It is certainly October and this was definitely a surprise

This was supposed to be the first debate of three but we are now into unknown territory. Where the debates will go from here, where anything will go from here, is an unknown. To be asymptomatically struck with the Chinese flu will allow the President to continue his duties to an extent, and will certainly allow him to speak even if not in public. For virtually everyone who gets it, CV-1984 is not a debilitating disease. If it comes and goes, as it should, the end of the lockdowns will be hastened.

So far as understanding politics, it has often been remarked that those on the left are unable to understand we on the opposite side. But I have to say, I do not understand the left at all. The agenda remains purely insane to me: socialism, Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter, anti-white, anti-Western Civilisation, anti-capitalist, open borders. None of these makes the slightest coherent sense, to me. Everything sought will, as I see it, only make the world a much worse place than it is today. The nearest I can see to the end in mind is California as it has become, which is a nightmare horror. Anyway, below are a further set of discussion on the debate the other night, but I have to say that by now it has drifted far into the farthest reaches of our present concerns and the direction of public debate as the American election approaches.

President Trump Discusses First Presidential Debate With Sean Hannity…

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Joe Biden’s Vacant Debate (And Eyes)

Enough of the Ridiculous White Supremacy Question, Why Hasn’t the Media Asked Biden to Rebuke BLM/Antifa?

The Proud Boys Have a Black Leader

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Second Presidential Debate Moderator Steve Scully Interned in Joe Biden’s Senate Office

Black Proud Boys leader: We’re not white supremacists, ‘as you can see’

BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden was clearly WIRED during the debate… see images from video here

IT BEGINS: Pelosi Pushes Biden to Abandon Next Two Debates, Says ‘ONE AND DONE!’

TRUMP on DEBATES: ‘Why Would I Allow the Commission to Change the Rules When I Won the Last Time?’

Leader of ‘white supremacist’ Proud Boys is state director of unofficial support group called Latinos for Trump and has ties to Republicans including the president’s son Don Jr., Senator Ted Cruz and Roger Stone, who is a member

Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter leaders hold joint conference: We ‘denounce White supremacy’

The Trump-Biden Stakes: Your Life Savings

McEnany RIPS Media For Ignoring Trump’s Frequent Denunciation of White Supremacists

Biden digs his own grave in ninety minutes

Trump up in first post-debate poll, ‘on the rise again’

CNN Claims Biden Debate ‘Largely Accurate.’ Here Are 14 False Claims By Biden.

Trump DOMINATES First Debate Against FLEDGLING Biden as Left MELTS DOWN!

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