We do not deserve the freedoms we have inherited from our ancestors

The editors gave the article the title The Failed Covid Response but the article really is about what a bunch of morons we are who do not deserve the freedoms we have inherited from our ancestors. Let me take to near the end of what is a very long article:

We need an honest discussion about how we proceed from here, and it must be free of the bullying, dogmatism, and bad faith exhibited by many experts over the past two years. The Science™ has held up poorly and will likely crumble further as time goes on, but that will not stop defenders of COVID policies from insisting it was all worthwhile.

That question—was it worthwhile?—cannot be answered by numbers, no matter how they are sliced and diced. We had a social contract before COVID hit. Like all social contracts, it emerged organically over time, and perhaps it needed to be revisited. But there was no such debate in 2020. The contract was simply tossed overboard, along with the values and principles underscoring it. Any suggestion that this was perhaps a bit precipitous was deemed morally reprehensible.

We acted as if we were on the Titanic with only minutes to work out what to do. It was a media-led pandemic for which there was virtually no evidence of anything unusual for virtually everyone. If we don’t learn from this great social disaster about the kinds of political leaders we have somehow put in place, we will all end up serfs subservient to some of the most incompetent people who have ever achieved high office.

Meanwhile, go to the link and read the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “We do not deserve the freedoms we have inherited from our ancestors

  1. Yes, that’s the problem with centralisation; if central paradigm is off target then much more people suffer vis a vis a decentralised approach. Time for the world to read Tower of Babel again.

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