This is our ABC, scum, traitors and liars. Hardly an honest word to be found anywhere in this story. And where true, not an ounce of sympathy for anyone who might be affected. Not just propaganda, but Chinese propaganda. Watching the ABC for news is a form of self-administered ignorance. This is despicable. And what is worst of all, not only is everything below modern media misdirection, along with CNN and the rest, but it is also what the journalists, reporters, management and administration at the ABC appear to want and hope to be true. They appear to want people to die, and the more that die the better since these deaths might move the political centre to the left.

Coronavirus is hurting America’s place as a world leader while China appears to rise


Yesterday in America, 1,940 people died from coronavirus. In a single day, 31,935 new infections were recorded.

I personally know five people who have been told they have COVID-19.

Only one of them was able to get a test and it came back inconclusive.

The rest were told by their doctors “don’t bother” because there weren’t enough test kits to go around.

On the testing front, things have improved greatly in recent weeks, but not everywhere.

An empty street in New York

And yet, since the start of the crisis, the President has boasted about America’s testing capacity.

“Anyone who needs a test gets a test … and they’re beautiful,” Donald Trump said during a tour of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

That was five weeks ago.

America is now the world’s ‘worst-case scenario’

In New York, things are looking so dire that prison inmates are being asked to don protective gear as they dig mass graves on Hart Island in the Bronx.

The island has been used for decades to bury New Yorkers with no next of kin or no money to afford a proper funeral.

As COVID-19-related deaths surge, new trenches have been dug to cope with an expected influx of coffins.

Furthermore, the official death toll in New York hasn’t been counting those who died outside of hospital.

On Monday, that was 280 people.

So, it’s very likely the real number of infections and deaths is much higher than the already-staggering published numbers.

The world is no longer measuring the “worst-case scenario” against Wuhan, Italy or Spain.

For now, America is the benchmark.

A nation accustomed to being a world-beater in business, innovation, sport and on the battlefield, has been reduced to its knees.

“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four Corners announced to the world that the Northern Territory ‘tortured children’, and engaged in ‘barbarism’ in facilities such as Don Dale”. Here’s how the article ends.

During conversations with Four Corners, I sought and repeatedly was given assurances that the highest ethical standards were being applied. In the opinion of other news outlets, trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake. That trust was why it was given the ­extraordinary access.

Those ethical standards can be found in the ABC’s Code of Practice under the heading Impartiality and Diversity of Perspectives. I believe Four Corners failed all five guidelines.

The ABC is a federally funded public service organisation. It withheld information from a Prime Minister and based on partial information the Prime Minister made a call to spend $50m. Since that time, the ABC has declared its footage unavailable; attempted to suppress evidence before a royal commission; and, when asked, has refused to investigate itself. Even an ABC journalist referred to it as a “hatchet job”.

If the royal commission report does not deliver scalps or, worse still, fails to even recommend criminal investigations and prosecutions, it will be because the information that led to its establishment was deeply flawed and misleading.

“Deeply flawed and misleading” – given the way it operates I thought that was already the first item on the ABC’s Code of Practice in how it presents the news.

The Zaki Chronicles

These are the six posts I have put up since Monday when Zaki Mullah appeared on Q&A. It follows my own reaction to the ABC using a jihadist against a government minister, basically siding with the jihadists against a government that is trying to deal with a terrorist threat to this country. But it also follows a second trail, which is the refusal of some elements within the government, who do not wish to see the ABC made to live up to its charter of evenhandedness. If you cannot even get Liberal Members of Parliament angry with the ABC siding with the terrorists against the elected government of this country, then we are at a strange place indeed. It’s one thing to be on the left. It is quite another to have one’s views so distorted that they prefer to take the side of a convicted terrorist against a government that is trying to deal with the terrorists who are already in our midst.

Q&A has made Abbott’s anti-terrorist laws a certainty

The question really is just how depraved is the ABC?

“Heads should roll”

What an insufferable hypocrite

The only issue is the indelible green-left bias of the ABC

Where’s the outrage?

And what is particularly disturbing, as the last of these posts show, is that there are members of the right-side party that see personal advantage in maintaining the status quo at the ABC.

Peter Hitchens on Q&A

q and a with peter hitchens

It seems from the thread that most of those who watched Q&A last night were disappointed but for me it was not only the first one I have been able to get through from end to end but when it ended I could not believe that the hour had gone by so quickly.

Hitchens for me was amazing. Absolute and complete disdain for everything said by the others and a total grasp of the moral facts in play. He cared nothing at all for the good opinion of any of them – not the host and not the other guests – and mowed them down in turn with an incredibly deep understanding of the values and culture of the West which in his hands made the rest of them appear for what they were: shallow, destructive, vulgar and vile. I have never seen anything like it. Even if these others were unable to experience shame, they would have known they had been completely done over.

And while I had not come across that Savage chap, Germaine Greer and Hannah Rosin are not rookies in presenting their line of argument and I suppose Savage had been at it for a while himself. But they were absolutely done over. And Hitchens’ disdain for the host was in itself a pleasure to see, which really came out when he asked why he alone from amongst all the guests was being interrupted in the middle of his point. And he would not let go and made the point over again even while being interrupted.

There is not much you can do with the ABC but trying to get more people like Hitchens in front of a camera seems a good place to start.

You can watch the entire show or read the transcript here.

Coalition self-preservation and the ABC

This is the UK:

The first rules on state regulation of the press for more than 300 years will be set out this week.

It is a disgrace for any government but for one that goes under the name of Conservative it is beyond disgraceful. It is a contagion that is likely to spread.

Meanwhile we have a rogue state-funded broadcaster who sees its role to be the government-in-exile when the Coalition sits to the right of the speaker. Let us go to the scandal de jour for a quick run through.

So far as testing the limit of their expenses, everyone in Parliament seems to do it, which is bad. But all of this information has been available for as long as you might wish but is being made an issue now and really only for one side of politics. The ABC in particular thinks it is an issue only in relation to the Coalition and will not make much of anything in relation to Labor of what is a bi-partisan form of creaming. Blog sites are not an effective counterweight to a billion dollar national megaphone.

So my real point is that this repulsively-biased publicly-funded anti-Coalition media organisation has to be wound back. Its Managing Director – in fact the entire organisation – is basically saying to the government stuff you, come and get us if you can. Well all I can say is that if the Coalition has even the remotest sense of self preservation they will take the ABC up on this offer and the sooner the better. We no longer need a state funded media organisation assuming we ever did. And if it cannot be shut down, make it pay its own way. We will then see just how popular Q&A really is when it has to attract advertising to cover the cost of bringing its drivel to air.

In fact, take away the ABC funding and give everyone a publicly funded licence to a basic Fox subscription or make a Fox subscription tax deductible if you want to provide access to a broader cultural suite of programs. In this day and age, a public broadcaster is an anachronism that should be preserved for totalitarian states and banana republics.