Anti-semitism and the death of the West

These are comments at Instapundit commenting on an article We need to talk about Muslim anti-semitism. Lots to be said but here I focus on the blindness of Jews to a massive problem that will blight their community as far into the future as we can see, in the same way it will blight the future of Christians, both actual and by national history, to an almost equal extent. This is the death of the West unless something can be done right now.

Europeans tolerate Muslims because Europeans have outsourced their anti-Semitism to Muslim immigrants.

I think you’re very close with that idea. The Islamic community makes regular antisemitism seem more acceptable.

The Europeans do not hate Hitler because he killed six million Jews. They hate him because he did not finish the job. They are now counting on their Muslims and a nuclear Iran to finish the job.

And so fanatic is their hatred, they do not care what type of nuclear retaliation Israel might do.

That’s a fact. Hatred by proxy. Well said.

“And the leaders of Islam have to take a stand.” Um, the leaders of Islam HAVE taken a stand about non-Muslims in general and Jews in particular: we are to be converted, enslaved or killed.

The one thing to know about antisemitism is to understand that those who espouse that it is all about Israel, it is never about Israel, it never was or will be. It is hatred of a dynamic and successful religion, usually by those who feel deprived of the very things they feel they’ve been denied by those who they claim to hate.

To their credit, some Jewish organisations have attempted to confront the problem of anti-Semitism among Muslims.

“To their credit…”?!? In any sane society, that would be the minimum, not something to be lauded.
“To their credit, they oppose Nazism.”
“To their credit, they oppose the eating of babies.”
“To their credit, they don’t leave a little in the water pitcher just so they don’t have to refill it.”

Until Muslim leaders call for the rejection of those tenets of Islam that insist on Muslim supremacy Islam should be treated like a toxic, political, movement and nothing else. Someone please explain how any belief system can be “tolerated” by any society that ENCOURAGES (if not demands) murder, misogyny and political supremacy?

Were Islam not some group that the left witlessly embraces they’d be no more acceptable in a society than the Klan or a Nazi movement.

Well, duh … when their very ‘religion’ cum ideology calls for the killing and harm to Jews, that’s what they do. At some point in time, the world is going to have to admit to itself that it is part of the Islamic religion to hate Jews. Why are people acting like they’re surprised at the obvious????

Ironic. Hitler wasn’t able to get rid of all Jews from Europe, but it appears the European Union has found another way to do it. Immigrate Jew hating Muslims to drive them out for them. Leave while you can would be my advice. Europeans do not have the stomach for the fight that is coming.

It won’t just be the Jews and synagogues. Notre Dame will be gone. St Peter’s, Windsor Castle, Versaille. The Louvre, the greatest art and music the world has ever known will all be gone.

He’s not wrong, but he’s very wrong about the possibility of there being any real dialogue about the Jew-hatred coming from Islam. That Jew-hatred is woven throughout the Q’ran, the Hadiths, and the history of Islam itself. It’s taught to Muslims by imams around the world and ingrained in their thinking from their earliest indoctrination into their faith. Of American Muslims, who are not generally regarded as the most observant of Muslims, fully 25% believe that violent jihad against the enemies of Islam is not only justified, but required of Muslims. In other places, that percentage is much higher.

“Last year, Amber Rudd, the UK home secretary, confirmed ISIS had specifically identified British Jewry as a ‘desirable and legitimate target’.” For some reason, this verbiage, coming from the home secretary, seriously creeps me out. So do the references in the article to “studying the problem”. Not a whole lot of study is required.



This was sent to me by my Californian former friend and associate who has gone native in one of the looniest parts of the planet. It comes from a post titled, All the Times Angela Merkel’s Face Said “S.T.F.U. You Dummkopf Orange Oaf”. Still there was this:

Merkel dug deep and paid Trump some compliments using words and phrases you know he just ate up, mentioning the “strength” of his sanctions on North Korea, and claiming that last year’s tax legislation has made the U.S. a “very interesting place for our companies” to invest. Still, one need only take a gander at Merkel’s notoriously weak poker face to understand that inside, she was screaming I can’t believe I have to occupy the same airspace as this knuckle-dragger.

Other photos which are not of much interest but I do find the take quite revealing of the empty heads on the left, reflected first by Merkel herself, and then by the author of this story, and then finally by the representative sample of one made up of my high school associate who has made millions but has not taken an international trip since 1966!

Here she is listening to Trump’s usual rant about how NATO allies don’t pay their bills

Here she is listening to him tell a painful story about how he saved money on the Israeli embassy, and wondering if she can get away with never meeting with him again

Here she is reacting to his attempted joke about German labor laws

Here she is thinking, Life in East Germany wasn’t so bad compared to this

There is, of course, the other side of the story: Look who ISN’T coming to dinner! Trump snubs Merkel by not inviting her to White House when she lands from Germany – so she heads out for selfies at a bar instead.

Angela Merkel landed in Washington D.C. Thursday and unlike Obama, Trump did not invite her to dinner

Instead she went for a walk in Georgetown and into J. Paul’s, a bar-restaurant which offers a $14.99 cheeseburger and posed for selfies

In 2011 Obama had taken her to 1789 in Georgetown where Colorado rack of lamb is $59

Trump is hosting Merkel for a working lunch at the White House, instead

Merkel will be remembered as one of the most destructive European leaders in history. The PDT legacy so far puts him among the greats.

What would a property developer know about foreign policy?

What you will only see on Fox.

President Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss Ronny Jackson’s withdrawal, Michael Cohen and the possible North Korea summit. Also, the president says he is disappointed in his Justice Department, calls Comey’s book a big mistake and thanks Kanye West for his support.

And then there’s this, a truly astounding news story. In which of our traditional trash media outlets will you find this featured?

Meanwhile on the Iranian front.


ISIS trying to foment wave of migration to Europe, says UN official…

Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against America… 


Macron: Trump to withdraw from Iran deal  


Why does anyone believe they have a right to enter the US?

The story begins:

Hundreds of Central American migrants from a caravan that crossed Mexico reunited in Tijuana on Wednesday and planned to cross the border together this weekend in defiance of threats by U.S. President Donald Trump to repel them.

The timing of the migrants arrival could compromise a flurry of talks this week to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Trump has repeatedly threatened to scrap if Mexico does not crack down on the flow of Central Americans through its territory.

Busloads of migrants began arriving on Tuesday at a shelter that was a five minute-walk from the border and within sight of a U.S. flag waving under an overpass connecting the two countries.

While many rested in tents after a month-long journey across Mexico, others wandered up to the border to contemplate the next stage in their journey.

“The wall doesn’t look that tall,” said Kimberly George, a 15-year-old girl from Honduras as she looked toward a stunted barrier a few feet away. “I really want to cross it.”

The question then becomes, why don’t they just stay in Mexico if they’re so worried about their own countries? As if we don’t know.

The left everywhere, utterly discredited and with no policies to offer of the slightest value if growth and prosperity are the aim, is trying to follow Brecht’s cynical advice by “dismissing the people and appointing a new one”. Once just meant ironically this is now the policy of every party on the left and the most immediate and present danger to the civilisation of the west. And the aim of those who pursue these policies? Political power for themselves and absolutely nothing else.

“Someone or other must be to blame for my feeling”

I don’t normally find Nietzsche worth quoting, but on the desire for revenge among those suffering ressentiment – which encompasses a depressingly large proportion of the left – he seems to be quite on the money. These madmen in Florida and Toronto, and not just there, appear to use murder as a form of self-therapy. They were described by Nietzsche in Book III – Section 15 of his Genealogy of Morals:

All those who suffer instinctively seek a cause for their suffering; more exactly, an agent; still more specifically, a guilty agent who is susceptible to suffering – in short, some living thing upon which they can, on some pretext or other, vent their emotions, actually or in effigy: for the venting of their emotions represents the greatest attempt on the part of the suffering to win relief, anaesthesia – the narcotic they cannot help desiring to deaden pain of any kind. This alone, I surmise, constitutes the actual physiological cause of ressentiment, vengefulness, and the like: the desire to deaden pain through the discharge of emotion.

The desire is to deaden, by means of a more violent emotion of any kind, a tormenting secret pain that is becoming unendurable, and to drive it out of consciousness at least for the moment: for this purpose one needs an emotion, as savage an emotion as possible, and, in order to excite that emotion, any pretext at all will do. “Someone or other must be to blame for my feeling” – this kind of reasoning is common to all the sick, and is indeed held the more firmly the more the real cause of their feeling remains hidden. . . .

All sufferers, one and all, are dreadfully eager and inventive in devising excuses for painful emotions; they revel in their suspicions, dwelling on imaginary slights; they scour the entrails of their past and present for obscure and questionable occurrences that offer them the opportunity to revel in tormenting suspicions; they intoxicate themselves with the poison of their own malice: they tear open their oldest wounds, they bleed from scars long since healed; they make evildoers out of their friends, wives, children, and whoever else stands closest to them. “I suffer: someone is to blame.”

I would also think no little part of the murderous activities among migrant communities comes from their inability to achieve positions of status within the communities in which they or their parents have come. The cause is their inability to adapt and join in on the productive side of our very open economies, but are unable to understand why. Their desire for revenge burns deep.

The denizens of Gaza, who look into the productive and generally prosperous state of Israel, have that same resentment, fuelled in no small part by their massive envy of the Israelis in company with an absolute rejection of any recognition that the Israelis are merely superior in their organisational and perhaps more general cultural abilities.

In defence of Western Civilisation from our modern vandals

And half of those vandals are internal. Here is a twelve step program from Jordan Peterson. It is hard to believe that such common sense still exists and can be said in public, but here it is.

View image on Twitter

And if you are interested in the full text, here is the entire two hours.

This is Peterson’s own background briefing to the presentation:

Conservatism has all-too-often found itself unable to articulate a coherent positive doctrine. By this I mean specifically that the laudable conservative tendency to preserve the best of past has too-often manifested itself in a series of “thou shalt not” statements, instead of laying out a manifesto of fundamental values that might serve to unite people around a set of common ambitions. I am attempting to rectify this problem with this statement of principles, some of which I believe might have the additional virtue of being attractive to young people, looking for mature and forthright purpose and responsibility.

I am not making the claim that the statement is perfect, comprehensive or final.

I will just add that it’s not perfect or final, not least because it is mostly pragmatic but lacks the moral grounding that is essential. The left is filled with people who are evil to their very core but believe they are only doing good. Without a proper moral basis for action, there is no foundation for anything. Socialism is great on paper, and when we have perfected humanity we can bring it on. In the meantime, every such experiment is inevitably disastrous for everyone other than those who are at the very top of the pyramid. We have found a way to bring peace and prosperity which are through the principles laid out, but there is a deeper understanding required which only an Edmund Burke and an Adam Smith can supply.

What seven year old doesn’t need to know this?

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Now, you might be asking yourself why a seven-year-old girl needs to learn about sexual desire at all, let alone homosexual sexual desire; you might be asking yourself why a seven-year-old should be indoctrinated about children being “assigned male or female at birth” when such language is the language of anti-scientific nonsense.

But according to Valenti, you would be the degraded one. After all, school teachers should certainly inform pre-pubescent children about matters of moral and scientific controversy. But, you might answer, young children don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to ask important questions about this framework.

That, of course, is entirely the point. Children are supposed to be indoctrinated with left-wing views regarding gender and sex — they’re supposed to be told that sex and gender are utterly disconnected, that every sexual activity is equally valid. Children are supposed to be confused about matters of deep philosophical and lifestyle importance, so that later, they feel free to follow whatever feelings they have. We can’t teach children nothing — then their parents might teach them the wrong things. They might teach their children that men were men and women were women, for example, which could create preconceived notions about sex. And if parents were to teach children about the societal value of heterosexual lifestyles, or about the mere biological advantages of heterosexual activity, that could lead to discrimination.

Let me therefore mention a book I have come across by accident that could not be published today but is in print and shows it is still possible to access sanity even in the world the left is creating at every turn: William Kilpatrick’s Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong, for which the link will get you to a pdf copy you can download for yourself.

Also available through the net but with certainty will not be found on the shelf in any bookshop anywhere in the world. I wonder if you can find it in a public library.

It was originally published in 1992 where he was warning us about the kind of world that was forming at the time. Only publishable even then because he no doubt looked like an extremest way out on a limb. In fact, the most prescient book I have ever come across. He describes everything you see today, explaining what is wrong, but was then only describing what was to come.

I cannot recommend a book more highly. Probably too late anyway, but worth having a deeper grasp of the horrors surrounding us now with no doubt worse to come in a world now completely out of control.

Canada in the news

Quite a dismal surprise to find Toronto in the midst of one of our modern forms of multicultural horror. I am particularly struck by the outrage expressed in this CTV headline: 10 dead, 15 injured in Toronto van incident. Incident, as in: oh, incidentally. Adding this:

Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen told reporters Monday afternoon that police received multiple calls around 1:30 p.m. about a vehicle “driving on Yonge Street, striking a number of pedestrians between Finch Avenue and Sheppard Avenue.”

Yuen said one suspect was in custody, the van had been located and all available resources had been mobilized to investigate the situation. Sources told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that the suspect is Alek Minassian.

“I want to assure the public, the rest of the city (is) adequately policed,” Yuen said.

No doubt everyone now feels reassured. Of course, the ones who are likely being policed are those speculating in public about who the killer was and why he had done what he did.

And also from the Old Dominion, and indeed also from Toronto, we have: Jordan Peterson on Kanye Backlash: Candace Owens Is Right to Object to ‘Victimization Narrative’.

On Monday, Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor and author, said it’s “very, very dangerous” for the radical left to divide people into two groups — those who are victimized and those who are the oppressors.

Meanwhile Shania Twain apologizes after saying she would have voted for Trump. Retrospectively, she now says she is sorry she said it, but doesn’t change what she really would have done on November 8, 2016, had she been an American and not from the frozen north.

Who knows? Maybe the worms really are turning

NeverTrumpers: What if Trump really is making America great again?

They are afflicted with a nagging suspicion. Trump might, how shall they whisper it, Make America Great Again.

The tax bill has given the economy a bit of a tailwind, most Americans have more money in their pockets, and corporations have greater incentives to step up spending and to bring some funds home. The NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada likely will be revised to America’s advantage. The president’s decision to punish Assad for crossing the red line that Obama refused to enforce is popular and his decision to defer to his military advisers and keep the response targeted so as not to induce a response from Russia has met with broad approval. His threats against North Korea—my nukes are bigger than your nukes—appalled the fastidious members of the establishment diplomatic community, but have Kim Jong-un claiming to be willing to negotiate a peace treaty with South Korea and détente with the United States.

Then there is China. Trump has done what previous administrations failed to do: forced China to make some concessions, opening at least a crack in the wall it has erected against imports. Majority-owned American financial firms will gain entry into several sectors, and tariffs on made-in-America automobiles will come down, while the United States tightens restrictions on intellectual property theft by the Chinese regime, in part by limiting China’s ability to buy tech-heavy U.S. firms. Even dyed-in-the-cotton-apparel free-traders are now conceding that the president’s negotiating tactic—threaten to bring down the international system, unless it gets fixed—is working. And should have been tried administrations ago. . . .

So here is BT and AT:

Before Trump, Assad could use chemical weapons with impunity; after Trump, he pays a steep price. BT, China could plunder American intellectual property and disregard the rules of the trading system that it has manipulated in its rise to power; AT, it fears Trump’s tariffs sufficiently to begin modifying its unfair trading practices. BT, Russia could wage cyberwar on the U.S. electoral system without fear of response from America; AT, Putin and his oligarch cronies find themselves being cut off from access to the world financial system. BT, the economy was mired in sub-trend growth; AT and his tax cut, growth is up. BT, in the post-war years most presidents projected a dignity of sorts; AT, presidential dignity is not even considered a virtue.

The above is via Instapundit. The one below is from The Guardian! The ‘deep state’ is real. But are its leaks against Trump justified? where the answer is no. This is the subhead:

Even the most severe critics of the US president should worry about this subtle form of anti-democratic abuse

And worry you should. These are the concluding paras:

The whole intelligence collection system – which has an importance that far transcends its undoubtedly large importance in this discrete context – is vulnerable here for the simple reason that the intermixture of politics with intelligence collection is the intelligence system’s Achilles’ heel.

If surveillance comes to be seen through a domestic political lens, with domestic political winners and losers, the intelligence community will have a very hard time acting with needed public credibility. And that in turn means it will have a harder time doing what it needs to do to keep us safe.

Maybe, but only just maybe, there might be a bit of realism finding its way through. There are plenty of problems to be dealt with, and for a change there is a president who not only wishes to fix things, but has actually shown that he might just be able to. Would be nice if others began to see an advantage working with him on things they can agree on, and not just opposing what he is doing just because of who these things are being done by.

AND THERE’S MORE: This is via John Hinderaker at Powerline: CANDACE OWENS’ MOMENT: I’M NOT FAR RIGHT, I’M FREE

Which also includes this:

Yesterday morning, Kanye West tweeted his approval of Candace:



I love the way Candace Owens thinks

And if you go to the link there’s much more as well.

Madness is the new normal

Does seem to show how relatively incompetent all of Trump’s recent predecessors were. But there is still all of this.

China military islands now control South China Sea…
Beijing final touches on battle plan to take back Taiwan?
Xi says internet control key to stability…

Not to mention this.

Moscow sends warship through English Channel…
ISIS Threatens CNN, Universal Studios…
LONDONISTAN: Leading Surgeon Predicts Summer of Carnage…
Al-Qaeda Using GOOGLE Maps to Plan Attacks…
Iran vows ‘expected and unexpected’ moves if U.S. exits nuclear deal

Yet what are the dominant issues for the loyal opposition and the media?

Problem solving as an aim now seems to be addressed towards solving the psychological problems of around half the population and not dealing with political issues. As found here, for example:

TO ALL HER OTHER CHARMS, SHE ADDS PARANOIA:  ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President,’ Said the Woman Who Thought It Was Her Due.