This is from David Solway: Why I Am No Longer a Canadian Writer. And Canadian though I be by citizenship, a Canadian writer I am not, since were I still in the Old Dominion, these would have been the social mores that would have been applied to me.

Generally speaking, then, our writers no longer challenge the fashions and superstitions of the day, they defer to them. Our writing culture has for the most part continued its descent into the politically correct dementia of our historical moment, the latest instance being the pronominal madness that has swept through the universities and entered the larger society. We now live in a world of zhis, zhers, zims and eims. It is no surprise that the current office administrator of the Writers’ Union, Valerie Laws, signs off a communiqué with the parenthetical tag “(she/her/herself).” Such silliness has become pro forma, and I fear not even the polemical power of a Jordan Peterson can resist it. The problem is not only legally compelled speech, as Peterson says, but socially compelled compliance.

But I am an Australian writer (and citizen), and while it is still not perfect here – you will find yourself potentially unwelcome in some venues – we are nowhere near what we find there. Bindi Cole’s apology to Andrew Bolt may be one of the best examples of why we may be the last place of sanity remaining in the West. It won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can.