Fake news, the lamestream media and Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump


…the Economy, where there is NO Recession, much to the regret of the LameStream Media! They are working overtime to help the Democrats win in 2020, but that will NEVER HAPPEN, Americans are too smart!

The most genuine person I have ever seen reach high office in my life

It’s not so much that they have been wrong in the past but that their ignorant ill-will is never ending. They will get him if they can. In the meantime, there are the mid-term elections next Tuesday in the US – which will be our Wednesday morning. He will be president no matter what happens the day after, but even the House going Democrat will make things much more difficult even if the Senate shifts towards the Republicans which is likely. Alas, in the House, the polls show a strong likelihood that the Dems will win, but it is still a toss up. 435 separate constituencies with everything under the sun a potential issue. On another note, this was PDT in Pittsburgh visiting a hospital after the mass murder of Jews in a synagogue.

I am not sure he ever plays politics although he is very good at what he does. He is the most genuine person I have ever seen reach high office in my life.

AND LET ME ADD THIS: From MH in the comments:

And while I am at a 50-50 in thinking about what will happen in the election for the House, I am definitely not tired of winning. If the Republicans take the House again, I can live with that!


The anatomy of a smear: demonise then merchandise

How it’s done from an expert. This is the text of what she said:

Pelosi: It’s called the wrap-up smear. . . . You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it.

And then you [the media] write it, and they’ll say, see it’s reported in the press – that this, this, this and this – so they have that validation that the press reported the smear, and then it’s called a ‘wrap-up smear.’ And now I’m going to merchandize the press’s report on the smear that we made.

Here, for example, are more than enough reasons to understand Christine Ford was not playing straight with the truth, none of which was pointed out in the media that was merchandising all the falsehoods the Democrats could conjure:

She refused to hand over the results of her polygraph

She refused to hand over her 2012 therapist’s notes

She said she was afraid to fly, but has flown dozens of times. 

Since she did in fact fly, she offered no other reason for the delay

She said she wanted anonymity but contacted [the Washington Post] multiple times

Said she got advice from “beach friends” but didn’t mention that the primary one was a former FBI lawyer, Monica McLean, who worked for Preet Bharara, a man Trump fired.

She also failed to mention, when talking of her Beach friends at the hearing, that Monica was sitting right behind her. 

She had a perfect memory of 1982 but couldn’t remember basic things from the previous 10 weeks

She’d been drinking. 

She changed the year of the alleged attack

She named 4 people, but had no backers

She couldn’t remember how she got home even though her story had her escaping the house far from home, pre-cell phone.

She gave no location or any details that could be researched for verification.

She never told anyone and never claimed PTSD prior to Kavanaugh’s name circulating 30 years later.

She said that she put the 2nd door on her house because of PTSD, but evidence shows it was to get around zoning laws to create a rentable apartment.

She said she didn’t know that Grassley offered to come to her, even though it was broadcast nationally.

She feigned no knowledge of polygraphs even though her ex’s sworn statement said she’d coached Monica McLean how to beat it in the 1990s, and in any case her profession should have at least well acquainted her with it.

She co-authored a paper on repressed memory creation years before she claimed to have one

Nothing is known of her pharmacology, but given her past alcoholism, her visits to a therapist and her general presentation, odds are high that it’s extensive.

She scrubbed her social media. We know from a pussy hat photo that she was rabidly anti-Trump. 

She had zero family or friends with her, not from the 80s nor from today. She was surrounded only by Democrat Party handlers.

Constant cries of bravery & “nothing to gain” vs a $700,000 GoFundMe and a career boosted a la Anita Hill

Literally all there is her word vs all of the above. Not a shred of evidence.

All that is different this time is that you have seen it before your eyes. The parties of the left in cahoots with the media warp your perceptions of what is in reality taking place.

It’s not just their lies, but what they ignore

All picked up today.

CNN Caught Putting Socialist on Panel to Pretend He’s a Disillusioned Trump Voter

Left Working Furiously To Bury Feinstein Spy Story

Media Silent: Linda Sarsour Connected to Terrorist Training Compound in New Mexico

OMAROSA CALLED OUT By Conservative Pollster For Claiming That Trump Used A Racist Term: “Flat-Out False”

Journalists or Activists? CNN, Which Admitted They Were Responsible for Getting Alex Jones Deplatformed from YouTube, Apple, and FaceBook, Now Admits It’s Also Pressuring Twitter to Deplatform Him

LOL: ABC Stages Fake Scene With Actors Harassing Leftist At Restaurant To Portray Libs As Victims

Terrorist Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction, But The News Media Yawns

You didn’t want to know anyway, but if you did want to know you are an obvious sociopathic racist oppressor so they are absolutely right not to let you find out.

AND THIS JUST IN: Newspaper calls for war of words against Trump media attacks. On the left, even idiots get to call the plays.

A Boston newspaper is proposing a coordinated editorial response from publications across the U.S. to President Donald Trump’s frequent attacks on the news media.

“We are not the enemy of the people,” said Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor for the editorial page of The Boston Globe, referring to a characterization of journalists that Trump has used in the past. The president, who contends he has largely been covered unfairly by the press, also employs the term “fake news” often when describing the media.

The Globe has reached out to editorial boards nationwide to write and publish editorials on Aug. 16 denouncing what the newspaper called a “dirty war against the free press.”

And from my dealings with the people who read these papers and watch the ABC, it is clear that they are desperate not to be informed and literally do not want to know. It’s a sickness, and may yet be a sickness unto death for our way of life.

Political madness

On behalf of no principle, no actual evidence of wrong doing, in the midst of a presidential term that is solving many problems both international and domestic that had looked insoluble, we have the American left, dangerous always, but now acting well beyond any kind of temperate zone of sense and proportion. They recognise, along with the Republican fake conservatives and the left’s media enablers, that if Trump succeeds, as he appears to be doing, there will be a political realignment that will leave them out in the freezing cold for at least a generation.

They would rather ruin our Western civilisation and our civic norms than allow Donald Trump to show the world how it is done.

Here some thoughts to mull over as the media-administrative state conspiracy continues to rock along.

SHOW ME THE MAN AND I’LL FIND YOU THE CRIME. Roger Simon asks, Worse than Beria? Mueller Could Damage the World.


Coalition self-preservation and the ABC

This is the UK:

The first rules on state regulation of the press for more than 300 years will be set out this week.

It is a disgrace for any government but for one that goes under the name of Conservative it is beyond disgraceful. It is a contagion that is likely to spread.

Meanwhile we have a rogue state-funded broadcaster who sees its role to be the government-in-exile when the Coalition sits to the right of the speaker. Let us go to the scandal de jour for a quick run through.

So far as testing the limit of their expenses, everyone in Parliament seems to do it, which is bad. But all of this information has been available for as long as you might wish but is being made an issue now and really only for one side of politics. The ABC in particular thinks it is an issue only in relation to the Coalition and will not make much of anything in relation to Labor of what is a bi-partisan form of creaming. Blog sites are not an effective counterweight to a billion dollar national megaphone.

So my real point is that this repulsively-biased publicly-funded anti-Coalition media organisation has to be wound back. Its Managing Director – in fact the entire organisation – is basically saying to the government stuff you, come and get us if you can. Well all I can say is that if the Coalition has even the remotest sense of self preservation they will take the ABC up on this offer and the sooner the better. We no longer need a state funded media organisation assuming we ever did. And if it cannot be shut down, make it pay its own way. We will then see just how popular Q&A really is when it has to attract advertising to cover the cost of bringing its drivel to air.

In fact, take away the ABC funding and give everyone a publicly funded licence to a basic Fox subscription or make a Fox subscription tax deductible if you want to provide access to a broader cultural suite of programs. In this day and age, a public broadcaster is an anachronism that should be preserved for totalitarian states and banana republics.