Is there a second shoe to fall?

You have to wonder whether this could be it. With Hillary and the Democrats far more at risk in any investigation into Russia, this may be it, but you do have to ask. No ties worth mentioning between Trump and any kind of scandal. He might well be the least corrupt politician in American history.

And as an extra bonus:

Podesta Group Retroactively Filed DOJ Disclosures in August-Same Forms Manafort Arrested for Today… WHO TIPPED THEM OFF?

Hillary-Linked Podesta Group Got $200K Lobbying for Uranium One – Including While Hillary Was Secretary of State

BUCHANAN: The plot to destroy Trump…

And from that last article:

About this “astonishing” development, columnist Byron York of the Washington Examiner quotes Sen. Chuck Grassley:

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises … questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.”

It’s not over till it’s over but the Dems and their supporters must feel truly cheated after all the expectations that were raised. And as an extra added bonus, as long as Trump remains president, the US might actually get some decent governance.

Can morality exist without God?

Does it even have a meaning beyond self=interest? From Instapundit

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: Karl Marx, not Adolf Hitler, was the most destructive German ever born, and Western intellectuals will go to extreme lengths to deny it.

If you’re interested in the question of whether morality can exist without God, you might enjoy Arthur Allen Leff’s discussion in Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law. Or, in shorter and more pungent form, his treatment in Memorandum From The Devil. Also, these — especially the latter — are two of the best-written law review articles ever.

The strangest weirdest oddest article I may have ever read

It is also perhaps the most depressing article I may ever have read. It is almost impossible to summarise in a way that explains how bizarre it is. It comes in four parts. I will highlight what I think matters first and then give you the link.

Part I – I read with great interest and approval all of the MSM and as much of it as I can find

I’m a political junkie. Every day I read The Washington Post and The New York Times, among other media giants, with great interest and appreciation. I understand and value the great writing, thoughtful analysis, logic and reasoning. And the fact checking. Especially the fact checking.

Given that I live in Iowa, The Des Moines Register, The Chicago Tribune and The Kansas City Star are among my favorites as well. I also try to catch a variety of broadcast news organizations over the course of the evening. Being ADD, Twitter presents an endless buffet of delightful and distracting news commentary and stories.

I’m learning that President Donald Trump continues to offend, make missteps, court World War III and faces isolation in the face of the worst presidential polling in history. That he faces possible impeachment, or removal from office when his cabinet invokes Section 25 of the Constitution. I learn that the Republican Party is in disarray and may never recover. In this chaos commentators are speculating just how many Democrats will gain seats in the House and Senate and if it will be enough to take over one or both bodies of Congress in 2018. Possible Democratic candidates for president are being vetted for 2020.

Part II – Even at the request of a friend I could not bear to watch a speech given by Trump but I did manage to read it

My friend Mark said something like, “Hey Bob, if you want to understand why rural conservatives like Trump, watch the speech he gave at the Values Voters Summit.”

I replied, “Just tell me why,” not wanting to tell Mark I can hardly stand to watch or listen to Trump, I despise him so. I thought, how perfectly ironic and hypocritical of the religious right to have a man without honor or dignity preach about “values.”

“No, you have to watch it first. Then we’ll talk,” he said. . . .

While I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch Trump give his speech, I read the transcript as provided by the White House.

Part III – I read the speech and can see what Trump voters like

Doing my best to understand how my conservative friends might read Trump’s speech, I read it again. Only this time, I contrasted Trump’s messaging with how rural conservatives often view Democratic messaging. Here goes.

Trump began by saying we are a nation of believers and that “together we are strengthened and sustained by the power of prayer.” Democrats want prayer out of the public sphere.

Trump called the Las Vegas shooting a “horrific mass murder” and an “act of pure evil.” Democrats blame the guns and want to take yours away.

Trump honored the heroes of Las Vegas, including the police officers and other first responders. Democrats elevate thugs and view our protectors in blue with disdain.

Trump quotes scripture. Democrats ridicule those who do.

Trump stresses unity. Democrats divide American society into victims and oppressors.

Trump says, “We love our country.” Obama went on an international apology tour.

Trump says, “We cherish the sacred dignity of every human life.” Democrats murder babies.

Trump says, “We believe in strong families.” Democratic policies pull them apart.

Trump says, “We are proud of our history.” Democrats tear down monuments.

Trump says, “We respect our great American flag.” Democrats take a knee.

I could go on. There’s much, much more in Trump’s speech that’s fodder for conservative thought.

Part IV – I therefore warn all my comrades that these Trump supporters are so stupid that if the Dems think they are going to ever get their votes they are wasting their time

So, big media, keep up the great writing, thoughtful analysis, logic and reasoning. And fact checking. But, remember here in Trumplandia, you won’t change any minds. The cultural fissure is too deep, and relates to fundamentally different worldviews with respect to freedom and the nature of man.

Given so, Trump’s sinking poll numbers are irrelevant. My conservative friends will vote for a fence post before they vote for a Democrat.

Keep preaching to the choir, coastal media elites. Continue to predict the downfall of Trump in 2020 if not before, and great victories for Democrats in congressional races in 2018, and we’ll see if it works. That’s my hope. I fear, however, such stories will only lead to complacency among the Democratic electorate.

My conservative friends remain “Trump-strong.”

And this moron, what does he remain? Read it all: They’re Trump-strong in rural Iowa — and not changing their minds. It is unimaginable what would need to happen for someone as smug and dense as he is to even understand what might possibly be wrong with the way he thinks. But at least he is ahead of me on this: I cannot even now conceive why anyone would have preferred Hillary and could not possibly provide a list in the same way he has done on how someone on the left sees the world.

It’s a wonder that Democrats can still show their faces in public

It really is extraordinary how the left is self-destructing but more extraordinary is that there is not a shred of evidence of shame and remorse. A brief round-up from today. Are there any interests of ordinary people that they represent in even the slightest way?

WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller’s resignation and accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion.

It’s not all Harvey Weinstein, you know

I guess it’s kinda like a lottery. With so many targets in the world and with North Korea having really only a single opportunity to shoot off a missile before their world caves in, the possibility of any of us being personally at the other end of that one missile is very remote. So why worry since no one else seems to be, other than PDT.

NKorea conducts mass-evacuation drills…
MATTIS: Threat of nuke attack accelerating…
China warns Kim to STOP tests…

It’s like Dirty Harry said. “Feel lucky, punk.” Most likely it will be somewhere else.

Look Malcolm just Get-up and go

It’s from The Saturday Paper so they are obviously not trying to help the Libs, but it wouldn’t be the first time they got something like that wrong. The story is titled: Turnbull sought GetUp! help before spill. Via Tim Blair who has his own take on all this: GETUP! AND GO TO HELL which you might consider worth a look. But first read this:

The request from Christopher Pyne was simple but unexpected. Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership was in trouble, and he was hoping GetUp! might help do numbers for him.

It was the last Saturday of November in 2009 and the phone call was to Simon Sheikh, then national director of the activist group.

“He complained that conservative organisations, particularly the Australian Christian Lobby, were contacting MPs to advocate support for Abbott,” Sheikh says. “He asked if I could organise for people to email or call MPs in support of Turnbull.”

Pyne had specifics in mind. He offered to provide GetUp! with a list of about 10 undecided MPs, whose votes might be swayed by a lobbying campaign. Given the events of this week, it seems particularly curious in hindsight.

Sheikh and Pyne had established a reasonable relationship, although the MP had expressed his frustration that GetUp! did not sufficiently distinguish between moderate Liberals such as himself and the party’s conservatives.

My problem is that I can barely distinguish between what Pyne thinks of as “moderate Liberals” and the ALP.

The value free politics of the left

The latest headlines at Lucianne. They all tell the same story. You have to wonder how anyone can any longer admit to having voted for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians
to Rig Election Against Trump 

A headline to be read at least twice before closing jaw.
Russia ‘Collusion’ Story Is
Blowing Up Like the Hindenburg 

Comic book captions (Kaboom! Splat!)will do for now.
More Explosions From That Cigar? 
The bomb throwing isn’t over.
How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia 
What REALLY happened.
Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash 
Fifty years to get roll out right wasn’t enough?
House Intel Committee Announces Uranium One Probe –
Three Distinct Components… 

The dots begin to connect.

On the left,it’s all politics and personal self-interest. If the rest of us get to keep some of what we earned ourselves it is merely because the existing system of graft and pillage had not yet progressed to its highest stage.

“In case you are not familiar with Kates . . .”

The video is Economics for Independent Thinkers which discusses the way economics is discussed outside the mainstream. There are many many reason for watching the above video from end to end, but this especially works for me, starting at the 14:30 mark.

“The lesser known terms are mostly thanks to the Australian economist Steven Kates. In case you are not familiar with Kates, Kates wrote possibly the most thoroughly researched of the studies showing that there was a fairly strong consensus before the Keynesian Revolution about how the business cycle worked.”

And not only that, I explain in modern terms what that theory was. And as strange as you may find this, there is no other modern source where you can find classical theory explained.

The presentation was to The Heritage Foundation in Washington. This is the synopsis and I could not agree more with what he says:

Too many mainstream economists view the world as a collection of equilibrium models, without concern for when these models fail to explain real-world risks. In Economics for Independent Thinkers, author Daniel Nevins scours under appreciated corners of the economics and investment worlds for more realistic thinking. What results is a no-nonsense approach to economics that appreciates the importance of credit and banks in business cycles, and provides a different perspective on Keynesian stimulus and the consequences of government debt accumulation.

The speaker is Daniel Nevins.

Daniel Nevins, CFA, has invested professionally for thirty years, including more than a decade at both J.P. Morgan and SEI Investments. He is perhaps best known for his behavioral economics research, which was included in the curriculum for the Chartered Financial Analyst® program and earned him recognition as one of the founders of “goals-based investing.” He has an economics degree from the Wharton School of Business and a degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s engineering school.

And you know what? Till now I did not think it was possible but you never know the way things are going. We may yet rid ourselves of this Keynesian economic mess, but to do that we will need to understand economic theory before Keynes. Speaking of which, have I mentioned my introductory text before: Free Market Economics, now in its third edition?

Racing towards Gomorrah

Picked up from Ace of Spades:

My father would have been 100 years old today

I am what is known in the trade as a red diaper baby. But that was only on my Father’s side. I have always wondered about William James’s observation that the children of parents of conflicting temperaments find those conflicts raging inside themselves. I followed my Father’s communist line right through to the end of university, then took my second degree and spent a year and a half as a gardener in London working things through. It was then that I read Solzhenitsyn who may have been the catalyst or perhaps only the vehicle to announce to myself how my philosophy of life had sorted itself out, more towards my Mother’s side of the family tree.

Yet I am like my Dad in my allegiance to Mill in the way he had his allegiance to Marx. I loved my Dad who loved me in turn, but I ended up in Australia as far from his influence as I could possibly go. So I will tell my favourite story of my Dad, about when he had been made a manager in a factory where he then set up a union which he could not become a member of. The management knew someone had organised the union but didn’t know who. So they brought in each of the workers, asked who it was who had set up the union, and when they refused to say, fired each of them on the spot [it was the 1950s]. They then hired them all back, no one ever found out who had been the organiser and the factory remained unionised from that day on.

He had himself always remarked on his having been born almost to the day of the Russian Revolution, which is why I was so aware of the timing of the October Revolution and the storming of the Winter Palace. He outlived the Communist era but never gave up the faith. May he rest in peace wherever he may be.