How does one deal with friends when political issues come up?

It is kind of a problem dealing with friends when political issues come up. I clearly do not say to them directly that I think they are fw of the highest order so am very polite, adjusting for how impolite my thoughts at many such moments in fact actually are. This from The Diplomad is, however, more in keeping with what I think: The Lost Minds of the West.

And there is so much of it around. Trump, climate change, socialism, abortion, border protection, Brexit, the defence of Western Civilisation, the politics of the Middle East, and the list goes on. As The Diplomad writes, these people are “repulsive beyond words”. I, of course, never have to worry they will come across my thoughts on the net since not one of these ever opens up the blog, even though they know I post things from time to time.

But it really is their complacent stupidity that gets me. Had two of them the other day going on about how the Solomon Islands are sinking, proving climate change. So, I said, if the oceans were rising in the Solomon Islands, they would also be rising at St Kilda Beach. Oh no, they said, the oceans are variable in their height. So I said, I know that the tides in the Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick who are not au fait with Canadian geography) are the highest in the world so there is variation from the moon and the winds.

But with the Solomon Islands, part is “sinking” but other parts are “rising”. What you see is not the rising of the oceans but the shifting of the land itself. This is from the ABC of all things: Is the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu growing, and not sinking, as Craig Kelly says?.

Speaking at a local party event, audio of which was leaked to the Guardian, Mr Kelly set out to debunk several justifications for climate change action, including the argument that Tuvalu, the Pacific island nation, was slipping beneath the sea.


“The science tells us that Tuvalu, which I often hear about, is actually growing not sinking,” he told colleagues.

The notion that it was “leaked” is bizarre since there is no doubt that if asked by a reporter, Craig would have said the same thing and into a microphone and on camera. And this is what the fact check found out.

In the four decades to 2014, Tuvalu’s total land area grew by 73 hectares, or 2.9 per cent.

Well fancy that. Do they know? Do they care? But the real question is: do I tell them they are ignorant fools. I could alienate my wife’s best friends since these are their core beliefs, and here I deal only with climate which is from The Diplomad discussing the CNN candidates forum on climate change..

For SEVEN HOURS (!) the Dem candidates came forward to prove that they have lost their minds, or, at least, that they assume the voters have. I, of course, did not watch this idiocy for seven hours but would pop in and out. My disgust quota was quickly filled. Let me sum up the doings: the CNN show revealed the left as comprised of totalitarian morons. One after another, these politicos came forward trying to outbid each other in the Stalinist lunacy auction. In the end, we got a Democratic Party leadership doing their best Ayesha (“She who must be obeyed!”) impression, committed to abolishing the internal combustion engine, ending fracking, ending offshore drilling, forcing Americans to give up meat, banning plastic straws, condemning “industrial farming,” and, the best for last, killing babies of color in foreign lands. You read that last one right. Bernie “Honeymoon in the USSR” Sanders wants the USA to fund a huge abortion scheme to kill unborn babies in South America in the name of fighting “climate change.” The brown children must be sacrificed to the Goddess Gaia! I guess he’s going for the Margaret Sanger White Supremacist vote, or he’s just trying to burnish his credentials as a Socialist, you know, a National Socialist . . .. Don’t build a border wall or put babies in cages! No, kill them before they’re born! Bumper sticker, anybody?

You got an answer to this, I’d love to know what it is.

Even the devil may quote scripture

You want to see quite a bit of hyperbole, try this on for size:

The case of Sri Lankan asylum­ ­applicants Nadesalingam Murugappan, his wife Kokilapath­mapriya Nadarasa and their two children is the public policy ­dilemma from hell.

And what’s the issue that is so hard to resolve?

The adults separately came to Australia illegally in 2012 and 2013, claimed asylum, had those claims rejected and have exhausted every avenue of appeal.

In the meantime, they married, had two kids born in Australia, got jobs in a rural town and are loved by their community. Australia would be better off with this ­family, and they would be better off here.

Their supporters make much of the Christian case for exercising compassion to them: whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.

Yet Scott Morrison forcefully, directly, powerfully made the moral as well as policy case for ­returning them to Sri Lanka.

Apparently because these are model citizens with nice children, we should throw our laws overboard and let them stay. We just yesterday turned back the sixth boat of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka so there is even more reason for making this policy stick.

But what makes this story even more disgusting are the arguments that are being used against Scott Morrison – who I am growing to like more and more with each decision he has made: Attack on Morrison’s faith splits Labor.

Opposition home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally and agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon stepped up their calls for Mr Morrison to “show Christian leadership” and intervene in the case, arguing that he had put his faith in the public sphere.

Well, I remember the last time Ms Keneally was in the news showing her minuscule moral leadership ability: Keneally wants Australia to refuse visa for Raheem Kassam.

This was because of his wishing to come to the CPAC meeting last month in Sydney where Keneally, because of this, became the butt end of every joke made by virtually ever speaker. Get to the final para of the story where you find this:

“Ms Keneally went so far as to describe the CPAC event as a ‘talkfest of hate’, a ludicrous accusation that merely makes use of the kind of language that is used to shut down healthy debate – a fundamental component of a liberal democracy and a free society.”

Raheem, who made it despite Ms Keneally’s best efforts, described the problems that would have followed him all of his life had a visa been refused, since forever after he would have had to tick yes on every application where it asked, have you ever been refused a visa? We thus have this self-appointed moral giant wishing to visit serious harm on someone else for massively insufficient reasons. So again quoting: from here.

Labor’s use of Scott Morrison’s Christianity in a political attack over the deportation of a Sri Lankan­ Tamil family has triggered divisions within the ALP, as federal parliament prepares to debat­e the repeal of the medivac bill and religious freedom.

Christian Labor MPs distanced themselves yesterday from two of their frontbench colleagues who demanded the Prime Minister act on his religious beliefs and allow the Tamil family to remain in Australia­ despite being found not to be genuine refugees.

In this regard I might just mention my own visa experience, which came about because of changes to Australian laws. Since until 1975, which was when I arrived, we Commonwealth members just had to show up and gain admittance. But then from January 1 that year, you had to have a migrant visa which was not all that easy to get – for me, two interviews with the High Commission in Canada, which included a university professor to assess my economic qualifications. After I had arrived, and as told to me by an English mate who came around the same time, there were thousands of English sunning themselves on Bali waiting to cross over on December 31 when, on Christmas Eve, Hurricane Tracy devastated Darwin. Wanna know how many of those English made it into Australia after that. Well, I can tell you the exact number. Not a single one. And that was when Whitlam was Prime Minister, a Labor PM, Ms Keneally.

Too smart for their own good

This post got me thinking about something I have noticed for quite some time: Why the smartest people can make the dumbest mistakes. Before going on let me take you to the heart of it. As you will see, the author of this report, ironically, exactly demonstrate personally the case he is trying to make out.

Consider people’s beliefs about issues such as climate change. Among Democrats, the pattern is exactly as you would hope [?????]: the more educated someone is, the more likely they are to endorse the scientific evidence that carbon emissions generated by humans are leading to global warming. Among Republicans, however, the exact opposite is true: the more educated someone is, the less likely they are to accept the scientific evidence…. When it comes to certain tightly held beliefs, higher intelligence and knowledge is a tool for propaganda rather than truth seeking, amplifying our errors.

The unfortunate conclusion is that, even if you happen to be rational in general, it’s possible that you may still be prone to flawed reasoning on certain questions that matter most to you.

Universities are filled with people who really do believe global warming is an issue needing deep consideration and urgent action. They are also places filled with socialists, who because they hunger for someone else to pay their bills, and hate it when someone gets rich running a business, want the government to run the economy. The media the same. Talking to these people leave you aware how precarious our future is. The more we breed ignorant elites who think they are smarter than everyone else while knowing nothing about politics, history and economics, the more in danger we become.

What really needs teaching is the imperative that whatever you may believe, you should be able to make the strongest possible case for the other side of the argument. The smug insufferable ignorance of the global-warming set, or these full-on clueless imbecilic socialists, is a continuous astonishment to me. They’ll tell you about some phone call from a Nigerian scammer as they head off to some demo on behalf of some group who would if they could rob and murder them in their sleep, and who even say so everywhere else but to their face. And sometimes even to their face.

The American election is still a toss up. Trump is by no means the certainty he ought to be. And you know what? Given the profile of the man who wrote this article –

David Robson is a senior journalist at the BBC –

there would not the the slightest doubt that he is worried about global warming, favours socialism, votes far left and hates PDT.

If you want to know how socialists think

I was alerted by the title of Graham Richardson’s column today: Diplomacy’s a challenge when Trump goes rogue. Not his own title, of course, but as usual more anti-Trump rubbish that one expects from the socialist cabal. But it was more than that; there was this:

President Xi is a dictator and, in my view, China will need to be run by a dictator for a long time yet. Democracy is just too slow for a nation building its economy at the rate the Chinese are achieving.

Possibly the most revealing statement we have seen from the Labor Party, revealing their true sentiments towards democracy and the market economy. How do we ever trust these people in government?

There was more, of course, but this truly made me wonder how out of it such people are.

The biggest problem in the area of energy policy is the gap between supply and demand, which has not been plugged by the market — we lack a large, new power plant on the east coast…. The failure to lure any investment to bridge the energy sector’s coal deficit will mean the wide-eyed proselytisers of the new world energy renewables push will get to see the implementation of more of the schemes they have been promoting in recent years, and see if they work and at what cost.

And who does GR think is responsible? Does the Labor Party have anything to do with it? Perish the thought:

The Green-GetUp coalition has had enormous success in ensuring that no finance from any source can go to coal…. For the past five decades we were the country with abundant cheap power so the logical question is how did we manage to squander this advantage? When you have abundant reserves of coal of good quality at a good price the tragedy of worrying about energy supply is obvious.

Clearly, Australia also needs to be run by a dictator. At least in China there is no hesitation to burn coal to produce electricity.

The will to murder Jews did not come with the founding of Israel

Do you have any doubt that these women – Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – not only wish to entirely remove the present Jewish population of Israel but would murder them if they could? Is there any doubt that they represent a very large numbers of others who all wish to do the same?

So let me bring in this 90th Anniversary of Arab Massacre of Jews in Hebron and Safed, which I particularly wished to include as a reminder that Jews were living in what is today Israel well before the founding of the Israel in 1948, well before the end of World War II in 1945, well before the Holocaust which began at the start of the 1940s, and well before the election of Hitler as Chancellor in Germany in 1933. This massacre, which was hardly the first of its kind, occurred in 1929. Israel was founded in 1948. The hatred and will to murder Jews did not come with the founding of Israel.

Ninety years ago, in 1929, Arabs went on a murderous anti-Jewish rampage in the British Mandate for Palestine, ransacking ancient Jewish communities in Hebron and Safed (Tzefat). In the course of the week, a total of 130 Jews were dead.

We covered the 1929 Hebron Massacre in 2016, Anniversary of 1929 Hebron Massacre and Ethnic Cleansing of Jews:

Hebron is a hot spot in many ways. Hebron and its immediately surrounding Arab areas are the single largest source of terror attacks during the so-called Knife or Stabbing Intifada.

It’s also a place where anti-Zionist and left-wing “liberal Zionist” American Jews love to gather to protest the Jewish “settlers” who live in a tiny section of the city. That section is under Israeli military control by agreement with the Palestinian Authority, with good reason. Hebron has a long history of violence directed at Jews.

Hebron also is the place of the Cave of the Patriarchswhich I visited in 2015.

Hebron had one of if not the oldest continuous Jewish communities in the world, dating back several hundred years at least. Until 1929.

On August 23, 1929, the Arabs attacked the Jews of Hebron along with numerous other Jewish communities.

But in Hebron it was particularly vicious. It was a blood frenzy in which the Jews were set upon with particular glee and slaughtered with knives, machetes and anything else available.

This old Palestinian woman remembered the massacre fondly:

Interviewer: Please tell us who you are.

Sara Jaber: I am from Hebron. The Jaber family.

Interviewer: What is your name?

Sara Jaber: Sara Muhammad ‘Awwadh Jaber.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Sara Jaber: I am 92.

Interviewer: So you remember May 15, 1948, the day of the Nakba.

Sara Jaber: Why wouldn’t I remember? May Allah support us. I hope we forget those days. Allah willing, you will bury [Israel], and massacre the Jews with your own hands. Allah willing, you will massacre them like we massacred them in Hebron.

Interviewer: What does this day mean to you? You have lived 63 years since the Nakba. You have experienced the entire Nakba…

Sara Jaber: 92 years. That’s 92. I lived through the British era, and I lived through the massacre of the Jews in Hebron. We, the people of Hebron, massacred the Jews. My father massacred them, and brought back some stuff…

Interviewer: Thank you very much.

What’s changed since then other than that the Jews now have the means to defend themselves against such evil. The question really is whether I&T intended to bring a peace proposal with them on their trip to Israel. If not, why not? And if they have one, where is it?

And just for added emphasis on how bad things now are, this is from The Simpsons.

PLUS THIS: Another telling of the Hebron story, with additional detail.

If they can bring on a recession to sink Donald Trump they will

Let me start with this sage piece of advice from Henry in the previous post:

No sensible purpose is served by the facile criticism of the administration that increasingly pervades the Australian media, and the equally facile ­questioning of the alliance that ­invariably accompanies it. For these issues are deadly serious; unless they are treated seriously, the consequences will be deadly too.

And then there’s this from Instapundit to bear in mind.

ADHERING TO LENIN’S “THE WORSE, THE BETTER” DICTUM: Recession Warnings Music to the Ears of Democrats. 

66Posted at 2:13 pm by Stephen Green

And today from the front page of The Australian: Global recession warnings as sharemarkets sink.

Which follows on this from The Economist: Markets in an Age of Anxiety, which begins:

Financial markets are often accused of complacency. However, the mood just now is not complacency but anxiety. And it is deepening by the day. In Germany interest rates are negative all the way from overnight deposits to 30-year bonds. In Switzerland negative yields extend right up to 50-year bonds. In America, meanwhile, interest rates on ten-year bonds are lower than on three-month bills—a harbinger of recession. Angst is evident elsewhere, too. The safe-haven dollar is up against many other currencies. Gold is at a six-year high. Copper prices, a proxy for industrial health, are down sharply. Despite Iran’s seizure of oil tankers in the Gulf, oil prices have sunk to below $60 a barrel. Plenty of people fear that these strange signals portend a global recession. Yet a recession is so far a fear, not a reality. The true problem is that firms and markets are struggling to get to grips with uncertainty. And that is the result of the trade war between America and China.

Artificially low interest rates are as sure a way to cause an economy to stall as I can think of. That along with vast oceans of unproductive public spending.

JUST FOUND THIS TO ADD TO THE ABOVE: Drive-By Media Hell-Bent on Talking Us Into a Recession. It’s from Rush Limbaugh.

MEANWHILE: Starts about 15 minutes in.

Politics as a fashion statement

True story.

She: Who did you see at this Conference?

Me: Nigel Farage.

She: Who’s he?

Me: The leader of the Brexit Party.

She: Yuck! I hate Brexit.

There is no arguing with such people since argument and reason have nothing to do with it. She knows nothing and if I actually try to say anything to her she says she is absolutely uninterested in politics which is clearly untrue. Wilfully ignorant and dead to any discussion contrary to her present beliefs. An extremely nice person, one of the most treasured people in my life, but made up her mind not ever to examine any issues on her own, but just to see what’s going in her own personal circle of friends and then get on with life.

Yet she endangers herself, her children, her wider family and friends. She does the same for my children, my family, my wider circle of friends. She cannot be talked to, will never listen to a thing. There is no possibility of engaging her in any discussion or opening up, even remotely, the possibility of seeing things in a different way. Being on the left is the one and only way she believes that kind and considerate people think. Doing otherwise is, to her, despicable. I remain close to her only because I never push my ideological luck in any conversation. Not only would she not read my Art of the Impossible on Donald Trump, not only would she not open the book to any page, she point blank refused to hold the book in her hands.

It is not, of course, the other way round. She can say what she likes to me, never fears I will cut her out of my life. She is certain of her virtue. Nothing disturbs her, not the millions who have died at the hands of totalitarians, not the horrors that are caused by socialists, not the deaths and misery due to various forms of terrorist activities, not the dangers of radical Islam. Impregnable in her certitudes, she is shocked that anyone can support Donald Trump. Thinks that people like him and me are the cause of the world’s political and social evils. Never anything to do with people such as herself.

There are millions and millions and more millions of others just like her. She had a great time on her visit to Cuba a couple of years ago.

Beyond belief






It’s as blatant as that, but who will be blamed do you think? Unbelievable in every sense of the word.