In the year of the rat we have Mitt Romney as Exhibit A

Between Romney and McCain, conservatives never had a candidate on their side during the two elections against Obama. Not even sure they had an actual Republican. This is Romney defending the indefensible.

And why say that?

If Romney cannot even see that routine arm twisting is part of the way governments work – and that is not even what we saw here anyway – he really is too high minded for politics. I’m sure Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden will provide a higher ethical standard for us to admire.

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They know what the right answer is …

… but they don’t care

Not to mention:

Why you must side with Donald Trump on impeachment

Since I was asked in a recent post about why we have been avoiding the impeachment story, let me say for myself that there is no there there to discuss. The Democrats and their enablers in the media are apparently willing to destroy the American system of government for some short-term gain in the right to formulate policy, which will ruin the balance of forces that maintain stability. I spent enough years in a political environment to see how things are done, and they are done behind closed doors where agreements are reached with the shake of a hand and then everyone else plays their part in allowing the agreed outcome to come about. There is nothing necessarily corrupt or dishonest about politics.

The one thing that is absolutely necessary is for the representatives of the various interests to be led by strong-willed people who know what they want to achieve and understand when they have gone as far as they can go, given the state of play. No decision I have ever been party to was constructed out of corrupt motives, although there has been quite a lot of political profiteering that has gone on.

Among the reasons I dislike Keynesian economics so much is that it turns governments into dispensers of wealth. Rather than producing value-adding goods and services, people can become very wealthy by being on the receiving end of public funds. There may seldom have been a gravy train as thick as the moneys being lashed out to supposedly prevent global warming, but that is how things are done. Windmills and solar panels, for all their waste and harm, are what the population really seems to want. Self-interest is the soul of politics and it’s not always enlightened.

But the Democrats’ relentless attacks on Donald Trump have gone beyond anything anyone has seen before. None of this is in dispute so far as I am concerned:

  • Barack Obama was at the centre of a cabal of insiders who did all they could by using various government institutions (such as the FBI) to undermine the electoral process to stop Donald Trump from becoming president;
  • There has been a continuous process to prevent and inhibit the Republicans from governing through illegal and unconstitutional actions;
  • Hillary Clinton was the most corrupt and stunningly incompetent politician ever to run for President – the Clinton Foundation was an open non-secret;
  • Joe Biden specifically admitted that he had forced the Ukrainian government from investigating his son who was for reasons unrelated to his knowledge and abilities on the board of a Ukrainian business, receiving millions of dollars, solely because his father, Joe Biden, was the Vice-President;
  • When Mueller could not find any evidence that the 2016 election had been tipped towards Trump by some kind of Russian interference, the Democrats turned on a dime to invent an absurd story about Trump applying pressure on the Ukrainian political system as a means to subvert Joe Biden’s run for the presidency;
  • The media are deranged in their fanatically biased distortions of the events of the day. There is virtually never a positive story in regard to Donald Trump. The ABC is a sewer of lies and distortions, but still remains better than any of the mainstream networks in the US.

And on it goes. Politics is a hard business and often very hard on those who get involved, but also often very lucrative. But the impeachment has reached a new and stunningly high-grade level of corruption. If the Democrats are allowed to succeed in what is essentially a coup, the United States will enter some form of socialist one-party state – not like the Soviet Union, more like Argentina – in which “the will of the people” will be an utterly meaningless expression with no actual reality on the ground.

If this does not worry you to the very depths, then you have no idea what democracy is and why in trying to preserve our way of life you must side with Donald Trump.

The law is an integral part of the Deep State

This is the title of the article, Israel’s winner take all election, but this is what it’s about.

For the past 25 years, with the support of the media and the cooperation of radical NGOs, the Supreme Court, the attorney general and the state prosecutors have seized the powers of Israel’s elected leaders by judicial decree and legal opinion. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision last month to indict Netanyahu for behavior that has never been defined as criminal either in law or court precedent is just the latest bid to empty elections of all meaning and deny elected leaders, and the voters who elect them, the sovereign power to determine the path that Israel will advance along.

Obviously, Netanyahu’s revolution and Barak’s revolution cannot coexist in peace with one another. And so, by indicting Netanyahu and inserting the legal fraternity into Israel’s political system as the most powerful decisive force in the country in the midst of Knesset elections, Mandelblit, the justices and the prosecutors are seeking to complete their seizure of power. The only way to stymie them, and restore Israel’s democratic system by legislating checks and restraints on their powers is by reelecting Netanyahu with a parliamentary majority.

Lawyer’s are the worst legislators, understand nothing about law other than their own Byzantine interpretations of interpretations. Lawmaking lawyers sitting on judicial bodies should never be allowed to dictate the meaning of a law, but should only be allowed to indicate where more clarity is needed on any issue that can be legislated. If a popular elected government can make a decision on abortion, to take one example, then no judge should provide any ruling one way or the other.

Like virtually every part of our society that has been taken over by people who make their living from using words – the media, the academic world, law – they are now on the loopy left. They cannot be allowed to make the rules by which we are permitted to live our lives. It is just one part of the Deep State.

The aspect of Trump’s personality that makes him so unusual is that he is able to articulate a different philosophical position, which most politicians are unable to do. Politicians normally are schmoozers, people whose stock and trade is to get on with others and form coalitions. Trump, uniquely, is able to stand apart from the consensus. Glick goes on from Israel to the US.

In 2016, when the Democrats refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, the party stopped being a normal political party and became instead a “resistance” movement that rejected the right of the American people to choose their president.

Just as the legal fraternity has made no effort to hide its desire to destroy Netanyahu as the apotheosis of the democratic system they are subverting, so Trump’s impeachment was a foregone conclusion from the moment the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in last year’s midterm elections. The excuse didn’t matter. The fact that Trump broke no law in his dealings with Ukraine is entirely beside the point.

And of course, the Democrats weren’t alone. As Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice showed last week in his report on FBI abuse of the foreign intelligence surveillance court to spy on the Trump campaign, the top tiers of the federal bureaucracy happily joined them in the “resistance,” with the intention of undermining Donald Trump first during the 2016 election, and then after he entered office….

Almost from the outset, Trump recognized that the game against him was rigged. The special counsel probe, predicated on fabricated evidence paid for by the Clinton campaign was not about discovering ties that never existed between the Trump campaign and Russia. It was about criminalizing Trump’s candidacy and later his presidency. And the impeachment was never about Trump’s telephone call with Ukrainian President Vlodomir Zelensky. It was always about overturning the 2016 election results.

Because Trump recognizes that the campaigns against him are political, not legal, he has never accepted their legitimacy. He has never dignified his enemies with the respect that generally confers to legal authorities and political opponents. And because he has been willing to expose the nakedly political goals of his opponents, he has kept his supporters in his court and mobilized them to defend him. As a result, Trump’s approval numbers have rarely diminished. Moreover, by remaining on offense, despite the media’s blanket support for the campaign to unseat him, Trump has successfully tarnished the reputations and the legitimacy of that campaign.

PDT’s letter to the Speaker

I went looking for Donald Trump’s letter to Nancy Pelosi on google and eventually gave up since every one linked on the first six pages was from some deranged media source which meant to link I would have to also link to their comments that went straight into the headline. So here it is for you to read for yourself taken from The White House: Dear Madam Speaker. It is a statement for the record putting down for the sake of history a summary of the insanity that has gripped the American political system since 2016.

You can also find a discussion of the letter here: Trump Unbound posted at Powerline. Here is the conclusion from the letter also found at the link.

It is time for you and the highly partisan Democrats in Congress to immediately cease this impeachment fantasy and get back to work for the American People. While I have no expectation that you will do so, I write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record.

One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to understand it, and learn from it, so that it can never happen to another President again.

These people he is dealing with are nutters. Beyond delusional, beyond even madness, but evil. The American economy is booming, constitutional freedoms are being entrenched more deeply and in every direction. There is no crisis, other than the terror no doubt felt among Democrats that they may really be about to lose their grip on power for a generation.

Nevertheless, impeachment next.

Apologies everywhere but no remorse

UPDATE: The President weighs in.

President Donald Trump called out James Comey, the former FBI director, in  a series of tweets on  Twitter saying, 'So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct. Could it be years in jail?'Trump mentioned Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who Trump claims didn't expose the 'tremendous bias and guilt exposed' during the FBI's Russia interference investigation and has lost credibility

________________And from before

What a strange day. Must be partly Boris Johnson, partly that impeachment has gone into reverse and partly a recognition that the left agenda is near terminal, green new deal included. So first we have this: Comey: ‘I Was Wrong’ — FBI’s FISA Abuse ‘Was Not Acceptable’.

And then there was this: Schiff: ‘I Had No Idea FBI Was Committing Serious Abuses When I Said All That Stuff’.

And even this: Greta Thunberg Apologizes After Saying World Leaders Should Be ‘Put Against a Wall’ in Speech.

This might be part of the reason why: Barr Puts Obama & Company on Notice, Signals Hell Is Coming.

And this: [VIDEO] Adam Schiff Mercilessly Booed on Stage at an Event Last Night in Glendale, California.

Plus this: Supreme Court Hands Trump Huge Win, Makes Impeachment Article 2 Null & Void.

Not to mention this.

The left are now finding out that they are not as popular as they think they are. In fact, most people of sense find them repulsive, and will not vote for them if given the chance.

Impeachment theatre

I keep reading about how the impeachment investigation is going badly for the Democrats, but that’s only how we look at it. ‘It did nothing’: White House blasts Judiciary Committee hearing as ‘desperate charade’.

The White House called the first day of impeachment testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee a “bad day” for Democrats as they attempt to impeach President Trump.

“Today was a good day for President Trump, and a bad day for the Democrats,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a Wednesday statement. “The only thing the three liberal professors established at Chairman Nadler’s hearing was their political bias against the President. It did nothing to change the fact that, despite weeks of hearings in this sham process, the President did nothing wrong.”

“Congress should get back to working for the American people. The United States–Mexico–Canada trade agreement, infrastructure, and drug pricing all await action from Speaker Pelosi. Instead, House Democrats continue to ignore their constituents by focusing on this pathetic and desperate charade,” she added.

Great. Rational, civil, sensible, sane. That, however, is not what we are dealing with on the other side. These people are plain loco. They bulldoze power stations. They try to open their borders to anyone who wants to come. They want to believe that if we don’t do something about climate, the world will end in twelve years. They want to end the market economy. They have not a policy to their name that will solve a single problem, nor do they seem to care or even want one. Self-destructive and deluded, and have no idea what they want. And this far out, you cannot even begin to say with any certainty that one of their candidates will not become president eleven months from now.

I picked up these posts on the first page of just now, but you could find just the same any time of night and day. The level of derangement is beyond comprehension. You cannot talk to these people. They want magic solutions to all problems.

Are Democrats Tired Of Winning?
Their Abortion Extremism Suggests Yes
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:32:25 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump likes to say he’s going to win so much, you’ll get tired of winning. Maybe Democrats have taken the president too literally. The Democratic Attorneys General Association is leading the charge to excise all abortion moderates from the good graces of the party. It announced it will not endorse or assist any candidates who do not support unfettered abortion access. While state AGs may not seem incredibly relevant, they are an important stepping stone toward governors’ mansions in many states. So, considering the Democrats’ weak bench for plausible candidates in red states, the decision not to compete for attorney general is significant.
Israel Equals Jewish ‘Supremacy’:
Linda Sarsour Again Stoops To Antisemitism
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:30:58 AM Post Reply
Former Women’s March leader and current Bernie Sanders campaign surrogate Linda Sarsour attempted to explain controversial comments she made at the 12th Annual Conference for Palestine, which took place in Chicago this past weekend. True to her noxious brand, the Palestinian-American activist compared Jewish self-determination to white supremacy in a full-throated speech that only a hateful artist of her caliber could manage. “Ask them this: How can you be against white supremacy in the United States of America and the idea of living in a supremacist state based on race and class but then you support a state like Israel that is built on supremacy
Male Transjacking Will
Ultimately End Women’s Sports
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:29:29 AM Post Reply
This Friday, the top four NCAA Division III women’s soccer teams face off in the national semifinals. One of the final four teams’ goalkeepers, Isa Berardo, is a male transgender playing as a female for Pomona-Pitzer Colleges. Not surprisingly, the male goalie has dominated the field against opposing female players, giving his own a chance to win the national championship thanks to his physical advantages in a key position. This is increasingly happening throughout women’s sports, at all levels from elementary school through professional competitions. It’s creating not equality, but inequality.
Broken Partisan Professors Make
‘Constitutional’ Case to Impeach Trump
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:26:42 AM Post Reply
Yesterday, the House Judiciary led by Democrat ball of impeachment fury Jerry Nadler and his booster seat, presented a panel of highly-credentialed white people to quack about how Trump should be impeached from a constitutional perspective. When I say “highly-credentialed” I refer to their NeverTrump credentials because these three clowns have been howling against Trump for years. No rational watcher, and I doubt there were any rational watchers just political junkies/employees, would find this performance art in any way credible or persuasive. The event was a straight up PR exercise. The GOP did get one witness, lawyer Jonathan Turley who is also not a Trump supporter but is a reasonable
Leninism: The Highest
Stage of Progressivism
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:23:48 AM Post Reply
Everyone knows the universities are on the political Left. Political science is part of that problem, though it isn’t nearly as corrupt as some other disciplines. While many professors hold their partisan biases close, those inclinations all too often appear in curricula and scholarship and inevitably reach the classroom. A contrary example both of the theory and practice of politics, because its focus is on advancing the principles of the Declaration of Independence, are the panels and scholarship sponsored by the Claremont Institute—recently honored at the White House with the National Humanities Medal.
Melania derangement syndrome?
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:22:02 AM Post Reply
As far as I can remember, the late Dr. Charles Krauthammer, author of the line “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” never added an amendment about First Lady Laura. Well, Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well and it’s Melania’s turn to hear from the critics. Check this one from Robin Rivhan, Fashion Critic, of the Washington Post: First lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations in a gauzy video in which she strolls through the public rooms marveling at their holiday luster. She gingerly adjusts a single red rose in a lush floral swag draped over a mantelpiece
Matt Gaetz Nukes Democrat Witnesses
at Impeachment Inquiry Hearing
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:17:44 AM Post Reply
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) nuked Democrat witnesses during the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday in a fiery round of questioning that exposed their bias against President Trump and Republicans. Gaetz also got the witnesses, all constitutional law professors, to admit they donated thousands of dollars to Democrats. Gaetz first asked Michael Gerhardt, professor at University of North Carolina, if he donated money to Barack Obama. Gerhardt responded, “My family did, yes.” Gaetz asked, “Four times?” Gerhardt responded, “That sounds about right, yes.”
Democrats Disturbed by the White
2020 Candidates Left in Field
Posted by M2 — 12/5/2019 6:13:11 AM Post Reply
Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) dramatic exit from the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race has many on the left lamenting the current lineup for the upcoming debate, which currently has six candidates qualifying, all of whom are white. Harris exited the race on Tuesday as one of the seven Democrat candidates who met the fundraising and polling thresholds required to qualify for the December 19 debate in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University. In order to qualify, a candidate must report at least 200,000 contributions and reach four percent in four Democratic

“Democrats disturbed” seems right, but how do you fix that?

“A dream week for the Democrats”

That is a sentence about as wrong as could be written following the first week of the impeachment “investigation”. You’d kinda wish that at least The Oz might send someone along to the impeachment clown show who can understand, at least a little, that there is no there there. Instead they send Cameron Stewart who takes responsibility for this: Theatrics can’t disguise a simple reality: Republicans not turning. It’s not Republicans who are not being convinced, no one else is either other than the vast number of morons who want PDT out for reasons that are not identified. This is from the article:

Now that the public hearings are over, at least for now, in the ­impeachment inquiry we are able to draw three conclusions from the evidence so far.

  1. The first is that Donald Trump appears to have done almost everything he is accused of in seeking to pressure Ukraine to ­investigate his political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
  2. The second is that the Democrats are hurtling towards ­impeachment and believe they already­ have enough material to argue Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeanours”.
  3. The third is that the evidence so far has failed to move a single ­Republican, with most believing that even if Trump did what he is ­accused of, it’s not an impeachable offence.

It has been a dream week for the Democrats, who saw almost everything go right except for the most important part — persuading congressional Republicans to abandon Trump.

This means, of course, that they are likely to impeach Trump in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and Repub­licans are likely to acquit him in a trial in the GOP-controlled Senate. In other words, Trump emerges with the black eye of being only the third president to be impeached, but keeps his job, with every chance of being re-elected.

He might also have mentioned that there has not been an ounce of evidence that the President has undertaken an impeachable offence. One might even go farther and ask why the President should not be asking the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden. Remember this?

And all this on top of the illegal never mind immoral efforts by Obama and the Deep State to remove the elected president by any means necessary. The media are themselves the enemies of the people.