Do you know why the left treats Republicans like idiots? Because they are

Two stories work for me.

First this: GOPe Spent $500,000 to Defeat Roy Moore and Campaigned Against Him — Then Trashes Steve Bannon When He Loses!

And then this: MASSIVE DEMOCRAT TURNOUT In Alabama — GOP Turnout 50% of 2016; Democrat Turnout 92% of 2016.

You know what it shows? It shows that Republicans are no smarter than the Swedes. The Democrats must laugh at the simpletons who have voted in someone whose values are at the far end of the Democrat extreme. The probability that Moore did any of what has been alleged is zero other than what should not matter in the slightest, that he dated young but over the age of consent girls when he was in his thirties (with the permission of their parents as well). To let this influence a vote towards the Party of Bill Clinton and Al Franken is grotesque.

Speaking of which, just when will Franken leave the Senate exactly?

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