Media misrepresentation and PDT

Elizabeth Warren pretended to have Native American bloodlines which has turned out to be absolutely untrue. A liar, but what else is new. Cultural Marxists see absolutely no scandals on the left. All this is discussed in The Oz: Donald Trump in ‘Pocahontas’ race slur. One might be described as a racist for saying something about someone else’s racial background, but cannot be a racist by making fun of someone who describes themselves as a Native American who is not in fact a Native American. And to add to the pile-on, there is then this which has just come up: Elizabeth Warren ancestors rounded up Cherokee people for trail of tears. But that is just background to this:

As sexual misconduct allegations widen in the US congress [no details since they all involve Democrats], the President has broken with leading Republicans [Republicans! whose side are they on?] in effectively backing the conservative former judge accused of unwanted sexual advances towards teenage girls [forty years ago].

While warning that a Democratic victory would be a disaster for Alabama and the US Senate, Mr Trump has stressed that Mr Moore denied all the allegations [not to mention the absence of evidence aside from a single signature in a high school yearbook which is fake, fake fake].

Mr Moore, a populist fundamentalist Christian [and therefor obviously unfit to sit in the Senate], unveiled a campaign ad that claims he is the victim of “false allegations” in a “scheme by liberal elites and the Republican establishment” [where would he get such a notion not to mention what a really really strange pairing it is]. . . .

Meanwhile, Mr Trump badly needs a Moore victory to maintain the Senate’s 52-48 Republican majority [and why don’t the Republicans in general need this victory as well?]. A loss in Alabama would make it even more difficult to muster the votes to pass his tax, infrastructure and welfare reforms [don’t the Republicans want tax, infrastructure and welfare reforms?].

Critics speculate that his support for Mr Moore’s candidacy is partly influenced by Mr Trump’s own experience in facing sexual harassment allegations from several women before last year’s election. Mr Trump denied the claims [for which, surprisingly, there was also no evidence].

The allegations against the President followed the release of the “Access Hollywood tapes” in which Mr Trump made disparaging comments about women. The New York Times has reported that the President has privately denied the tapes were genuine, despite admitting last year to making the comments. But the White House said yesterday Mr Trump’s position on the tapes had not changed.

Democrat senator Al Franken, who has been accused by four women of inappropriate touching or groping, returned to Washington yesterday saying he was shocked and embarrassed [what about the pictures??? – without the pics he would have admitted nothing].

“I have been trying to take responsibility by apologising and by apologising to the people I let down. I’m going to work to regain their trust. I am going to be accountable, [whatever that means, which for a Democrat and media enablers is literally nothing]” Senator Franken said.

He refused to resign [among the great surprises of our time] and has pledged to co-operate with the Senate ethics committee. “I know that I have let a lot of people down. People of Minnesota and my colleagues, my staff, my supporters and everyone who has counted on me to be a champion for women [what a champ!]. To all of you I just wanted to say again I am sorry,” he said. [This wouldn’t be a different standard for Democrats, would it?]

Long-serving Democrat congressman John Conyers has stepped down from his position on the House Judiciary Committee after being accused of using taxpayer dollars to settle an unfair dismissal claim made by a former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment [he paid out money to settle the claim; now that is what I call evidence but he has not resigned from Congress].

And that’s The Oz although what difference does it at this stage really make? Will add a couple of comments from the story.

Mr Stewart lets give the real story. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic congresswomen, told a bald faced lie when she stated that she had a native American heritage to gain benefits from the government.The press named her Pocahontas as a joke. Trump, as he does, picked up on it, and he is not above name calling as we all know. What a breath of fresh air for someone to call it like it is. And yes, the last of the Navajo code talkers from WW2 are the real Hero’s and REAL native Americans who did not need to lie to serve their country or make a fraudulently claim.

Should have called her by her original nickname Fauxohontas, more accurate than Pocohontas and is a fairer description of her deceit. Like all Leftists they will do whatever it takes to advance themselves and then the media criticises the critics who call it out. Strange days indeed.

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