Should you marry her?

I’ve come across such lists from time to time but this one is worth repeating: 26 signs a girls is worth marrying. And if you’re not thinking of eventually marrying someone then life will pass you by.

1. Parents are married
Being raised in a two-parent household means she’s seen a functioning relationship.
She can model that blueprint with you.

2. Slow to blame, quick to give credit
Giving credit demonstrates her generosity.
Slow to blame shows she doesn’t jump to conclusions.

3. Communicates availability
This means she’s an excellent communicator.
Updating you to her availability proves she respects your time.

4. Healthy arguments
She’s looking for a solution, instead of winning the argument.
Avoiding emotions during an argument for pursuit of the truth is the ultimate sign of maturity.

5. No male friends
Men know how other men think.
If she has guy friends, they want to sleep with her.

6. Religious
Religion provides us with a set of rules to model our lives after.
If she’s an atheist, her life model comes from those around her instead of God.

7. Approval from family & friends
If you’re emotionally attached to a woman, your judgment might be clouded.
If your family likes her, they reached an objective conclusion instead of an emotional one.

8. Wants children
A desire for children indicates she’s grounded in reality.
A life without children can be purposeless & boring.

9. Small circle of friends
It’s impossible to have 50 meaningful & genuine relationships.
Too many “friends” means she’s fake.

10. Willing to compromise
A healthy relationship involves mutual effort & compromise.
Her willingness to make sacrifices proves she cares.

11. Coexists in companionable silence
Your relationship transcends “awkward silence.”
When you’re spending time together, there isn’t a need to fill the void with noise.

12. Motherly instincts
Her energy around small animals is caring & compassionate.
This is a signal she could be a loving mother to your children as well.

13. Nice to other women
Women can be nasty to each other.
Keeping her emotions in check around women she doesn’t like displays maturity.

14. Calls bullshit
She’s not afraid to give you her opinion at the risk of offending you.
She knows the long-term truth matters more than short-term discomfort.

15. Admits her mistakes
Admitting you’re wrong takes humility & a willingness to check your ego.
There’s no greater sign of maturity.

16. Not obsessed with celebrities
If celebrity drama excites her, she’s looking to cause drama in your life too.
If she doesn’t care about celebrities, that’s a green flag.

17. Actions match her words
Few people’s words align with their actions.
If hers do, she’s a keeper.

18. Wants a traditional marriage
Wanting a traditional marriage shows she values commitment, stability, & family.
It’s also a sign she’s not a feminist.

19. Not afraid to talk about the future
A healthy conversation about your life goals is a green flag.
She wants to see if you’re both compatible for the long-term.

20. No silent treatment
If she’s upset, she doesn’t ignore you. She tells you immediately to reach the solution faster.
She values getting the relationship back on track over petty passive aggressiveness.

21. Phone faced down
When spending time with you, she’s engaged & in the present.
Together time ≠ phone time.

22. Personal cheerleader
She didn’t just fall in love with you, she fell in love with your potential.
She knows what you’re capable of & pushes you to work hard every day.

23. Social media
She’s not a social media attention addict.
Her Instagram is either private, or she uses it for business.

24. Speaks well of others when they’re not around
She resists the urge to gossip, knowing it makes her look bad.
Instead, she brings up their good qualities when they’re not present.

25. The same person after 90 days
People can only keep up appearances for so long.
This tells you she was being herself from day one.

26. Actively listens
Most people don’t listen. They’re waiting for their turn to speak.
She’s actively engaged in what you say because she likes you.

Socialism versus the welfare state

This from a post at Powerline and it is something said by Hayek:

The current situation has greatly altered the task of the defender of liberty and made it much more difficult.  So long as the danger came from socialism of the frankly collectivist kind, it was possible to argue that the tenets of the socialists were simply false: that socialism would not achieve what the socialists wanted and that it would produce other consequences which they would not like.  We cannot argue similarly against the welfare state, for this term does not designate a definite system.  What goes under that name is a conglomerate of so many diverse and even contradictory elements that, while some of them may make a free society more attractive, others are incompatible with it or may at least constitute potential threats to existence.

The welfare state is such a hodgepodge of stupid ideas that no one can tell where things have gone wrong unless you understand how a market works. These are from the comments:

We can never adequately define what the hell Leftists are doing to the country because it’s not really communism but it is definitely not American. That’s what makes it really hard to convince people of the evil nature of what these Leftists are doing. You can’t rebel against something you can’t adequately define.

The phony leftism of modern democrats is not honest leftism of the “frankly collectivist” kind. It’s worse. It’s the worst of all worlds; the excesses of capitalism combined with the destructive bullying of big government. Billionaires set public policy on things like climate and energy, even if it ruins the average worker. Monster corporations are allowed to monopolize market segments and use their monopoly to crush dissent and cancel competitors, as long as it’s in cooperation with the ruling Party. Trillions are taxed, borrowed, and spent to help the little guy, yet somehow all the little guy ends up is an endlessly inflating cost of living and a crash in his retirement account.

Under capitalism, the wealthy become powerful. Under socialism, the powerful become wealthy.

This is the post:

Thought for the Day: Hayek’s Warning

The left are shallow if not actually stupid

This is from a comment at Instapundit. The article commented on is by Sam Harris:

You cannot reason with these people.Harris is known for his writing on atheism which he is self-declared.

This is the comment:

An atheist is someone who has replaced a belief in God w/ a belief in some other higher power – in our country, it’s often government or Democrats or Progressives etc, but if you listen – truly listen – they’re describing a god. The brilliant CafeHayek people make a similar point: if you listen to progressives describe how central planning works, they’re clearly assuming divine intervention in the form of some wise government official who knows all & loves all etc.

You literally can’t make any of their theories work unless you assume a god, so they’re not really atheists – they just prefer bureaucrats or PhDs to the Judeo-Christian God.

Science marches on

This is incredible. Who could believe we could go this far backwards and so quickly?

Scientific American declares biological sex is construct to ‘reinforce gender and racial divisions’


Of course, the Bible declares that He created man and then woman. And not even Darwinian theory can explain how evolution accounts for two sexes.


The old country!!

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor!!


Soon to be a country of the not-so-old. Another reason I’m glad I left!

Worth reading the comments at Instapundit:

Plus this:

Canada takes giant leap toward Room 101
in the Ministry of Love

American Thinker, by Olivia Murray Original Article

In the climax of Orwell’s magnum opus, the reader is introduced to Room 101 in the Ministry of Love. It is the subterranean torture chamber where agents of the Party inflict gruesome and macabre punishment upon recalcitrant citizens like Winston. And now it appears that Canada is making moves to emulate the totalitarian regime of Oceania and its Party. In a report released by The Counter Signal, Justin Trudeau and his political allies are paving the way for a militarized climate force. Leaked architectural blueprints of a massive new facility lay bare a dystopian future.

Social science experiments

Saw this in a comment somewhere.

There have been a huge number of studies using rats and mice negotiating mazes. They purport to do things such as testing whether drugs enhance or impare functioning.

So some people, for whatever reason, decided to test the tests. To see if the maze tests actually tested what the people thought they tested. In essence: they took a rat’s eye view of the mazes, “if I were a rat in the maze how would I “see” things.” They started, and went on an on, eliminating clues that rats would use, urine trails, hair drops, on and on, vibrations from outside traffic, all kinds of things I don’t even remember. Several times they thought they got it right, then they discovered there was some other clue the rats were using.

Finally, they did get it right. No clues for the rats, all of the clues finally eliminated. Then, testing the tests. None of the tests of drugs etc. could be reproduced. None of them. The rats had been negotiating the mazes based on clues in the mazes and surroundings.

The point of all that is: the researchers may actually have got what they say they got, but it isn’t reproducible because they don’t understand what was “exactly right” for that test.

Even when it works they don’t know why.