Anti-Semitism is now an integral feature of the left

Sometimes it is merely called anti-Zionism but there ought to be no mistaking what is taking place for what it is. First this from Caroline Glick.

As for the Palestinians’ supporters on US campuses, the Palestinian exception enabled them to wage a war against American Jews on campuses the likes of which the US has arguably never seen.

Over the years, as antisemitic assaults on Jewish students expanded under the headline of pro-Palestinian activism, Jewish students and groups repeatedly sought redress and corrective action from university authorities. In the many cases where those authorities refused to intervene to protect Jewish students, the students and Jewish advocacy groups turned to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for protection, but to little or no avail.

In one notable instance, in 2011 the Zionist Organization of America filed a complaint against Rutgers University for failing to protect the civil rights of Jewish students, and the Department of Education rejected their complaint by arguing that it couldn’t prove the assault in question was antisemitic.

That year, a student group named BAKA, (Belief Awareness Kindness Action) organized a campus event that was to be “free and open to the public.” It was titled, “Never Again for Anyone.”

The title of the event made clear that its intent was to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. That is, it was on its face designed to be an antisemitic event.

As the ZOA noted in a statement this week, “When the event organizers saw how many ‘Zionists’ (aka Jews) showed up at the event, they… selectively enforced an admission fee against students who were, or were perceived to be Jewish. Jewish students reported this outrageous and painful and hurtful antisemitic discrimination to the University, which failed to address it.”

Just one instance, you say. Well how about this: Democrats Need Anti-Semites to Win. You should read it all, but here’s a bit that gives you an idea of the whole.

Anti-Semitism does have a home in one of our major parties — the Democratic Party. Obama was the first major Democrat to openly express love and understanding of a blatant anti-Semite, his beloved mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Democratic voters showed they could care less. They desperately wanted Obama to win, to be good, to be great, so they pretended twenty years with an anti-Semitic mentor didn’t matter. It was a pivotal moment for the party. Let us hope, not for American history.

Flash forward, and the Democrats choose a Farrakhan man, Keith Ellison, as number 2 to lead the DNC.  Feminists marched on Washington under the leadership of notorious anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory. Obama did his work well. He is dedicating his very large fortune to training a million more like-minded community organizers.

Obama liked to boast that he had no need for white middle America voters — minority demographics would soon ensure Democrats a permanent one-party state. I recall this when I learn that kindergarten through college, anti-Semitic incidents are off the historical charts, and have been doubling yearly the last few years. Kindergarteners are obviously bringing this from home.

Smugness, a false sense of superiority and a compliant liberal press

From Instapundit. And it may be all they have, but it’s quite a lot.

I’ve written before about how jihadists and anti-Semites have mastered the PR game and co-opted the alleged intelligentsia of Oxbridge and the extreme US left.

But take heart: an Op/Ed in yesterday’s WSJ points out that smugness, a false sense of superiority and a compliant liberal press are all they have. The facts speak for themselves:

In 2012 [Corbyn] approved of a mural that grotesquely depicted Jewish bankers, and he did not reverse himself until earlier this year…In 2012 he appeared on Iranian television to celebrate the release of Palestinian terrorists by Israel in a painful prisoner exchange with Hamas. He referred to the returning convicts as “brothers.”

And most sickening of all:

In 2014 he laid a wreath at the graves of terrorists involved in the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972.

Meanwhile, this quote in the comments sums up what I also believe:

Comparing Corbyn’s overt anti-Semitism to Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech are only similar in that they are/were controversial. Powell was vilified for stating that if his country opens its borders to immigratnts whose values were incompatible with British values, Britain will cease to be Britain. He was, of course, correct, and there are now 1 million Muslims now living in metropolitan Londonistan. When Powell made that speech, how many British women and girls had to worry about acid attacks, FGM, forced marriages, honor killings or rape/grooming gangs?

As for Corbyn, what’s sick is that he’s not nearly as “controversial” as he should be. Why? Well, those 1 million Muslims in Londonistan agree with him. So do the millions of other Muslims in England, and the millions of other Btitish who’ve been barraged by Jew and Israel hatred from the BBC, the academy, the left and the media for the past 20 years.

And if you want truly macabre, this is near the norm in parts of the diaspora:

Some people just can’t take a joke

From The Mail Online:

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn said British ‘Zionists’ have ‘no sense of English irony despite having lived here all their lives’ and ‘need a lesson’, while giving speech alongside Islamic extremists at a conference publicised by Hamas’ military wing

  • The comments were made when Corbyn  spoke at a 2013 conference advertised by the propaganda website of Hamas’ military wing
  • Corbyn said that British ‘Zionists’ didn’t understand ‘English irony’
  • He added: ‘They needed two lessons, which we could perhaps help them with’
  • Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said: ‘This shows the reality of what Jeremy Corbyn thinks of Jews’

And then from Drudge:

President Tweet on SAfrican Land Seizure Draws Govt’s Ire…
MALEMA: ‘Only death will stop us’…

The future of multiculturalism around the world

Vic Alhadeff, CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.
Vic Alhadeff, CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.

The first Muslim MP in the NSW parliament has sparked a row overnight, refusing entry to a respected Jewish leader to a Labor Party multicultural launch.

Upper House MP Shaoquett Moselmane refused entry to Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff at the launch of the Labor Union Multicultural Action Committee launch last night saying, according to Mr Alhadeff, that he was not a Labor Party member.

The full story here.

Then this from the United States: Palestinian Congressional Candidate ASSAULTS Jewish Journalist at Political Event.

A journalist was assaulted by a soon-to-be congresswoman while asking her questions at a political rally for U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar in Minnesota on Saturday.

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian Muslim who won her primary in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District on Tuesday, forcefully grabbed Jewish journalist Laura Loomer and stole her phone when Loomer approached her to ask questions at the rally.

And then from the UK: British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Admits, After Months of Lies, That He Was In Fact “Present” At Ceremony Honoring the Terrorists Who Slaughtered Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Olympics.

Here is @yaelberda ‘s hero, leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, laying a wreath at the grave of one of the terrorist murderers of the Israeli Olympic Team in Munich in 1972. Yael, You are Disgusting!! 

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Andrew Bolt and the anti-semitic left

At least for the present, being anti-Semitic is still counted as a negative. How long that will be, who can tell, but it is not hard to see that those days may be coming to an end, and if they do, this change will be led by the tribalist left-of-centre collectivists in our midst.

The worst racists are on the left as are the worst anti-Semites. See, for example, Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour has ‘real problem’ with antisemitism. And now this here in Oz from Andrew Bolt who has to deal with this:

Hand him a mirror. Crikey’s Bernard Keane makes up stuff to paint me as an anti-Semite who makes his “blood run cold”.

Yet Keane himself claims Israel is guilty of “murder of unarmed protesters” and “systemic illegalities” under “the Netanyahu regime” and its “apartheid system”. He also defends the boycott of Israel that I have damned as racist.

Jews should realise Keane’s attack on me is an attack on their ally. His claims to be horrified by an anti-Semitism he pretends to detect are a complete smokescreen.

It is the left who thinks in relation to groups and group identity. It is the conservative right who think in terms of individuals and personal responsibility. Here’s how it now goes even in America:

Nazi as you know is the short form for National Socialists. ICE agents are not the Gestapo. But if you like to think that way, you are not just deluded, but are utterly free of historical judgement and common sense.

And a comment from Calli:


In one way it makes life easier as I try to get to know new people and whether to keep them at arm’s length or not.

All I do is mention Israel.

Never fails.

Dancing on the edge of a volcano

The opening paras on an article worth reading about the world we are entering: Canada: A “Different” Kind of Antisemitism?

  • “I have a confession to make. If you are Jewish… I used to hate you. I hated you because I thought you were responsible for the [Somali civil] war which took my father from me for so long… When we had no water, I thought you closed the tap. … If my mother was unkind to me, I knew you were definitely behind it. If and when I failed an exam, I knew it was your fault. You are by nature evil, you had evil powers and you used them to evil ends. Learning to hate you was easy. Unlearning it was difficult.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali, quoted in The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History, by Andrew G. Bostom.
  • In Canada, Wael al-Ghitawi, the imam of Al-Andalous Islamic Centre, and Sayed al-Ghitawi “both called for the death of Jews. The sermons came to public attention in February 2017, when YouTube videos of the talks were translated into English.”
  • Let us be frank: as is all too clear from the recent European experience, importing large numbers of Muslims means importing Islamic antisemitism. Hate crimes against Canadian Jews are already on an upward trajectory. Is it the Canadian Government’s policy to encourage an increase in antisemitic hate crimes?

France has led the way, Germany is not far behind, and if Canada is well along this trail, there is nowhere it will not penetrate eventually. The Jewish response to anti-semitism has been why can’t we all get on together? Maybe we can, but here’s why it’s unlikely. From the article:

The foundational documents of Islam also reflect total rejection of the Jews and all “disbelievers”. In the hadith (sayings and deeds of Mohammad), there is a verse, still quoted in Article 7 of Hamas’s charter:

In Saheeh Muslim (2922), it is narrated from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The Hour will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them, until a Jew hides behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: O Muslim, O slave of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Except the gharqad (a thorny tree), for it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

In the Quran, surahs referring to Jews, as well as all “disbelievers, and recommend:

And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers. [Quran 2:191-193; Sahih International translation]

Islam further claims that all Jewish Prophets — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, and all — were Muslims:

Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one inclining toward truth, a Muslim [submitting to Allah]. And he was not of the polytheists. [Quran 3:67; Sahih International translation]

Jesus and Mary were also added to this list of Muslim Prophets. Islamic antisemitism is reflected in the vast holy literature of Islamic texts, and in the almost uncountable incidents in the 1,400-year history of Islam.

Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano is a collection of “Jewish Cabaret and Political Songs 1900-1945”. I love the songs, but the message has always felt real enough to me. The article is very depressing.



Anti-semitism and the death of the West

These are comments at Instapundit commenting on an article We need to talk about Muslim anti-semitism. Lots to be said but here I focus on the blindness of Jews to a massive problem that will blight their community as far into the future as we can see, in the same way it will blight the future of Christians, both actual and by national history, to an almost equal extent. This is the death of the West unless something can be done right now.

Europeans tolerate Muslims because Europeans have outsourced their anti-Semitism to Muslim immigrants.

I think you’re very close with that idea. The Islamic community makes regular antisemitism seem more acceptable.

The Europeans do not hate Hitler because he killed six million Jews. They hate him because he did not finish the job. They are now counting on their Muslims and a nuclear Iran to finish the job.

And so fanatic is their hatred, they do not care what type of nuclear retaliation Israel might do.

That’s a fact. Hatred by proxy. Well said.

“And the leaders of Islam have to take a stand.” Um, the leaders of Islam HAVE taken a stand about non-Muslims in general and Jews in particular: we are to be converted, enslaved or killed.

The one thing to know about antisemitism is to understand that those who espouse that it is all about Israel, it is never about Israel, it never was or will be. It is hatred of a dynamic and successful religion, usually by those who feel deprived of the very things they feel they’ve been denied by those who they claim to hate.

To their credit, some Jewish organisations have attempted to confront the problem of anti-Semitism among Muslims.

“To their credit…”?!? In any sane society, that would be the minimum, not something to be lauded.
“To their credit, they oppose Nazism.”
“To their credit, they oppose the eating of babies.”
“To their credit, they don’t leave a little in the water pitcher just so they don’t have to refill it.”

Until Muslim leaders call for the rejection of those tenets of Islam that insist on Muslim supremacy Islam should be treated like a toxic, political, movement and nothing else. Someone please explain how any belief system can be “tolerated” by any society that ENCOURAGES (if not demands) murder, misogyny and political supremacy?

Were Islam not some group that the left witlessly embraces they’d be no more acceptable in a society than the Klan or a Nazi movement.

Well, duh … when their very ‘religion’ cum ideology calls for the killing and harm to Jews, that’s what they do. At some point in time, the world is going to have to admit to itself that it is part of the Islamic religion to hate Jews. Why are people acting like they’re surprised at the obvious????

Ironic. Hitler wasn’t able to get rid of all Jews from Europe, but it appears the European Union has found another way to do it. Immigrate Jew hating Muslims to drive them out for them. Leave while you can would be my advice. Europeans do not have the stomach for the fight that is coming.

It won’t just be the Jews and synagogues. Notre Dame will be gone. St Peter’s, Windsor Castle, Versaille. The Louvre, the greatest art and music the world has ever known will all be gone.

He’s not wrong, but he’s very wrong about the possibility of there being any real dialogue about the Jew-hatred coming from Islam. That Jew-hatred is woven throughout the Q’ran, the Hadiths, and the history of Islam itself. It’s taught to Muslims by imams around the world and ingrained in their thinking from their earliest indoctrination into their faith. Of American Muslims, who are not generally regarded as the most observant of Muslims, fully 25% believe that violent jihad against the enemies of Islam is not only justified, but required of Muslims. In other places, that percentage is much higher.

“Last year, Amber Rudd, the UK home secretary, confirmed ISIS had specifically identified British Jewry as a ‘desirable and legitimate target’.” For some reason, this verbiage, coming from the home secretary, seriously creeps me out. So do the references in the article to “studying the problem”. Not a whole lot of study is required.


It is a strategy but not a good one

On the way to work and to the train, I first pass a Jewish primary school, and then when I turn the corner, on the right there is the Holocaust Centre and on the left there used to be the main Melbourne building of the ABC, the major mouthpiece for anti-semitic anti-Israeli thought in Australia. The left only loves victims. If you cannot be classed as a victim, they will support any of your enemies as long as they can be declared a victim, and if they can be made out to be victims of the Jews, all the better.

We Jews cannot survive without friends. Whether in the Middle East or in the countries in which we were born, survival, actual physical survival, depends on the good will of others. No Jew is unrelated to someone who has been murdered for being Jewish. Every Jew is aware of this, and every Jew has a strategy, whether it is to join with our enemies and show how wonderful we are, or to oppose our enemies and risk creating even greater hatreds.

Sultan Knisch has written an article he titles Betrayal of the Holocaust. He begins:

When we talk about the Holocaust, we are talking about the mass murder of millions of Jews.

The dead included my grandparents and countless others, shot, starved, gassed, beaten to death and buried in mass graves. And yet the lessons of the Holocaust in its commemorations rarely have anything to do with Jewish lives.

So in the memory of the Holocaust many Jews are helping to open our borders to some of the most vile anti-semites who have ever lived. It is a strategy, but, I fear, not one that will be blessed with success. If Christian culture does not survive, neither will the Jews.

No idea who their enemies are

These are comments found on a thread at Catallaxy following this post titled, Strange days indeed which is itself linked to an article titled, My great uncle was alienated in postwar France. Now Americans know how he felt. The writer is Hadley Freeman implying there is some great irony in Jews having fled European fascism in the 1930s only to find their descendants – her, for example – caught up today in the rebirth of fascism in America. A complete fool, consorting with her deepest enemies and giving them cover, her shameful ignorance identified in the Catallaxy comments thread.

Surprisingly, many Jews have a poor grasp of history and an even poorer grasp of reality. They consistently line up behind those who threaten Israels existence and who would be dispose of them in a heartbeat. Antifa should be all to familiar to them and completely alarming.

The problem with a lot of leftist Jews (and I have some in my family) is that they are leftists first and Jews second – well, quite often Jews in name only. They embrace every liberal cause that comes along, they work against the interests of Israel and their people, they work in favour of violent and antisemitic Palestinian causes, they deny the reality of Islamic violence and Jew hatred and they hate people like Trump simply because he is not one of them (that is, they don’t hate him because he is not a Jew – rather they hate him because he is not a liberal). In fact to them, anyone not to the left of Marx is a Nazi so I would not necessarily place too much faith in their judgment of who is and who is not a Nazi (leftists in general are seldom interested in evidence or facts where these conflict with their narrative). Of course some of the people at Charlottesville were neo-Nazis who do in fact hate Jews, but many were just conservatives. And Trump was right – much of the rise of the extreme right wing is a backlash brought about by the violence and intolerance of the extreme Left which is being supported and protected by many who should know better – including many so called Jews (who incidentally by their own actions are working against the Jewish people – Israel in particular). In this respect, Trump is more of a Jew than many of the lefty, so called “Jews”are). Denis Prager (himself a practicing conservative Jew) hits the nail on the head when he points out the danger this creates not just for Jews but for western civilization as a whole. And in point of fact I see as much if not more anti Jewish behaviour on the Left than the anti Jewish behaviour on the right which is being perpetrated by a vanishingly small number of neo Nazis. The fact that this Leftist anti Jewish behaviour is often disguised as criticism of Israel does not change the fact that it is actually Jew hatred. Though they like to think of it as some kind of superior morality. I also find it passing strange to see this writer doing what the Left so often does – projecting onto the other side their own bad behaviour such as accusing Trump of being anti Israel or of being appeasers (apparently appeasing extremist Islam, which is a far greater threat than a tiny number of neo Nazis is OK however). Sickening.

Objectively, having an ancestor who survived the Holocaust is irrelevant, it doesn’t give her opinions any special authority; that’s the genetic fallacy (also known as the fallacy of origins or fallacy of virtue — Wiki). Conversely descendants of nazis, or descendants of our pioneers for that matter, carry no special guilt. She, they all, use faulty reasoning as in: Trump is supported by neo-nazis (allegedly) therefore he must support neo-nazis or guilt by association in this case ‘reductio ad Hitlerum’.

What part of Islamo-Fascist does she not understand? What part of “some good people” does she not understand? What part of “Antifa” brutal street fascism does she not understand? This blinkered woman does not understand very much.

Liberal???… She’s not a liberal, she’s a Socialist and Fascistic one at that….. But like most fascists she excuses her violence of thought and deed by blaming the victims of her political passions. She exaggerates and lies….. and she does it deliberately for political effect.

Trump supports Israel and went to the wailing wall in a very respectful manner. Obama undermined Israel and sympathises with its enemies. He would never have gone there in the same fashion Trump did. These leftist commentators like her are always off the mark, but this statement is deranged.

The typical modern guardianista liberal with an empty head and an empty life. If Trump is Hitler, then she can pretend to be Ann Frank – it gives her life a tiny bit of meaning.

Tunisia, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen… just a few of the places where J__s are no longer being born. Don’t think it has anything to do with Nazis though.

It is the left that is anti-semitic and pro-muslin. Trump’s own family is part Jewish. The Gramsci-ites know, a la Goebbels, that the propaganda lie, once out there gets disseminated by a fellow-traveller medja, and absorbed by those who fail to reason why and by youth made compliant via leftist k-12 transformational “education”.

Desecrates her uncle’s grave with cheap anti Trump addendum to a story about a man of greatness. But that is so typical of the “cultural left”.

I wish I had any idea of what she means. Can someone explain it. I’ll give it a shot, friend of Israel = nazi, Muslims who want to wipe Israel and every Jew off the face of the Earth = not nazi. And just like in 1930s the beautiful people side with the nazis. It’s instinctive to them as they find ugly art beautiful, ugly literature worthy and ugly movies as entertainment.

When they say Israel, they don’t actually mean Israel

anti semitism mediaeval

I am of that unusual middle generation, the post-Holocaust period of Jewish acceptance in the West, which is now being followed by a return to the days of pre-War Europe. My mother’s photo album at home showed a picture of some relative dead upon the sofa, having been murdered during a pogrom in Poland sometime just after World War I. We’re not there yet, but those straws in the wind inside that Kosher butcher shop in Paris are signs of something evil stirring. That is why I find this article so interesting. It comes with the title, The ideological roots of media bias against Israel, but it is not just about Israel. But if you get to its conclusion, and it is a long article, it ends on an upbeat note. And it’s not just about the media, but it does tell you quite a lot about the media that is worth understanding, if you appreciate that the media are a stand-in for the intellectual class, who are a problem all on their own.

The cult’s priesthood can be found among the activists, NGO experts, and ideological journalists who have turned coverage of this conflict into a catalogue of Jewish moral failings, as if Israeli society were different from any other group of people on earth, as if Jews deserve to be mocked for having suffered and failed to be perfect as a result.

Most of my former colleagues in the press corps aren’t full-fledged members of this group. They aren’t true believers. But boycotts of Israel, and only of Israel, which are one of the cult’s most important practices, have significant support in the press, including among editors who were my superiors. Sympathy for Israel’s predicament is highly unpopular in the relevant social circles, and is something to be avoided by anyone wishing to be invited to the right dinner parties, or to be promoted. The cult and its belief system are in control of the narrative, just as the popular kids in a school are those who decide what clothes or music are acceptable. In the social milieu of the reporters, NGO workers, and activists, which is the same social world, these are the correct opinions. This guides the coverage. This explains why the events in Gaza this summer were portrayed not as a complicated war like many others fought in this century, but as a massacre of innocents. And it explains much else.

So prevalent has this kind of thinking become that participating in liberal intellectual life in the West increasingly requires you to subscribe at least outwardly to this dogma, particularly if you’re a Jew and thus suspected of the wrong sympathies. If you’re a Jew from Israel, your participation is increasingly conditional on an abject and public display of self-flagellation. Your participation, indeed, is increasingly unwelcome.

What, exactly, is going on?

Observers of Western history understand that at times of confusion and unhappiness, and of great ideological ferment, negative sentiment tends to coagulate around Jews. Discussions of the great topics of the time often end up as discussions about Jews.

In the late 1800s, for example, French society was riven by the clash between the old France of the church and army, and the new France of liberalism and the rule of law. The French were preoccupied with the question of who is French, and who is not. They were smarting from their military humiliation by the Prussians. All of this sentiment erupted around the figure of a Jew, Alfred Dreyfus, accused of betraying France as a spy for Germany. His accusers knew he was innocent, but that didn’t matter; he was a symbol of everything they wanted to condemn.

To give another example: Germans in the 1920s and 1930s were preoccupied with their humiliation in the Great War. This became a discussion of Jewish traitors who had stabbed Germany in the back. Germans were preoccupied as well with the woes of their economy – this became a discussion of Jewish wealth, and Jewish bankers.

In the years of the rise of communism and the Cold War, communists concerned with their ideological opponents talked about Jewish capitalists and cosmopolitans, or Jewish doctors plotting against the state. At the very same time, in capitalist societies threatened by communism, people condemned Jewish Bolsheviks.

This is the face of this recurring obsession. As the journalist Charles Maurras wrote, approvingly, in 1911: ‘Everything seems impossible, or frighteningly difficult, without the providential arrival of anti-Semitism, through which all things fall into place and are simplified.’

The West today is preoccupied with a feeling of guilt about the use of power. That’s why the Jews, in their state, are now held up in the press and elsewhere as the prime example of the abuse of power. That’s why for so many the global villain, as portrayed in newspapers and on TV, is none other than the Jewish soldier, or the Jewish settler. This is not because the Jewish settler or soldier is responsible for more harm than anyone else on earth – no sane person would make that claim. It is rather because these are the heirs to the Jewish banker or Jewish commissar of the past. It is because when moral failure raises its head in the Western imagination, the head tends to wear a skullcap.

One would expect the growing scale and complexity of the conflict in the Middle East over the past decade to have eclipsed the fixation on Israel in the eyes of the press and other observers. Israel is, after all, a sideshow: The death toll in Syria in less than four years far exceeds the toll in the Israel-Arab conflict in a century. The annual death toll in the West Bank and Jerusalem is a morning in Iraq.

And yet it is precisely in these years that the obsession has grown worse.

This makes little sense, unless we understand that people aren’t fixated on Israel despite everything else going on – but rather because of everything else going on. As Maurras wrote, when you use the Jew as the symbol of what is wrong, ‘all things fall into place and are simplified.’

The last few decades have brought the West into conflict with the Islamic world. Terrorists have attacked New York, Washington, London, Madrid, and now Paris. America and Britain caused the unravelling of Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of people are dead there. Afghanistan was occupied and thousands of Western soldiers killed, along with countless civilians – but the Taliban are alive and well, undeterred. Gaddafi was removed, and Libya is no better off. All of this is confusing and discouraging. It causes people to search for answers and explanations, and these are hard to come by. It is in this context that the ‘Cult of the Occupation’ has caught on. The idea is that the problems in the Middle East have something to do with Jewish arrogance and perfidy, that the sins of one’s own country can be projected upon the Western world’s old blank screen. This is the idea increasingly reflected on campuses, in labour unions, and in the media fixation on Israel. It’s a projection, one whose chief instrument is the press.

Jews understand this very well, or at least some do. But if you wish to be a self-identifying Jew, this is now a reality you face. Two other reminders, both on video. First this, which took place in New York City’s Council Chamber.

And then this, which is what it is. You can watch it here if you want.

As to the picture at the start of this post, it is from The Return of Anti-Semitism by Jonathan Sacks in The Wall Street Journal on 30 January. The caption runs, “two Jews, kneeling at right, about to be put to death by the sword as revenge for the death of Jesus, who looks on at top left. Manuscript illumination, c1250, from a French Bible”. But as the story makes all too clear, that is not much of an illustration of the issue as the twenty-first century begins. This is closer to it:

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, an Egyptian cleric, Muhammad Hussein Yaqub, speaking in January 2009 on Al Rahma, a popular religious TV station in Egypt, made the contours of the new hate impeccably clear: “If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them…They are enemies not because they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not occupy a thing…You must believe that we will fight, defeat and annihilate them until not a single Jew remains on the face of the Earth…You will not survive as long as a single one of us remains.”

And then there is the President of the United States, for whom most American Jews have voted for and would no doubt do so again if given the chance. This article from the latest Commentary is titled, America’s Anti-Israeli President, but anti-Israeli is again a synecdoche. Here are the concluding paras:

Mr. Obama wouldn’t be the first world leader to have an irrational animus against Israel. He’s not even the first American president to have an irrational animus against Israel. (See: Jimmy Carter.) But it is fair to say, I think, that no American president has been this consistently hostile to Israel while in office or shown such palpable anger and scorn for it and for Israel’s leader.

Perhaps given President Obama’s history–including his intimate, 20-year relationship with the anti-Semitic minister Jeremiah Wright–this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

Sinister and very disturbing, but what is to be done? No answers really come to mind.