Under the Biden administration, the U.S. is standing with the Iranians

This is an article by Caroline Glick: Biden Shatters Israel’s Delusions. Here is the final para but read the whole thing if you would like to understand how the world is structured today politically.

The contest between Iran and Israel pits a country of 90 million against a country of nine million; a theocratic regional hegemon with manifold foreign legions against a liberal democracy with no aspirations for territorial conquest. And under the Biden administration, the U.S. is standing with the Iranians.

But since Biden is also standing with the Ukrainians, hardly anyone’s going to worry.

There is this as well just to add to the present brew of events: Netanyahu charges government showing ‘weakness’ in face of upcoming Iran deal.

Bennett, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz “are simply not ready to confront even our allies,” he says.

“The silence of Israel during these days — except for some pro forma statements — leads our friends in the US” to also silence their own opposition to the deal….

“If they don’t see, if they don’t hear Israel opposing it, why should they oppose it themselves,” Netanyahu adds, claiming that Israel’s “strong opposition to the last deal” in 2015 “helped the US exit the deal” in 2018.

Political self-harm

Most people lead such empty lives they are grateful for anything to believe in. Now that politics has replaced religion, particularly on the left, the madder the notion, the more likely it is to be adopted to provide their lives with meaning.

Take global warming. With the limited levels of un-faked evidence that the planet is warming – polar bears, anyone, no rise in sea levels etc – plus the tremendous harm that ridding ourselves of fossil fuels would do to our standard of living, you might think these would make some kind of impression. Why are people so willing to believe that something that will damage their lives in such a devastating way is true?

But for whatever reason, that they are. Biden Said He Would Transition From the Oil Industry. Nearly 3 in 5 Voters Support That Move.

The election remains a cliffhanger. Talking to lefties is a sobering experience. They don’t just believe this stuff, they instantly believe anything the moment it is put onto The LeftAgenda. How stupid do you have to be to believe the Chinese Flu means we should shut down our lives until it has entirely disappeared. You should even be made to compulsorily wear a mask if you are driving alone in your car. That’s what Joe wants to do and said exactly that yesterday.

California here we come.

The only evidence that the left understand right from wrong is they know what they have to cover up about

The media perfectly well understand how evil and corrupt the parties of the left are. That is why they are doing everything they can to stop anyone from finding out about Hunter and his Dad, and once others find out to stop them from then discussing the fantastic level of corruption in the Biden Family, which amazingly is even greater than the corruption in the Clinton Family.

But at least here in Oz there is still Sky News: Story of Hunter Biden’s laptop has ‘illuminated the power of the world’s tech giants’.

Recastled Managing Director Kosha Gada says the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop has illuminated the power of the world’s tech giants. Her comments come as the world’s digital giants over the past week were censoring stories that are critical of Joe Biden, especially of his son Hunter Biden profiting from Joe Biden’s time as vice president. “The issue really is very significant and extends far beyond the Trump presidency, and far beyond election 2020,” Ms Gada told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “It’s really … for the first time in history, we have this set of four or five companies, that in the span of 20 years are now a collective net worth of $5 trillion in market cap, which makes them the most powerful companies, and the richest companies, and most influential companies ever created in history.

Is it really possible in the world today to seal off this kind of information from people who vote for parties of the left? Of course. Just depend on the ABC for your news. Ignorance is bliss, until the election is over and Biden-Harris become president.

Grifters and crooks, father and son

I have been waiting for this to show up in a more prominent way and now it has. The more interesting question is whether it matters. Obviously it does in some sense, since the Friends of the Democrats (ie the mainstream media + social media) have done all they can to prevent any of it becoming an election issue. Still, there is this.

The three tweets are from here: President Trump: Bidens Are ‘Grifters,’ ‘Crooks’. And so they are. But for a Democrat, it does not appear to matter. These people give democracy a bad name.

It is certainly October and this was definitely a surprise

This was supposed to be the first debate of three but we are now into unknown territory. Where the debates will go from here, where anything will go from here, is an unknown. To be asymptomatically struck with the Chinese flu will allow the President to continue his duties to an extent, and will certainly allow him to speak even if not in public. For virtually everyone who gets it, CV-1984 is not a debilitating disease. If it comes and goes, as it should, the end of the lockdowns will be hastened.

So far as understanding politics, it has often been remarked that those on the left are unable to understand we on the opposite side. But I have to say, I do not understand the left at all. The agenda remains purely insane to me: socialism, Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter, anti-white, anti-Western Civilisation, anti-capitalist, open borders. None of these makes the slightest coherent sense, to me. Everything sought will, as I see it, only make the world a much worse place than it is today. The nearest I can see to the end in mind is California as it has become, which is a nightmare horror. Anyway, below are a further set of discussion on the debate the other night, but I have to say that by now it has drifted far into the farthest reaches of our present concerns and the direction of public debate as the American election approaches.

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Further reflections on the first debate

The mainstream media is filled with as many liars as the Democrat Party, is totally untrustworthy in passing on the news, but more importantly cannot be trusted to interpret events. Below are more reflections on the first debate from the conservative side [here are the first set] which provide straightforward explanations as we would see it, and no doubt as most observers saw it whose madness has not distorted their view of the world.

What is there to be said about people who defend putting to the torch major cities such as Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis? Crazy, yes, but there is a psychological derangement so bizarre that no one may ever work it out. Are these people sick at heart to find that socialism doesn’t work and that it is capitalism provides wealth and security? Do they really believe there is some alternative means of creating communities that will provide better conditions and individual happiness? Are these people so deranged that they believe that we really must throw over all of our forms of power generation right now to save us from an environmental catastrophe in fifty years time? Do they actually think we who are the least racist communities which have ever lived can create more harmony through armed and violent division? Who knows? I just think they are crazy, but what help is it to know that if they steal the election and put their mates in charge? Anyway, here are amplifications of what the President said during the debate that again emphasise how crucial this election really is.

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Civilised societies do get put to the torch from time to time by their own citizens. We are looking at the madness of crowds and the formation of our own modern Committees of Public Safety.

First presidential debate @ 11:00 AEST today

Where to Watch

11 a.m. AEST on Sept. 30 on SBS, ABC News, Sky News and Channel Nine

The first presidential debate was originally planned for Indiana’s University of Notre Dame, but the school pulled out due to COVID-19 concerns. Instead, the debate will take place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. However, the city will decide when the event gets closer whether or not to allow a live audience.

Can also pick up the debate on C-Span and all over the net.

Topics for the first Trump-Biden debate

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will cover six topics. However, the topics are subject to change and the debate itself may not follow this exact order:

    • Trump and Biden’s records
    • The Supreme Court
    • The integrity of the election
    • Covid-19
    • Race and violence in US cities
    • The economy

Joe Biden’s lying race hoax depravity discussed by Scott Adams


This is Scott Adams discussing The truth about the Charlottesville demo about what Trump had actually said and how despicable and disgusting it was that Biden had used this media hoax to attack Trump not only in his acceptance speech but at other times as well. Worth your time if you can bear the language. The video was found here: Scott Adams’ Epic Rant Excoriating Biden For His “Fine People” Race Card Hoax.

Not just about the disgust but also about the kind of people who cannot be persuaded that Trump did not say what they think he said, even when they are shown that he did not say what they were told he said.

Donald Trump discusses the Democrat Convention

It lasts over an hour but you get the point early and can stop even after only ten minutes and understand much of what he is getting at. Below is Slow Joe’s acceptance speech which I haven’t been able to steel myself to watch.

First response.

HAVING WATCHED BIDEN’S SPEECH: It was the most dishonest speech I have ever heard. Not just platitudes, although there were plenty of those. Not just insincerity, because there was lots of that. It was a speech crafted out of the same lies that brought Obama into the presidency – built out of what most people would like, but without a policy proposal to bring any of it around. I can only hope what once worked for Obama will not work here, that they will not be suckered a third time, and that a gap large enough for Donald Trump to overcome the level of cheating will be the final result.