Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was and is the only person who might just save the American Republic and the civilisation of the West. There is the left, the faux-conservatives, the crony-capitalist Republicans, the Deep State and the media – just to name a few – who had done all they could to prevent Trump from becoming President. This book gives you an almost day-by-day description, commentary and contemporary history on how, in spite of everything ranged against him, Donald Trump ended up as president. The book will remind you exactly what’s at stake because none of his enemies have gone away, but also, everyone who wanted him president still supports him as strongly as ever.

Naturally I have a fondness for all of my books, but this one is the one that has a value beyond anything else I have written. Even to this day, there is almost nowhere you can go to find a good word said about PDT, nor anything to explain why his election is the miracle it was. You look around you and try to find anything anywhere other than occasionally explaining what he has done and why it matters. Here you may find a cut down version of the post I wrote when the book was first published in March explaining what makes the book so unique.

First, the book is almost entirely about Donald Trump. From the time I saw him speak in July 2015 it was obvious how beyond every other candidate he was both in clarity of thought and his ability to get elected. He was all that stood between us and the election of Hillary.

Second, it is a “blog history”, the first of its kind. It is therefore utterly contemporary in a way that no other book can be so that you follow the drama of the events as they happened.

Third, it is written by a classical conservative. There are plenty of ideologies in the world not based on free markets, free individuals and our living within our own historical traditions, but that is how a genuine conservative thinks. It is this conception that permeates the book.

Fourth, the events as they happened are all there. It not only brings back all of the events of the campaign right up until the election on November 8, but will help you understand what is going on right now which is a continuation of the election after the election was over.

Finally, it is an historical record that can never be re-produced. It is and will remain one of a kind. This is not a retrospective look at what happened then; it is a contemporary account of what happened as it was happening. The book’s immediacy is the book’s most astonishing aspect. You are taken right back into the maelstrom that surrounded PDT’s election.

Only for someone who recognises how important Donald Trump’s election was. No one else would read it, no one else could get past page one even if you could get them to open the book.

The Book Depository price is $30.59, it comes with free delivery, they promise delivery pre-Christmas and you can order the book here.

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