Free speech as understood by the American student left

The speaker, by the way, is Art Laffer, the creator of the Laffer Curve from whom you can also learn about Say’s Law. About five minutes will get you all you need, although the best part may be at the 4:00 minute mark when the crowd starts shouting, “Free speech! Free Speech!” You can then wind it back to 1:40 to see how it begins. Ignorant and stupid doesn’t cover anything like it. Terrifying if anything. Also very loud.

Picked up from Steve Hayward on Powerline.

Is Victoria going bankrupt?

I’d heard vaguely about selling off bits of Vic Roads but not about the rest. From ‘Disaster’: Union boss slams private sector involvement in VicRoads.

“The Andrews Labor government has already sold off the Land Titles and Registry Office and it appears VicRoads’ most sensitive functions are next in line,” Ms Darmanin said.

That is incredible! Labor Governments do not privatise. They do not “work in co-operation with the private sector to provide better services.” But what they often do, when they have run out of other peoples’ money, is look inside every hollow log to find spare cash when every other source of revenue has already been spent and committed.

Comes with this today: Extra $14.5bn spent on Labor states’ bureaucracy splurge.

Victoria and Queensland have supercharged their public sector workforces, hiring more than 100,000 new staff over the past five years at a cost to taxpayers of an extra $14.5bn a year in wages and salaries.

Staff numbers in the two biggest Labor states have swollen about five times faster than in NSW, according to analysis by the NSW Treasury, which found NSW had experienced the slowest growth nationwide in both headcount and dollar cost.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, whose government has faced criticism over the adequacy of its workforce during the recent bushfires, said his state was focused on frontline staff and not “bloated backroom bureaucracy”.

Incredible difference in attitude between NSW and the Labor states. When and if Labor finally gets tossed out in Victoria, they will leave a disaster behind that no one will be able to fix. Socialists only know how to plunder. They know nothing about what it takes to create wealth and prosperity.

But what bothers me even more is how bizarre economic theory has become that no one working in Treasury can any longer even see what the problem is.

Beware or be next


It’s communism one needs to worry about. But as communism is evolving, it is rule by an elite who steal everything and allow the rest to scramble for a living by being employed in the enterprises that the elites already own or control.

One system; many nations, including our own. The picture is from the comments here.

Ever wonder why real wages are falling?

A messy fight is looming over who will pay the huge extra costs of the Metro Tunnel, with the Andrew Government reportedly warned the total blowout of..

The Metro Tunnel is Victoria’s very own NBN, although there are quite a few others like it but not quite as draining although very bad as well. There was the desal plant, and the billion spent on the Miki Card, getting rid of level crossings in the city, others too, but this one is big big time. Infrastructure spending at its absolute stupidest. The above story is a snippet from the H-S this morning.

There are economic idiots everywhere, but the biggest ones are the ones who think government infrastructure projects like this are good for the economy. Even the Premier is beginning to see what a black hole this is. Construction everywhere you turn in the City, whole city blocks turned into construction sites, billions of dollars being spent, and not a dollar’s worth of actual value-adding output anywhere to be seen. We are looking here at immense costs, for which there will NEVER be a single cent of profit ever earned.

Keynesian economics was once only about getting an economy out of a recession. Now it’s about massive and permanent deficits coupled with massive and permanent forms of public waste. Now they have overrun their original costs to $3 billion, but there is more than just the tunnel that comes with all of this. Victoria is bankrupt in the same way that economic theory is bankrupt. I was just up in Sydney and they are about to finally start running their idiotic streetcars down George Street. That, too, will never turn a dollar of profit, which means it will never ever repay its costs in the benefits it provides. Pure waste but presented as a public benefit. My biggest query is always why isn’t this obvious?

Modern economic theory is a disaster for anyone whose government believes any and all of it. Public spending has its role, but is a drain on an economy’s productivity. Oddly because of the Keynesian nature of the National Accounts, all of this will show up as growth in GDP even though it is nothing of the kind. And there will be many people employed, except not employed on projects that will add to the economy’s net level of real production. They are not value adding. They may create a dollar’s worth of value, but for each dollar of value created it will cost much much more than a dollar. Why does this make sense to anyone?

Shameless and corrupt

An election is the final judgement of voters. There is plenty of chicanery in an American election, but almost all of it is on behalf of Democrats. Now these same Democrats want to add a another tier to the process: the right to try to remove a President from office if the President is not also a Democrat while the Democrats have a majority in the House. Here is some more from Drudge which is now anti-Trump and as corrupt as the rest of the media. This is a Democrat perspective, the same kind of vermin who think socialism is the answer.

Trump Nears Defining Hour as Impeachment Goes Public...
Faces limits of his power...
Schiff on Hook to Make Case...
Offenses Include 'Bribery'...
Dem lead lawyer known for prosecuting mobsters, swindlers...
Republican senator: All comes down to motive...
President Considered Firing Intel Inspector General...
In private speech, Bolton says policy decisions guided by personal interest...
Napolitano emerges as top critic...
FACEBOOK Sued for Censoring Posts Naming Whistleblower...
Death Threats Increase...
State Dept faces biggest crisis since McCarthy hysteria...
Aides counseling Trump not to fire Mulvaney...
Senate trial to last 6 WEEKS?
Therapy dogs headed to Capitol Hill...
Cable news showdown...

And to look at things from the other side, this is Victor Davis Hanson on 10 reasons why this impeachment ‘inquiry’ is really a coup. I’ll give you the last one but you should read the other nine as well.

10) Precedent. The indiscriminate efforts to remove Trump over the past three years, when coupled with the latest impeachment gambit, have now set a precedent in which the out party can use impeachment as a tool to embarrass, threaten or seek to remove a sitting president and reverse an election. We are witnessing constitutional government dissipating before our eyes.

Eight years of Obama was all right, but eight seconds of Trump was not. Biden and Clinton corruption as obvious as the moon on a cloudless night while after three years of hunting high and low there has been nothing found that could even begin to tarnish Trump and suggest his intent from start to finish was anything other than to provide honest government, prosperity and even-handed justice. But forecasts on these things are hard to make since you never really know what any of those Republicans really think.

Wasn’t he the clown on Howdy Doody?

Re Whistleblowers: Eric Ciaramella or Voldemort? I suppose we can mention his name in Australia.

Very early on in the whistleblower saga, I asked, plaintively, who the “whistleblower” knew. There’s been lots of action on the topic since then, and it looks increasingly like the answer is “everyone.”

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the traffic on this, and frankly, it makes my head hurt. But not too long after my article, Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations reported extensive evidence that the person I was calling “whistleblower one” (WB1) was a man named Eric Ciaramella, who:

  • Is a registered Democrat, held over from Obama
  • Worked with Biden on Ukraine
  • Worked for John Brennan when he was DCIA
  • Worked for the National Security Council
  • … until he was fired for leaking
  • … who then turned to Rep Adam Schiff for “guidance” before filing the original “whistleblower” brief
  • Cooperated with Alexandra Chalupa, who was lobbying for a Ukraine aid and who Sara A. Carter reports was part of the group coordinating with the then-prime minister of Ukraine to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign over Trump’s.

My suspicion is that the Whistleblower is such a comprehensive nobody that letting his name come out deflates the entire impeachment process. Like finally finding out what a nobody the Deep Throat of the Watergate Investigation was. Once you knew, and understood his petty motives, it really was a scandal that it had ever been a scandal.

As for Clarabell the Clown, entirely from my youth and very very North American. From the Howdy Doody show.

A bit more on Howdy Doody which I had not known before with something of an Australian connection.

Chief Thunderthud (portrayed by Bill Le Cornec): Head of the Ooragnak (kangaroo spelled backward) tribe of American Indians. Edward Kean originated Thunderthud’s greeting “Kowabonga!”—a nonsense word that eventually became part of the California surfer culture lexicon.

The whole thing is so politically incorrect I’m amazed it can still be found on the net.

The MCW vote

From Paul Kelly on why Labor lost: A tale of two Labors. Here is Labor’s core constituency:

Labor has no option but to remain a champion of progressivism, the tertiary-educated, high-income cosmopolitans focused on climate change, social justice, inclusion and, increasingly, identity politics.

Progressivism!! The Moron Class, he means. And then he says it again.

It must reconcile the cultural tension — certain to intensify — between urban, well-off, self-righteous progressives and the alienated, more socially conservative workers facing poorer incomes and weaker services.

I especially liked the “self-righteous” bit. Did he really mean to say that? Does he think this is a positive feature?

He is of course discussing the self-satisfied, pseudo-intellectual classes, many if not most of whose incomes are paid via taxation, who would be the last groups damaged by the political dead ends they are pursuing. They rack up high incomes while providing near nothing to the strength of the economy. The entire public service is filled with people like that, not to mention our crony capitalists, and there are others as well.

An obvious suicide

If you are a threat to the Clintons, what else do you expect. All three posts below are from Instapundit. You will not see any of it in the local paper, or on the ABC which is well-known for its support of violence.

LET’S PLAY A ROUND OF “WHISTLEBLOWER SHIT-SHOW!”  Well, CBS fired Ashley Bianco, producer formerly of ABC for allegedly releasing the video that outlines how ABC spiked an investigation of pedophile and Clinton mega-donor Jefferey Epstein. Megyn Kelly interviews her and she tearfully denies it. On the same day, James O’Keefe published a letter from the real whistleblower.

In the meantime both networks are following the DNC-talking points about investigating leakers: When the President does it, it’s bad. When they do it…crickets.

Where to start? I wish Kelly had asked Bianco what CBS told her when they fired her. That aside, I’ve been asked a lot about her legal remedies. Honestly, you could take what I know about Labor Law, put in your eye and still see pretty well. As I understand it, NY is an “at-will” state, meaning they can fire you for no reason unless it’s a race/age/gender thing.

Defamation? Maybe, but defamation claims in NY require “in hac verbae”, that is a pleading of the actual defamatory statement in the Complaint. And you can bet that both CBS and ABC would fight coughing up any docs for years, and would resist pre-action discovery to depose the HR departments to find out what ABC said to CBS. I doubt this lady has the financial wherewithal for that kind of fight.

But, this may be one of the rare instances where a cause of action for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress might work. Very generally, the tort requires that the plaintiff must have been in the “zone of danger” of the defendant’s negligent act, or it must have been foreseeable that the defendant’s negligent conduct would have caused the plaintiff emotional harm. (And New York does not, like a few states, require physical harm or contact). And if CBS fired an employee on ABC’s mistaken say-so, well, that’s pretty damned negligent. Dare I even say “collusion”?

Who’s taking odds that CBS writes a check to make this go away?

BTW, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Then this.

Not to mention this.

It’s sort of all taken as something of a joke, but with today the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s kind of spooky how ignorant so many people in the media and among the general population are.

A hoax and a scam

We just get used to it but these people on the left, these people in the media. these socialist nobodies, wish to overturn the democratic process. They should be put in jail. Not only are these people corrupt to the core, not only are these people ignorant, not only are they attempting to overturn our political system, they are as incompetent in their inability to make sound policy as it is possible to be. We treat much of this like a joke, but that is only because they have been unsuccessful. In fact, they have only been partly unsuccessful. They should be treated as the traitorous scum they actually are.

AND LET ME ADD THIS about the person the left is trying to overturn as president: Trump will lead the NYC parade he saved. The Democrats are soul-sick and vermin. Their leading presidential candidates are policy fools and with not a single moral scruple between them. They are liars and thieves, all of which is known. But this is the real Donald Trump, with a story that goes back to 1995 when he was not running for anything.

In August 1995, organizers for the annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City looked at how much money they had three months before the big day.


The New York Times reported, “A request to airlines to donate blankets for aging veterans was turned down because logos might not be visible on television.”


The Times reported, “Then Donald Trump, a non-veteran, agreed to throw in $200,000 as well as raise money from his friends, in exchange for being named grand marshal.”

In short order, they had $2.4 million, saving the parade and the city’s honor.

On Veterans Day 1995, United Press International reported, “More than 500,000 people jammed the sidewalks of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue Saturday to watch three generations of veterans march in the Nation’s Parade. The crowd cheered as 25,000 veterans marched in one of the last national events marking the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The mood of the parade was festive despite the blustery weather, with marching veterans smiling and onlookers shouting ‘Thank you.'”

The story also said, “Organizers, who placed the turnout at closer to a million, said the parade would not have been a success if it hadn’t been for real estate developer Donald Trump, who contributed $200,000.

“‘Donald Trump saved the parade,’ said parade director Tom Fox, himself a Vietnam veteran. ‘We had asked for donations from 200 corporations, and none of them came through,’ he said.

“‘This donation is the single most important thing I’ve ever done,’ said a beaming Trump. ‘This is more important than all of my buildings and my casinos. This is my way of saying thank you to all the men and women in the armed services who have made it possible for me to become a success. Without them freedom and liberty would be gone.'”

And now it is without Donald Trump freedom and liberty would be gone. We live in very dangerous times.