Andrew Bolt launches The Art of the Impossible

LAUNCHING STEVE’S BOOK AFTER BEING ATTACKED was the title of Andrew Bolt’s column from 6 June 2017. Book still available here: The Art of the Impossible at Amazon and hopefully elsewhere. BTW the attack took place in the street just before Andrew arrived to launch the book. I might note that I had never seen this video until I came across it today. A video of the attack I had seen but not all of these which portray just how cowardly the attacks were and how brave Andrew was. Very very unusual for the streets of Melbourne, and we can only hope it stays that way.

As for the book, I have always thought of it as an important historical piece since it is made up of my blog posts on the election of Donald Trump, beginning in July 2015 through until election day on November 9, 2016 (as it was in Australia). It gives you an as-it-happened look at the way the election developed and how Donald Trump eventually won. More than ever the book is worth reading since it reminds you of just how important the policy matrix that he represented was and remains.