stroke and died!)
I really can’t stay (Get over that old out)
Baby it’s hot
Baby it’s hot outside

Okay fine, just another drink then
That took a lot of convincing!

And in case you are unsure of the tune, I am providing two more traditional versions so that you can sing along with the lyrics found above.

And in case you are worrying about the politically incorrect implications, of the song, there is also this.

Putting down a mad dog was the right thing to do

You have to trust someone’s judgement on issues one knows near nothing about, and David Archibald is one of my go-to people on foreign policy. He has now written this article, Mattis was no good, which begins like this.

American Thinker readers were warned about General Mattis over a year ago in this article.  Briefly, Mattis was and remains a supporter of global warming.

The issue of global warming continues to be a reliable and simple litmus test.  If someone believes in global warming, then you can be sure he is a globalist who loathes Western civilization.

Then there was his support for the Islamist Anne Patterson, loathed by the Egyptian people for her support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then there was the matter of allowing one of his underlings to throw Fox Company, of Task Force Spartan in Afghanistan in 2007, under a bus so he could advance his own career.

And on it continues. He had me at global warming, the surest dye marker for incompetence and a sell-out for our Western way of life. The rest just adds more detail and substance. A great name “Mad Dog”, but past that happy to see him on his way.

Death where is thy sting?

The back cover of a book I picked up on the weekend titled, The Dying Generations. It is filled with doom and gloom about our ecological future and published in 1971, not only before global warming came on the scene but even before global cooling. These people are psychos, looking for a cause and a meaning in life. Pathetic, sad, but extremely dangerous.

Substance over style

How it’s done.

Trump Mocks Macron Again Over French Fuel Tax Protests

FILE PHOTO - G20 leaders summit in Buenos Aires
FILE PHOTO – French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump prepare for a family photo during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 30, 2018. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci

December 5, 2018

PARIS (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump has taken another swipe on Twitter at his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron prompted by Macron’s woes over violent protests against fuel taxes.

“I am glad that my friend @EmmanuelMacron and the protestors in Paris have agreed with the conclusion I reached two years ago,” Trump tweeted late on Tuesday.

“The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst polluters,” said Trump, referring to a global deal on the environment drafted in Paris in late 2015.

Earlier this week, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe decided to suspend planned increases to fuel taxes for at least six months in response to weeks of sometimes violent protests, marking the first major U-turn by Macron’s administration in 18 months in office.

What do we want? Trump. When do we want him? Now

The left and the complacent do not see that for us the only way forward into a future that will be connected to our own past is via the policies of a Donald Trump. Freedom, prosperity and the preservation of Western Civilisation, never mind ridding ourselves of the left-madness of “climate change”, are embodied in what PDT now represents. It’s catching on. If even the crowds in the street of France are chanting “We want Trump!” you can see where the sentiment outside elite opinion is now found. The whole story is found here: French Citizens SHOCK Leftists with Chant “We want Trump!”