Pointing the bone at Western Civ and not before time

David Solway on Time to Leave Western Civ Behind: Looking for a Place to Emigrate.

Clearly, Western culture should be sent to the chop shop, dismantled piece by piece, and sold off to the newcomers. They may conceivably reassemble the parts into something far superior than the civilizational vehicle we’ve been driving around in. Indeed, these “parts” may have been theirs in the first place. We have been guilty of so much in the past, of condescension as well as outright plunder. We are obviously morally obligated to cheer them on, to surrender our “white supremacy” in favor of the nobility, wisdom and cultural glory of Third World saviors and aboriginal peoples. Perhaps we should be grateful to our betters for bringing the manifold fruits of their accomplishments to our wide-open doors. Perhaps that is their real agenda, bless their souls.

None of this should be forgotten as well.

Remember all the wonderful things invented by Black Africans or Muslims or both, and then stolen by whiteys. And don’t forget that indigenous people everywhere, before the ongoing genocide and dispossession, had a deep intimate spiritual knowledge of life, Universe and everything, far more evolved than our pitiful 300-yr-old settler-colonial narrative of “science.” They have known about dark matter in the sky for 50,000 years, while white people are only starting to discover it now with our telescopes, as the Dean of Research of my ex university once told us. As for music, as another SJW academic once told me, the genius of the Aboriginal artists is that every didgeridoo is unique, has a different sound from every other, unlike our boring Western instruments that all sound the same.

Makes an absolutely incontrovertible case. At the bottom of the page there are, incomprehensibly, these words, “RELATED: SATIRE“. It’s nothing of the kind. It’s actually about time someone pointed the bone at our poisonous culture, which David has now done.

The death of Western civilisation takes another step forward

Here are the opening paras of David Solway’s A Professor Who Argues Against Multicultural Ideology and for Western Exceptionalism Now Fears for His Job. Of course he does. For most of those he is describing, they won’t even notice the Dark Age when it comes.

I have met University of New Brunswick sociologist and co-founder of the blog Council of European Canadians Ricardo Duchesne only once and found him reserved, thoughtful and modest. A brilliant writer and genuine scholar, he has authored two impeccably-researched volumes on the history of Western civilization and the settler domestication of pre-industrial lands.

In an earlier article for PJ Media, I had occasion to mention Duchesne, who writes in Canada in Decay — one of the most important books in our national literature explaining the emergence of the ideology of immigrant multiculturalism — that Canada is an extreme, though not unique, example of impending ethnocide, “promoting its own replacement by foreigners from other races, religions and cultures.” As Duchesne points out in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, the same form of national self-deprecation we note in Canada is at work in most Western nations today.

Before multiculturalism took root, Duchesne argues, Canada was not an immigrant nation, as the cliché has it, but a European nation built by settlers and pioneers. The same formulation applies to the U.S. and Australia. He notes a critical difference between categories of newcomers: pioneers create, immigrants contribute (at their best). Multiculturalism, however, which radically changes the identity of a country, is neither a creation nor a contribution; it is “an experiment imposed from above.” Tensions inevitably arise between the rapidly shrinking European majority and the multi-ethnic, culturally alien brew that is displacing it.

Duschesne lays out his agenda in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. His central contention, he writes, “will be that the West has always existed in a state of variance from the rest of the world’s cultures,” divergences that include, among a plethora of others, “the ‘Greek miracle’, the Roman invention of the legal persona, the Papal revolution, the invention of mechanical clocks, the Portuguese voyages of discovery, the Gutenberg revolution, the Cartographic revolution, the Protestant Reformation, the ‘rational’ mercantilist state and the ‘industrial enlightenment.’” He has no doubt that the “ideals of freedom and the reasoned pursuit of truth were cultivated and realized in the course of Western time.”

Predictably, Duchesne has been attacked as a white supremacist in the leftist media — The Huffington Post, the CBCGlobal TV, and other venues — and by an open-letter cabal of 25 of his UNB colleagues engaged in a war against “hate” — that is, against anything that disagrees with their anti-Western ideology. He will almost certainly find himself under formal investigation by the university, which is now reviewing complaints against him. The administration is actively seeking student grievances to lodge against him and there have also been requests for complaints in social media from the student union representative.

Duchesne is now in the impossible position of responding to a loaded question, that is, one that contains an unjustified assumption and presupposes its own answer, of the “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” type. Such question-begging is a rhetorical sleight of hand that works as a form of entrapment — the defamatory “loaded” technique that culture hero Jordan Peterson, for example, has been regularly subjected to. In Duchesne’s case, the “white supremacist” tag is integrally associated with his name, as if one were a substitute for or translation of the other. The implicit question runs something like: “Have you renounced your white supremacy yet?” or “Are you still a white supremacist?”


This is from David Solway: Why I Am No Longer a Canadian Writer. And Canadian though I be by citizenship, a Canadian writer I am not, since were I still in the Old Dominion, these would have been the social mores that would have been applied to me.

Generally speaking, then, our writers no longer challenge the fashions and superstitions of the day, they defer to them. Our writing culture has for the most part continued its descent into the politically correct dementia of our historical moment, the latest instance being the pronominal madness that has swept through the universities and entered the larger society. We now live in a world of zhis, zhers, zims and eims. It is no surprise that the current office administrator of the Writers’ Union, Valerie Laws, signs off a communiqué with the parenthetical tag “(she/her/herself).” Such silliness has become pro forma, and I fear not even the polemical power of a Jordan Peterson can resist it. The problem is not only legally compelled speech, as Peterson says, but socially compelled compliance.

But I am an Australian writer (and citizen), and while it is still not perfect here – you will find yourself potentially unwelcome in some venues – we are nowhere near what we find there. Bindi Cole’s apology to Andrew Bolt may be one of the best examples of why we may be the last place of sanity remaining in the West. It won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can.

Kafka as a how-to book

“Once you have gone through this process you never want to go through this again.”

“The day you realise your government doesn’t actually care about you is the day you grow up.”

“The day you realise your government will actively prosecute you for non-existing crimes, that is a very bad day for you and your country.”

The background to the story is told here by David Solway: ‘Social Justice’ Is About Anything but Justice, where the events take place in Canada.

Most people are blissfully unaware of the havoc wrought by our misnamed “Social Justice” and “Human Rights” ideology until they are themselves hit by a summons, a legal suit or a ruling in law that deprives them of their peace of mind, robs them of productive time and leaves them substantially out of pocket. It is like being struck by a bolt of lightning while believing oneself to enjoy adequate shelter. My wife and I have been struck by such unexpected intrusions into our lives on three separate occasions over the last few years.

Read David’s article and then watch the video. The people who now make it to the top of the political process, mainly on the left but not just on the left, hate middle-class society and culture and are doing everything they can to bring it down. We may have more technical gadgetry today, but philosophically we are a decadent society of losers who hate and envy those who achieve and use pseudo-forms of compassion for the disadvantaged to create wreckage wherever they can.

In episode 73 of The Fiamengo File professor Janice Fiamengo describes her experience, and the significance for all citizens of once-free and just countries, of being dragged through a protracted and expensive quasi-judicial process on false claims easily discredited by even a casual observer.

This Social Justice Tribunal stand as an example of what can happen to a law abiding citizen in a society pushed far off the course of justice by the SJW tyrants now wreaking havoc in the west.


David Solway discusses Jordan Peterson

My two favourite writers at one and the same time – both, as it happens Canadian, I think only by coincidence but perhaps not – in which one, David Solway, discusses the other, Jordan Peterson, with the title, The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon. My only observation is that David Solway is less astonished at the emergence of Jordan Peterson because they have been friends for a long time and therefore he is used to hearing Peterson, and no doubt others of a similar cast of mind, such as his wife, the equally brave and articulate Janice Fiamengo. He may therefore be less aware than someone such as myself, who has no such close associates, how absolutely rare a Jordan Peterson is. I have only once or twice personally met up with someone anywhere near holding the kinds of views Peterson has expressed so accurately, who is reaching a vast audience that has been hungering for this kind of sustained and intelligent articulation of our values that today can be found virtually nowhere else. Partly this is because few understand these issues even half so well, and partly because very few are willing to stand up in public and make the case to others. Career death is a common phenomenon for those who do.

But Peterson has done something else as well. What he did was transcend discussion of the politics of the day, which is what most of us do. Most of us anchor our observations on some piece of current events that we use as a basis for saying whatever it is we say. He has, instead, stepped out of time and place, into the rarefied atmosphere of the ancient and historical traditions of our own cultural past, placing them within an evolutionary progression as they have developed literally since the Stone Age. It is in part because he is a psychologist, and therefore used to ideas which are philosophically grounded, but also because he has been able to draw down on a vast array of our own literary and religious traditions to explain, at a very deep level, the basis for the ideas each of us has, which allow those of us who come across his work to see past and through the post-modernist, cultural-Marxist conceptions that are doing so much to ruin Western civilisation at the present time, and indeed, almost all of the ancient civilisations of the world. He has explained in unusually accessible terms what the West has stood for, and why preserving this tradition is so crucial. Let me take you to this passage from David Solway to help explain what I mean:

Peterson’s message is not new to anyone who has read and pondered his sources; yet it is new in the sense that he has performed an act of synthesis for a largely illiterate, politically indoctrinated and under-educated generation. As John Dale Dunn writes in American Thinker, Peterson’s “great accomplishment is teaching, counseling, and coaching people to urge them to live the good life, the virtuous life … The only way he might be ambushed is [by being targeted] by the destroyers of the left with their name calling and politics of personal destruction,” deploying tactics straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

I may well be part of that “largely illiterate, politically indoctrinated and under-educated generation” but in that case we all are. Many of us have fought over this same terrain but have made no breakthroughs on the Western Civilisation Front in the ongoing Culture Wars. Jordan Peterson has, and he may have established a new salient that we need to do everything we can to reinforce, defend and expand.

A very dark age coming

This is a long article by David Solway on Nine Signs of the Impending American Collapse. Written in an end-of-times style, but get past that opening if these are the kinds of things that put you off, and get to the secular version Solway has outlined. There are nine different harbingers for the descent that is about to visit us. Almost prosaically, I will list his very last, which is the presidency of Barack Obama, about which he said this amongst other things:

Under Obama’s nation-withering hand, the land of the free and the home of the brave is fast becoming the land of the hunted and the home of the suborned. Obama is like a Judas goat leading the sheep into the abattoir. If this ruthless minion of the left completes his term successfully according to his intentions, the United States will not recover. It will be fatally riven by internal dissension, infiltrated by avowed enemies and millions of so-called “undocumented workers” and queue-jumpers, drowning in unpayable debt, subject to judicial intimidation and repressive state control, and vulnerable to a host of hostile nations—China, Russia and Iran, to name only the most prominent. It will be game over.

Is it game over? Is all that will remain of the West, the Judaeo-Christian West, be a few enclaves that will need to defend their historic purpose and historic identity? Read Solway’s article only because we are still, for the most part, in the best of times. It won’t last, but for now we have the time and leisure to reflect on what is to come, although, as always, the future cannot be known.

On the road to cultural euthanasia

future we thought we would have

This is David Solway in the same observation mode that I find myself in as well: Watching the World Fall Apart. He writes what I think. The following para is a very grim start, but if you read the whole article, you can find more of what we both think about the future. It is a dark age, which can no longer be avoided, but it is hard to find anyone with a wide public audience to sound the alarm.

The name of the game today is denial of the undeniable all across the spectrum of the major issues that afflict us. Denial that temperatures have been stable for the last eighteen years and that the diminution of sunspot activity heralds an age of global cooling rather than warming, as John Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, has decisively established in his recently published Dark Winter. Denial that Israel is the only democratic, morally legitimate state in the Middle East and that the Palestinian narrative of historical and cadastral residence is demonstrably false. Denial that Islam is a totalitarian entity and a religion of war that has set its sights on the ruination of western societies; and denial of the fact that Judeo-Hellenic-Christian civilization, for all its flaws, marks the high point of human political, social, cultural and scientific development.

The political creed of our time is progressive internationalism: collectivist central direction in a world of open borders. It won’t last long, but in the meantime our generation gets to be entertained by watching what has been built fall apart. The next generation will get to live amongst the ruins.