Promoting “hatred, division and madness”

Went looking for the source of CurrencyLad’s story on Craig Kelly and found this. There really are some fruit loops out there.

Malcolm Turnbull slams Murdoch media for sowing ‘hatred, division and madness’

Malcolm Turnbull has blamed Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and other media outlets for promoting “the hatred, division and madness” that prompted the US Capitol attack last week.

In an opinion piece in Crikey, the former Australian prime minister has called for Murdoch’s media empire to “be brought to account”, and asked businesses to reconsider advertising with the company’s outlets.

Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A, 9 November 2020.
 Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A, 9 November 2020. Photograph: ABC TV

Turnbull wrote:

Until a few weeks ago Fox News’ relationship with Trump was like that of a state-owned broadcaster in a dictatorship: flattering the great leader, supporting his friends, denouncing his allies, covering up his failures.

Fox News has promoted and exacerbated America’s deep social and racial divisions, supporting Trump’s exploitation of them at every turn.

And when the election result was clear, Fox was once again in the forefront supporting Trump in his claims of election fraud, undermining Americans’ faith in their electoral system.

Murdoch did not directly dispatch the mob as Trump did, but his media, more than any other, amplified the narratives of hatred, division and denial that made the mob possible.

I have been with Trump and Murdoch and the power relationship was all too obvious. Trump was deferential, almost obsequious, to Murdoch. In fact when Trump and I first met he wanted Murdoch to join our bilateral discussion. I told him I wouldn’t do that – something Murdoch did not appreciate no doubt.

Freedom of speech must never mean freedom from responsibility.

I had been told he still shows up on the ABC and this is definite proof. He apparently once led the Liberal Party of Australia.

The legend of Daniel Andrews continues

It is quite amazing the hagiography that surrounds these political nonentities who have happened to be premiers when the Chinese Flu arrived. Over-reaction to the maximum extent has worked for them all. The experience has cured me of any notion that elections are to determine the best for the community. Each and every voter asks themselves, what is good for me personally and then votes accordingly. And with the pandemic, they have asked themselves, am I personally still alive? And receiving the answer, yes, vote for the people who they believe allowed that to happen. Even if this Covid thing was very unlikely to kill them, they have been grateful nonetheless.

As for us folk here in DanAndrewStan, our gratitude knows no bounds, as boundless as the local ignorance of pretty well everything that matters to their own personal wellbeing. And in the spirit of goodwill towards all men (and women) and even toward Dan himself, let me bring the following two articles from The Age to your attention. First this: ‘Strong Dan’ and ‘feared Dan’: The two faces of Victoria’s Premier.

Premier one is strong and authoritative, with a seemingly invincible self-belief. His addresses to the state, day after day over weeks and months, exuded firm, even stubborn and unflappable, resolve and clarity. He carried most of the people with him, and this was despite the millstone of heading the most incompetent Australian administration in living memory around his neck…. Premier two is a hounded authoritarian running a one-man government, dubbed by some as Dictator Dan, with an ineffectual Parliament and the usual check on leaders in the Westminster system – the cabinet – sidelined. Living in a small bubble of his own creation, with dogged self-belief, seeming at times like a delusion of grandeur, he showed an obsessional fear of letting go, lest the whole world disintegrate.

Comes with this picture I have seen for myself quite a few times on trips into town.

Melbourne's deserted CBD during the lockdown.

Missing only are the trams which ran through the entire metropolitan area the whole time, usually empty but at least everyone was being paid their wage to maintain demand along with the entire Victorian public service most of whom had no actual functions to fulfil. Working from home must have been so exhausting.

The other article is this: State government road debacle leaves project stalled, contractors owed millions. This is Premier Two who will have bankrupted the state and still depends on Chinese Belt and Road sellout of the state to pay the bills. In the meantime:

Jean-Paul Cellier’s business, STA Traffic, did 12 months of paid work as a subcontractor for Civilink on Derrimut Road until early this year, when the money stopped amid a flurry of “promises and stalling tactics” by the company. STA claims it is owed about $300,000. “We’re used to waiting to get paid, that’s normal,” Mr Cellier said, “but not getting paid at all makes you very frustrated. The government is paying to get this project done and that money is going somewhere – ultimately, we’ve missed out.”

Ho Ho Ho. We have run out of money. And do not for a minute think it has ended here.

Despite the problems involving WBHO, the government has shortlisted it as a favoured builder for its separate upcoming $2.2 billion Suburban Roads Upgrade. In 2019, WBHO executive chairman Mr Nel admitted of the Western Roads project: “We didn’t realise that we would have to do a lot more work than we priced for.” In its financial reports, the company complains of “perpetual delays” and rising costs tied to changes in design scope and problems with utility providers, as well as a misinterpretation of technical requirements and subcontractor failures. WBHO is pursuing claims against its design consultant and utility providers.

Complete financial disasters at every turn. There is no Premier One but wait till everyone finds out.

Will Andrews be held responsible at least for this?

Apparently, it seems, Victorian Senior police in the dark over ADF’s refusal to support border closure.

One of Victoria’s most senior police officers says he has not been told why the Australian Defence Force cannot provide personnel to support the NSW border closure as homicide and counter terrorism officers are revealed as being among those called in to man checkpoints. A significant number of the more than 700 officers who are being recalled from holidays or redeployed for the mammoth task will spend the festive season in tents with most of the accommodation near the border already booked up with holidaymakers unable to leave Victoria due to coronavirus restrictions. Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent said the border operation had come at the most difficult time for the force with “tent cities” being created in towns including Cann Riverin East Gippsland. The state government had asked the ADF to send troops to support police officers at the border operation but that request was knocked back at the weekend and instead, 50 defence personnel will help behind the scenes with logistics and planning.

Here’s the reason. The armed forces are for protecting our national borders, not for idiotic police actions to stop the spread of a disease between states that has already almost completetly stopped spreading.

Really pleased to see the Prime Minister stop at least some of the political side of the Covid rot. Andrews feels he can aggravate the public at will since he has his loyal supporters well in hand. Since he never takes responsibility for anything, we will see who he can blame for the more than 700 officers who are being recalled from holidays. He has ruined many more holidays than just among the police. But at least we can be sure that Deputy Commission Rick Nugent along with the police who will be placed along the border with NSW, will be very clear who is to blame this time round.

I am also finally happy to see something said by the Victorian Opposition, in this case by Tim Smith in The Oz this morning: Hotel inquiry did nothing but cover up for Daniel Andrews.

No one took responsibility. Coate said “it is beyond the remit of this inquiry to engage in an examination of the Westminster system of ministerial and public service lines of accountability and responsibility”. As I wrote in these pages in September, this is beyond a farce. It is beyond an embarrassment. It is utter and undisguised contempt for Victorians. The report did find there was systemic state government failure resulting in 801 deaths. But Andrews has never had the slightest interest in giving grieving families answers, or devastated business owners the truth about why their life’s work is in smoking ruins…. If it were a private business that caused the deaths of 801 people WorkSafe would already be prosecuting management under Victorian occupational health and safety law. WorkSafe has 24 separate investigations under way into the second wave, particularly the hotel quarantine fiasco; this must result in prosecutions of those responsible. The Premier, who said under oath he has ultimate accountability for the things that happen in his government, simply lied. Accountability in these circumstances means you resign in the face of such failure.

Andrews has no idea what it means to be a “responsible” minister. It means if things go wrong, he personally must be the one who carries the blame.

Covid hysteria at Jack the Ripper levels

‘You must stay in your state’: Victoria shuts out Sydney, sends police to border

Premier Daniel Andrews has closed the border to visitors from Sydney, given Victorian residents until 11.59pm Monday to get home or face two weeks of hotel quarantine, and will establish police checkpoints along the southern side of the border for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. Throwing Christmas holiday plans into chaos, Mr Andrews has dispatched 700 police and military personnel to enforce the border lockdown, which will begin at 11.59pm on Sunday. He also requested 200 to 300 ADF troops, but Canberra sources said the Morrison government had not responded to his request on Sunday evening, and it could take two or three days to assess the need.

Apparently there are 15 new cases in NSW.

Victoria is shutting down interstate travel so Victorians don’t spend their money in other states

Each voucher gives the recipient the right to claim a reimbursement of $200 if they have spent at least $400 on accommodation, experiences, tours or attractions for a minimum 2 nights in paid accommodation in regional Victoria, the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges or the Mornington Peninsula. Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Just occurred to me now as I was lying in bed thinking about the Travel Vouchers in association with the absurd obstacles being put in the way of going to Sydney for Christmas. There are virtually no Covid cases in Victoria. Andrews doesn’t want us to travel interstate at Christmas because we would then be spending our money somewhere else. Nothing to do with Covid, other than as an excuse. He really is the stupidest most repulsive creep ever to be premier of the State.

NOW’S THE MORNING AFTER: Woke up wondering how this would read in the morning. Yet the first comment suggested that there had even been an indication of this already and so I went looking and found the following statement from Jaclyn Symes, the Minister of Tourism, Sport and Major Events taken from her press release of December 12.

“We recognise the serious inconvenience caused to many people by the website issues yesterday.” “These extra vouchers will mean even more people have the chance to get out and about in regional Victoria this summer. “Victorians are clearly excited by the prospect and the extra money poured into communities across Victoria will provide a real boost for businesses and jobs.

The virtual closing of the border is a means to stimulate the economy. They see it as a program “backing local economies and workers across the state”. They really are insane. And naturally with full compliance from the local media. This is The Age this morning: Victoria to ask military for help on borders.

Victoria Police is preparing to set up checkpoints on the NSW border and the state government will ask for military assistance as it moves to implement tougher measures to protect Victoria from Sydney’s growing COVID-19 cluster. Senior Victorian officials were locked in discussions late on Saturday night about hardening border restrictions with NSW and enforcing tougher testing measures as thousands of travellers from Sydney arrived in the state. Government sources with direct knowledge of the talks, who declined to comment on the record, said Victoria Police would step up checks at the road border and a request would be made for Australian Defence Force assistance with the operation.

We are dealing with the Stasi and our own “Berlin Wall”. The Federal Government needs to start sorting this out and with no delay.

China is a third-world poverty-stricken backwater with nuclear weapons and a large army

The most astonishing quote from Rowan Callick the other day in his article on China which I discussed here – Draggin’ China down – was this:

The consumption share of China’s economy is low today — only 39 per cent of GDP — compared with 66 per cent in the US, and it is well below the 45 per cent reached in China itself at the start of the 2000s.

The natural number among developed economies is that around 66% of output heads into consumption with the last third of the economy used to maintain our capital base and then add to it. If we had the same proportion as China, the way you would be able to tell would be because every price you would find in the shops would be double what they are now but you would have the same money income to spend. You would be poorer than our ancestors who lived in Australia during the 1920s, although our technologies are better (everyone has a mobile phone today). There is not a single thing we can learn from the Chinese about managing an economy, but there is plenty they could learn from us.

And who knows how much of their productivity is wasted in developing its armed forces? The one certainty in the world is that no one is going to attack China, so what are all those armaments for?

When we were last in China, among the strongest memories I have are of the “ghost cities” that we would occasionally pass by on the train which we could tell because there were no clothes hanging out to dry on the balconies. They are the most absurd Keynesian/Marxists in the world.

They have a great potential future, but the road they need to take would be to follow the paths taken by Taiwan, Singapore, and until recently Hong Kong. Socialist centralised control is a dead end.

Marvellous Melbourne in the news

I don’t know that this is a mask infringement, but it has certainly been noticed. This is from our sister blogsite in Canada: They Went From “Flatten The Curve” To “Put Your Hands Behind Your Back” So Fast We Didn’t Even Notice.

Then there was this on the front page of the Hun today: Show us the money.

Plea to reveal project overruns & delays as blowouts top $6.4bn COST blowouts on 10 of Victoria’s key infrastructure projects, including the West Gate and Metro tunnels, have risen to more than $6.45bn. Concerns over delays and associated ballooning expenses on projects have prompted calls for the urgent release of detail on their progress. The information was left out of the budget for the first time in years on Tuesday, with Treasurer Tim Pallas saying the coronavirus pandemic made preparing progress reports difficult. But sources close to the government have detailed blowouts of $6.45bn on just 10 projects, including $2bn on the Metro Tunnel and $1.2bn on the West Gate Tunnel. The state budget revealed only 84 per cent of timelines on the West Gate project were met last year.

They can spend and spend and spend, but adding value and covering the costs of deficits with a projected revenue stream, that they’re not so good at.

FROM THE HERALD SUN: This is a pictorial from inside the paper to give you some idea of the massive cost blowouts Victoria is absorbing. And now they intend to add another $10 Billion to build a train to the airport. Where are the adults?

In the hands of thieves and loonies

Economic ignorance beyond the superhuman. These people are certifiably insane but we elected them. You just have to see the numbers: Victoria’s budget John Cain/Joan Kirner to a new dimension.

Victoria’s debt bill will skyrocket to $154.8bn over the next four years even as the Andrews government bets that it can avoid a third wave of COVID-19 and kickstart a rapid economic recovery. Tim Pallas’s sixth state budget reveals the sea of red caused by the coronavirus crisis, with Victoria a whopping $23.3bn in deficit as the economy shrinks by 4 per cent this year after almost three decades of uninterrupted economic growth.

They must have already sold the State to the Chinese because there is zero means for these people to fix the books and pay these debts. And do let me add this:

The budget papers also reveal Victoria’s public service wages bill has soared almost 10 per cent this year – and will blow out by $6bn over the next four years. Mr Pallas defended the massive increase in borrowing, saying it had been recommended by the Reserve Bank and the federal government, and that interest charges – averaging 4.4 per cent of revenue a year – were manageable.

I want every Victorian politician’s retirement super to be discounted by five percent a year until the deficit is gone. And if this has been endorsed by Morrison, I want to hear him say so. None of them know a thing about managing an economy.

There is absolutely nothing to thank Daniel Andrews for

If there has ever been a more repulsive political leader in Australia than Daniel Andrews I cannot think who it was. The notion that the leader of a government through its incompetence has led to hundreds of deaths and the longest lockdown in the world is owed any gratitude is a notion so grotesque that only a socialist party could even have conceived of it.

And even now we are still in lockdown although some, but only some of the worst excesses have been lifted. The premier is a bungling idiot. He has done nothing that he can point towards with an ounce of pride. His stupidity has led to the deaths of many many individuals who would be alive today were it not for his personal involvement in the lockdown.

Daniel Andrews is, moreover, such an evil presence that he actually thinks he has been a positive influence on the outcomes we have endured in Victoria. Look at the other states, you stupid fool and tell me what you have achieved in Victoria. For others, in the grip of the Melbourne Syndrome, there are those who are grateful for still being alive in the midst of a viral epidemic that had virtually no possibility of killing them.

I, on the other hand, think of Andrews as a monster who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, responsible for the destruction of millions of dollars of value across the state and for a lockdown that will drain the resources available to Victorians for a generation.

And it is still not over and Andrews has still not resigned. He must live inside the tightest most secure echo chamber ever constructed if all he can hear is the praise from deluded idiots for what he has done. Step outside, you buffoon, and hear what the rest of us think.

Josh Frydenberg has said it well, and he has said it in response to a Labor Party motion in the Federal Parliament to thank Dan Andrews for what he has done. How out of touch with reality can these people be! Repulsive remains the only word that captures the essence of Andrews and the sooner he leaves the political stage the better it will be. If you “Stand with Dan”, you are a pretty stupid person yourself.

The least surprising news I may have ever read

Andrews support strong, but Liberal leader floundering: poll.

In a week that saw new daily COVID-19 cases drop to single digits after a peak of 725 in August, an Ipsos poll commissioned by The Age and Nine News found 52 per cent of Victorians surveyed approved of the way Mr Andrews had performed his role, with 33 per cent disapproving.

The online poll conducted over three days last week before Mr Andrews’ decision on Sunday to temporarily delay easing restrictions or Monday’s announcement that they would proceed this week. The poll’s findings are devastating for the opposition.

Only 15 per cent approved of Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien’s performance during the pandemic. His approval rating among even Coalition supporters surveyed was just 27 per cent.

The Melbourne Syndrome is strong. Andrews will almost certainly be gone by the next election since he will bail out before all the vultures come home to roost. I can only assume the Libs have decided to lose the election rather than be in charge of fixing the fantastic mess that will need to be dealt with. At least there was Peta Credlin there to give Dan the belting he deserved.