Why is it good to know that?

Just finished John Anderson’s In Search of Civilisation: Remaking a Tarnished Idea (Penguin 2009) and then went to look for more which turned out to include the video above. The oddest part is that the authorial sound of the book as you read it has no resemblance to the actual sound of the book’s author. That said, a wonderful book and cannot recommend it more highly. Excellent throughout, but this particularly caught me.

I try out an old strategy of inquiry: one most vigorously pursued by St. Augustine. Why, he asked of of the results of scholarly investigation, is it good to know that? … Augustine was in search of a principle of quality – a principle that would help us see what, out of the infinite variation of possible knowledge, it was important to devote one’s time and effort to. (Anderson 2009: 159)

Why is it good to know anything? More to the point here, which bits of knowledge will make one “civilised” and which is just part of life. And in what way is it good to be familiar with The Mona Lisa or with Cosi Fan Tutti?

Vaccine one day death two days later as part of a safety demo

This is from The Gateway Pundit.

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later

By Jim Hoft
Published May 12, 2021 at 4:14pm
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Indian Health Ambassador and former comedian Vivek got his COVID-19 vaccine live on TV in late April to show everyone how safe it is.

The health ambassador died two days later.

This is from the Democrats

Part of the regular mailout I receive from Florida. No better proof than this that Liz Cheney had no place in among the Republicans. Utterly dishonest – the ad that is – but what else would you expect.? I’m sure they are really shocked. I, of course, am pleased to see her go, but she has been quite an insight into the political thoughts of George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney.

FIRST: Republicans expelled loyal Liz Cheney from her leadership position — all because she refused to support Trump’s election lies!

THEN: Trump attacked her! He called her “a bitter, horrible human being” and said he wants her OUT of politics.

NOW: Liz Cheney needs our support more than ever before. We need to show her that sticking to her values and standing up to Trump was RIGHT.

I stand with Liz Cheney


Thank you for standing up for what’s right,

– Progressive Turnout Project

Did you know that the “C” in YWCA stands for “Christian”?

YWCA White Privilege Checklist


We knew it was going to be bad, but not this bad this soon

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. Highly recommended. The best blogger in the United States, and almost certainly the best informed. First:

A guy named Miles Taylor, who I have no idea who he is, don’t remember ever meeting him or having a conversation with, gets more publicity pretending he was in the inner circle of our Administration when he was definitely not. Some people refer to him as “absolutely nothing.” I hear he is on CNN and MSDNC all the time, but he had nothing to do with any of my decisions, and I wouldn’t even know what he looks like. He is the guy who fraudulently wrote a make-believe book and statement to the failing New York Times calling himself “Anonymous.” That’s right, he, a lowlife that I didn’t know, was Anonymous. Now he’s putting together a group of RINOs and Losers who are coming out to protest President Trump despite our creating the greatest economy ever, getting us out of endless wars, rebuilding our Great Military, reducing taxes and regulations by historic levels, creating Space Force, appointing almost 300 Judges, and much, much more! He is a phony who will probably be sued over his fake book and fake “Anonymous” editorial, which caused so much treasonous stir. Miles Taylor and his fellow RINO losers like Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, and Crazy Barbara Comstock voted for Biden, and now look what they have—a socialist regime with collapsing borders, massive tax and regulation hikes, unrest in the Middle East, and long gas lines. He is even giving us men setting new records playing women’s sports. What a disaster for our Country it has been!

And then:

I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis. First there was the Biden Border Crisis (that he refuses to call a Crisis), then the Biden Economic Crisis, then the Biden Israel Crisis, and now the Biden Gas Crisis. Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history, and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration—but no, Jimmy was better!

And speaking of Jimmy Carter, from Instapundit.


Inflation over last 12 months: 4.2%, highest year over year rate since September 2008. Inflation in March: 0.9%, highest since April 1982 (note a monthly rate of 0.9% is 10.8% annualized). Avg. price gallon of regular gas: $2.99, highest since November 2014. Used Car prices: up 12.4% in last year. New car prices up 7.0%. Median home price: up 18.4% over year. April jobs report: 266,000 new jobs, vs. predicted 1 million. Stagflation, anyone?

AND HERE’S THE QUESTION: From inflation to jobs to the border, Biden is flailing — when will the media notice?.

If the media could take a break from obsessing over the House Republicans choosing a new conference chair, they might have noticed that Joe Biden’s presidency is falling apart.

On every major front, Biden is flailing — even by the depressingly low bar set for him by the Washington press corps.

April just saw the highest rate of inflation in 13 years, according to the Department of Labor. Prices for everything, including food and gasoline, immediately skyrocketed after Biden’s $2 trillion welfare scheme (sometimes referred to as a “stimulus package”) went into effect and flooded the economy with more money than anyone knows what to do with.

Biden’s preoccupation? Spending even more.

The unemployment rate actually went up from March to April, even as Biden bragged that he’s the one responsible for mass vaccinations that are, at least in theory, supposed to be moving people back into the workforce. But no, his extension of the obscene amount of federal unemployment benefits has would-be workers choosing to sit pretty at home cashing government checks. Those benefits don’t end for another four months, assuming they aren’t extended again (you can never assume anything with Nancy Pelosi in charge).

They will notice when they can blame it on Donald Trump and not a minute sooner.

Bosko the first Looney Tune

And speaking of Bosko, there is also Bosco. This

Then there’s this ad with Dick van Dyke from 1959.

But then there’s the version I remember.

I hate Bosco! It’s so bad for me. Mommy puts it in my milk she tries to poison me.

But I fooled Mommy and put it in her tea. Now there’s no Mommy left to try to poison me.

Bad. But the tune and the words are with me sixty years later.

The edge of lunacy

Actually beyond the edge and fully unhinged! Note the singular: “case”. That, by the way, is the front page.

HUNDREDS of Victorians have been ordered to isolate after a man returned from hotel quarantine in Adelaide and tested positive for coronavirus. The Craigieburn to Southern Cross and Flinders Street to Craigieburn May 7 train services were listed as exposure sites on Tuesday night. That followed alerts for Melbourne’s CBD, Epping and Altona North.

Lucky there is the budget to distract us from all this idiocy, other than the fact that the budget is a major part of it.

AND LET ME ADD THIS: From A Plague of Politicians.

It is becoming clearer each day that the global imposition of lockdowns in the name of fighting COVID-19 has been one of the greatest political, economic, and social blunders of the decade, and perhaps even the century. Yet many leaders across the world continue to mandate existing lockdowns and even impose new ones in vain attempts to curb the spread of COVID in their populations.

Originally opposed as an ineffective measure by nearly every epidemiologist worldwide, leaders across the globe followed, in monkey-see, monkey-do fashion, the example of China when it locked down the city of Wuhan and a few nearby areas. Aping the act of a totalitarian regime, leaders of liberal democracies across the world implemented lockdowns in what seemed to them, if to no one else, a good idea at the time.

Sold as “two weeks to flatten the curve,” lockdowns have continued for over a year, despite great evidence that the only curve flattening that happened was the curve of economic prosperity, and boy, were lockdowns effective at flattening that.

Why politics is filled with crackpots

From When Fools Rule:

The people in charge are running around spouting crackpot conspiracy theories because they know little about the people they govern. They are easily fooled, because they are so ignorant. Why would they question the Russian conspiracy? Everyone they know thinks it is true. Those ants they see through their telescope, the people the rest of us call neighbors, sure seem to be doing what the Russian experts have claimed.

This is why they are so certain of these crackpot theories. They have barricaded themselves behind razor wire and armed men because they are absolutely sure the crackpot theories are true. Again, people are most certain of the things they least understand. The Cloud People know so little of the Dirt People, they will believe anything about them, because they have no way to know otherwise. It is why we find ourselves ruled by increasingly foreign fanatics spouting bizarre conspiracy theories.

With this as a suggested remedy: Only through generative culture can we recover from sterilized liberalism.

There are two groups of thinkers who claim the mantle of growth today, but neither fulfills the criteria of a generative worldview. The first is the corrupt and opportunistic neoliberalism that obsesses over statistical artifacts of growth but practices, in fact, the dominant culture of sterility and suicide. The now 14-year-old false economic recovery, in which GDP goes up while life continues to get worse for everyone outside a small number of megacities, illustrates the facile mindset of neoliberal claims to support growth and prosperity….

The second alternative which explicitly claims the title of vitalism is the growing fringe of neo-Nietzschean thought revolving around self-perfection and mastery. These groups do make the valid argument that they are advocating for things that are genuinely good and useful. Exercise, good diet, and self-education are not net negatives comparable to the consumerism, obesity, and materialism promoted by neoliberalism. However, many neo-Nietzscheans do not seem to understand is that the plethora of fertility imagery in Nietzsche’s work is not simply a stylistic flourish. Nietzsche recognized that a Will to Power which doesn’t generate offspring is mere masturbation.

His answer. Become parents.

It is the power of parenthood that focuses and forces the mind to approach the problem of reality rather than pursue various sterile intellectual playthings and vacuous political agendas. The challenge of begetting is the struggle to bring people entirely new into the world, and to strengthen them, in their vulnerable youth, for the harshness of life’s conditions. Until philosophers beget families or family men learn to philosophize, there will be no end to the nihilism at the heart of modern philosophy.

Self-interested nitwits who make a pile of dough is now the domain of politics. This is no solution and there may be no solution beyond an actual collapse. Sounds bad, and it will be bad. It shouldn’t take more than a century or so for things to fix themselves up.

Red Hot Riding Hood from 1943

Introduced by Scott Johnson at Powerline.

Tuning in to the TCM film festival over the weekend I happened on to two documentaries about the cartoonist Tex Avery. I hadn’t heard his name before, but we are all familiar one way or another with some of his classic work. He had a hand in the development of characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd and others. I take it he was some kind of a genius humorist.

The first of the two documentaries about Avery concluded with Red Hot Riding Hood. Turning to Wikipedia, I learn:

Red Hot Riding Hood is an animated cartoon short subject, directed by Tex Avery and released with the movie Dr. Gillespie’s Criminal Case on May 8, 1943 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In 1994, it was voted #7 of The 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field, making it the highest ranked MGM cartoon on the list. It is one of Avery’s most popular cartoons, inspiring several of his own “sequel” shorts as well as influencing other cartoons and feature films for years afterward.

As I watched Red Hot Riding Hood the humor caught me by surprise. I realized I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

I tracked down a two-minute excerpt on YouTube posted by a French fan with French subtitles. Now the humor has caught me by surprise a few times over. I thought some readers might appreciate this in a “thanks, I needed that” sort of way. That’s how I felt about it.

Long before #MeToo when everyone understood what was what. And for a bit more background, we have this.

And for comparison purposes only, Jessica Rabbit.