On the road to cultural euthanasia

future we thought we would have

This is David Solway in the same observation mode that I find myself in as well: Watching the World Fall Apart. He writes what I think. The following para is a very grim start, but if you read the whole article, you can find more of what we both think about the future. It is a dark age, which can no longer be avoided, but it is hard to find anyone with a wide public audience to sound the alarm.

The name of the game today is denial of the undeniable all across the spectrum of the major issues that afflict us. Denial that temperatures have been stable for the last eighteen years and that the diminution of sunspot activity heralds an age of global cooling rather than warming, as John Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, has decisively established in his recently published Dark Winter. Denial that Israel is the only democratic, morally legitimate state in the Middle East and that the Palestinian narrative of historical and cadastral residence is demonstrably false. Denial that Islam is a totalitarian entity and a religion of war that has set its sights on the ruination of western societies; and denial of the fact that Judeo-Hellenic-Christian civilization, for all its flaws, marks the high point of human political, social, cultural and scientific development.

The political creed of our time is progressive internationalism: collectivist central direction in a world of open borders. It won’t last long, but in the meantime our generation gets to be entertained by watching what has been built fall apart. The next generation will get to live amongst the ruins.

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