China’s emissions have just gone past the emissions from the whole of the developed world!

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From China’s emissions now exceed all the developed world’s combined published at Bloomberg. And because it is Bloomberg they try to make excuses for China:

The massive scale of China’s emissions highlights the importance of President Xi Jinping’s drive to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and reach net-zero by 2060. China accounted for 27 per cent of global emissions. The U.S., the second biggest emitter, contributed 11 per cent while India for the first time surpassed the European Union with about 6.6 per cent of the global total.

Still, China also has the world’s largest population, so its per capita emissions remain far less than those of the U.S. And on a historical basis, OECD members are still the world’s biggest warming culprits, having pumped four times more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than China since 1750.

The Chinese government intends to reach net-zero emissions 39 years from now. Our media are such ignorant clowns, but at least they did tell us where Chinese emissions have now gone. The OECD, it might be noted, includes Australia who is not anywhere near the main contributor to the total.

Might just mention here the Candu Reactor which is used by Ontario Hydro to produce nuclear energy and has been doing so since the 1960s, when I used to work for them (maybe it was in 1970). It’s amazing what a superstitious lot the left really are in in opposing nuclear energy.

And they are aiming for “net-zero” emissions which is not the same as zero emissions:

Getting to net zero means we can still produce some emissions, as long as they are offset by processes that reduce greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere.

Gullible does not even come close to describing what utter clowns we are dealing with. Fantasy from end to end.

Prudential idiocy

An accessible version of this infographic is available at

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has just released a note on “guidance on managing the financial risks of climate change” which includes the graphic shown above. Now, if they were releasing an approach to dealing with the psychologically disturbed people who take this stuff seriously, that would be one thing. But they seem to believe that the risk actually comes from global warming itself. What can be done with such fools? They will be the financial ruin of us.

Lomborg 1 Peterson 0

Peterson is well out of his depth dealing with climate change, just as he is in discussing politics generally, philosophy and economics. Lomborg is usually too much of a global warming person for me, but here he is confronted by someone who really knows just about nothing other than what you find in the mainstream media so comes out sounding sensible. Peterson really should keep out of these kinds of arguments.

An infinite supply of idiots

Labor seems to have an infinite supply of idiots: Victoria unveils its own climate change strategy, emissions target.

The Victorian government hopes to cut emissions by almost double the level of the Morrison government by 2030 in an ambitious policy positioning the state as a leader in tackling climate change. Acting Premier James Merlino said Victoria would aim to reduce emissions by 28-33 per cent by 2025 and 45-50 per cent by 2030, nearly twice the 26-28 per cent target made by the federal government by the end of this decade. Victoria criticised the lack of action from Scott Morrison on climate and said it was embarrassed by Australia’s showing at the recent climate summit run by US President Joe Biden. “The Commonwealth government cannot continue to abrogate its responsibilities on a global stage when it comes to climate change,” Victoria’s energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio said at a press conference on Sunday.

Might note there is no mention of the Victorian Opposition position in the news story.

Connected cronies and the cost of energy

Idiots are apparently idiots. From Instapundit.

THE RENEWABLES FRAUD: After the Texas Blackouts, Follow the Wind and Solar Money – All $66 Billion of It. “What was the result of all that spending? When combined with the shutdown of several gigawatts of coal-fired capacity, it’s apparent that the $66 billion spent on renewables before the blackouts didn’t make the Texas grid more robust – it made it more fragile.”

Once the left discovered how dumb its constituency is there has been no stopping them. However, there is also this comment to consider which adds a different perspective.

Going to point out that the good citizens of Texas did NOT vote for this nonsense, did NOT want it. No one outside of Austin was saying “Wow, we need more renewable energy sources!” I’m certainly interested in pursuing alternative sources of energy as are most people but I am not willing to replace what we know works with unproven technology that has a spurious track record and tends to cost ridiculous amounts of money for minimal output. Despite the fact nobody voted for this nonsense we got this anyway. In a “Red” state. Ponder that. In Texas we got a program we didn’t want and didn’t vote for and we’re considered “conservative”.

No doubt $66 billion includes a very large incentive for fraud and larceny of all kinds. Might as well mention this as well.

Investments only make sense if you can get an actual *return* on your investment equal to or greater than just dumping it into T-bills. The $66B ‘invested’ in solar and wind can only make a return if the government essentially taxes the citizens to transfer the money to the invest-ee, and behold, that’s exactly what is happening. And since there’s no real limits on it, the tax money shoveling to connected cronies rapidly becomes a huge scam.

“Connected cronies” is it? A few of those around.

Living in an “epistemological crisis”

I read this sentence which began the article and stopped right there. This, I said to myself, is the single most strikingly offputting statement that I have ever read that would ensure that from then on I would not trust a word of what follows. This was the sentence:

Barack Obama is one of many who have declared an “epistemological crisis,” in which our society is losing its handle on something called truth.

An authority on lying he definitely is having been one of the most grotesque liars in quite a long line of dishonest politicians, and not just in America. The article was, How physicist Steven Koonin became a climate truth teller.

The article is so empty of analysis that I am virtually unable to provide a brief example of its inanity. This will have to do.

Mr Koonin created the Energy Biosciences Institute at Berkeley that’s still going strong.

At Berkeley! Meanwhile the article is from the Wall Street Journal. The last thing I would look for in any of this would be something that might accurately be described as “truth”.

Beyond stupidity and deeply into mental illness

These climate cranks are literally mad. There is no reasoning with them, and the wronger they are, the more the will to believe becomes stronger. From:

When dealing with a fundamentalist religion it does no good to point out the facts and data about improving environmental conditions, or the reasons behind these happy trends (namely economic growth, open markets, and technological advance), or the sorry record of environmental doomsday predictions ever since the first Earth Day 51 years ago. This one may be my favorite:

Peter Gunter, a North Texas State University professor, wrote in 1970, “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions….By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”

We are living in an intellectual emergency

We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We're Going to Say So

Scientific American is the latest to join in and in no uncertain terms: We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We’re Going to Say So.

An emergency is a serious situation that requires immediate action. When someone calls 911 because they can’t breathe, that’s an emergency. When someone stumbles on the sidewalk because their chest is pounding and their lips are turning blue, that’s an emergency. Both people require help right away. Multiply those individuals by millions of people who have similar symptoms, and it constitutes the biggest global health emergency in a century: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now consider the following scenarios: A hurricane blasts Florida. A California dam bursts because floods have piled water high up behind it. A sudden, record-setting cold snap cuts power to the entire state of Texas. These are also emergencies that require immediate action. Multiply these situations worldwide, and you have the biggest environmental emergency to beset the earth in millennia: climate change.

Given the circumstances, Scientific American has agreed with major news outlets worldwide to start using the term “climate emergency” in its coverage of climate change. An official statement about this decision, and the impact we hope it can have throughout the media landscape, is below.

It’s no longer global warming, of course, since their evidence of an emergency is “a sudden, record-setting cold snap cuts power to the entire state of Texas”, so any unusual climate event will now do as evidence. If you wish to read it all, including their “official statement”, you can go to the link.

Is the Energy Security Board a joke name for the organisation?

Why yes it is. Energy Security Board warns more coal power stations face closure.

Australia’s remaining coal fleet could be forced to close earlier than expected as low wholesale prices and cheap renewables rout generators’ profits, the Energy Security Board has warned, following EnergyAustralia’s decision to shut Victoria’s Yallourn coal plant four years early.

Coal generators including Trevor St Baker’s Vales Point in NSW, Queensland’s largest power station Gladstone and Alinta Energy’s Loy Yang B in Victoria are all viewed as contenders for early closure by ­analysts.

ESB chair Kerry Schott said marginal coal plants faced a decision on whether to pull the pin early.

Let me therefore take you to the comments section. In order of Most Liked First.

How can the ESB still be chaired by someone who has done their best to make energy supply INSECURE through her unceasing advocacy of solar and wind as the country’s future?

We are entrusting our nation’s energy security future to Kerry Schott? Ummm…… Why?

Goldman saachs said it “ADVERSE POLICY SETTINGS”! The freemarket sprinkled with fairydust and bs to make it look like renewables are cheaper yet as noted in the comments below. Your power price keep going up, not down. What a joke. Its time for the politicians to put an electrical engineer in charge instead of green beurocratic bean counters. Kerry schoot, ceo of the energy security board : Has a bachelor of arts degree and was the governments representative that oversaw the sale of vales point for $1m in 2015. Meanwhile, the two lucky owners of vales point pocketed a $62m fy dividend in 2020 and currently value the plant as an assett at $220m, closing it in 2029. The wrong person for the job.

So…Governments federal and state abrogating their responsibilities to the citizenry. You’ve sold us out, pushed power prices through the roof and are trashing our future well being. All of your cute marketing tricks and smug smiles are for nought. I don’t trust your ‘best intentions’.

Media and government keep talking about “cheap renewables” yet the more renewables are introduced, the more expensive electricity and everything related to it gets. When will the cognitive dissonance crack through?

The simple fact is that foolish government policies threaten to make these plants completely worthless. Spend money on upgrades or even serious maintenance and there’s little chance of recouping what was spent. It’s an object lesson in how to destroy Australia as quickly as possible.

These so called experts know nothing. They love attending conferences and blab on. One big hug fest. Like Davos. You dare not be a AGW skeptic.

What sort of a market is it where according to the “experts”, the removal of the so called “most expensive” form of generation (coal and gas) and its replacement by so-called “cheaper” renewables, leads NOT to wholesale prices FALLING but instead RISING by an estimated $6/Mwh? It may, according to the “experts” be “basic economics” but its definitely NOT the brand I was taught.

Wake up Aussies. We will be poorer and China even richer!

Last night it was hot and muggy, then the power went off for several hours. There was no wind, no sun (it was night) where is the back up when there is no solar or wind power. This was at night, but what if it happens during the day when heavy industry are shut down because of no solar or wind power. In the meantime China is laughing building more and more coalfired power stations. Where is commonsense?

Take the triple coal taxes off and the power stations will become economical. Simple.

Barnaby Joyce is one of the few prominent politicians who dares to defy the foreign climate alarm confidence tricksters who work against the best interests of Australia. There is no climate emergency. There is no valid reason for outlawing coal and oil and slaughtering most of our cattle and sheep. Look for those who profit from the sale of windmills and solar panels and for those who enjoy career enhancement and regular overseas jaunts on fully-paid climate-alarm business. All Australian political parties except Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party see climate saving gestures as a vote winner although the liberals are not quite as impatient as the Labor/Green partnership. Will the Nationals party under new leadership rise from the ashes and take a stand against the foreign climate confidence tricksters who threaten the future of our nation?

Say goodbye to our Aluminium smelting industry. It will move offshore..China?

California here we come!

The AEMO operates under rules set by the AEMC. They have publicly stated that they will alter those purchasing rules to facilitate the change in direction of the energy market from centrally located coal fired power stations to geographically distributed renewable networks. That is the reason that the owners of the existing coal fired power stations are running them into the ground. Our power systems are heading into rolling blackouts because not enough investment is going into the required firming when the coal fired assets are retired due to neglect.

And that is every comment at the present time. So let me end with this: EU bullies demand control of Australian electricity in order to do trade deals.

The EU has given up trying to persuade Australian voters that wind and solar power is “cheap”. Instead, it’s using Upperclass centralized bully-power in an attempt to force Australia to sacrifice cheaper electricity and hobble its generation network to satisfy the EU totalitarians.

Australian exporters could face millions of dollars in European tariffs as EU seeks to punish polluters

Written by someone at Their ABC

Australian exporters to Europe are likely to face millions of dollars in new tariffs after the European Parliament voted overnight to move forward with a carbon levy on products from countries lacking serious pollution reduction programs.

The vote came after a top parliamentary committee noted concerns about “the lack of cooperation by some of the EU’s trade partners … to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement”.

Australians installed more renewables per capita than any place on Earth in 2018-19, but that isn’t enough. The EU say we need a “target” of net-zero, (which we can point at and ignore, like most of what the EU does):

Kathleen van Brempt, a key parliamentary trade coordinator, said an FTA was contingent on “a clear vision [from] Australia by when and how they will become climate neutral and by when and how they will phase out of coal”.

Until Australia establishes a new scheme to lower emissions, its exporters to Europe face the prospect of paying additional tariffs under the new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which is expected to come into force in 2023.

The mechanism is designed to apply tariffs on imports equivalent to the fees paid under the EU’s Emissions Trading System by local businesses producing the same product.

The aim is to have us freeze in the dark while others prosper.

Absurd forecasts remain a thing of the present

From the indispensable Donna Laframboise: That Laughably Wrong Climate Prediction is Now 21 Years Old. That should be enough in itself to discredit the entire business, but it’s not. So let me quote from her text:

The entire climate crusade rests on predictions such as these. It is because politicians believe scientists such as Viner that they’re determined to impose a low-emissions regime on the global economy.

That really ought to be the end of it but alas, as we know, none of the morons who continue to fret over global warming can be shamed out of their absolutely insupportable beliefs. They are determined to believe it to the end, partly because without it they would have nothing to believe of substance at all, and partly because it would be too embarrassing to admit how wrong they were. What to do remains a problem without a solution other than to keep making fun of such people as they cause their own cost of living to rise along with the rest of us. Yet I fear the obstinacy will continue until who knows when?