The new new left is even stupider than the old new left

An article you might wish to read THE OLD NEW LEFT AND THE NEW NEW LEFT in a journal you might like to subscribe to: The Claremont Review of Books. Starts wtth the right question:

Will the ’60s ever end? Ever since the ’60s we’ve been debating the ’60s. With the recent bursts of rioting and student activism at Berkeley, Yale, Middlebury, Claremont McKenna, and across the country, even today’s millennials and post-millennials (Generation Z, as they’re called, perched on the very alphabetic cliff) find themselves drafted into nostalgic comparisons with their grandparents’ generation.

My generation, that is. An unusually stupid but arrogant crew that thought itself superior because it rightly fought for equal rights in the American south but wrongly because it fought on the side of the Vietnamese communists and helped deliver the country to a tyranny that is only now being lifted. A very interesting historical summary that can only truly be understood by someone who was there but has completely changed sides.

Preventing dissent at its source.

You should read this article that will help explain the problem we face: Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them. These are comments on this article which help explain the points made.

Google isn’t just wanting map and search monopolies. They’re trying to monopolize information itself. The dissemination of information. How people look things up, what results they get, why they look things up, and the actions they take after they do (e.g. buying a product). They collect massive amount of information on all of us whether we want them to or not. There’s no option for opting in or out. No checkboxes to authorize. No agreements to sign on what they can do with that information. If it was government doing this, we’d rebel against a tyrannical collection of information and psychological manipulation. Which leads to a second point: civil libertarians need to begin speaking out as forcefully against monopolists as they do against government. Sure, Rand Paul can filibuster about drones and NSA data collection, but you don’t hear a peep from him about private companies. Cato and other conservative and libertarian think tanks give corporations free reign because they’re not government entities. They’re wrong. We all need to see that freedom isn’t just about the ability to live without government coercion. It’s about the ability to live without any coercion, including from private entities. Increasingly, we’re being spied on, manipulated and have our very freedoms limited because private entities are intruding in on our lives, including our own employers. There has to be a point at which this is unacceptable, not as consumers or liberals or conservative, but as humans with inalienable rights that should not be taken by government or corporations.

Orwell wrote in 1984 that “NewSpeak” would actually make improper thinking impossible. This prevents dissent at its source. This is exactly what Google is doing. By controlling all search results, it becomes impossible to even see an idea Google disapproves of. Once Governments begin paying for this capability, it will become nigh impossible to even understand how people are being manipulated. You can have all the freedom you want, just as long as you are not free. I think that is Google’s real motto. Go nuts with cat searches, but whoa there son, what do you mean you want to research Congressman so and so’s business holdings?

To paraphrase Tim Cook, At Apple, our customers buy the product; to others (e.g. google) you are the product (e.g., the data they glean from your use of what they provide). As has been written about by others, we are at an early stage of beginning to understand what powers the internet has and how slow we are to really understand how they affect us. But this is clear enough: Google behaving this way needs to be called out into the open, and more of their activities need to be called out, too. And, consider boycotts. I have. I use no google products.

There are other, seemingly more “far-fetched” reasons for concern about these tech monopolies, too. I’ve been thinking about that since we began seeing news (not nearly enough of it, IMO) about US companies following in the footsteps of Sweden and microchipping their employees. Her dilemma: do I let my employer microchip me? So while many millennials are extremely gung-ho about getting their hands chipped by their employers as if they were pets, and are excited about the prospect of being able to wave their hand in front of a scanner to travel and buy things and access their medical information, I’m concerned about how the problem of tech monopolies will inevitably fit into all of this. Brick-and-mortar stores continue to be put out of business by Amazon, and Amazon continues moving into traditional markets by offering services like produce delivery and buying up grocery stores. Everyone has an iPhone now and eventually password entry will be phased out altogether as the fingerprint becomes mandatory, which will then be replaced by retina scanning which will supposedly debut in this year’s model. You have to wonder.. how long before the microchip becomes necessary to unlock your iPhone, use an ATM, board a plane, purchase anything, make a payment, access your email, obtain medical care, etc? How long before it’s a requirement for employment…everywhere? How long before newborns get them at the hospital? If just Google and Amazon alone implemented the technology and required it for their services, we’re talking about many millions of young people who would go along without hesitation.

I switched to Duck Duck Go after Google brazenly announced they were the sole arbiters of what is “hateful” and which ideas deserve or don’t deserve to be accessible on the internet. Yeah, no thank you.

The Mark Steyn Club – join it

Before I go further, if you are interested in doing your own bit to save as much of our past and history, as well as maintaining as much of our way of life as possible, you must join The Mark Steyn Club. This blog is a tiny tiny part of the global conversation trying to save us. Mark Steyn is a larger part and is read worldwide. You can help him by joining The Mark Steyn Club by going here. I would have thought it’s too late but Donald Trump did get elected so who can know? This is from his latest post, which really did astonish me. He actually went to Rotherham and spoke to the girls who had been sexually abused and worse by Muslim men, and discovered this:

The sexual exploitation of children is still going on in Rotherham. In broad daylight.

Cannot be, you say. Well, apparently it can. Sign up and do your bit.

Sebastian Gorka about Trump and the deep state

To be read if foreign policy in the Trump White House is your interest, which it surely ought to be: Sebastian Gorka on the Trump Agenda and China. Reassuring, which is nice for a change. It’s an interview and this is an excerpt:

Buskirk: Barack Obama was criticized relentlessly and I think rightly, for never uttering those two words, radical Islam, or Islamic terrorism, or any permutation of that phrase, and now we have seen that either it was never in the Afghanistan speech, or it was struck at some point. That tells me that it wasn’t just Obama. There’s a deep reticence to think about the challenges we face from radical Islam at all levels within the national security apparatus.

Gorka: Let’s not just make this about Islam or jihadis. It’s a larger phenomenon. It’s political correctness run amok. I remember two years ago I was asked to run an exercise for 06s, the colonels working in the Pentagon as strategists. I asked them as a group to break up into teams and then decide for themselves, I asked them, “What is the primary national security threat to America?” and then to work out a strategy and then present it to their peers.

When they stood up three days later to present their plan, half of the teams, and these are professionals, teams of professional military individuals. Half of the teams said, under the Obama administration, “The primary national security threat to America is climate change.” That is a product of censorship, of group think, of political correctness.

It’s not just about understanding the threat from jihadist Islamic terrorism, it’s about understanding reality, understanding truth. One of the things we postmodern individuals deny is objective truth. The American voters spoke very loudly on November the 8th and they said, “Something’s wrong. I may not know the difference between Sunni and Shia, but something’s wrong in the swamp,” and that’s why we have Donald Trump as President.

This should be absolutely illegal

This previous post of mine was not a bit of whimsy but ought to be taken up as a serious proposition before it is too late: It must be made illegal on “social media” to deny service to people who say things that are not illegal to say. This is from Gateway Pundit and via srr: Joy Villa Given 48 Hours to Delete Her Incredible MAGA Song From YouTube. Someone needs to legislate to make this illegal. It is merely a fetish to say that a private firm can do anything it likes, when no private firm can do anything it likes. If someone puts up a platform for general use, only illegal activity can permit that platform from being withdrawn. Here is the story.

Singer Joy Villa shocked Hollywood after she burst onto the red carpet in February wearing a MAGA dress and a big beautiful smile to the Grammys. She became a star overnight with skyrocketing album sales as Trump supporters raced to purchase her music.

‘Tolerant’ and ‘loving’ liberals on the other hand, called for Joy Villa’s death–over her support for President Trump.

Villa claimed she had written consent from everyone in the video, however; YouTube claimed “we cannot accept or review agreements granting consent before the video was uploaded.”

YouTube is cracking down on conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters by demonetizing videos, deleting videos and suspending accounts altogether.

As TGP previously reported, pro-Trump personalities Diamond and Silk accused Google-owned YouTube of demonetizing 95 percent of their videos. The pair believes YouTube’s decision was driven by their support for President Trump.

YouTube isn’t the only platform targeting conservatives. Twitter and Facebook routinely censor and suspend pro-Trump accounts without any real explanation. Many conservatives receive vague emails claiming ‘terms of service’ was violated for benign posts while liberals and terrorists run wild on the platforms posting gruesome beheading videos, using profanity and calling for the assassination of president Trump without consequences.

The definition of “Antifa” is psychotic nutter

This is a story that I am reprinting as it was published but with a bit of editorial adjustment so that what actually took place is clarified: Masked anarchists nutters violently rout right-wing peaceful and law abiding demonstrators in Berkeley

An army of anarchists violent criminal psychopaths in black clothing and masks routed a small group of right-wing extremely brave demonstrators who had gathered in a Berkeley park Sunday to rail against the city’s famed progressive politics, driving them out — sometimes violently — while overwhelming a huge contingent of police officers.

Hundreds of officers tried to maintain calm in and around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park before the 1 p.m. “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally, putting up barricades, searching bags and confiscating sticks, masks, pepper spray and even water bottles. The goal was to head off the type of clashes that sprang from similar rallies in the city earlier this year.

But once again, counterdemonstrators a bunch of genuine fascists pretending they are actually against fascism frustrated efforts by police, who numbered about 400. As the crowd swelled to several times that size, officers stepped aside stopped doing their jobs and allowed hundreds of people violent thugs angered by the presence of the right-wing peaceful rally to climb over the barriers into the park, said Officer Jennifer Coats, a spokeswoman for Berkeley police.

The masked counterprotesters violent criminal gangs of hoodlums, often referred to as antifa or antifascists, significantly outnumbered the people who had come for the rally, many of whom wore red clothing indicating support for President Trump. The anarchists criminally insane thugs chased away the right-wingers law-abiding members of the public, and in one case four or five [cowardly actually fascist nutcases] pummeled a man with fists and sticks before a radio host for Reveal, Al Letson, [that is, not the police!] jumped in to shield the victim. Anarchists Violent psychopaths also attacked reporters who documented their actions.

By the time the confrontations violent criminal attacks wound down in midafternoon, police had arrested 13 people, including one for assault with a deadly weapon, Coats said. Most were accused of bringing banned items into the park. Six people reported non-life-threatening injuries, Coats said, including two taken to hospitals.

Every society has its psychotics who are usually kept chained up and sedated but sometimes it is seen as useful by political groups to allow them to run free. Using the right words to describe what is happening is essential if the underlying dynamic is to be more clearly understood.

No idea who their enemies are

These are comments found on a thread at Catallaxy following this post titled, Strange days indeed which is itself linked to an article titled, My great uncle was alienated in postwar France. Now Americans know how he felt. The writer is Hadley Freeman implying there is some great irony in Jews having fled European fascism in the 1930s only to find their descendants – her, for example – caught up today in the rebirth of fascism in America. A complete fool, consorting with her deepest enemies and giving them cover, her shameful ignorance identified in the Catallaxy comments thread.

Surprisingly, many Jews have a poor grasp of history and an even poorer grasp of reality. They consistently line up behind those who threaten Israels existence and who would be dispose of them in a heartbeat. Antifa should be all to familiar to them and completely alarming.

The problem with a lot of leftist Jews (and I have some in my family) is that they are leftists first and Jews second – well, quite often Jews in name only. They embrace every liberal cause that comes along, they work against the interests of Israel and their people, they work in favour of violent and antisemitic Palestinian causes, they deny the reality of Islamic violence and Jew hatred and they hate people like Trump simply because he is not one of them (that is, they don’t hate him because he is not a Jew – rather they hate him because he is not a liberal). In fact to them, anyone not to the left of Marx is a Nazi so I would not necessarily place too much faith in their judgment of who is and who is not a Nazi (leftists in general are seldom interested in evidence or facts where these conflict with their narrative). Of course some of the people at Charlottesville were neo-Nazis who do in fact hate Jews, but many were just conservatives. And Trump was right – much of the rise of the extreme right wing is a backlash brought about by the violence and intolerance of the extreme Left which is being supported and protected by many who should know better – including many so called Jews (who incidentally by their own actions are working against the Jewish people – Israel in particular). In this respect, Trump is more of a Jew than many of the lefty, so called “Jews”are). Denis Prager (himself a practicing conservative Jew) hits the nail on the head when he points out the danger this creates not just for Jews but for western civilization as a whole. And in point of fact I see as much if not more anti Jewish behaviour on the Left than the anti Jewish behaviour on the right which is being perpetrated by a vanishingly small number of neo Nazis. The fact that this Leftist anti Jewish behaviour is often disguised as criticism of Israel does not change the fact that it is actually Jew hatred. Though they like to think of it as some kind of superior morality. I also find it passing strange to see this writer doing what the Left so often does – projecting onto the other side their own bad behaviour such as accusing Trump of being anti Israel or of being appeasers (apparently appeasing extremist Islam, which is a far greater threat than a tiny number of neo Nazis is OK however). Sickening.

Objectively, having an ancestor who survived the Holocaust is irrelevant, it doesn’t give her opinions any special authority; that’s the genetic fallacy (also known as the fallacy of origins or fallacy of virtue — Wiki). Conversely descendants of nazis, or descendants of our pioneers for that matter, carry no special guilt. She, they all, use faulty reasoning as in: Trump is supported by neo-nazis (allegedly) therefore he must support neo-nazis or guilt by association in this case ‘reductio ad Hitlerum’.

What part of Islamo-Fascist does she not understand? What part of “some good people” does she not understand? What part of “Antifa” brutal street fascism does she not understand? This blinkered woman does not understand very much.

Liberal???… She’s not a liberal, she’s a Socialist and Fascistic one at that….. But like most fascists she excuses her violence of thought and deed by blaming the victims of her political passions. She exaggerates and lies….. and she does it deliberately for political effect.

Trump supports Israel and went to the wailing wall in a very respectful manner. Obama undermined Israel and sympathises with its enemies. He would never have gone there in the same fashion Trump did. These leftist commentators like her are always off the mark, but this statement is deranged.

The typical modern guardianista liberal with an empty head and an empty life. If Trump is Hitler, then she can pretend to be Ann Frank – it gives her life a tiny bit of meaning.

Tunisia, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen… just a few of the places where J__s are no longer being born. Don’t think it has anything to do with Nazis though.

It is the left that is anti-semitic and pro-muslin. Trump’s own family is part Jewish. The Gramsci-ites know, a la Goebbels, that the propaganda lie, once out there gets disseminated by a fellow-traveller medja, and absorbed by those who fail to reason why and by youth made compliant via leftist k-12 transformational “education”.

Desecrates her uncle’s grave with cheap anti Trump addendum to a story about a man of greatness. But that is so typical of the “cultural left”.

I wish I had any idea of what she means. Can someone explain it. I’ll give it a shot, friend of Israel = nazi, Muslims who want to wipe Israel and every Jew off the face of the Earth = not nazi. And just like in 1930s the beautiful people side with the nazis. It’s instinctive to them as they find ugly art beautiful, ugly literature worthy and ugly movies as entertainment.