Donald Trump discusses the Democrat Convention

It lasts over an hour but you get the point early and can stop even after only ten minutes and understand much of what he is getting at. Below is Slow Joe’s acceptance speech which I haven’t been able to steel myself to watch.

First response.

HAVING WATCHED BIDEN’S SPEECH: It was the most dishonest speech I have ever heard. Not just platitudes, although there were plenty of those. Not just insincerity, because there was lots of that. It was a speech crafted out of the same lies that brought Obama into the presidency – built out of what most people would like, but without a policy proposal to bring any of it around. I can only hope what once worked for Obama will not work here, that they will not be suckered a third time, and that a gap large enough for Donald Trump to overcome the level of cheating will be the final result.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump discusses the Democrat Convention

  1. i just watched 62 mi of Trump. That was great. My fav part was “quality of life”. Great stuff.
    Strange how i can;t even watch 62 seconds of Biden… i am disgusted with his lack of policy and total dedication to making the American peple “feel” better – with words/malarkey.

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