They’re against it

Groucho was around a century ahead of his time, but the point is evident now at every turn. The left, the media and the academic world have gone mad. Whatever was once sane and mainstream, they’re against it. In that spirit, let me take you to this: Americans sleepwalking into a socialist nightmare. I think most Americans are perfectly aware of what is happening, but are unable to do a thing. The political process that was designed to protect them, is now their enemy. This is how the article ends, but it’s all worth a read.

We are witnessing a slew of progressive Democrats’ economic policies, which are disconnected from economic reality, wedded with a drive to consolidate as much power in the hands of Washington politicians and bureaucrats while creating ever greater dependence on the government for free money and more social programs. These are the ingredients for a top-down imposition of socialism on a country still struggling to recover from a pandemic that dealt a body blow to its economy. Mr. Biden’s proposals might very well be the knockout punch that flattens it.

Whatever might have been sound policy up until now, those at the top are against it. Who knows what is to follow, but nightmare might capture it exactly. To which might be added this: Disney Pushing Critical Race Theory Training On Employees, where this may be found:

The notion of individual achievement, the basis for our wealth and freedom, is now being utterly discarded. You are whatever group someone else decides to include you in along with whatever blame that imposed identity group must bear.

Happy Mother’s Day

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It is Mother’s Day, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers who have borne and been blessed with children. It may not be much of a point, but I am always pleased to see the spelling as Mother’s Day and not Mothers’ Day.

I am not going to wish anyone an HBPD – I am not even willing to print the words out in full. But I will bring it to your attention via this post from Instapundit. My only criticism of what follows is that there is nowhere enough emphasis on how mentally ill, sick and depraved one has to be to follow along with any of this.

Rep. Cori Bush referred to mothers as “birthing people.” This elicited immediate, and deserved, mockery from many folks on the right, including yours truly. NARAL—or, at least, NARAL’s Twitter person—rallied to her cause.

Birthing-person-of-pearl! (Or for those of a certain faith, Holy Birthing Person of God!) This is a seamless disco ball of absurdity, radiating inanity from every angle. If one of the core tenets of the new Great Awokening is that the term “mother” is divisive or bigoted, then the Great Awokening is doomed (and deservedly so). Don’t tell me conservatives are too obsessed with silly and divisive culture war “distractions,” if in the next breath you’re going to lecture me on the need to erase the term “mother” from the English language.

Why is this not totally discrediting to the left? How can anyone line up with such nutters? There are, no doubt, various social problems that need to be examined. This is not one of them.

The left/right divide we face today

This is Dennis Prager on the distinction between the left and the right. Making it of even more interest, the video begins with a long cut from Jordan Peterson on Q&A a few years back.

I also think the question Peterson asks, whether the questioner is better off than her grandparents were, might well be asked about whether her grandchildren will be better off than she is right now. That one is now hard to know. It might be like asking Russians in 1916 whether their grandchildren will be better off than they were right then. There is no “of course” about it.

Just saw this on Small Dead Animals and you would have to wonder what the data would look like if we asked the same question here.

In a normal, growing economy, each generation can expect a higher standard of living than the previous one. In Canada, we seem to be going in the opposite direction of normal. If the trend noted in this article continues, millennials will be lucky to buy a principal residence at about the time they would like to retire.

In the epicenter of the housing bubble, it’s particularly bad for an average income earner:

In Toronto, for example, where the median home price crossed $1 million in the first quarter, it now takes 278 months (23 years) to save up for a down payment. In Vancouver, where the price of a representative home is $1,381,274 and you need an income of $237,201 to afford it, you would have to save for 389 months (32.4 years) just for the down payment.

“This vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than COVID-19”

Have you had your shot today?

David Solway on After Masks and Lockdowns, Here Come the ‘Vaccines’. Read it all, but start with this.

The ramifications of the vaccines are far worse than that. Symptomatic reactogenicity is not uncommon. In just a few months, a spectrum of concerning side-effects have appeared, ranging from blood clots, erythema, cardiovascular ailments and Bell’s Palsy to anaphylactic reactions, swollen lymph nodes, chronic pain and untimely deaths. It should be no surprise that the general population will be constantly assured by a complicit network of authorities and pseudo-authorities that adverse reactions are statistically insignificant and should not be heeded. The incurious will be easily persuaded, especially as countervailing reports will be duly censored.

A typical example of what is really happening comes from British Columbia doctor Charles Hoffe who, in a letter to the Ministry of Health, reports “numerous concerning allergic reactions and neurological side effects from the vaccine,” and observes that “In stark contrast to the deleterious effects of this vaccine in our community, we have not had to give any medical care what-so-ever, to anyone with COVID-19.” He concludes that “this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than COVID-19.” 

We have been lied to at every turn so why should things be different now?

An infinite supply of idiots

Labor seems to have an infinite supply of idiots: Victoria unveils its own climate change strategy, emissions target.

The Victorian government hopes to cut emissions by almost double the level of the Morrison government by 2030 in an ambitious policy positioning the state as a leader in tackling climate change. Acting Premier James Merlino said Victoria would aim to reduce emissions by 28-33 per cent by 2025 and 45-50 per cent by 2030, nearly twice the 26-28 per cent target made by the federal government by the end of this decade. Victoria criticised the lack of action from Scott Morrison on climate and said it was embarrassed by Australia’s showing at the recent climate summit run by US President Joe Biden. “The Commonwealth government cannot continue to abrogate its responsibilities on a global stage when it comes to climate change,” Victoria’s energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio said at a press conference on Sunday.

Might note there is no mention of the Victorian Opposition position in the news story.

Politics of the absolutely lowest common denominator

First this: Americans Waking Up to Fact That Kamala Harris Is an Idiot. The astonishing part is how many still don’t know and will never know.

I am also on some mailing list from the Democrats in Florida. This is the latest note to me. Politics for idiots, that is for sure.

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Connected cronies and the cost of energy

Idiots are apparently idiots. From Instapundit.

THE RENEWABLES FRAUD: After the Texas Blackouts, Follow the Wind and Solar Money – All $66 Billion of It. “What was the result of all that spending? When combined with the shutdown of several gigawatts of coal-fired capacity, it’s apparent that the $66 billion spent on renewables before the blackouts didn’t make the Texas grid more robust – it made it more fragile.”

Once the left discovered how dumb its constituency is there has been no stopping them. However, there is also this comment to consider which adds a different perspective.

Going to point out that the good citizens of Texas did NOT vote for this nonsense, did NOT want it. No one outside of Austin was saying “Wow, we need more renewable energy sources!” I’m certainly interested in pursuing alternative sources of energy as are most people but I am not willing to replace what we know works with unproven technology that has a spurious track record and tends to cost ridiculous amounts of money for minimal output. Despite the fact nobody voted for this nonsense we got this anyway. In a “Red” state. Ponder that. In Texas we got a program we didn’t want and didn’t vote for and we’re considered “conservative”.

No doubt $66 billion includes a very large incentive for fraud and larceny of all kinds. Might as well mention this as well.

Investments only make sense if you can get an actual *return* on your investment equal to or greater than just dumping it into T-bills. The $66B ‘invested’ in solar and wind can only make a return if the government essentially taxes the citizens to transfer the money to the invest-ee, and behold, that’s exactly what is happening. And since there’s no real limits on it, the tax money shoveling to connected cronies rapidly becomes a huge scam.

“Connected cronies” is it? A few of those around.