This was sent to me by my Californian former friend and associate who has gone native in one of the looniest parts of the planet. It comes from a post titled, All the Times Angela Merkel’s Face Said “S.T.F.U. You Dummkopf Orange Oaf”. Still there was this:

Merkel dug deep and paid Trump some compliments using words and phrases you know he just ate up, mentioning the “strength” of his sanctions on North Korea, and claiming that last year’s tax legislation has made the U.S. a “very interesting place for our companies” to invest. Still, one need only take a gander at Merkel’s notoriously weak poker face to understand that inside, she was screaming I can’t believe I have to occupy the same airspace as this knuckle-dragger.

Other photos which are not of much interest but I do find the take quite revealing of the empty heads on the left, reflected first by Merkel herself, and then by the author of this story, and then finally by the representative sample of one made up of my high school associate who has made millions but has not taken an international trip since 1966!

Here she is listening to Trump’s usual rant about how NATO allies don’t pay their bills

Here she is listening to him tell a painful story about how he saved money on the Israeli embassy, and wondering if she can get away with never meeting with him again

Here she is reacting to his attempted joke about German labor laws

Here she is thinking, Life in East Germany wasn’t so bad compared to this

There is, of course, the other side of the story: Look who ISN’T coming to dinner! Trump snubs Merkel by not inviting her to White House when she lands from Germany – so she heads out for selfies at a bar instead.

Angela Merkel landed in Washington D.C. Thursday and unlike Obama, Trump did not invite her to dinner

Instead she went for a walk in Georgetown and into J. Paul’s, a bar-restaurant which offers a $14.99 cheeseburger and posed for selfies

In 2011 Obama had taken her to 1789 in Georgetown where Colorado rack of lamb is $59

Trump is hosting Merkel for a working lunch at the White House, instead

Merkel will be remembered as one of the most destructive European leaders in history. The PDT legacy so far puts him among the greats.