Dealing with mainstream cults

Although the article starts with these two charts, it is not about the Chinese Flu but about why people believe things in spite of all the evidence to show they are utterly untrue. The title is Why Facts Don’t Matter to People. That is, why it is near impossible to get those who seem able to believe ten impossible things before breakfast to change their minds. It is like dealing with members of a cult, except they are now the mainstream.

Here’s his point. “Engage them in conversation”, he suggests, meaning getting others – you know, like people who want to blow up power stations and defund the police – to explain their views while listening sympathetically to yours.

If you’re wondering why so many people don’t see the world the way you do, engage them in conversation. You will find they are as well-intentioned as you are, but they are looking in a different direction. Beneath their opinions and fears, beliefs are shaping how they see the world.

Because of different beliefs, your villains may be their heroes. They may look at the world of effects while you are looking at causes. They’re hoping a better leader comes to power, while you’re considering how the presidency became so powerful and destructive.

Until their beliefs change, they will never consider how politicians and experts with too much power turned a pandemic into a catastrophe. As Einstein put it, “Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is theory which decides what can be observed.”

The “clear guidance” politicians claim to dispense and “the truth” my friend wants to learn are not rooted in the principles of human flourishing. My friend is waiting for a government official to blow the all-clear whistle. My friend doesn’t want to believe experts are as fallible as he is, and that the prevailing scientific consensus may be false. For me to explain to him why “defining risk is an exercise in power” would bring a blank stare of disbelief.

I don’t think the author has an answer. He adds this at the end which only emphasises how deep the problem is.

Read Hayek’s famous observation about order, replacing the words “that in complex conditions” with the words “during a pandemic:” “To the naive mind that conceives of order only as the product of deliberate arrangement, it may seem absurd that in complex conditions [during a pandemic], order and adaptation to the unknown can be achieved more effectively by decentralizing decisions.”

With that simple substitution, we expose a core belief shared by many Americans. They believe centralizing decision-making is effective in unknown, complex conditions and they want their politicians to do something.

Well, that’s the problem right there. No one any longer wants governments to do nothing, even if that really would be the best thing to do. We are therefore falling towards a totalitarian state. One day no one may even notice our freedoms have gone, since those who grow up in this new world may never have known what freedom is.

And there is this comment I really liked:

People like that exist because reality doesn’t kick them in the teeth hard enough.

Imagine how life has been through most of human history. Life was hard. Being wrong could get you dead, and in a hurry. People who were prone to believing nonsense got that tendency beaten out of them.

Today the consequences for being wrong are extraordinarily mild, if they ever arrive at all. People can believe all sorts of false and ridiculous things without ever having to worry that they’ll pay a price for doing so, or that they will suffer as a result.

That’s where leftists come from.

And this is where they end up.

Welcome to Idiocracy

There are 6.5 million people living in Victoria.

If 10% of the population had the CV-19, that would be 650,000 people.

If 1% of the population had the CV-19, that would be 65,000 people.

If 0.1% of the population had the CV-19, that would be 6,500 people. That is one person in 1000.

If 0.01% of the population had the CV-19, that would be 650 people. That is one person in 10,000.

The actual number of people in Victoria who now have the CV-19 is now 121. That is 0.002% of the population, one person in 50,000.

The trouble is we may be living in an Idiocracy which is why Daniel Andrews is premier. What is an idiocracy?

A dystopian world where mankind has embraced anti-intellectualism, and society is devoid of traits such as intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, justice, and human rights.

And that’s apparently just how we like it. See the trailer for Idiocracy and then think about modern Seattle. Or perhaps we could just look around at our own willingness to lock ourselves up in our own self-constructed modern penal colony (if you will pardon the expression).

And it may not just be us. This is from the US: The blind continuing panic over COVID-19.

With totalitarian Democratically-controlled cities and states across the nation now imposing odious rules requiring the wearing of masks at all times, based entirely on emotion and symbolism with absolutely no reliance on the actual science that says masks are not only useless against a virus like COVID-19, they could be medically harmful to the user, I think it is time to do a little science journalism and illustrate again the absurdity of this situation.

First, the Wuhan flu epidemic is clearly ending, as shown by the graph above. This graph, based on numbers from this site, shows that the disease reached its peak sometime near the start of May. Since then its threat has been declining steadily, until it reached today the lowest number of deaths since March, only 285.

Right now the chances of you catching COVID-19 and dying from it are practically nil, even if you live in densely populated states like New York, where only 14 people died yesterday from the virus.

Second, as predicted by some scientists, the lockdowns, social distancing, and silly symbolic mask use did nothing to stretch out the epidemic or flatten the curve. These scientists, ignored by politicians and the mainstream press, had predicted it would be a seasonal flu, dying out come summer, and that it would last from six to eight weeks, as it has done in every country where it has arrived, regardless of any government action.

That is exactly what the Wuhan flu has done. After eight weeks it is now fading away, like all such seasonal diseases.

Third, the numbers on this graph are certainly inflated. The total deaths in the U.S. assigned to the Wuhan flu as of today is just over 114,000. Based on numerous reports (hereherehereherehereherehere, and here), we can estimate that this number is inflated from 25% o 50%.

Personally, it’s nice to know that the Middle Ages have not gone away and we are only moments away from burning our first witches. Of course, we have better lighting and heating, but really, given everything you see around you, how long do you think any of that is going to last?

Conversations with Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism and the Nazis

Conversations with Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism and Nazism. This is the note that came with the video.

It was a great pleasure to facilitate this Conversations (below) between Prof. Stephen Hicks and John Anderson AO back in March. I was in earshot during filming but didn’t hear a thing due to dealing with the wu-flu conundrum. It’s rather exceptional!

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Hope everyone is doing well and managing to press on!

A warm regards from a chilly Melbourne,

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Parsing “Black Lives Matter”

We have heard the phrase for quite some time, but to tell the truth I still don’t know what the words mean, although I may be the only one who has this difficulty.

I don’t wish to be ultra-metaphysical about it, but while I can understand each of the words on their own, in combination very little comes clear.

What, for example, is a “black life”? I can see that “black” may be referring to a skin colour, but I don’t see how that works in combination with the word “lives”. Do lives come in colours? Are there any other colours in which lives come? What specifically is a black life? How does a black life differ from a life of another colour? Comes to that, what other colours do lives come in?

OK, so suppose we can find a definition of this entity described as “black lives” how do we interpret the word “matter”? What does it mean to matter? As a verb, “matter” is defined as “to be important or significant”. Fair enough, but in what way is that so? A life which is coloured black is said to be “important or significant”. To whom is it important or significant? To whom should it be important or significant? Not instantaneously clear. To an individual? Which individual? To anyone else? To whom? In what way should it matter?

According to wikipedia:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

Turns out that the words should not be divided but only read together and as such it is an “activist movement”. So we have this:

Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society.

Let us therefore bring “movement” into play.

A political movement is a collective attempt by a group of people to change government policy or society with mainly political goals. Political movements are usually in opposition to an element of the status quo and are often associated with a certain ideology.

Black Lives Matter is therefore an attempt by a group of people (and not necessarily just black people) to change government policy or society with mainly political goals. It is thus a lobby group.

What is its program? What are its aim? What does it seek from others? What legislation is sought? How would the world be different if they achieved their goals?

The Corona Virus Syndrome Q&A

What is the Corona Virus Syndrome
Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases by those who have been forced into a lockdown by these victim towards those who have enforced the lockdown

Corona Virus syndrome is a psychological response which occurs when individuals who are forced into lockdown situations bond with those who have enforced self-isolation and quarantine. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of being locked down and being deprived of freedom and rights.

Corona Virus Syndrome is a coping strategy which individuals who are put into lockdown may develop. Fear or terror of developing some disease that is empirically almost certain not to harm them might be most common in these situations, but some individuals begin to develop positive feelings toward those have introduced and have been enforcing the lockdown.

Is the Corona Virus Syndrome a form of brainwashing?
The idea of brainwashing not being a new concept does have many similarities. The reactions of those in lockdown may be described as the result of being brainwashed by their captors.

Is ‘political trauma bonding’ the same as the Corona Virus Syndrome?
The term ‘political trauma bond’ is one of the major forms of the Corona Virus Syndrome. It describes a deep bond which forms between the victims of a lockdown and their political abusers. Victims of such abuse often develop a strong sense of loyalty towards their political abuser, despite the fact that the bond is damaging to themselves emotionally and economically.

What does political trauma bonding mean?
A simple and more encompassing definition is that political traumatic bonding is: “a strong emotional attachment between an abused person in a lockdown situation and his or her political abuser.”

What does political trauma bonding feel like?
‘Political trauma bonding’ refers to a state of being emotionally attached not to a kind friend or family member, but to a political leader who puts individuals into lockdown by asserting that such a lockdown will provide longer-term benefits in spite of the short-term harm to their lives.

Can Corona Virus Syndrome be cured?
Since a person may have experienced mental, emotional and physical abuse during the period of a lockdown, it may take years for the victim to see improvement.

How do you break the cycle of political trauma bonding?

     10 Ways to break ‘political traumatic bonding’:

  1. Recognise that political leaders have agendas of their own that have nothing to do with your welfare.
  2. Stop being terrified about politicised issues whose dangers seem highly exaggerated.
  3. Start reality training both about such politicised issues and about the political leaders who promote them.
  4. Ask good questions and make certain the answers are consistent with the actions being taken. Remember the first priority for political leaders is personal power not your welfare.
  5. Do some personal research, and especially among those authorities who take a different position from the positions being taken by political leaders.
  6. Do everything you can to end lockdowns as soon as possible.
  7. Get out of the house, discuss what is being done with others and start socialising.
  8. Put your focus on common sense.
  9. Learn to read and interpret statistics.
  10. Identify political hypocrisy wherever you find it.

Are there any other similar syndromes?
There are a number of other such syndromes. These include the Global Warming Syndrome and the Socialist Central Planning Syndrome.

Disbanding the police is all the rage

Impossible you say. Start here: Going All-In: Minneapolis City Council Considers Disbanding Entire Police Force…. Insane, right?

This “community policing” process is already taking place in many European communities the results create what are known as “no go zones.” Neighborhoods, and entire parts of cities, where local Sharia compliance enforcement officers have replaced the police force; and the rules, regulations and enforcement are detached from the larger social compact. Considering that Minneapolis has a large concentration of Somali Muslims within the local population, it makes sense this approach is now discussed for their city.

Minneapolis – […] Now the council members are listening to a city that is wounded, angry, fed up with decades of violence disproportionately visited upon black and brown residents. Various private and public bodies – from First Avenue to Minneapolis Public Schools – have essentially cut ties with the police department. Council members are trying to figure out what their next move is.

Their discussion is starting to sound a little more like what groups like Reclaim the Block and the Black Visions Collective have been saying for years. On Tuesday, Fletcher published a lengthy Twitter thread saying the police department was “irredeemably beyond reform,” and a “protection racket” that slows down responses as political payback.

“Several of us on the council are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and start fresh with a community-oriented, nonviolent public safety and outreach capacity,” he wrote. (read more)

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, the man now in charge of the prosecution of Derek Chauvin and the Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd’s death, is a very well known Muslim activist and supporter of the sharia doctrine.

And then this: Australia: Muslim leader says riots an “opportunity” for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia.

Australia: Muslim leader says riots an “opportunity” for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia

Meanwhile, non-Muslim leaders in the West demand that we all accept that no Muslims, no, not one, want to impose Sharia in Western countries, and declare that anyone who thinks otherwise is a greasy Islamophobe, a “fearmonger.”

“‘We will take over’: Australian leader of extremist Islamic group says US riots are an ‘opportunity’ for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia law,” by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, June 3, 2020:

A controversial Muslim preacher is predicting Islam will replace the United States as the world’s dominant geopolitical force.

Ismail al-Wahwah, the Australian spiritual leader of hardline Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, has suggested riots across the US would bring down the global superpower.

‘Who will take over if America fall?,’ he said a video on Wednesday night.

‘Someone can say Europe, someone can say China, speak about Russia some, but for me the message is, the one who have more values, true values, and that’s us Muslims.

‘I would be hypocrite if I say I’m not happy for what’s happening in America today.’

Mr al-Wahwah described the violent mass demonstrations across the US as an opportunity for Muslims to exploit – following the alleged murder of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white police officer.

‘It’s time to use this opportunity to stand up, and to come back and to take the leadership again,’ Mr al-Wahwah said.

‘We as a Muslim, we should take this opportunity to take the leadership again, I know it’s not easy job.

‘I know it will cost us much, but I know 100 per cent that we are able, we can do it.’

Hizb ut-Tahrir is global Islamist political party, active in 50 countries, that wants Islam imposed as a political system.

It has a goal of replacing world governments with a caliphate based on the rule of Sharia law.

The Islamist group’s ‘Draft Constitution of the Khilafa State’, a blueprint for how its caliphate would govern, advocates the killing of ex-Muslims, known as ‘apostates’.

Despite its fundamentalist Islamic ideology that endorses slavery and only allows Muslim men to rule, Hizb ut-Tahrir is claiming to be the party of civil rights and is convinced riots against police brutality would hasten the downfall of the US.

Ismail al-Wahwah, the Australian spiritual leader of Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, has suggested riots across the US would bring down the global superpower

‘Do you think what’s happening in America will be the end of the Americans’ time? Yes,’ Mr al-Wahwah said….

You just wander around with your head in the clouds but there are lots of people out there with lots of plans that do not sound so impossible if you see what they are up to. Human rights. Free speech. Freedom of religion. All so last century.

Camus’ The Plague

Not a single person I once was friends with back in Canada has changed their political position in all the years since I’ve known them, not a single one, and I’ve known them all for more than fifty years. It really is weird. Most I am happy to see when I go home but we seldom discuss politics; some I can still talk politics with but it is always through gritted teeth (theirs) and I never bring politics up. Some I do not bother seeing when I am there and why I avoid them is always for political reasons. And not one of them I see more frequently than once every two years since I hardly ever get back. As I say, weird. Yet why dealing with the coronavirus is a political issue is hard to explain, but it is. The virus will never disappear, it will always mutate, and I do not expect us to stay in lockdown forever. And while perhaps I should be, I am not frightened by it even though I am in the high-danger zone according to age and “co-morbidities” and it may get me yet.

Just finished Albert Camus’ The Plague. It was written in the 1940s as a political allegory about radical political views being akin to a virus. Today it reads just like a story about a plague-ridden population put into lockdown. The political allegory is near invisible. The horrors of an epidemic are made very clear.

The point of the story is to use the virus as a metaphor for totalitarian political repression. The irony today is that actual existing political leaders have used the spectre of a virus as a means to repress populations all around the world by arguing they have done so to protect them.

As for The Plague, it is only a story:

Oran was decimated by the bubonic plague in 1556 and 1678, but all later outbreaks (in 1921 – 185 cases, 1931 – 76 cases, and 1944 – 95 cases) were very far from the scale of the epidemic described in the novel.

Brilliantly written and well worth reading, especially now.

Lost and gone forever

Clementine Ford

Oh my darling, oh my darling
Oh my darling, Clementine
You are lost and gone forever

Not sure if there are any souls more wayward than those who have been caught up in the latest intellectual fad that disappears into the mists of time even while they live. Which brings me to this from Andrew Bolt: CLEMENTINE FORD AND THE BETRAYAL OF FEMINISM.

Clementine Ford is called “Australia’s most prominent contemporary feminist”. What stunning proof that feminism has betrayed itself.

This movement once demanded women receive equal treatment. Now it demands women receive special protection, as if they’re as fragile as sexists always claimed.

Take Ford. She’s the kind of feminist who’s tweeted “kill all men”, and on Saturday complained that “coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough”.

This brand of feminism now attracts official support. Ford last year got a gig on the ABC, and Melbourne City Council this month gave her a grant to write another book.

But check out the double standards.

Last year, Ford joined another public lynching by the Left of Alan Jones, after he said he was sick of the global warming idiocy of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and wanted a sock stuffed “down her throat”. This was too much for the suddenly delicate sensibilities of Ford, who said she deplored such “verbal assaults” which were “sexist” and an affront to “human dignity”

So let me say it right here: there is no greater possibility for contentment and life satisfaction than from a happy marriage, especially if it is blessed with children. There are no longer any rules that inhibit women from achieving whatever they are capable of. But there are many traps for the unwary that will derail many from finding where their true happiness will lie. It is so unfashionable to say this, but this is for almost everyone – male of female – the absolute truth.