Andrew Bolt launches The Art of the Impossible

LAUNCHING STEVE’S BOOK AFTER BEING ATTACKED was the title of Andrew Bolt’s column from 6 June 2017. Book still available here: The Art of the Impossible at Amazon and hopefully elsewhere. BTW the attack took place in the street just before Andrew arrived to launch the book. I might note that I had never seen this video until I came across it today. A video of the attack I had seen but not all of these which portray just how cowardly the attacks were and how brave Andrew was. Very very unusual for the streets of Melbourne, and we can only hope it stays that way.

As for the book, I have always thought of it as an important historical piece since it is made up of my blog posts on the election of Donald Trump, beginning in July 2015 through until election day on November 9, 2016 (as it was in Australia). It gives you an as-it-happened look at the way the election developed and how Donald Trump eventually won. More than ever the book is worth reading since it reminds you of just how important the policy matrix that he represented was and remains.

The books you do [and don’t] see in bookshops

It is the first time in years I have seen a book of mine on a bookstore shelf, and a mere $39.95 as well. Has only happened twice before but incredible to see. I imagine it may have been because the title is so ambiguous – Art of the Impossible – so that it might have been anti-Trump as was every other political tract sharing the shelf. You can also buy the book from The Book Depository for A$29.21 and with worldwide free delivery. In my view, the farther we move from the election, the better the book becomes. It puts everything in context and helps you remember the might have beens, every one of which is a horror story we are not being made to endure. No book a decade from now will be able to make you understand the 2016 election the way this book does.

What has also amazed me is that even with all the interest in PDT across the world, I have never ever seen one of his own books anywhere for sale, other than in op-shops, where I am the only one to buy them at $3 a copy. In particular, why does no one sell or buy his Art of the Deal which has always been plain sailing to get through and would teach you something about the man who is president you cannot otherwise find out.

FROM THE COMMENTS: And quite unpleasant as well.

It is good to see the author is modest enough to try and wrap some sort of narrative around his ham fisted attempt to create interest in his book

So let me introduce another concept that may be foreign to some people, that it is almost a certainty that most people who write books do so in the hope that others will read them. And I will add this as well – for the author who goes to the trouble of writing these books, it is usually not to make money but just to be part of a conversation. One of the lessons, let me also add, that comes from frequenting secondhand bookshops is that you get a true understanding of how all is vanity. Every book you see – unsaleable at 50 cents – would have taken its author at least a year, and often much much more, from conception to publication. And there they now are, mouldering away, as are most of their authors. That said, every book was also something someone had once wished to do and had taken genuine effort to bring to completion. You should therefore not be resentful if an author suggests that you might read his book. In this one instance, and there are few others in life, you may be sure they are really trying to do you a good turn whatever you may think yourself.

Sunshine conservatives revisited

LIQ has raised the ridiculous and entirely spurious condition that my failure ever to criticise Donald Trump is somehow proof that my defence of PDT is beyond reason. What really can one make of this?

Trump is a false messiah who is leading many so-called conservatives down a dead end. If you can’t accept the flaws in Trump and argue rationally rather than dogmatically you really have no place in conservative thought. Because such behaviour is the antitheses of western critical thinking and logic.

Cultural warriors for Trump are no better than those idiots chanting and disrupting speakers at universities.

Some people are just too stupid to see what’s right before their eyes and going further, are too stupid to change their minds in the face of more evidence than anyone could have imagined to have been presented in even less than a year since the inauguration. The following is the article I wrote that was posted at Quadrant Online on October 16 last year, which I titled Sunshine Conservatives. I might better have titled it Idiots and Morons. And if you would like 390 additional pages of the same kind of material on Donald Trump, warts and all, you can go here.

This is the article I wrote then.

“These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer blogger and the sunshine conservative will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

This has been a fearfully clarifying US election. There are people who declare themselves on the right side of politics, who are in truth sham defenders of freedom and our way of life, and who will be forever shunned by those of us who stood for saving the American Republic and the Western world at this moment of great peril.

The American election will determine the fate of the West. An America with open borders, unprepared, unwilling and unable to defend our freedoms from predators of every kind, from Islamic terrorists, from economic vandals, from those who masquerade their profound ignorance as concern for the environment — it is from these we must defend ourselves against or our way of life will be lost. The American Republic as it has been since 1776 will disappear. We will live to see our own fall of Rome.

Sunshine conservatives: those who pretend to represent freedom, individual rights and personal responsibility, but who refuse to stand with the only person who could make a difference. They are people whom history will recognise as the enemies of freedom, who refused to stand for the right when the moment arrived. It is Trump alone, the most improbable candidate in American political history, who provides even this sliver of hope. He is elected or Hillary is elected. There is no other possible outcome.

The mounting hostility among those supposedly on his own side is a disgrace. The array of enemies who have been uncovered from within what is nominally his own side of politics has demonstrated, better than anything else might have, that the Republican Party as it has become is a rotting curse on everything it is supposed to represent.

Those who stand with Hillary in this dark hour will have revealed they cannot be trusted and their counsel is without value. They are enemies of freedom. If you support Hillary Clinton in this election, nothing you write and say will from this time forward be worth the slightest attention. Your judgements will have been revealed as eternally worthless.

So, You Thought He Was a Choir Boy?

Donald Trump has not yet lost this election. If anything, this latest attempt to distract voters from the genuine issues which confront us may finally have focused the election on what actually matters. No one defends Trump’s words, or his attitude to women, least of all Donald Trump. This was his own assessment.

Let’s be honest, we’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we’re facing today.

We are losing our jobs, we are less safe than we were eight years ago and Washington is totally broken. Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. I’ve said some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days.

The American election is not about who has lived the most blameless life. It is about who can best protect our collective interests. Trump has been from the very beginning the only person running in this election who has understood the nature of the times in which we live and the actions that must be taken. You are either a sunshine conservative, or are instead prepared to fight this to the very end which means supporting Donald Trump for president.

Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was and is the only person who might just save the American Republic and the civilisation of the West. There is the left, the faux-conservatives, the crony-capitalist Republicans, the Deep State and the media – just to name a few – who had done all they could to prevent Trump from becoming President. This book gives you an almost day-by-day description, commentary and contemporary history on how, in spite of everything ranged against him, Donald Trump ended up as president. The book will remind you exactly what’s at stake because none of his enemies have gone away, but also, everyone who wanted him president still supports him as strongly as ever.

Naturally I have a fondness for all of my books, but this one is the one that has a value beyond anything else I have written. Even to this day, there is almost nowhere you can go to find a good word said about PDT, nor anything to explain why his election is the miracle it was. You look around you and try to find anything anywhere other than occasionally explaining what he has done and why it matters. Here you may find a cut down version of the post I wrote when the book was first published in March explaining what makes the book so unique.

First, the book is almost entirely about Donald Trump. From the time I saw him speak in July 2015 it was obvious how beyond every other candidate he was both in clarity of thought and his ability to get elected. He was all that stood between us and the election of Hillary.

Second, it is a “blog history”, the first of its kind. It is therefore utterly contemporary in a way that no other book can be so that you follow the drama of the events as they happened.

Third, it is written by a classical conservative. There are plenty of ideologies in the world not based on free markets, free individuals and our living within our own historical traditions, but that is how a genuine conservative thinks. It is this conception that permeates the book.

Fourth, the events as they happened are all there. It not only brings back all of the events of the campaign right up until the election on November 8, but will help you understand what is going on right now which is a continuation of the election after the election was over.

Finally, it is an historical record that can never be re-produced. It is and will remain one of a kind. This is not a retrospective look at what happened then; it is a contemporary account of what happened as it was happening. The book’s immediacy is the book’s most astonishing aspect. You are taken right back into the maelstrom that surrounded PDT’s election.

Only for someone who recognises how important Donald Trump’s election was. No one else would read it, no one else could get past page one even if you could get them to open the book.

The Book Depository price is $30.59, it comes with free delivery, they promise delivery pre-Christmas and you can order the book here.