The moral inferiority of the left

The left gets its news from Comedy Central. Jon Stewart was the central font of knowledge for an entire generation. You can watch the whole fourteen minutes and never hear a single political point from Stewart. What we have is a not very funny “professional comic” lecturing the others on their “moral inferiority”. It is my first experience watching this guy for more than a minute at a time, and thankfully it will be my last. But listening to Stewart’s empty superiority is another reminder of how out of their depth the left is in dealing with every issue we need to face.

Actually, I have now watched the follow-up interview with Chris Wallace. As hard to imagine as it is, Stewart is even more insufferable – he explicitly and repeatedly denies that the MSM is relentlessly partisan which he has no hesitation in stating outright as if to think otherwise is an impossibility based on no facts. This is the gist of what he says, although not verbatim. He is totally and without any doubt as deluded as it is possible to be.

He doesn’t think there is a liberal bias in the MSM. I am a comedian first. But the thing you will never understand is that I am a comedian and while my comedy is informed by my ideology, I’m not personally an ideologue. What I do is much harder. Comedy is much harder. It is comedy first. Best bit is where Wallace asks him if he wants to do “a re-make of Amos and Andy” after he had pretended to do a dialogue in dialect?

Wallace calmly and comprehensively takes Stewart apart. Shallow, bombastic, and utterly unconvincing. Listening to this after the just-ended election, he sounds even more idiotic than when he was a media star. As Stewart says at the end when being questioned by Wallace, “I don’t even know what you are talking about”. He certainly did not know what Wallace was talking about. He really is out of his depth, and it is only because his fan base is equally out of its depth that they don’t notice. If this were chess, he’d have been checkmated in about eight moves.

The conservatism of Donald Trump

The article is titled, The Return of Street Corner Conservatism, and its aim is to demonstrate that Donald Trump is a conservative. You would not think it would need proof given the way the left has gone berserk. Still, this is another attempt to prove the obvious, but let him have his say:

He has defined a conservative as a person who “doesn’t want to take risks,” who wants to balance budgets, who “feels strongly about the military.” . . .

Fealty to econometric models, Trump says, has led many conservatives as well as liberals to embrace a “dumb market” that gives mercantilist powers in Asia advantages over U.S. industry and labor.

“I really am a conservative,” he said last February. “But I’m also a commonsense person. I’m a commonsense conservative. We have to be commonsense conservatives. We have to be smart.” Common sense in this understanding is opposed to the theoretical and academic analysis that has led conservatives to nonsensical and unpopular positions because they are beholden to speculative conclusions or to creedal dogma. . . .

The conservatism of Donald Trump is not the conservatism of ideas but of things. His politics do not derive from the works of Burke or Disraeli or Newman, nor is he a follower of Mill or Berlin or Moynihan. There is no theory of natural rights or small government or international relations that claims his loyalty. When he says he wants to “conserve our country,” he does not mean conserve the idea of countries, or a league of countries, or the slogans of democracy or equality or freedom, but this country, right now, as it exists in the real world of space and time. . . .

It is the gut conservatism of someone who does not want to be cheated, who wants to live according to traditional notions of family, community, vocation, and faith, and who reacts negatively when these notions are toyed with from above.

Do we know anything yet about the Canberra arsonist?

Just a quick question for which I have not been able to find any answers. Even The Canberra Times has only this: Man severely burned by explosion outside the Australian Christian Lobby office walked five kilometers. His identity seems of no interest although they did raise this question, which I am sure is the burning issue:

It may seem extraordinary that the man who ignited the van that exploded outside the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday night walked five kilometres to hospital before being deemed critical.

Extraordinary indeed, but not as extraordinary as this:

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton was quick to label the fire a deliberate attack against the organisation’s conservative political stance, but police determined there was no political, religious or ideological motivation behind the explosion after interviewing the man.

They must be mind readers. But just out of interest, why don’t they release his name?

The West in self-destruct mode

I wonder if the West has the intelligence and raw sense of survival needed in this day and age. The soft sentimentality of stupidity on the left allowed the Americans to elect Obama. One of his parting gifts, and it won’t be the last:

The United States has allowed the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as a “flagrant violation” of international law, in a striking rupture with past practice.

In doing so, the outgoing Obama administration brushed aside Donald Trump’s demands that the US exercise its veto and provided a climax to years of icy relations with Israel’s leadership.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered several diplomatic steps in retaliation, including recalling his nation’s ambassador to New Zealand, which had jointly proposed the resolution. . . .

Friday’s resolution was proposed by nations in four different parts of the world: Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela. It is the first resolution on settlements to pass in 36 years, Malaysia’s UN Ambassador Ramlan Bin Ibrahim said.

There is, however, this:

Given the world’s widespread opposition to settlements, the action will be almost impossible for anyone, including Trump, to reverse.

Nevertheless, Trump vowed via Twitter: “As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th.”

An additional feature from The New York Times:

Israeli diplomats believe they were misled by the U.S. during a meeting last week between high-ranking Israeli and Obama administration officials in which the U.S. side offered reassurances about its efforts to support Israel but declined to explicitly state that the U.S. would veto such a resolution if it came up. The Israelis told their counterparts that “friends don’t take friends to the Security Council,” the official said.

No one should be misled by anything said by the man who promised if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. You do despair at a civilisation that seeks its own destruction.

And it’s not just the millennials

This is about Why the Millennials Will Finally Get the Punishment They Deserve. It’s just that they will be taking a lot of others with them, but you will see the point. From Captain Capitalism:

The 2016 presidential election showed me the true and horrific colors of the modern day left.


threatening the lives of electoral college electors,
to denying Bernie Sanders a fair vote in the Democratic party,
to beating up Trump supporters,
to the abysmal cry-baby shit show that followed a legitimate election,
to vomiting the canard to our children that “we apologize for you having to grow up in this world”
to the hypocrisy claiming democracy was broken

the left has shown they are a hate-filled, racist, bigoted, violent group, who have no interest in democracy, and will gladly institute a dictatorship if they can get their way and other people’s money.

Naturally not all leftists are like this. Many of them are also complete tools, unaware of the evil that is festering and growing within their own party, naively thinking today’s democrats are the JFK party “of the little guy.” And, of course, we hope the 2016 election woke some of them up to the point they’d maybe clean house in the democrat party. But it wasn’t until I was talking to a buddy of mine did I see a clear delineation line, a trait that more or less identifies which leftists in the democrat party are simply well-intended, though ignorant bleeding hearts, and those that are tyrants, thugs, racists, and hate-mongers whose hearts are filled with envy, greed, and jealousy.

Is that over the top? Perhaps, but then again I can see what he means. But it is also many of their elders who fit the mould as well. It’s really my own generation which has never managed to grow up, as also pointed out.

Of course, the millennials did not do this simply on their own. They were led, taught, and indoctrinated by the public school system and universities which is honeycombed with the most worthless, talentless members of the baby boomer and Gen X generations. Never setting foot in the real world, nor having an independent thought, thousands of teachers and professors successfully brainwashed millions of millennials into leftists. And not just leftists, but the most entitled, spoiled, incompetent, irresponsible, delusional, brainless, programmable, and narcissistic group of leftists the world has ever seen. Coupled with the choir of worthless parents who pampered the genetic crap that resulted from their copulation, these veritable worthless human beings are incapable of self-supportation, independent thought, honoring the golden rule, sympathy, and respecting other people’s rights. And if they got their way, they would have enslaved the rest of us to pay for their parasitic lifestyles, while working crusaderishly to chisel away at freedom, democracy, and the United States.

Bad things are going to follow.

The lone wolf social media group

I mentioned some time back that ISIS would perhaps hold off its rampaging until after the American election was finally settled, which only finally occurred this week. So whether a coincidence or part of a deliberate strategy, there does seem to have been a decided uptick in terrorist activity. We now have this, ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches.

The Islamic State published the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States and called on its adherents to attack them during the holiday season, according to a message posted late-night Wednesday in the group’s “Secrets of Jihadis” social media group.

It is a genuine issue why governments refuse to level with the public. Sure they are responsible, sure they have been completely wrong about the nature of the problems our civilisation faces, but that is no reason to pretend the problem doesn’t exist or that lying about its nature will make things go away.

THE LONE WOLF SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP COMES TO MELBOURNE: Melbourne Christmas Day terror attack foiled. The emphasis should not, however, be on the word “foiled” but on the missing word “planned”.

Terror plotters allegedly planned to attack Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Heavily armed police raided homes across Melbourne’s north on Friday morning and made several arrests.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said police had been watching the alleged plotters for some time, and believed they were preparing a multi-mode attack.

“Over that last fortnight that has accelerated,” Mr Ashton told reporters on Friday. . . .

Mr Ashton said police believe the plotters planned to use an explosion and other weapons in the attack.

“We believe it was certainly going to involve an explosive event,” Mr Ashton said.

Five people have been arrested, four of them were born in Australia and are of Lebanese background, while a fifth is an Egyptian-born Australian citizen.

“These are self-radicalised… (but they were) inspired by ISIS and ISIS propaganda,” Mr Ashton said.

And the very notion that they had been “self-radicalised”, which means there is nothing in the societies from which they come or in the ideologies others around them may hold, is a truly inane conclusion based on no facts.

No reason to suspect any motivation of any kind whatsoever related to politics, religion or ideology

A van is driven into the Australian Christian Lobby building with a number of gas canisters set alight that burns down half the building. I completely agree with the police, there is absolutely no reason to suspect any motivation of any kind whatsoever related to politics, religion or ideology. From the latest report in The Oz.

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby has accused ACT police of “prejudicing” the investigation into a van explosion outside the group’s headquarters, saying an announcement it was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated “just doesn’t add up”.

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton also said he still had unanswered questions following phone calls with the police and was unconvinced by their “quick” conclusions.

ACT Policing has determined after a “very short” conversation with the 35-year-old driver of the van — who was undergoing medical treatment at the time — that the incident was not motivated by political, religious or ideological reasons. Inquiries continue “to fully understand the circumstances” surrounding the explosion, which occurred at around 9.35pm last night.

The man is in a critical condition in Canberra Hospital.

“While obviously I have deep respect for the police and the job they do, I’m not convinced you can come to that conclusion so quickly. There are just too many coincidences,” Mr Shelton told The Australian.

“When I questioned them (the police) on the phone they said ‘of course you can’t unequivocally rule out that this was a targeted attack’ but they have come to this conclusion nonetheless.

“We don’t even know this guy’s name. Apparently he gave some statement when he was grievously injured last night and now he’s in a coma. I can’t see how you can say ‘case closed’ after a guy who is obviously suffering terribly has made certain statements where there hasn’t been an opportunity for a full interrogation of him.

“To me it just doesn’t add up.”

ACT Policing said the man, a local resident and Australian national who was not previously known to them, “appears to have ignited gas cylinders within the vehicle, causing an explosion which damaged the vehicle and building”.

He then walked himself about 4km to Canberra hospital where he presented with serious burn injuries.

“Local resiodent”. “Australian national”. But does he have a name and what does it say on his facebook page? And are there any clues picked up that might prevent future events of this kind or is it entirely a random event, like being hit by a meteorite? Very mysterious, I have to say. Whoever is being protected, it’s not the public.

Speaking of festive greetings, what happened almost 2017 years ago that began the count?


I picked up from Andrew Bolt how our Multicultural Commission sends out Christmas cards that deliberately don’t mention Christmas. But even so, I do notice that they are wishing others “a wonderful new year”. I can only presume they are referring to the New Year that begins the week after Christmas, on the first day of January, and not any of the calendar years that have existed and continue to exist.

Once upon a time, we would say that the year is AD 2017 [AD being Anno Domini, the Year of our Lord]. We would compare that with, say, the year of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. [B.C. being “Before Christ”]. But however you like to designate the year, the count starts with the birth of Jesus Christ even if apparently it’s out by a year or two. There are other calendars around, and there are different years we are up to in all of those calendars. But this one is ours, and it has more or less become the calendar across the world and accepted by all cultures, in no small part because it is the only solar calendar around – which, as it happens, Julius Caesar picked up from Cleopatra while sailing down the Nile in around 47 BC. That is why it was the Julian calendar, which was replaced in the sixteenth century by the Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII.

Australian Conservatives

One more Malcolm triumph: Cory Bernardi on brink of Liberal Party split.

Fears are mounting within the ­Liberal Party that maverick South Australian senator Cory Bernardi is set to split from the Coalition to spearhead the new Australian Conservatives party, with an ­announcement expected in the new year.

The conservative firebrand and his “very close friend” Gina ­Rinehart met key members of US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign team, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, in Washington last month, fuelling fears the senator might have the support of Australia’s richest woman to bankroll the party and dilute the Liberals’ support base.

Senator Bernardi is refusing to comment on his plans, but allies and colleagues of the outspoken conservative say a breakaway Trump-inspired movement is ­imminent and attempts are being made to convince him to stay within the Liberal Party.

Australia already has a socialist party so doesn’t need a second. We already have a party that actually believes global warming is a legitimate concern, so we don’t need two. We already have a party that thinks public sector spending will drive economic growth, so we don’t need two. An Australian Conservative Party will at least have some sway via its Senate numbers, whereas at present it has hardly any at all.

There is a realignment across the international political frontier led by DJT and it will come to Australia one way or another. The Libs either toss Malcolm or a conservative third force will emerge.