“A dream week for the Democrats”

That is a sentence about as wrong as could be written following the first week of the impeachment “investigation”. You’d kinda wish that at least The Oz might send someone along to the impeachment clown show who can understand, at least a little, that there is no there there. Instead they send Cameron Stewart who takes responsibility for this: Theatrics can’t disguise a simple reality: Republicans not turning. It’s not Republicans who are not being convinced, no one else is either other than the vast number of morons who want PDT out for reasons that are not identified. This is from the article:

Now that the public hearings are over, at least for now, in the ­impeachment inquiry we are able to draw three conclusions from the evidence so far.

  1. The first is that Donald Trump appears to have done almost everything he is accused of in seeking to pressure Ukraine to ­investigate his political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
  2. The second is that the Democrats are hurtling towards ­impeachment and believe they already­ have enough material to argue Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeanours”.
  3. The third is that the evidence so far has failed to move a single ­Republican, with most believing that even if Trump did what he is ­accused of, it’s not an impeachable offence.

It has been a dream week for the Democrats, who saw almost everything go right except for the most important part — persuading congressional Republicans to abandon Trump.

This means, of course, that they are likely to impeach Trump in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and Repub­licans are likely to acquit him in a trial in the GOP-controlled Senate. In other words, Trump emerges with the black eye of being only the third president to be impeached, but keeps his job, with every chance of being re-elected.

He might also have mentioned that there has not been an ounce of evidence that the President has undertaken an impeachable offence. One might even go farther and ask why the President should not be asking the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden. Remember this?

And all this on top of the illegal never mind immoral efforts by Obama and the Deep State to remove the elected president by any means necessary. The media are themselves the enemies of the people.

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