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What I found most remarkable about the cartoon was the implication that it is women in particular who find Daniel Andrews’ approach to dealing with the virus most appealing. As for the virus, this is really where we are at.

Can we eliminate the virus? No.

Can we be sure that the death rate will never come back to its previous level? No.

Can we stay in lockdown forever? No.

Can we put an end to domestic travel forever? No

Can we put an end to international travel forever? No

Can we keep the productive parts of the economy subdued forever? No

So what are we going to do? At some stage, in spite of all of the uncertainties, even Daniel Andrews will have to open not just the economy but the whole of society up again, however much his totalitarian instincts may stand in the way.

Going to the comments section of the article by Chris Uhlmann on Daniel Andrews, which was published online but not in the paper itself, these seem to be the arguments of those who support the hard lockdowns and the approach taken by Andrews in Victoria. This is the link to the comments section of the article. You can also find the article at the link as well.

So easy to be wise after the event. If Victoria had just let it rip and many thousands died you would have been criticising the government for not doing enough.

When an existential threat appears, I want a leader who takes the cautious approach.

He seems to suggest that it is possible to ring fence aged care facilities. Chris Uhlmann makes it a choice between saving the lives of the elderly and saving the economy.

The only reason the death rate is as low as it is in this country is because we have taken extreme measures.

Until a vaccine is developed (if ever) quarantine and reduction of face to face contacts is the only effective method at the disposal of Governments to protect society.

The Victorian restrictions have been extreme and damaging. However it was the only acceptable response to suppress infection rates to a manageable level.

Chris is entitled to his opinion but he is no health expert, virologist, or scientist. Nor does he even quote or refer to any that might backup his view.

200,000 US deaths in 7 months indicates that this virus is a highly contagious killer. Aust could have had similar (per capita) stats if we didnt act as swiftly and as seriously as we did.

This is not an ordinary pandemic disease like influenza. When it gets any foothold at all, it does not advance incrementally, but exponentially.

The chief medical officers, most scientists and the WHO advises what we should do. The vast majority of leaders and intellectuals of the world advises what we should do. The politicians are listening and acting on said advises.

The ugly truth is we know that you and some other people either measure success in monetary terms or political terms, whilst you say that the elderly are affected you ignore that there is a growing after affect of Covid in younger people, chronic lung disease, heart damage and neurological damage, what does that do to the economy, how would massive chronic disease where people aren’t dead, but unable to conduct a full days work ever again, or wait and manage as we are.

What bizarre logic: using the success of lockdown in keeping cases/deaths low to argue that there should be no lockdown.

Let’s not just consider the death rates when asking was lockdown worth it. Let’s ask if we really want a large percentage of our community suffering from long term disabilities.

Our society has not been destroyed at all Mr Uhlmann, in fact it has been made stronger bar a few in the tin foil brigade.

Andrews has his constituency shrinking though it may be. There will be quite a post mortem on the psychology of the lockdowns which will come in company with the visiting of the phenomenal costs on the whole of Victorian society. Eventually, Andrews will be remembered as a reckless villain who brought so much destruction of virtually zero compensating gain. Here’s another cartoon that captures other aspects of the Victorian disaster.

Johannes Leak Letters Cartoon published on Wednesday September 9.

Is there any part of the paper still safe to read anymore?

It was only because I was doing the sudoku that I even came across this: Ricky Ponting says Black Lives Matter most important issue in society.

Ricky Ponting, captain of the Australian side during its greatest racial controversy, believes the Black Lives Matter movement is one of the most important issues facing society and one Australian cricket needs to engage with.

The comments come a week after Justin Langer acknowledged that the Australians should have put more thought into taking a knee before the games against England, but said they were discussing a more sustainable way of addressing the issue of racism in society and the game.

Here are the first of the comments listed under “Best”:

Before embracing BLM first check the official BLM website and them check out some of the speeches given by the founders and current leadership. Then see if you want to bend the knee. The BLM movement is much much more than respecting people of colour.

Ricky – your support on this issue is a disservice to sport in general.

Ricky Ponting should stick to cricket and leave political liberal progressive bull dust to clowns that got the time for that. BLM is a marxists organization and these sports people should educate themselves before they get involved in things they don’t understand.

It is about human rights, you dimwit

He really is the most ignorant, not to mention outright stupid politician I have ever witnessed. A straight out Stalinist who knows only the logic of force. This is the essence of Andrews.

I’m always happy to have a debate but ultimately our policy will not be changing.

What he really said is that he is not in the slightest interested in having a debate, his mind has been made up and the personal freedoms of others have no meaning to him. More here: Daniel Andrews dismisses human rights complaint over Melbourne Covid curfew.

On Thursday, The Australian reported that Liberal Party MP Tim Wilson had written to the Human Rights Commission, urging it to examine the curfew on the basis that “citizens’ rights and freedoms [are] being limited based on the ease and efficiency of the powers of the state against the rights and freedoms of Victorians”.

Wilson has asked the commission, which he once headed, to examine whether it had grounds “to take action in light of the significant limitation on the rights and freedoms imposed on Victorians by the curfew for the ease of government interests”.

But Andrews dismissed that complaint on Friday, saying the curfew was “not about human rights. It is about human life.”

“That is my answer to Mr Wilson. And what he chooses to do with his time is a matter for him. Police need rules they can enforce,” Andrews said.

A complete disgrace. If he is remembered at all it will only be for the warning he has provided to future generations about the dangers of totalitarian evil that can easily seep in through the cracks in some Parliamentary socialist sewer.

And then, of course, there are the economic effects. This is from the PwC report to Melbourne City Council on Cost of Pandemic.

A vicious cycle of higher debt and lower growth has commenced. Higher debt means less control over events; a government facing debt pressures will be unable to use fiscal policies to the same extent. A reduced ability to service that debt will leave less for other services.

Federal government transfers represent 50% of Victorian government revenue. Transfers will fall as GST collections fall. With a dramatic fall in employment in the state, numbers in the Victorian public service must fall. It had employed 9.4% of the Victorian workforce but will increase to 12.4% in two years, an unsustainable level. State taxes will need to increase by prospectively 25%.

A downgrade in credit rating of Victorian debt is inevitable. Net debt will increase to 20% of GSP and net interest will exceed 6% of revenue. Interest rates on debt will increase as spreads widen. Victoria’s population will at best be static. If overseas students are hesitant to enrol with universities in Victoria, a declining population will emerge and there will be fewer taxpayers.

We’ll see how much the folks in Victoria will love Dan the Man then. What a reckless thoughtless incompetent fool.

The Melbourne Syndrome revisited

Let me take you back to my post of August 6:

The Covid pandemic has brought on our modern version of The Stockholm Syndrome: “feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.” We now have the Melbourne Syndrome, which I come across versions of every day:

Feelings of trust or affection felt during a lockdown by its victims towards their most authoritarian political leaders.

Since Melbourne has now implemented the hardest lockdown at the hands of the dumbest and most incompetent political leader in the world, I believe that Melbourne should have the honour of bearing the name of this widely observed form of insanity.

And what do we find in the papers today: Victoria backs Dan Andrews in Newspoll.

A majority of Victorians have backed Daniel Andrews’ management of the second COVID-19 outbreak, with two-thirds of voters across the country also rating the state’s lockdown as “about right”.

Lots of reasons for this gross stupidity, but a deep insight into the actual risks of the coronavirus is non-existent. I meet up with these people all the time, who will quote oceans of stats on Sweden and Florida to prove that we are doing well here in Victoria and it’s all thanks to Dan. I suppose democracy works after a fashion, but these totalitarians have worked out ways to deceive half the population plus one in one election after another.

And not necessarily the stupider ones since there are plenty of college professors who vote for parties of the left and will on no account ever do anything else.

Meanwhile, the State goes further into bankruptcy. If ever there were a project that will never cover its costs, this is the one, with this the latest news: West Gate Tunnel’s toxic soil removal to cost Victorian taxpayers up to $750m.

Taxpayers are set to fork out hundreds of millions of dollars to help get rid of West Gate Tunnel’s toxic soil.The state government will stump up the extra cash to move and store contaminated soil that has stalled the $6.7 billion project for almost a year.

Why people vote for parties of the left is beyond me. Do they really believe they will become better off with such massive waste as the hallmark of government.

Honestly how off the planet do you have to be to believe we are in danger of global warming along with this pandemic? Yet there these people are, as filled with fear and ignorance as it is possible to be, ready to follow the single most incompetent political leader we have ever had into both poverty and a police state.

One Supreme Court appointment away from a totalitarian patriarchal theocratic society it seems

It is always a fascination however depressing it might be to enter into a conversation with someone on the left. The Trump presidency has exceeded even my expectations for virtue and achievement, with the peace agreements in the Middle East beyond all anticipation. Yet there they are, Democrats who won’t concede even a scintilla of credit to the president for anything whatsoever. This is yet another example, but a very good example, of the idiocies of the left in looking at Trump and the last four years: Trump’s 1776 commission is proof America is spiraling toward fascism. From the Guardian but even so, how can there be people this ignorant that this doesn’t look like the ravings of a lunatic:

Gilead here we come

Can we use the F word yet? Can we finally admit that America is dipping its feet in fascism? Armed militias are roaming the streets; Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to discredit the results of the 2020 election; the press has been labelled the “enemy of the people”; there are credible allegations that migrant women in detention camps are being coerced into having their uteruses removed; “anti-fascists” have been branded public enemy number one. And now Trump has announced a “national commission to support patriotic education” – in other words, a racist propaganda program.

“Leftwing rioting and mayhem are the direct result of decades of left-wing indoctrination in our schools,” Trump declared in a speech on Thursday. He went on to condemn critical race theory and the 1619 Project, the New York Time’s Pulitzer-prize winning initiative to reframe American history by placing the consequences of slavery at the center. “[T]he crusade against American history is toxic propaganda [that] will destroy our country,” he announced. Per Trump, the only way to save the United States is to revise its history entirely; to gloss over violent colonialism and slavery and pretend America doesn’t have a bigoted bone in its body. Which is why, Trump said, he is setting up a 1776 Commission to teach students “about the miracle of American history”. Well, “miracle” is certainly one way to describe something completely made-up.

And in case you don’t get the reference to Gilead:

The Republic of Gilead, colloquially referred to as simply Gilead or elsewhere sometimes called, by its leadership, the “Divine Republic”, is the totalitarian patriarchal theocracy that rules over most of the territory that belonged to the former continental United States in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Just around the corner, is it? These people are mad. These people seem to really believe that the US is one Supreme Court appointment away from a totalitarian patriarchal theocratic society. They are beyond discussion and reason. They are plainly crazy. As a kind of counterweight, let me just bring up this: Van Morrison Attacks ‘Fascist Bullies’ In Anti-Lockdown Protest Songs.

Irish singer-songwriter Morrison has released three new protest songs railing against the ‘pseudoscience’ surrounding Chinese Coronavirus and accusing the UK government of being ‘fascist bullies disturbing our peace.’

Sample lyrics:

No more lockdown / No more government overreach / No more fascist bullies / Disturbing our peace …

No more taking of our freedom / And our God-given rights / Pretending it’s for our safety / When it’s really to enslave …”

Come to Victoria if you have any doubt about where reality now lies.

It’s that Dan is really stupid that makes it so much worse

See what they’re saying about us around the world: Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

Several journalists and content creators have noticed that Australia looks like the most totalitarian police state that has existed in recent history.  It has become a full-scale pilot test for the elitists to see how well they can implement the New World Order.

Australians have been subjected to some of the most horrendous basic human rights and dignity violations during this entire scamdemic.

“These guys know full well what they are doing. They are psychopaths, but they aren’t stupid.” 

I can agree with most of that but not all. They are far-left totalitarians, psychopaths perhaps, but on that last point, I don’t agree. When it comes to Daniel Andrews, on top of everything else, he really is stupid. Along with so much else that is wrong with him, Daniel Andrews is the thickest politician I have come across in quite some time, and there’s a lot of competition at the moment. That he never discusses or explains anything is how he has been from the start. This was from the weekend: Labor unrest grows as Daniel Andrews botches crisis management. In fact, Daniel Andrews has botched everything he has done. He has not had a single success in anything he has done since being elected.

Andrews is a political dictator who comes across as a strong leader. But, sadly, he is not a chief executive who weighs up the view of many groups before making a decision. Like all dictators Andrews relies more on his gut instincts than advice from others. Business people who attend the Andrews advice committees say he rarely listens. In the latest Victorian aid package the payroll tax deferral will scare the banks. Prior to COVID-19, the best example of Andrews disregard for commercial outcomes was in the infamous gas bans where somehow gas that did not require fracking got mixed up with the fracking bans. The fact that the bans on Victoria’s immense non fracked gas reserves sent gas prices and energy costs through the roof just didn’t register.

He is too stupid to know what he is doing, and the more he gets wrong the further forward he goes. He cannot explain, he never takes responsibility, he never defends. He just shuts up because he is basically a blank space between the ears.

What frustrates ALP members is that they now know that provided a series of co-ordinated alternative strategies are introduced there is absolutely no need for prolonged harsh restrictions that will send the state into recession for many years. The alternative strategies have been successful in other states and will work in Victoria. But as so often happens with dictators once they are headed in a direction nothing will change them.

They of course assume that Andrews is able to sift these different points of view, analyse them and come to a conclusion. The reality is that he has no capacity to evaluate anything that is said to him. Dumb as an ox but stubborn along with his arrogance.

There is the old political rule, “never apologise, never explain.” Andrews of course never does either, but not because he doesn’t wish to. It’s because he cannot. It may well be that other are looking at the example he has set, but it’s not because he’s some kind of genius. He has blundered into where we find him and ourselves through sheer stupidity. He is wrecking Victoria, and indeed the entire Australian economy. He has turned the police force into a Gestapo. He has made Melbourne a place of ridicule across the world. It’s a tragedy at every turn. Just don’t expect any serious explanation for anything he does since he has none.

What Daniel Andrews needs to understand about Covid-19

The problem with Daniel Andrews has been from the start that he’s not very bright and has only a limited grasp of the issues. He does however like to tell people what to do and has little time for actual discussion and debate since argument is not really his preferred form of persuasion. The video will bring you up to date on where the Covid story now finds itself. It is a shame Andrews doesn’t get any of this. The video although somewhat long (but not too long) really is an eyeopener.

Daniel Andrews’ aim is to destroy capitalism not protect us from a virus

This is from Ronald Reagan:

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

Just came across the quote at Ace of Spades. Had said something similar just a few days before: Ruining you is just the aim:

What seems essential for the future is that everyone becomes educated in the Leninist addition to Marxism. Lenin added into the mix how the capitalist system could be overthrown. He was a strategist. We are watching Leninist practice before our eyes.

And where we are watching all of this is in the State of Victoria. Daniel Andrews is a far-left loon. He is the leader of the Socialist-Left in Victoria. His aim in life is to bring down the capitalist system and replace it with a socialist centrally planned economy. If you understood Marx and Lenin, this would be as obvious as the morning dew. Daniel Andrews does not care about protecting the population from Covid. To believe anything he is doing is designed to protect us from this virus means you are ignorant of how a modern Marxist thinks.

I read the papers today which are filled with puzzled queries about what Andrews is up to. For example: Low blow: Covid goal too hard, says WHO adviser Dale Fisher.

A senior World Health Organisation adviser has warned that Victoria’s targets for easing lockdown are “very challenging” and the state should instead boost its capacity to manage outbreaks to live with higher infection rates.

Actually, as a means of dealing with this receding danger, what Andrews is up to is insane. As a means to damage our market economy, what he is doing is made to order. It is good news that the Prime Minister is no longer willing to put up with this any longer. Whether he is onto Andrews’ deeper aims I cannot say, but unless you understand Marxist theory and practice, you will not understand what is being deliberately done.

Surely not the nice Mr Andrews. If that’s how you think, it’s time you followed up on Reagan’s advice. The certainty is that Dan is not going to explain all this to you himself.


I sent the post to a friend where I added this:

These guys were everywhere in the construction unions when I was working at CAI, a man named Norm Gallagher the most prominent. Just looked him up:

Norman Leslie Gallagher was a controversial Australian trade unionist, and Maoist who led the militant Builders Labourers Federation as federal Secretary and as Victorian State Secretary.

Meanwhile Andrews signs on for China’s Belt and Road and they still don’t work it out.

I have also made my way to the middle of The Oz where there was this: Victoria is reminding me of Poland in 1981. Comes with this very appropriate cartoon.

Illustration: Tom Jellett

Plus this from mindfree in the Open Forum last night:

Dicktator Dan doesn’t give a shit about covid-19 infections – it’s just a tool for him to chase after the real agenda. He wants to destroy all private enterprise / business in Victoria as his dream is the perfect socialist model and that is to control all and I mean ALL aspects of our life with government and that includes national and international corporations by having his representatives on their boards to ensure they do the right thing as espoused by him or else – just like the model implemented by his CCP overlords.

He is a malevolent socio – no psychopath in his endeavour to get there. he already has the reputation of doing something I thought 20 years ago was impossible – to destroy the famous restaurant culture of Melbourne but he’s done that….

Andrews is chasing his dream which will be to the detriment of everybody. It has nothing to do with Covid-19. Sutton is a useful idiot at best and at worst loves the lock down satisfies his desire for a world of zero emissions due to climate change – his major hobbyhorse.

I think people are catching on, and none too soon.

Democrats, he says, are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes

If I weren’t living in Victoria and seeing what I am seeing before my eyes, I would discount such statements as madness. But it’s by Michael Anton who wrote The Flight 93 election in 2016 and now writes: Support Claremont Institute Features Essays Posts Retrievals Podcast Video About MENU The Coming Coup?. This is how it begins:

As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and other daily mayhem we’re forced to endure in this, the most wretched year of my lifetime. But it’s happening.

It started with the military brass quietly indicating that the troops should not follow a presidential order. They were bolstered by many former generals—including President Trump’s own first Secretary of Defense—who stated openly what the brass would only hint at. Then, as nationwide riots really got rolling in early June, the sitting Secretary of Defense himself all but publicly told the president not to invoke the Insurrection Act. His implicit message was: “Mr. President, don’t tell us to do that, because we won’t, and you know what happens after that.”

All this enthused Joe Biden, who threw subtlety to the winds. The former United States Senator (for 26 years) and Vice President (for eight) has not once, not twice, but thrice confidently asserted that the military will “escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” should the president refuse to leave. Another former Vice President, Al Gore, publicly agreed.

One might dismiss such comments as the ravings of a dementia patient and a has-been who never got over his own electoral loss. But before you do, consider also this. Over the summer a story was deliberately leaked to the press of a meeting at which 100 Democratic grandees, anti-Trump former Republicans, and other ruling class apparatchiks got together (on George Soros’s dime) to “game out” various outcomes of the 2020 election. One such outcome was a clear Trump win. In that eventuality, former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, playing Biden, refused to concede, pressured states that Trump won to send Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote, and trusted that the military would take care of the rest.

This is how it ends.

The events of the last few months may be interpreted as an attempted color revolution that failed to gain enough steam, or as a trial run for the fall. Is the Trump Administration prepared?

Here’s one thing they could do: play their own “war game” scenario so as to game out possibilities and minimize surprises. They should also be talking to people inside and outside of government whom they absolutely trust to get a clearer sense of who on the inside won’t go along with a coup and who might.

They also need to set up or shore up—now—communication channels that don’t rely on the media or Big Tech. Once the ruling class gives word that the narrative is “Trump lost,” all the president’s social media accounts will be suspended. The T.V. channels, with the likely exception of Fox News, will refuse to cover anything he says. Count on it. He’s going to need a way to talk to the American people and he has to find the means, now.

For the rest of us, the most important thing we can do is raise awareness. If there is a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office even if he wins, they’re telling you about it precisely to get you ready for it, so that when it happens you won’t think it was a conspiracy; you’ll blame the president.

Don’t be fooled.

Fascism is a very nice form of government for fascists and there are plenty of those around everywhere. Read it all as one possibility raised by someone who is not known for exaggeration.