Keep on truckin’

I received an email from an old friend in Canada who wrote about the trucking protests. You will see why I had to leave the country since every one of my old mates thinks the same way.

The problem with the truckers is not so much as they are anti-vaxx but that a whole group has grown up around them: from right wing to Nazis to who-ever…they danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, parked on the  grounds around the War Memorial and desecrated the Terry Fox Statute.  90% of all truckers have been vaccinated which means these are not you  typical  “freedom fighters” but a very small vocal minority. They also close the Alberta/Montana border yesterday. There is very little sympathy for them now.
They also got some $9,000,000.00 and god alone knows from where and who will get to spend it. I expect that they will be allowed to stay for about 8-10 days then they will be removed. Except for our soon to be ex leader of the Opposition – O’Toole, no other political leader has addressed them.
We are still nice…no riot…but it will  get dirty soon enough…federal politics  seems to be moving into a far right Conservative Party that cannot be elected. The Conservative Party has a vocal base  but that base has little to “sell” the middle/majority of voters…their leader recall is not helping them….more Trudeau into the immediate future…perhaps you can sponsor me if I decide to move to Australia.

Every one of these statements is a media distortion that even all this way away, I have seen where these lies have arisen from and what the truth actually is. Whenever I am home in The Dominion, I never ever talk politics with anyone. What, never? Well, hardly ever. But it is pointless. Still the truckers are redeeming my Canadian identity, bless them. The memes below have been picked up from MID-WEEK IN PICTURES: CONVOY EDITION.



For more detail, you can go here.

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