The left are shallow if not actually stupid

This is from a comment at Instapundit. The article commented on is by Sam Harris:

You cannot reason with these people.Harris is known for his writing on atheism which he is self-declared.

This is the comment:

An atheist is someone who has replaced a belief in God w/ a belief in some other higher power – in our country, it’s often government or Democrats or Progressives etc, but if you listen – truly listen – they’re describing a god. The brilliant CafeHayek people make a similar point: if you listen to progressives describe how central planning works, they’re clearly assuming divine intervention in the form of some wise government official who knows all & loves all etc.

You literally can’t make any of their theories work unless you assume a god, so they’re not really atheists – they just prefer bureaucrats or PhDs to the Judeo-Christian God.

Oh Canada

Canada has a reputation for goodness based on nothing.

Any country that could elect and then re-elect Justin Trudeau is a country of fools: see

Personally I just think he’s stupid, in way over his head but the country is too stupid. The author writes as if there is a thought process involved but he is just as stupid as his electorate.

Science marches on

This is incredible. Who could believe we could go this far backwards and so quickly?

Scientific American declares biological sex is construct to ‘reinforce gender and racial divisions’


Of course, the Bible declares that He created man and then woman. And not even Darwinian theory can explain how evolution accounts for two sexes.


John Howard is yesterday’s man and should keep his thoughts to himself

I came across this yesterday morning in The OZ: “Donald Trump is not fit for office: John Howard”.

John Howard has described ­Donald Trump’s behaviour as “appalling” and “atrocious” for not accepting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election and seeking to overturn the result, and declared him utterly “unfit” to return to the White House.

It continues from there in the same vein. For a third-rate politician who was blessed with having Peter Costello as Treasurer and for which I cannot recall any serious accomplishment, except to lose his own seat in trying to “fix” industrial relations, he really doesn’t know when to shut up.

Trump so outclassed everyone and especially Hillary and Biden, that if Howard were capable of learning he would keep his mouth shut. He’s a typical Democrat with not a policy thought worth considering.

We are getting poor at a slower rate!

Glorious Inflation News, Comrades! You’re Getting Poorer Slightly Less Quickly from

Do you see what’s peculiar about celebrating a lower rate of inflation?


U.S. Labor Productivity Suffers Biggest Crash Ever Recorded, Labor Costs Soar Most Since 1982.

Definitely getting poor(er).