Political self-harm

Most people lead such empty lives they are grateful for anything to believe in. Now that politics has replaced religion, particularly on the left, the madder the notion, the more likely it is to be adopted to provide their lives with meaning.

Take global warming. With the limited levels of un-faked evidence that the planet is warming – polar bears, anyone, no rise in sea levels etc – plus the tremendous harm that ridding ourselves of fossil fuels would do to our standard of living, you might think these would make some kind of impression. Why are people so willing to believe that something that will damage their lives in such a devastating way is true?

But for whatever reason, that they are. Biden Said He Would Transition From the Oil Industry. Nearly 3 in 5 Voters Support That Move.

The election remains a cliffhanger. Talking to lefties is a sobering experience. They don’t just believe this stuff, they instantly believe anything the moment it is put onto The LeftAgenda. How stupid do you have to be to believe the Chinese Flu means we should shut down our lives until it has entirely disappeared. You should even be made to compulsorily wear a mask if you are driving alone in your car. That’s what Joe wants to do and said exactly that yesterday.

California here we come.

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