A very dark age coming

This is a long article by David Solway on Nine Signs of the Impending American Collapse. Written in an end-of-times style, but get past that opening if these are the kinds of things that put you off, and get to the secular version Solway has outlined. There are nine different harbingers for the descent that is about to visit us. Almost prosaically, I will list his very last, which is the presidency of Barack Obama, about which he said this amongst other things:

Under Obama’s nation-withering hand, the land of the free and the home of the brave is fast becoming the land of the hunted and the home of the suborned. Obama is like a Judas goat leading the sheep into the abattoir. If this ruthless minion of the left completes his term successfully according to his intentions, the United States will not recover. It will be fatally riven by internal dissension, infiltrated by avowed enemies and millions of so-called “undocumented workers” and queue-jumpers, drowning in unpayable debt, subject to judicial intimidation and repressive state control, and vulnerable to a host of hostile nations—China, Russia and Iran, to name only the most prominent. It will be game over.

Is it game over? Is all that will remain of the West, the Judaeo-Christian West, be a few enclaves that will need to defend their historic purpose and historic identity? Read Solway’s article only because we are still, for the most part, in the best of times. It won’t last, but for now we have the time and leisure to reflect on what is to come, although, as always, the future cannot be known.

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