Where’s Senator Roy Moore when you need him?

It’s at times like this it would have been nice to have Roy Moore in the Senate for a number of reasons, including the example his election would have meant for this kind of sleaze. Are the Repubicans this stupid and lacking in purpose? We shall see soon enough. The stories are gleaned from Lucianne except for the last one from The Wall Street Journal.

Corrupt Media Reported on Kavanaugh Accuser 100 Times More than Ellison Accusers Who Actually Filed Police Report
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
The liberal mainstream media continues to lose the trust of the American people. And they have no one to blame but themselves. (Photo) As reported in August Rep. Keith Ellison’s former lover Karen Monahan hurled scurrilous accusations at the current Deputy Chairman of the Democrat Party. Karen’s son accused Democrat Party Deputy Chair Keith Ellison of physically and mentally abusing his mother while they were in a relationship. Austin Monahan described seeing video of HORRIFIC abuse by Keith Ellison. Fellow Democrat and Minnesotan running against Ellison in the AG primary, Debra Hilstrom, shared the viral Facebook post and demanded that

Now Is the Time to Stop Jurisprudence From Being the Plaything of Politics
American Greatness, by Stephen B. Presser    Original Article
The “intergalactic freak show,” as Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) so splendidly called it, continues. For the third time, the progressives have used a last-resort accusation of sexual misconduct to seek to besmear the reputation of a good man and force him to withdraw from the public stage. It worked with Roy Moore, it failed with Clarence Thomas, and it must not be allowed to succeed with Brett Kavanaugh. In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, this is more than the usual “he said,” “she said,” as we had, for example, with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.
The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored
American Greatness, by Dennis Prager    Original Article
It is almost impossible to overstate the damage done to America’s moral compass by taking the charges leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh seriously. It undermines foundational moral principles of any decent society. Those who claim the charges against Judge Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford are important and worth investigating, and that they ultimately, if believed, invalidate his candidacy for the U.S. Supreme Court are stating that: a) What a middle-aged adult did in high school is all we need to need to know to evaluate an individual’s character—even when his entire adult life has been impeccable.

Team Trump: If We Ditch Kavanaugh, We’re Signing Our Own ‘Death Warrant’
Daily Beast, by Lachlan Markay*    Original Article
For Donald Trump’s White House, Brett Kavanaugh is increasingly irrelevant to the politics of his own Supreme Court nomination. Instead, those close to the president view the next few days as a virtual X-ray on the backbone of their party and a litmus test for the future of Trump’s presidency. Those are the stakes that Team Trump has embraced as it and Kavanaugh respond to allegations that the federal appeals court judge sexually assaulted a fellow high-school student—allegations he strenuously denies. There has been no talk within the ranks about pulling the nomination and going with an equally conservative—if not
The Late Hit on Judge Kavanaugh
Taki’s Magazine, by Patrick J. Buchanan    Original Article
Upon the memory and truthfulness of Christine Blasey Ford hangs the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his reputation, and possibly his career on the nation’s second highest court. And much more. If Kavanaugh is voted down or forced to withdraw, the Republican Party and conservative movement could lose their last best hope for recapturing the high court for constitutionalism. No new nominee could be vetted and approved in six weeks. And the November election could bring in a Democratic Senate, an insuperable obstacle to the elevation of a new strict constructionist like Kavanaugh.

And So It Begins: Three Republican
Senators Side With Democrats To Delay Kavanaugh Supreme Court Vote
DCWhispers, by Staff    Original Article
Yesterday D.C. Whispers warned its readers the bogus allegations against Trump Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, would be front and center this week as Democrats hoped to intimidate enough Republican senators that Kavanaugh’s appointment might be delayed and possibly derailed entirely. That attempt is now happening and proving successful as Republican senators Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, all indicated they were open to delaying the Kavanaugh vote. To add fuel to the fire, the ever-manipulative Senator Chuck Schumer called for an FBI investigation into the allegations – allegations that Kavanagh rubbed up against someone when he was a teenager.
The Legal Advisor for Kavanaugh’s
Accuser Is a Big Time Democratic Donor, Thinks People Who Work for Trump Are ´Miscreants´
Townhall, by Timothy Meads    Original Article
The Washington Post reported this afternoon that Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford is the woman behind the confidential letter given to Sen. Dianne Feinstein accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault as a teenager. (Snip)she thought it was her duty to come forward on the record after the advice of Washington lawyer Debra Katz. Katz, however, has a long history of dismissing sexual assault allegations against liberal politicians, donating to left-wing causes, and even publicly demonizing all Trump advisors as “miscreants” who are worse than deplorables.

Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser downplayed sexual misconduct allegations against Clinton, Franken
Fox News, by Alex Pappas    Original Article
Attorney Debra Katz made the rounds Monday on morning television to argue her client’s sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be taken seriously, an appeal accepted even by the White House. (Snip) “Paula Jones´ suit is very, very, very weak,” Katz said on CNN’s “Talkback Live” in March 1998 in a discussion about Jones’ claims against Clinton, according to a show transcript. “She´s alleged one incident that took place in a hotel room that, by her own testimony, lasted 10 to 12 minutes.

Dianne Feinstein´s Mind-Boggling Decision

American Thinker, by Elad Hakim

During a recent television interview on MSNBC, Elie Mystal opined that “if Kavanaugh succeeds, it is a moral failing of the process.” Mystal is right in one respect: there was a moral failure. However, it has nothing to do with Judge Kavanaugh or the Republicans. Rather, the “moral” failure is solely attributable to Dianne Feinstein. During Judge Kavanaugh´s confirmation hearing, some Senate Democrats complained that they were not given numerous documents regarding Judge Kavanaugh (i.e., the entire record). They asked to delay the hearing until such time as the records were produced. However, at the same time

Kavanaugh Accuser´s Lawyer: It´s Not her Job To Corroborate Her Story

Daily Caller, by Amber Athey        

Debra Katz, the attorney for the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, said that it is not her client’s job to corroborate her claims. WATCH: (Video) Katz said on CNN on Monday that investigators should be responsible for proving Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh held her down and drunkenly groped her while at a party in high school. During the interview, Katz revealed that there was another girl present at the party, which allegedly took place in 1982 while Kavanaugh was attending Georgetown Prep. Ford previously told the Washington Post

Last-Minute Attack On Kavanaugh Is Meant As Warning To All Conservatives

Investor´s Business Daily, by Staff

Dirty Politics: It´s hard to know what to make of the last-second charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh about an event that allegedly occurred 36 years ago. What is crystal clear is the message Democrats are sending to conservatives. “We will do whatever it takes to destroy you.” Based on what we know at the moment, the claim made by Christine Blasey Ford is troubling, but not necessarily because of what she alleges happened when she was a high school sophomore. First, there´s the timing.

There is finally also this from The Wall Street Journal: The #MeToo Kavanaugh Ambush.

The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a drunken assault when both were teenagers has now come forward publicly, but that should not deter Republicans from proceeding with their current confirmation-vote schedule. There is no way to confirm her story after 35 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush.

A house divided against itself cannot stand

It’s from The Washington Post and it is posted purely because they think it’s funny, someone from a different age trying to bring Christian morality into the governance of the United States. Roy Moore turns refusal to concede into religious crusade: ‘Immorality sweeps over the land’. This no longer has resonance with the largest part of the population of the United States.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity,” Moore said. “Today, we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” . . .

“We have stopped prayer in our schools,” Moore said in his statement. “We have killed over 60 million of our unborn children. We have redefined marriage and destroyed the basis of family, which is the building block of our country. Our borders are not secure. Our economy is faltering under an enormous national debt. We have a huge drug problem. We have even begun to recognize the right of a man to claim to be a woman, and vice versa. We have allowed Judges and justices to rule over our Constitution, and we have become slaves to their tyranny. Immorality sweeps over our land.” . . .

“Even our political process has been affected with baseless and false allegations, which have become more relevant than the issues which affect our country,” Moore said. “This election was tainted by over $50 million dollars from outside groups who want to retain power and their corrupt ideology.”

This statement is dead to most Americans, particularly among those who manage the American Republic, the supposedly educated elites who represent no moral virtue of any recognisable kind. Their system of beliefs is a marriage of Marxist ideology with a pretend Christian charity that is nothing other than a means to power without principle or justice.

And if you would like to see the contrast, the world we now inhabit, read the comments thread on this article, with the “viewing option” set to Most Liked First. I have listed a number from the most liked down and placed one of the comments in bold since it is particularly sickening.

No one cares what you think. You are the immorality sweeping over our land and the fact that you do it under the cover of being a god fearing man makes it even more reprehensible.

That’s the way these scum operate. Go read the story in this paper about the Kentucky rep who shot himself today after it was discovered he molested a 17-year-old friend of his daughters who was sleeping over. His suicide note is full of bible-thumping, holy-rolling garbage. It’s pretty clear now that the louder they proclaim how pious they are, the bigger the perv they are.

he was also an outright racist.

These folks were never religious/pious to begin with. They just use religion to browbeat, force, and indoctrinate others into following whatever they say. Religion to them is simply tool to take advantage of others. “Do this, because God says so. Give me more money, because God will reward you. Vote for me, because it is God’s will.” There are some really good religious folks out there. But they don’t go around “wearing their religion on their sleeves”. Even their own bible says not to trust folks who do so (Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18). Yet Republicans always, almost without exception, wear their religion on their sleeve. TL;DR: Wearing your religion in your sleeves is as trustworthy as when Trump constantly says “trust me” whenever he’s obviously lying to you.

Yes. I consider myself a devout Christian and try to live my faith as best I can (though imperfectly). Moore makes me think of this warning from Jesus: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Fellow travelers, let us not be deceived. Extremists like Moore tarnish an entire faith, but I am grateful for those who see through this and avoid sweeping generalizations when it comes to Christianity or any faith tradition.

Be damned if I am going to be lectured on morality and godliness by a child molester …

We need to give Roy Moore credit when he’s right. “Immorality sweeps over our land.” That statement is true. Forty-eight percent of Alabamians voted to send a child molester to the Senate. That’s immoral. Felons in prisons have better ethics, they hate child molesters. Obviously more than white evangelical Christians in Alabama. Our Republican Senate thinks it is far more important to give billions of dollars in tax breaks to their wealthiest donors than provide healthcare for poor children. That’s immoral. We have a self-proclaimed serial sexual predator and ogler of naked teenagers elected to the Presidency. That’s immoral. We have committed $700 billion to spend on the military, but can’t find the money to provide healthcare for all of our citizens. That’s immoral. I could go on. But, Roy Moore doesn’t see those things are being immoral. Instead he thinks that it is immoral NOT to discriminate against people for their religion, or their sexual identity, or their sexual orientation, or their gender. Bottom line, Roy Moore and people like him are the immorality sweeping this country.

And so on.

Do you know why the left treats Republicans like idiots? Because they are

Two stories work for me.

First this: GOPe Spent $500,000 to Defeat Roy Moore and Campaigned Against Him — Then Trashes Steve Bannon When He Loses!

And then this: MASSIVE DEMOCRAT TURNOUT In Alabama — GOP Turnout 50% of 2016; Democrat Turnout 92% of 2016.

You know what it shows? It shows that Republicans are no smarter than the Swedes. The Democrats must laugh at the simpletons who have voted in someone whose values are at the far end of the Democrat extreme. The probability that Moore did any of what has been alleged is zero other than what should not matter in the slightest, that he dated young but over the age of consent girls when he was in his thirties (with the permission of their parents as well). To let this influence a vote towards the Party of Bill Clinton and Al Franken is grotesque.

Speaking of which, just when will Franken leave the Senate exactly?

Roy Moore the night before the vote

roy moore

There is a disgusting anti-Roy-Moore post at Instapundit where all the comments are not just pro-Moore but hugely irritated that such a post should be written and put up now. This is one of the comments which captures my sentiments quite well.

Mitch McConnell spends millions of dollars to defeat Moore. And fails.

Four women appear in a Washington Post story reporting misdeeds from 40 years ago that they happened not to remember until someone waved a hundred dollar bill under their snouts.

Minutes later – less than an hour – every GOPe in Washington glommed on and denounced him. Disowned him. Cut off the NRSC money. Warned people he wouldn’t be seated. Demanded he drop out. Ran a write in ringer! Literally within the hour.

These are the Republicans in Washington, mind you. All of them. There might have been ten who didn’t, but I can’t read every story personally so even that’s doubtful.

There has never been a more craven, coordinated, transparent, and evil attack on a man, not ever, and that includes against our president.

This isn’t cowardliness. This is the hill they’ve chosen to die on. This hill. And Bernstein’s there waving the bloody shirt right along with the rest of these traitors.

Traitors. As in, attempting to overthrow the government. At war with America.

God damn. I don’t care one way or another about Roy Moore personally. But when I see someone who is on my side being destroyed, you bet I’m going to be as mad as hell about it and I won’t forget.

If you didn’t know there was a coup on before, by God you should know now. And everyone’s dropped the mask yet again.

God help you, but I don’t think He will.

And then there was this:

Leftists and the GOPe are all about style over substance. I am sure Moore, whatever his multitudinous failings, would be a much more staunch defender of Jews and Israel than his opponent. But this matters less to the crowd which considers themselves nuanced and sophisticated than what words someone’s wife chooses to indicate that support. Trump was not elected for being eloquent. He was elected because a harsh truth poorly told is worth more than a host of well polished, and gloriously uplifting lies.

Our elite are shallow, unsophisticated rubes. One of the many ways you know this is by how high a priority they put on pretending that they aren’t. That is why I always use that insult against them. They really hate it because it is accurate, and it is what they fear the most — being seen as ordinary and no better than any other man. Because if they are ordinary, then how do they justify making decisions for everyone else?

And for interest, this is Roy Moore’s policy on Israel:

On Foreign Affairs, Candidate Moore states:

“We must remember that Israel is the United States’ most important ally and partner in the Middle East and should reject agreements or policies that undermine Israel’s security. We should pass the Taylor Force Act and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.”

Moore clearly understands the importance of our strategic partnership with Israel.

Roy Moore also issued a separate two page position paper on Israel in which he gives the Biblical case for support of Israel as well as five detailed policy positions.

Candidate Moore’s Policy Positions on Israel include

  • Opposing Economic Warfare against Israel, including “opposing all efforts to boycott Israeli companies and products as a means to isolate and delegitimize Israel.”
  • Supporting Israel in the United Nations; “I oppose all efforts in the United Nations to isolate, sanction, and delegitimize Israel. The United States should veto all anti-Israel resolutions.”
  • Supporting Direct Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations; “I oppose the imposition of outside solutions upon Israel and instead support direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that allow Israel to control decisions about its borders and safety. As long as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority wrongly refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, such negotiations have scant chance of success.”
  • Supporting Military Assistance to Israel; Moore supports the current Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Israel. “This commitment includes layered missile defense, joint military exercises, and sharing of technological innovations.”
  • Protecting Israel from Iranian Aggression; In addition to closely monitoring Iran’s actions regarding future nuclear development, Moore states; “The United states should also take all steps necessary to prevent Iranian financing and supply of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas whose aim is to annihilate Israel.

Media misrepresentation and PDT

Elizabeth Warren pretended to have Native American bloodlines which has turned out to be absolutely untrue. A liar, but what else is new. Cultural Marxists see absolutely no scandals on the left. All this is discussed in The Oz: Donald Trump in ‘Pocahontas’ race slur. One might be described as a racist for saying something about someone else’s racial background, but cannot be a racist by making fun of someone who describes themselves as a Native American who is not in fact a Native American. And to add to the pile-on, there is then this which has just come up: Elizabeth Warren ancestors rounded up Cherokee people for trail of tears. But that is just background to this:

As sexual misconduct allegations widen in the US congress [no details since they all involve Democrats], the President has broken with leading Republicans [Republicans! whose side are they on?] in effectively backing the conservative former judge accused of unwanted sexual advances towards teenage girls [forty years ago].

While warning that a Democratic victory would be a disaster for Alabama and the US Senate, Mr Trump has stressed that Mr Moore denied all the allegations [not to mention the absence of evidence aside from a single signature in a high school yearbook which is fake, fake fake].

Mr Moore, a populist fundamentalist Christian [and therefor obviously unfit to sit in the Senate], unveiled a campaign ad that claims he is the victim of “false allegations” in a “scheme by liberal elites and the Republican establishment” [where would he get such a notion not to mention what a really really strange pairing it is]. . . .

Meanwhile, Mr Trump badly needs a Moore victory to maintain the Senate’s 52-48 Republican majority [and why don’t the Republicans in general need this victory as well?]. A loss in Alabama would make it even more difficult to muster the votes to pass his tax, infrastructure and welfare reforms [don’t the Republicans want tax, infrastructure and welfare reforms?].

Critics speculate that his support for Mr Moore’s candidacy is partly influenced by Mr Trump’s own experience in facing sexual harassment allegations from several women before last year’s election. Mr Trump denied the claims [for which, surprisingly, there was also no evidence].

The allegations against the President followed the release of the “Access Hollywood tapes” in which Mr Trump made disparaging comments about women. The New York Times has reported that the President has privately denied the tapes were genuine, despite admitting last year to making the comments. But the White House said yesterday Mr Trump’s position on the tapes had not changed.

Democrat senator Al Franken, who has been accused by four women of inappropriate touching or groping, returned to Washington yesterday saying he was shocked and embarrassed [what about the pictures??? – without the pics he would have admitted nothing].

“I have been trying to take responsibility by apologising and by apologising to the people I let down. I’m going to work to regain their trust. I am going to be accountable, [whatever that means, which for a Democrat and media enablers is literally nothing]” Senator Franken said.

He refused to resign [among the great surprises of our time] and has pledged to co-operate with the Senate ethics committee. “I know that I have let a lot of people down. People of Minnesota and my colleagues, my staff, my supporters and everyone who has counted on me to be a champion for women [what a champ!]. To all of you I just wanted to say again I am sorry,” he said. [This wouldn’t be a different standard for Democrats, would it?]

Long-serving Democrat congressman John Conyers has stepped down from his position on the House Judiciary Committee after being accused of using taxpayer dollars to settle an unfair dismissal claim made by a former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment [he paid out money to settle the claim; now that is what I call evidence but he has not resigned from Congress].

And that’s The Oz although what difference does it at this stage really make? Will add a couple of comments from the story.

Mr Stewart lets give the real story. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic congresswomen, told a bald faced lie when she stated that she had a native American heritage to gain benefits from the government.The press named her Pocahontas as a joke. Trump, as he does, picked up on it, and he is not above name calling as we all know. What a breath of fresh air for someone to call it like it is. And yes, the last of the Navajo code talkers from WW2 are the real Hero’s and REAL native Americans who did not need to lie to serve their country or make a fraudulently claim.

Should have called her by her original nickname Fauxohontas, more accurate than Pocohontas and is a fairer description of her deceit. Like all Leftists they will do whatever it takes to advance themselves and then the media criticises the critics who call it out. Strange days indeed.

Illogical negativism

The core principle of logical positivism which underpins verification as the basis for scientific investigation of the truth content of any statement made:

“A statement that cannot be conclusively verified cannot be verified at all. It is simply devoid of any meaning.”

This then is the principle of illogical negativism, now applied near universally across the media and throughout the left. It is the principle that denies any need whatever to verify any statement that suits the political outcome sought by the person making the statement or hearing it.

A statement that cannot be conclusively denied cannot be denied at all. It is simply true because someone has said it and conforms to what those who hear the statement prefer to believe.”

Let us look a little more deeply at this principle which is seen everywhere among the empty heads of the Republican Party as much as among Democrats. No evidence or factual underpinnings are required, only that someone says it and it suits others that it has been said. Begin here with Anita Hill’s testimony about Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1993:

Hill alleged lurid details about her time with Thomas at the Department of Education: “He spoke about acts that he had seen in pornographic films involving such matters as women having sex with animals and films showing group sex or rape scenes… On several occasions, Thomas told me graphically of his own sexual prowess.” Hill also said that the following incident occurred later after they had both moved to new jobs at the EEOC: “Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office, he got up from the table at which we were working, went over to his desk to get the Coke, looked at the can and asked, ‘Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?'”

Ridiculously mild by today’s standards and not a word of it ever verified or confirmed by anything outside of the statements made by Anita Hill herself and then repeated ad nauseum as part of this “high tech lynching” by everyone opposed to his confirmation. But now we have this: Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 3238 years ago but not mentioned until now – and moreover from The Washington Post, as untrustworthy a source as could be imagined. Here’s the only part I will quote with the bit in bold quite to the point:

In a written statement, Moore denied the allegations.

“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” Moore, now 70, said.

The campaign said in a subsequent statement that if the allegations were true they would have surfaced during his previous campaigns, adding “this garbage is the very definition of fake news.”

No wonder the left laughs at the right, so politically stupid it is almost beyond idiocy. A similar story about a Democrat would not even make it into the press.

Let us go further with a few links picked up at Ace of Spades.

And from the last of the stories:

The White House says President Donald Trump believes Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore “will do the right thing and step aside” if sexual misconduct allegations against him are true.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters traveling with Trump in Asia that the president believes a “mere allegation” — especially one from many years ago — shouldn’t be allowed to destroy a person’s life.

But Sanders says: “The president also believes that if these allegations are true, Judge Moore will do the right thing and step aside.”

And from J.E Sefton at Ace of Spades who thinks as I do:

The weekend is here and with it the cold slap in the face of yesterday’s accusations against Roy Moore. I probably reflect the sentiments of most if not all of you in the Horde in that my initial reaction was to call this an abject, unmitigated smear to derail Moore’s candidacy and throw a gimme seat to the Democrats. I still feel this way, and in fact, considering the absolutely disgraceful reaction from the GOP, I would not be at all surprised if it is they who were behind this. I’m looking at the be-goitered, flabby face of Mitch McConnell. The GOP pumped millions into that race to install Establishment lackey Luther Strange and he was rejected. . . .

Unlike the GOP, the MFM, Dems and others, who it’s safe to say couldn’t give two shits about the alleged victims but are more interested in derailing Moore for political gain, guilty or innocent, I will stand by Roy Moore until it is absolutely proven beyond any doubt that he is guilty of a crime or of behavior that would have obviated my support at the outset of his candidacy. Sadly, as the shabby Dick Gephardt would say, it’s not about guilt or innocence, it’s all about the seriousness of the charge. So guilty or innocent, odds are Moore may be sunk. That stinks to high heaven and I hope he can overcome what is now a cheap, desperate smear.

For myself, any evidence of any kind would be a help: a note he wrote, a photo someone took, an earlier application to the courts. Anything at all because without at least that, no one outside those utterly on the inside can enter public life without the certainty that some allegation of this kind will be made. Instead we have this:

Moore accuser worked for Hillary!!!

Witness comes forward, says WaPo tried to bribe women to accused Roy Moore

The Alabama GOP’s Awful Responses to the Roy Moore Sexual Assault Allegations Are Dead-End Partisanship At Its Worst

If the conservative side of politics keeps folding under this kind of pressure we will never win. Hit ’em back twice as hard, the slimy rotten lying scum that they are.