Defining anti-semitism into oblivion

Thinking it over, prodded by the sensible comment below, I have to give large consideration to the possibility that the posts commented on below are not intended to be straight but are satirical observations on the attempts to defuse the accusation of anti-semitism of those who attack Jews in the streets or in their businesses, who kill people and draw swastikas on walls and synagogues.

Satire is supposed to make you laugh at the absurd by ridiculing notions that are straight forward idiocy through exaggerations of various kinds. If satire, it is the left that is being made fun of, and their media enablers, for their refusal to condemn the obvious and vicious anti-semitism found among some non-whites – particular among blacks and Islamists – for their undoubted anti-semitism. So the statement that only whites can be anti-semitic is a very clever parody, which I hope it is, or is an actual attempt to absolve those non-whites who hate Jews for being what they are, anti-semitic, but then letting them off the hook because of various extenuating sets of circumstances. The rest, below the line, is my original post.

As anti-semitic as anything I have ever seen, self-hatred and idiocy rolled into one incredible package of disgust, this is not satire, or even intended satire: Only whites can be anti-semites.

They might kill you for being a Jew, they might murder your children for being Jews, they might burn Israel to the ground because it’s the Jewish State, but if their skin colour is anything other than white, they cannot, according to this hateful and deranged woman, be counted as anti-semitic.

And from the comments:

There is no such thing as a hate crime against a White. It is impossible for another ethnicity to be racist against a White. Only Whites are capable of racism. Only Whites are capable of antisemitism. All Whites are White Supremacists. White Supremacists are Nazis; therefore all Whites are Nazis. Nazis are racists against Blacks; therefore it is impossible for Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and other people of color to engage in Nazi thoughts and activities and by extension, these people cannot have Nazi thoughts and actions against Jews. Jews who accuse anyone but Whites of being racist are not “real” Jews but pretenders. The real Jews are Black and were driven from their homes by the Europeans who then took over the title of “Jew” in order to steal the Jewish lands. (I heard about Black Jews months before the attack in New Jersey in, of all places, a small town in Mississippi by a Black man who I had always thought of as having a great deal of intelligence. Before the shooting I read an article in the international press complete with photo of a group of Blacks in traditional African garb who were claiming they were the real Jews, that real Jews were not White. This group was in France. This is a serious issue.

Serious it is, as are all forms of madness. More comment here.

1 thought on “Defining anti-semitism into oblivion

  1. Pretty sure it’s a parody. Originally written for a satire website, “preoccupied territory”. That rebbi doesn’t seem to exist.
    Shows how insane things are that it can come across as ‘serious’ thought and opinion.

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