The Zaki Chronicles

These are the six posts I have put up since Monday when Zaki Mullah appeared on Q&A. It follows my own reaction to the ABC using a jihadist against a government minister, basically siding with the jihadists against a government that is trying to deal with a terrorist threat to this country. But it also follows a second trail, which is the refusal of some elements within the government, who do not wish to see the ABC made to live up to its charter of evenhandedness. If you cannot even get Liberal Members of Parliament angry with the ABC siding with the terrorists against the elected government of this country, then we are at a strange place indeed. It’s one thing to be on the left. It is quite another to have one’s views so distorted that they prefer to take the side of a convicted terrorist against a government that is trying to deal with the terrorists who are already in our midst.

Q&A has made Abbott’s anti-terrorist laws a certainty

The question really is just how depraved is the ABC?

“Heads should roll”

What an insufferable hypocrite

The only issue is the indelible green-left bias of the ABC

Where’s the outrage?

And what is particularly disturbing, as the last of these posts show, is that there are members of the right-side party that see personal advantage in maintaining the status quo at the ABC.

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