Coalition self-preservation and the ABC

This is the UK:

The first rules on state regulation of the press for more than 300 years will be set out this week.

It is a disgrace for any government but for one that goes under the name of Conservative it is beyond disgraceful. It is a contagion that is likely to spread.

Meanwhile we have a rogue state-funded broadcaster who sees its role to be the government-in-exile when the Coalition sits to the right of the speaker. Let us go to the scandal de jour for a quick run through.

So far as testing the limit of their expenses, everyone in Parliament seems to do it, which is bad. But all of this information has been available for as long as you might wish but is being made an issue now and really only for one side of politics. The ABC in particular thinks it is an issue only in relation to the Coalition and will not make much of anything in relation to Labor of what is a bi-partisan form of creaming. Blog sites are not an effective counterweight to a billion dollar national megaphone.

So my real point is that this repulsively-biased publicly-funded anti-Coalition media organisation has to be wound back. Its Managing Director – in fact the entire organisation – is basically saying to the government stuff you, come and get us if you can. Well all I can say is that if the Coalition has even the remotest sense of self preservation they will take the ABC up on this offer and the sooner the better. We no longer need a state funded media organisation assuming we ever did. And if it cannot be shut down, make it pay its own way. We will then see just how popular Q&A really is when it has to attract advertising to cover the cost of bringing its drivel to air.

In fact, take away the ABC funding and give everyone a publicly funded licence to a basic Fox subscription or make a Fox subscription tax deductible if you want to provide access to a broader cultural suite of programs. In this day and age, a public broadcaster is an anachronism that should be preserved for totalitarian states and banana republics.

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