We do not deserve the freedoms we have inherited from our ancestors

The editors gave the article the title The Failed Covid Response but the article really is about what a bunch of morons we are who do not deserve the freedoms we have inherited from our ancestors. Let me take to near the end of what is a very long article:

We need an honest discussion about how we proceed from here, and it must be free of the bullying, dogmatism, and bad faith exhibited by many experts over the past two years. The Science™ has held up poorly and will likely crumble further as time goes on, but that will not stop defenders of COVID policies from insisting it was all worthwhile.

That question—was it worthwhile?—cannot be answered by numbers, no matter how they are sliced and diced. We had a social contract before COVID hit. Like all social contracts, it emerged organically over time, and perhaps it needed to be revisited. But there was no such debate in 2020. The contract was simply tossed overboard, along with the values and principles underscoring it. Any suggestion that this was perhaps a bit precipitous was deemed morally reprehensible.

We acted as if we were on the Titanic with only minutes to work out what to do. It was a media-led pandemic for which there was virtually no evidence of anything unusual for virtually everyone. If we don’t learn from this great social disaster about the kinds of political leaders we have somehow put in place, we will all end up serfs subservient to some of the most incompetent people who have ever achieved high office.

Meanwhile, go to the link and read the whole thing.

What is to be done?

The article is by David Solway and its title while pessimistic of itself, doesn’t highlight just how pessimistic it is: The Pandemic State Is Here to Stay. It is, of course, about Covid, but it’s also about how everything we have experienced over the past two years was pre-planned, and we have only seen the start. I will quote all the passages from the article where there is a link so that you can go further into the issues David raises, but all you will end up with is a better understanding of how things stand. You will also understand why there will be no fighting this off, certainly not in the immediate future. This is the opening para.

In a major essay for Hillsdale College’s Imprimis series, Michael Rectenwald points to the 2018 CLADE X and 2019 Event 201 pandemic simulations involving putatively benign collaborations between the World Economic Forum, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Simulations are models of reality where different possible premises and outcomes are traced so that the approach eventually adopted is seen as the most likely to work in practice.

Writing in EarthNewspaper, Gary Barnett has no doubt that an “environment of deception” has been created and an enormous boondoggle perpetrated by a global network of royals, politicians, Big Tech moguls, Big Pharma, billionaires, and other elites, including Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and its legion of influential graduates. The evidence he assembles is damning: area-variation mortality counts, suggesting differing batches of vaccines for experimental purposes; inflation of Covid casualty numbers; promotion of the killer drug Remdesivir; hospitals monetarily incentivized to report Covid cases and deaths, leading to a statistical explosion; and the use of ventilators, which produced mortality rates varying for different age groups from 76.4 percent to 97.2 percent.

How astonishing to find everything we have seen for the past two years has been part of a schematic worked out in advance. Nothing runs exactly to plan, but it’s been pretty close.

The authorities went about their business in the most unproductive and dangerous manner conceivable—but this is only to give them the benefit of the doubt. There is far more going on and far more at stake than most people realize, as former BlackRock portfolio manager and investor Edward Dowd has vividly exposed in a blockbuster interview with Naomi Wolf and a follow-up with Alex Jones. The BMJ reports that scientific progress has been “thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results [and] fails to report adverse events.” Scientific integrity has been radically compromised. The evidence of fraud is both mind-blowing and undeniable. It should be glaringly obvious by this time that a tectonic shift in medical, corporate, economic and power paradigms has occurred before our very eyes.

The new social and political structure that has come about is what law professor Bruce Pardy calls the “pandemic managerial state,” which runs roughshod over every Constitutional or legal bulwark. His conclusion is demoralising, to say the least: “The Covid-19 regime is just the tip of the iceberg. It is based upon an ideological premise: individual sovereignty must yield to the expertise, authority and discretion of officials acting in the name of public welfare and progressive causes.”

Exactly how all of this appears to me. This, then, is the second-last para. The inane dealings with those who have gone all in, the ones who, for example, instantly went out and got the “experimental” vax, have been as much an eye-opener as they have been disturbing. How true this is.

In many countries a majority of citizens obligingly fall for the great swindle. In his seminal essay Discours de la servitude volontaire, generally rendered in English as The Politics of Obedience, the 16th-century political philosopher Étienne de la Boétie cogently analysed the dynamic in play. “What strange affair is this?” he asks. “To see a vast multitude of people not merely obeying, but welcoming servility… deprived of the bulk of their revenues, their fields plundered, their dwellings robbed?”

Personal freedom is not for everyone. Too much responsibility. Too much having to think for oneself.

Regrettably, in most Western nations today, there are simply not enough Trucker Convoys intent on restoring their rights and freedoms, too many people who give consent to their own servitude, too many non-truckers on the road to serfdom.

This is the conclusion although not the final para.

The “pandemic state” is here to stay for the indefinite future, though in different manifestations. Political authority has devolved into one or another form of totalitarian governance, characterized by disparate structures of repression as they arise across the political spectrum. In his must-read Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom, Nick Corbishley exposes the technology of population control, showing that a return to normality is a mere fantasy.

This is the final para:

The heritage of the Judeo-Christian West, based on faith in a higher power, the rule of law and the sovereignty of the individual, has been decisively breached. We now inhabit a time of domestic menace. For those who continue to cherish their liberty, the best we can do is plan and cope.

Now read it all. But I do have to say that dealing with the people I normally deal with makes me feel we are heading into very dark times indeed.

Justin Trudeau World Historical Leader

I know, it’s all just ancient history by now. But for me, it is the old country, all of which is beyond incredible.

And to understand all this more deeply, there is Jordan Peterson to help others understand: Dr. Jordan Peterson Tells Fellow Canadians They Have No Idea What Was Done to Them.

Back to The Ukraine in the morning.

Socialists have no imagination whatsoever

Picked this up here where they take it for granted that communism is obviously a very bad idea, but I wonder how many people really think that. The market economy was an approach that took millenia to emerge, and already it has more enemies than friends. The notion that we can run an economy centrally and pass along high living standards to everyone is completely false, but how many people understand that?

There are few ways to discuss the convoy without asking why we are still shutting our own economy down

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The least-covered news story of the past week is the truck convoy that has converged on Ottawa. If you had any doubt before now that our media are as corrupt as the media in America, this ought to cure you of any thoughts that you can get all the news from our papers. It really is shameful, but the reality is that there are few ways to discuss the convoy without raising the question why we are still shutting our own economies down, with very little reason to expect any change any time soon, or for any explanation of why all this continues to go on. Which is why we hear nothing whatsoever about any of it.

A very insightful story about the convoy is told by a local resident who thought he might go out among the truckers and chat to see what they are up to and who they actually are: A night with the untouchables. Lots to read but let me give you this and you can read the rest yourself.

As I finally made my way back home, after talking to dozens of truckers into the night, I realized I met someone from every province except PEI. They all have a deep love for this country. They believe in it. They believe in Canadians. These are the people that Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods, and fill the ranks of its military in times of war. The overwhelming concern they have is that the vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians. They didn’t make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems. Instead, they see their government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society, deny them a livelihood, and deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world; and they said enough. Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.

And let me add that if they were the kinds of people  who “make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems” they would be as empty of anything worth listening to as the kinds of people who have brought us into the mess we are in who cannot find a way out.

There is also this, the first statement in the Canadian Parliament of Candice Bergen who is the interim leader of the Conservative Party until a leader is chosen later on this year.

Keep on truckin’

I received an email from an old friend in Canada who wrote about the trucking protests. You will see why I had to leave the country since every one of my old mates thinks the same way.

The problem with the truckers is not so much as they are anti-vaxx but that a whole group has grown up around them: from right wing to Nazis to who-ever…they danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, parked on the  grounds around the War Memorial and desecrated the Terry Fox Statute.  90% of all truckers have been vaccinated which means these are not you  typical  “freedom fighters” but a very small vocal minority. They also close the Alberta/Montana border yesterday. There is very little sympathy for them now.
They also got some $9,000,000.00 and god alone knows from where and who will get to spend it. I expect that they will be allowed to stay for about 8-10 days then they will be removed. Except for our soon to be ex leader of the Opposition – O’Toole, no other political leader has addressed them.
We are still nice…no riot…but it will  get dirty soon enough…federal politics  seems to be moving into a far right Conservative Party that cannot be elected. The Conservative Party has a vocal base  but that base has little to “sell” the middle/majority of voters…their leader recall is not helping them….more Trudeau into the immediate future…perhaps you can sponsor me if I decide to move to Australia.

Every one of these statements is a media distortion that even all this way away, I have seen where these lies have arisen from and what the truth actually is. Whenever I am home in The Dominion, I never ever talk politics with anyone. What, never? Well, hardly ever. But it is pointless. Still the truckers are redeeming my Canadian identity, bless them. The memes below have been picked up from MID-WEEK IN PICTURES: CONVOY EDITION.



For more detail, you can go here.

Canada returns to lead the fight in the Covid Wars

Of all things, Canada is now taking the lead in the fight against the Covid Wars

From the movie made from the book, The Devil’s Brigade, which recounts the formation, training, and first mission of the 1st Special Service Force, a joint AmericanCanadian commando unit, known as the Devil’s Brigade.

It’s been a long time since Vimy Ridge but what was there then is here now. This is an early convoy from 1917.

Canadians Returning from Vimy Ridge 1917, First World War

Now this, from Donna Laframboise, also a Canadian: Dispatch From Canada.

This is a historic moment. Public support for the ‘it’s time to move on, we need our lives back’ trucker convoy has been astonishing. And wholly organic.

No political party organized this. Rather, ordinary Canadians have waited at the end of their own driveways, at crossroads, on highway overpasses, and at designated staging grounds. For hours. In sub-zero weather. All through this week. Across this vast nation.

To enthusiastically cheer on the truckers. To thank them. To shower them with food, money, and gifts.

For the first time in two years, millions of people feel a sense of hope.

The report below begins with the words “so-called” which is typical of the media everywhere who have no taste for freedom or seek to understand or defend it. 

There is another video at the link above.

Click on the link if it doesn’t immediately appear.

“A tiny minority with unacceptable views”

There is some resistance growing to the insanities associated with Covid across the world, with the Canadian truck convoys leading the pack. It’s not even that they are anti-vaxxine as such, just anti being forced to take the vaxxines and then each of the mandated “boosters” to participate in normal life, like going to the shops, sitting in a cafe or taking in a movie.

The Great Reset means that the nitwits who we have inadvertently installed as political leaders, or the complete nincompoops who have had one success in setting up Facebook or Twitter are now to be our leaders in perpetuity.

Is there actually anyone in public life stupider than Daniel Andrews? Perhaps the Premier of Queensland. Or the chaps who run WA or the NT.

We are ruining our lives for a mild disease that if you find you have it, the protocol is to stay home for a week.

The tiny minority with unacceptable views was the nonsense statement about the truckers from the Canadian Prime Minister whose greatest previous accomplishment are found listed here.

These are the people who are the tiny minority with unacceptable views. 

“A massive fraud has been visited upon a fearful and credulous public”

From David Solway at The Pipeline: Something Wicked Really Does This Way Come. His first para:

After almost two years of intensively studying the chemistry of viruses, the nature of the Covid pandemic and the policies adopted to combat it, I’ve concluded, as have many others, that a massive fraud has been visited upon a fearful and credulous public. And after examining innumerable podcasts and blockbuster video interviews conducted with highly credentialed virologists and public health experts, most recently with Professor of Medicine at Stanford University Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, the inventor of core mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone, and Michael Yeadon, a former VP at Pfizer, what I once thought sounded like a conspiracy theory may well be a conspiracy fact.

David goes on with this.

We learn that hospitals have been financially incentivized to report and inflate the numbers of doubtful cases and mortalities, and that deaths “with Covid” were routinely conflated with “from Covid.” Injuries and deaths due to the vaccines have been largely downplayed and hidden; voluntary reporting sites such as VAERS in the U.S. and Yellow Card in the U.K. are grossly unreliable. We learn that the vaccinated are susceptible to infection and shedding at rates equal to or higher than the unvaccinated. Emergency-use legislation shields Big Pharma from legal proceedings initiated by those who have suffered from the vaccines. Meanwhile, as former New York Times investigative reporter Alex Berenson reports, quoting the U.K. Office for National Statistics, the vaccinated are dying at twice the proportional rate of the unvaccinated.

And if you are unaware of this, you have not been paying attention.

In the words of Robert Malone and Peter Navarro, the vaccines “can trigger serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions, menstrual cycle disruptions, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome and anaphylaxis. Male children appear particularly prone to myocarditis while, post-vaccination, individuals may have suppressed immunities that make them vulnerable to other diseases.” Young children of all ages, who have no need for protection against Covid, are at considerable risk from the inoculations, and pregnant women are prone to miscarriages and stillbirths. These Pharma products have been rushed to market and have not undergone the standard 5-12 years of testing. No one knows what the future portends for those who have received the jab.

You might say that the following is his conclusion, except that it is only about half way through the article.

The circumstantial evidence for nefarious intentions among government leaders and bureaucrats, Big Pharma, media, left-wing plutocrats, academia, the World Economic Forum, and the medical establishment is impossible to ignore. The extent of the alleged collusion is mind-boggling, and yet it seems entirely plausible given the astronomical sums and consolidated power involved. 

You should read the whole thing. We try to pretend that only if one lived in a Bond movie could anything like this be true, but sometime, perhaps this time, reality may turn out to be stranger than fiction.