Why climate models work like a charm

I saw this post on Powerline, Why climate models don’t work. Absurd. Of course they work, just not in telling you what the temperature will be some time in the future. What they are for is to give the patina of legitimacy to the forecasts of doom (I won’t say “impending” doom since it is always years into the future).

The pretence that we are avoiding some doomsday scenario is their entire intent. Just because nothing is ever accurately predicted is nothing since it is always in the future that these forecasts are made and no one ever looks at past predictions.

Look at Watts Up with That to see a bit of reality:


There are even people who believe that the American election results were legit!!

Green energy will bankrupt us

That’s the title of a post at Powerline. The circumstances he discusses relate to Minnesota but the stupidity of the Greens will do us in everywhere.

I cannot imagine anything will save us. We are now so used to government spending which is by nature non-value-adding (do you know what that means?) that it is impossible to think how we could reverse ourselves. We are already going backwards and the conventional wisdom plus the way economics is taught will mean there can never be a consensus on doing what is right.

We are heading into a new feudalism. This is how The Powerline article ends.

I think a global economic meltdown is possible as a result of “green” fantasies. I don’t mean just a recession or garden-variety depression, I mean a collapse in which homes can’t be heated, lights don’t go on, factories shutter, supply lines break down, agriculture is devastated resulting in acute food shortages, a generation’s accumulated wealth vanishes, civilization begins to break down, and hundreds of millions of people–maybe more–may die. “Green” energy doesn’t mean unicorns and fairies frolicking in meadows. It means grim, fatal dystopia.

No one believes it but there us so much ignorance everywhere that when it starts it will persist. And it will come sooner than you think and last a long long time.

Here’s the post:

“Green” Energy Will Bankrupt Us

Not even in a teacuup

More Bad News For The Eco-Radicals

Issues & Insights, by The Editorial Board Original Article

For the first time in more than 80 years, the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t produced a named storm between July 3 and Aug. 31. So the Climatistas will have to celebrate Labor Day this year for its Marxist roots rather than the weather destruction they’re constantly rooting for so they can blame it on man. The Atlantic’s failure to form a tempest is a rarity. It “has had no #hurricanes yet this year,” Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach tweeted Thursday. 2022’s calm spell happens to be only the seventh time since 1950 that the Atlantic “has gone through August without a #hurricane. Other years are: 1967, 1984, 1988, 2001, 2002, 2013.”

Only 6% get it

From Instapudit but my highlight.

Americans Want Their Old Fossil-Fuel Economy Back — I&I/TIPP Poll. “Just 32% of those answering the poll, which has a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage points, said they support Biden’s climate change policy even if it means higher energy prices. But a far larger majority of 57% answered in the negative. They either said they disagreed with his policies and want more and cheaper energy (41%), or don’t think climate change should be a U.S. policy priority (10%), or don’t even believe that the climate is changing (6%).”

Are 94% idiots? Seems so.