Anti-semitism and the death of the West

These are comments at Instapundit commenting on an article We need to talk about Muslim anti-semitism. Lots to be said but here I focus on the blindness of Jews to a massive problem that will blight their community as far into the future as we can see, in the same way it will blight the future of Christians, both actual and by national history, to an almost equal extent. This is the death of the West unless something can be done right now.

Europeans tolerate Muslims because Europeans have outsourced their anti-Semitism to Muslim immigrants.

I think you’re very close with that idea. The Islamic community makes regular antisemitism seem more acceptable.

The Europeans do not hate Hitler because he killed six million Jews. They hate him because he did not finish the job. They are now counting on their Muslims and a nuclear Iran to finish the job.

And so fanatic is their hatred, they do not care what type of nuclear retaliation Israel might do.

That’s a fact. Hatred by proxy. Well said.

“And the leaders of Islam have to take a stand.” Um, the leaders of Islam HAVE taken a stand about non-Muslims in general and Jews in particular: we are to be converted, enslaved or killed.

The one thing to know about antisemitism is to understand that those who espouse that it is all about Israel, it is never about Israel, it never was or will be. It is hatred of a dynamic and successful religion, usually by those who feel deprived of the very things they feel they’ve been denied by those who they claim to hate.

To their credit, some Jewish organisations have attempted to confront the problem of anti-Semitism among Muslims.

“To their credit…”?!? In any sane society, that would be the minimum, not something to be lauded.
“To their credit, they oppose Nazism.”
“To their credit, they oppose the eating of babies.”
“To their credit, they don’t leave a little in the water pitcher just so they don’t have to refill it.”

Until Muslim leaders call for the rejection of those tenets of Islam that insist on Muslim supremacy Islam should be treated like a toxic, political, movement and nothing else. Someone please explain how any belief system can be “tolerated” by any society that ENCOURAGES (if not demands) murder, misogyny and political supremacy?

Were Islam not some group that the left witlessly embraces they’d be no more acceptable in a society than the Klan or a Nazi movement.

Well, duh … when their very ‘religion’ cum ideology calls for the killing and harm to Jews, that’s what they do. At some point in time, the world is going to have to admit to itself that it is part of the Islamic religion to hate Jews. Why are people acting like they’re surprised at the obvious????

Ironic. Hitler wasn’t able to get rid of all Jews from Europe, but it appears the European Union has found another way to do it. Immigrate Jew hating Muslims to drive them out for them. Leave while you can would be my advice. Europeans do not have the stomach for the fight that is coming.

It won’t just be the Jews and synagogues. Notre Dame will be gone. St Peter’s, Windsor Castle, Versaille. The Louvre, the greatest art and music the world has ever known will all be gone.

He’s not wrong, but he’s very wrong about the possibility of there being any real dialogue about the Jew-hatred coming from Islam. That Jew-hatred is woven throughout the Q’ran, the Hadiths, and the history of Islam itself. It’s taught to Muslims by imams around the world and ingrained in their thinking from their earliest indoctrination into their faith. Of American Muslims, who are not generally regarded as the most observant of Muslims, fully 25% believe that violent jihad against the enemies of Islam is not only justified, but required of Muslims. In other places, that percentage is much higher.

“Last year, Amber Rudd, the UK home secretary, confirmed ISIS had specifically identified British Jewry as a ‘desirable and legitimate target’.” For some reason, this verbiage, coming from the home secretary, seriously creeps me out. So do the references in the article to “studying the problem”. Not a whole lot of study is required.


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