Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was and is the only person who might just save the American Republic and the civilisation of the West. There is the left, the faux-conservatives, the crony-capitalist Republicans, the Deep State and the media – just to name a few – who had done all they could to prevent Trump from becoming President. This book gives you an almost day-by-day description, commentary and contemporary history on how, in spite of everything ranged against him, Donald Trump ended up as president. The book will remind you exactly what’s at stake because none of his enemies have gone away, but also, everyone who wanted him president still supports him as strongly as ever.

Naturally I have a fondness for all of my books, but this one is the one that has a value beyond anything else I have written. Even to this day, there is almost nowhere you can go to find a good word said about PDT, nor anything to explain why his election is the miracle it was. You look around you and try to find anything anywhere other than occasionally explaining what he has done and why it matters. Here you may find a cut down version of the post I wrote when the book was first published in March explaining what makes the book so unique.

First, the book is almost entirely about Donald Trump. From the time I saw him speak in July 2015 it was obvious how beyond every other candidate he was both in clarity of thought and his ability to get elected. He was all that stood between us and the election of Hillary.

Second, it is a “blog history”, the first of its kind. It is therefore utterly contemporary in a way that no other book can be so that you follow the drama of the events as they happened.

Third, it is written by a classical conservative. There are plenty of ideologies in the world not based on free markets, free individuals and our living within our own historical traditions, but that is how a genuine conservative thinks. It is this conception that permeates the book.

Fourth, the events as they happened are all there. It not only brings back all of the events of the campaign right up until the election on November 8, but will help you understand what is going on right now which is a continuation of the election after the election was over.

Finally, it is an historical record that can never be re-produced. It is and will remain one of a kind. This is not a retrospective look at what happened then; it is a contemporary account of what happened as it was happening. The book’s immediacy is the book’s most astonishing aspect. You are taken right back into the maelstrom that surrounded PDT’s election.

Only for someone who recognises how important Donald Trump’s election was. No one else would read it, no one else could get past page one even if you could get them to open the book.

The Book Depository price is $30.59, it comes with free delivery, they promise delivery pre-Christmas and you can order the book here.

The impossible will take a little longer

I gave a presentation yesterday on “Donald Trump – One Year On.” These were my speaking notes. And while I mainly think of politics in relation to policy, the left thinks of policy as a fashion statement. They hate capitalism and they hate Christianity which basically explains most of what they do and say. Even in a friendly audience, after a year of finding how moderate and full of good sense PDT is, I was asked, what about Russia? Well what about Russia, I replied. The 2020 election is no certainty, nor are the Congressional elections next year. There are enough on the Republican side in the same [slime]mould as our Malcolm who would prefer to see the Democrats take Congress than see Trump succeed. Anyway, this is what I said on the first anniversary of the election. And of course, the book I refer to is my Art of the Impossible which remains as alive and relevant as the day it was published. Highly recommended, if I do say so myself.

The most extraordinary part about going through the book a year after the election is to find how relevant every page of it still is.

The areas of relevance:

• domestic
• economic
• international
• cultural/social

Who are the enemies he is dealing with and what are the central issues?

fanatical and ignorant opposition

• SJW are far left anti-capitalist, anti-free institutions
• the left in the US and across the world is no longer about provisioning the welfare state but is out and out communist and totalitarian
• Antifa is representative of the mindset

far-far left media

• malevolent, ignorant and totalitarian at heart
• utterly oppositional in everything they say or write
• stand for nothing other than a series of empty clichés
• tweet-storms is Trump’s modern means to outflank the media
• Catallaxy, Quadrant, The Spectator, bits of Sky News and tiny bits of The Australian are literally the only pro-Trump sources in Australia

focus on the national economy – wishes to restore the American economy to good health – others are welcome to join in to restore their own in exactly the same way

• reduce public spending
• roll back regulations
• cut taxation – business and personal
• interest rate increases although limited
• more room for entrepreneurial decision making
• crony-capitalism [Keynesian theory] no longer at the centre of policy

judicial appointments

• rebalancing a left judicial system
• one SCOTUS appointment and others likely to follow

international trade – no evidence of protectionist sentiments – only pro-American sentiments

• no national governmwnt leaves trade relations to the market
• comparative advantage occurs automatically in an economy in which governments do nothing to promote local industry relative to foreign competition – no such government exists – TPP Agreement is 5000 pages long! – that is not free trade
• national governments in every country attempt to steer international trade towards the goods and services they already produce – subsidies, tax breaks, protectionist measures even without tariffs directly applied – plenty of cheating going on at every level
• has merely said the US will not absorb the economic losses watching others bend the rules to their advantage at America’s expense


• believes migrants should benefit the host nation
• migration should not be a system of self-selection
• migrants should fit into our system of values based on a Judeo-Christian ethos – if you don’t like the value system here in the West you are not forced to migrate
• he thinks that the value system of the West has worked very well for us in the past – personal wealth and personal freedom to an extent found in no other societies not now nor across the entire sweep of history – and his aim is to preserve these as much as he is able

Islamic jihad

• the most dangerous ideological enemy of the West
• aims to resist to the fullest extent possible

North Korea

• developing nuclear weapons along with an ICBM delivery system
• NK leader is unstable and impossible to reason with
• massive danger
• will never permit NK to have nuclear weapons
• no one else has any plausible approach to dealing with NK – other than the usual left approach which is to do nothing and hope for the best

Global Non-Warming

• absolutely rejects global warming as a basis for policy
• pulled out of the Paris Accords already
• promoting carbon-based fuels
• pulling subsidies from alternative fuels – if you can make it on your own by being competitive OK – otherwise nothing

personal qualities

• tough minded and clear headed
• understands business and the operation of a market economy
• a strong believer in education and learning
• has a high regard for the study of history

The full quote for the title, by the way: comes from, “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.”

AND FURTHERMORE: A quite striking find by mh in the comments: It’s Trump’s Party Now, wherein we find:

How could the Beltway GOP not see that its defining policies — open borders, amnesty, free trade globalism, compulsive military intervention in foreign lands for ideological ends — were alienating its coalition?

What had a quarter century of Bushite free trade produced?

About $12 trillion in trade deficits, $4 trillion with China alone, a loss of 55,000 plants and 6 million manufacturing jobs.

We imported goods “Made in China,” while exporting our future.

U.S. elites made China great again, to where Beijing is now challenging our strategic position and presence in Asia.

Could Republicans not see the factories shutting down, or not understand why workers’ wages had failed to rise for decades?

And there’s more there than just that.